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Reviewer's Choice

Fun With Roman Numerals
David A. Adler
Holiday House
425 Madison Ave., New York NY 10017
0823420604, $16.95

Roman numerals are on clocks, in books, and on buildings: but what do they mean for modern users? Colorful drawings and interesting ideas lend to a coverage of Roman numerals that explains and defines their importance for new audiences.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

NEVER SMILE AT A MONKEY by Steve Jenkins (9780618966202, $16.00) is an animal survey of a different kind, recounting different dangers with animals and how creatures have developed unusual ways of protecting themselves. This fine coverage tells what to do when encountering monkeys, squids, African buffalo and more. Rebecca Bond's IN THE BELLY OF AN OX: THE UNEXPECTED PHOTOGRAPHIC ADVENTURES OF RICHARD AND CHERRY KEARTON (9780547076751, $16.00) tells of two brothers from Yorkshire who become known as the most innovative bird photographers of the world. Their journeys in harsh climates in search of exceptional pictures makes for a powerful account.

For a Girl Becoming
Joy Harjo, author
Mercedes McDonald, illustrator
University of Arizona Press
355 South Euclid Avenue, Suite 103, Tucson, AZ 85719
9780816527977, $17.95,

"For a Girl Becoming" is a book of beautiful, sensitive poetry and song celebrating a young girl's coming of age. Created by acclaimed Mvskoke/Creek poet, writer, and musician, Joy Harjo, "For a Girl Becoming is Volume 66 of Suntracks, an American Indian Literary Series. "For a Girl Becoming" is a beautiful experience waiting to be treasured by its lucky recipient, appropriate for celebrations of such joyous transitions as birth, graduation, or any other significant turning point in a young woman's life. "For a Girl Becoming" is sensitively illustrated with earth and pastel tones by Mercedes McDonald. A partial quotation from the inspiring text follows: "Now breathe./And when you breathe, remember the source of the gift of all breathing./When you walk, remember the source of the gift of all walking./And when you run, remember the source of the gift of all running./And when you laugh, remember the source of the gift of all laughter./And when you cry, remember the source of the gift of all tears./And when you dream, remember the source of the gift of all dreaming./And when your heart is broken, remember the source of the gift of all breaking./And when your heart is put back together, remember the source of all putting back together."

Name That Dinosaur, A Puzzle Adventure
Amelia Edwards, author
Martina Jirankova-Limbrick, illustrator
Candlewick Press
99 Dover Street, Somerville, MA 02144
9780763634735, $17.99

"Name That Dinosaur" is a treasure trove of dinosaur trivia, including a poster, puzzle, stickers, game, and a secret, hidden book. Children age 4 and up will love exploring and finding all the dinosaur name stickers and helping Abba to solve the puzzle. Lively illustrations on each set of pages contain hidden dinosaurs that little fingers can find and match sticker labels to the book-flap poster. Abba has many adventures with her friend Hattah and her dog Dash in the dinosaur puzzle search. At the end of the book there is a surprise present of a tiny Little Dinosaur Book from the Dancing Lizards. What better way to spend a day in fun and learning about beloved dinosaurs could be imagined?

Rocks, Jeans, and Busy Machines
Alane & Raymundo Rivera, authors
Phillip Sada, illustrator
Engineering Kids Storybooks
c/o Rivera Engineering
227 Braham Blvd., San Antonio, TX 78215
9780980169508, $9.95

"Rocks, Jeans, and Busy Machines: An Engineering Kids Storybook" is a colorful Engineering Kids Storybook about things that are made by structural engineers, and how they are built. Violet and her dog, Doc, along with friends Darla, Pedro, and Mike observe a construction site where workers are building a new building. They wear hard hats for safety while on the site. They learn about the recipe for concrete and the structural requirements for building a safe building. They also observe a bridge, and playground equipment that both are the work of structural engineers. Brightly colored illustrations make "Rocks, Jeans, and Busy Machines" a hit all round with children ages 5-9.

Lotus and the Golden Pearl
Libby Pink, author
Jennifer Carrasco, illustrator
Peace Island Press
P.O. Box 324, Inverness, CA 04037
9780615277103, $8.95,

"Lotus and the Golden Pearl: A Young Girl's Peace Odyssey" is a lovely morality tale about a girl named Lotus whose efforts to write a poem about peace are ridiculed by her brother. She escapes the humiliation by running to the beach where she is swept up by a giant pelican and taken to a magical island where the animals ask her to help bring peace to their land. Ultimately Lotus discovers through the wisdom of the Golden Pearl that she is her own best source of awareness and exercise of peace, wisdom, and compassion. This charming book is doubly appealing with its whimsical black and white chapter illustrations. Aimed specifically at second and third grade girls, "Lotus and the Golden Pearl" will appeal to children ages 6-10 with its themes of conflict resolution, dealing with bullying and teasing, and finding peace through inner wisdom.

The Path to Forgiveness
Michele DeVille, author
Shawn McCann, illustrator
Beaver's Pond Press
7104 Ohms Lane, Sjuite 101, Edina, MN 55439
9781592982981, $23.95,

"The Path to Forgiveness" is a beautiful children's book about learning to forgive and learning to live, with compassion and love. Though written for children, it also will hold great comfort and appeal for adults. The gentle, faith-infused language and vivid multi-media illustrations convey the messages of a promise of forgiveness for all and the freedom to choose to live a life filled with grace. "The Path to Forgiveness" is one of those special books that transcends categories and social divisions; it is appropriate for anyone who has experienced failure, grief, or pain. It is almost a meditation map or a guide for the heart.

Angels of Faith
Claire Candy Hough, author
Wendy Mehr, illustrator
Angel of Healing House Publishing
424 Donze Avenue, Suite 111, Santa Barbara, CA 93101
9780981857602, $17.95,

"Angels of Faith" is a marvelous children's book that deals creatively with questions of existence and faith such as "Where do we come from and where do we go when we die?" Told from the viewpoint of a girl named Faith, who loved to visit her friends at the nursing home and who grew up to be a nurse like her mother, "Angels of Faith" inspires the cultivation of faith and gratitude in its readers. Gently encouraging in its tone, "Angels of Faith" addresses the feelings of fear and loneliness that often accompany those who experience illness, loss, and death. The purpose of life, it suggests, is to perfect the lessons we are here to learn, including the most important lesson of all, " be grateful and thank God for all your blessings." Using wonderful imagery of roses, welcoming garden parties, and angels everywhere, "Angels of Faith" delivers a sound and reassuring message. It will be enjoyed by children ages 5-12 and adults who love children everywhere.

Bug Bites and Campfires
Frank J. Sileo, Ph.D., author
Eric Scott Fisher, illustrator
Health Press NA, Inc.
2920 Carlisle Blvd. NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110
9780929173542, $14.95,

"Bug Bites and Campfires: A Story for Kids About Homesickness" is a handbook about homesickness for kids. Written by a psychologist who specializes in anxiety and related disorders, "Bug Bites and Campfires" is recommended as a help to children who are preparing for their first overnight camping experience(s) away from family. Fresh campers and children who have "separation issues" will benefit from the kid-friendly, self-reading format and casual style of "Bug Bites and Campfires." First time camper Andy gets helpful suggestions from his camp counselor Mike about how to deal with feelings of homesickness during his stay at camp. A colorful illustration lists specific suggestions for dealing with homesickness at the end of book, including these ideas: "Talk with someone. Keep busy. Find a friend and get involved in group activities. Write home. Keep thinking good thoughts." "Bug Bites and Campfires" is a great tool to help young campers adjust to new experiences away from home.

Humble Pie
Karen Bachman Thull, author
Natalie Finazzo, illustrator
Amber Skye Publishing
1935 Berkshire Drive, Eagan, MN 55112
9780981986012, $16.99, 1-651-452-0463

"Humble Pie" is a new experience for kids; and interactive fable with a delightful secret moral that shines through with the magical iLight Wand. Inspiring children to make sensory connections along with cerebral ones, "Humble Pie" tells the story of greedy and boastful Nellie, who submits a long list of demands to Santa only to discover in her stocking a list of ingredients for Humble Pie! Shocked at this deprivation, Nellie learns to be thankful and to grow a glowing, humble heart instead of selfishness and greed. Instead she learns to bake Humble Pies for gifts to share and reaps the benefit as follows: "So bake your pie with cherries, apples, or chocolate caramel pieces,/ And always know that when you give,/ what you get back increases." "Humble Pie" is imaginatively illustrated with bright cheery pictures and the magic use of the iLight wand can decorate its wonderful fresh paintings to a "T." "Humble Pie" is aimed at children ages 3-8. With the iLight Wand and Pen the price is, $19.99, a perfect holiday gift for children on your shopping list.

The Science Shelf

A Cool Kid's Field Guide to Dinosaurs
Duncan Crosbie
36-36 33rd Street, Long Island City, NY 11106
9780841671454, $6.99,

What's cooler than giant carnivorous lizards? "A Cool Kid's Field Guide to Dinosaurs" is packed with facts and interesting information about Dinosaur kind that will make please the reptile loving youth in everyone, but especially reptile loving youths. From Dino intellect to theories of the true nature of Tyrannosaurus Rex, "A Cool Kid's Field Guide to Dinosaurs" is a fine addition to any young science collection.

Global Warming and the Dinosaurs
Caroline Arnold, author
Laurie Caple, illustrator
Clarion Books
215 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003
9780618803385, $17.00

"Global Warming and the Dinosaurs" is a fascinating child-oriented study of polar dinosaur fossils and other evidence uncovered during the recent International Polar Year studies conducted between March 1, 2007 and March 1, 2009. Questions such as how did the dinosaurs survive the polar winter cycle, with its lack of light and warmth are among those to be studied. Evidence of dinosaur fossils have been found in the Southern Hemisphere in Antarctica, Australia, New Zealand, and Patagonia. other dinosaur fossil evidence has been found in the North Polar region in North America, Europe, and Asia. Somehow these specimens of dinosaur life were able to survive the long winter cold and find food and see in the dark. At the time dinosaurs lived in the polar regions, the climate was likely warmer than today. Another difference in the Mesozoic Era when the dinosaurs lived was the land masses of the earth were grouped into two huge super-continents, Laurasia in the north and Gondwana in the south. Gradually these broke or drifted apart into the continents of North America, Europe and Asia and South America, Africa, Antarctica, and Australia, New Zealand and the Indian subcontinent. "Global Warming and the Dinosaurs" does a thorough job of examining some of the fossil findings and reconstructing specimens of the Polar dinosaurs, complete with color illustrations. Scientific findings from this polar dinosaur study is important today because we are facing a time of global warming that is progressing much faster than ever previously known. "Global Warming and the Dinosaurs" presents a great variety of information in an interesting and entertaining format. It will appeal to students ages 8-12. A list of locations where fossils of polar dinosaurs can be seen is given at the end of the book, along with further information about the International Polar Year.

Faces of the Moon
Bob Crelin, author
Leslie Evans, illustrator
Charlesbridge Publishing
85 Main Street, Watertown, MA 02472
9781570917851, $16.95,

"Faces of the Moon" is an educational book for children age 6 and up with verse descriptions of each phase of the moon, along with appropriately shaped cutout moon images on the pages to highlight the shape of that moon phase. Full of handy facts and hints, including the approximate time of night or day each phase of the moon rises or sets, "Faces of the Moon" catalogs the monthly changes of the moon in a logical progression that is carefully tied to full page color illustrations. A fun part of "Faces of the Moon" is the Moon Memo-Rhymes at the end, which is a list of fun ways to remember Moon facts. The eight phases of the moon are shown labeled and circling the half -darkened earth, to illustrate the role of the light of the sun in the showing of the moon's phases. "Faces of the Moon" is sure to enchant and inform both children and parents with its charming, imaginative format.

Open Me Up
Laura Buller, et. al.
DK Publishing, Inc.
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014
9780756655327 $24.99

Who said biology has to be boring? "Open Me Up: Everything You Need to Know About the Human Body" is a biological discussion of the human body and medicine aimed at younger readers. In full color throughout, it discusses everything from the evolution of surgery, to the many questions that come with puberty, to where humanity may be going in coming centuries. "Open Me Up" is an endlessly fascinating and highly recommended read that is a fine addition to any children's science collection.

The DVD Shelf

Dropping in on Impressionists
Crystal Productions
PO Box 2159, Glenview, IL 60025-6159
$29.95 1-800-255-8629

Dropping in on Impressionists continues the delightful "Dropping in on..." series of DVDs designed to introduce young people to the works of legendary artists. Colorful animation enlivens this brief tour of history in the heart of nineteenth century France, where Impressionism was born. Viewers will see an animated re-creation of how Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas, Edouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and Camille Pissarro worked together to develop a new form of art. In addition to the animated biographical sequences, full-screen images of great works of Impressionism allow viewers to experience such unforgettable classic art pieces as "The Dance Class", "The Races at Longchamp", "Luncheon of the Boating Party", "The Japanese Footbridge", and more. An accompanying guide with discussion questions and suggested art activities rounds out this excellent DVD especially recommended for grade school DVD libraries. Also highly recommended is the tie-in companion book, "Dropping in on Impressionists".

The Christmas Shelf

The Twelve Days of Christmas
Gennady Spirin, author/illustrator
Marshall Cavendish
99 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591
9780761455516, $16.99,

"The Twelve Days of Christmas" is a lavishly illustrated, illuminated edition of the popular Christmas carol of the same title, plus some historical background and insights into the origins of the carol. Medieval-style enriched gold-framed paintings adorn each verse of the lovely old carol, and a full copy of the lyrics and piano music capture the spirit of Christmas at the end of the book. "The Twelve Days of Christmas" will enchant children and adults of all ages especially at the holiday season's time of fulfillment.

An Irish Night Before Christmas
Sarah Kirwan Blazek, author
James Rice, Illustrator
Pelican Publishing Company
1000 Burmaster St., Gretna, LA 70053
9781565540866, $15.95,

"An Irish Night Before Christmas" is a versed, mischievous re-imagining of the Clement Moore Christmas classic with a true Irish twist. Studded with footnoted Gaelic Irish saying and names, "An Irish Night Before Christmas" presents the complete story as it would be told in the setting of a traditional Irish cottage home. Instead of eight reindeer and a sleigh, Santa drives a cart with a donkey. Santa is assisted by seven wee elf helpers named Sean, Patrick, Kevin, Kerry, Colum, Cormac, and Angus. Instead of cookies and milk, the snack left for Santa is plum pudding and poteen, or whiskey, and trifle. Eleven creepy children sleep snug in their beds, and Neddy the donkey waits patiently on the roof, eating the straw! "An Irish Night Before Christmas" is sure to bring a twinkle to the eyes of all who read it, charmed by the verse and the imagery of the fantasy paintings of an Irish Christmas. An addition to "The Night Before Christmas Series," "An Irish Night Before Christmas" will appeal to children ages 5 and up.

The Star of Christmas
Maria T. DiVencenzo, author
Elaine S. Verstraete, illustrator
Winterlake Press
PO Box 1274, Buffalo, NY 12431
9780981600307, $16.99,

"The Star of Christmas" is a unique story about a little girl who hears the Christmas tree ornaments discussing who among them is the star of Christmas. After hearing a different case for each charming Christmas ornament, including the Wise King and Silver Dove of Peace, the girl, along with the Crystal Angel, shows them who is really the Star of Christmas. It is the Child in the Manger ornament, hanging on bare broken branches at the bottom of the tree. "The Star of Christmas" is a lovely, fresh discovery of some very old truths that will appeal to children age 4 and up.

Favor Johnson: A Christmas Story
Willem Lange, author
Bert Dodson, illustrator
Bunker Hill Publishing Inc.
285 River Road, Piermont, New Hampshire 03779
9781593730826, $16.95,

"Favor Johnson: A Christmas Story" is a twice-told, classic American Christmas folktale about a Vermont farmer named Favor Johnson and his faithful hound, Hercules. When Hercules is found badly injured by rabbit hunters' shots, Favor carries him home through the snow . He is met by Dr. Jennings, a neighbor who had bought land from Favor to build a retirement home on. The story of what follows is heartwarming and authentic and has the ring of undeniable truth. "Favor Johnson" has been enjoyed as a Vermont Public radio reading treat for over 25 years. Now the story has been brought to life in this excellent children's book with beautiful spare water color illustrations. All ages will enjoy "Favor Johnson" and recover some Christmas spirit in the reading.

Hopper, "A Deer Friend"
John Andre Courchesne, author
Robin Sato, illustrator
Old Anawan Press
P.O. Box 1131, Attleboro, MA 023703
9780615329031, $7.95,

'Hopper, "A Deer Friend"' is a beautiful small chapter book about a girl named Susan who adopts an orphan fawn she names Hopper. Eventually she needs to go through the cycle of growth and change that leads to her setting Hopper free in the big woods, but she reunites with him every year on Christmas eve, bringing him special treats of salt, cracked corn, and a carrot. One year, long after she had become an adult and had children of her own, Hopper no longer came to their rendezvous. How this pain resolves with the discovery of a new cycle of life involving her youngest child is part of the miracle of life that is so special at Christmas time. Children age 6 and up will enjoy reading or being read the special story of Hopper and his friend Susan.

Santa Mouse
Robert Lintz, author
Tanya Stewart, illustrator
Vantage Press, Inc.
419 Park Ave. South, NY, NY 10016
9780533162123, $8.95

"Santa Mouse" is a delightful rhyming tale about how Grandpa Mouse rescued Santa from being stuck in a chimney by using creative thinking! Charming whimsical black and white illustrations help to tell the story of Santa and his favorite Mouse family. Children ages 5-9 will enjoy this imaginative tale written by a grandfather for his grandchildren.

Lucky Elves
Rick Cunningham, author/illustrator
Privately Published
9781439220788, $12.99,

"Lucky Elves" is an appealing holiday-themed book for pre- or beginning readers that has a happy tone and a worthwhile message. Inside the black-outlined colorful cartoon illustrations and simple sentences full of gaiety and fun is the ideal: "Use your skills and do good work for others!" The secret to lifelong happiness is in this little book. Lucky kids!

Santa Tells Why
Rick McAtee, author
Barbara Hammons, illustrator
Turning a New Page
P.O. Box 91603, Tuscon, AZ 85752
9780976203070, $8.99, 1-520-579-7183

"Santa Tells Why" is a paperback child's book about the secret beginnings of Santa's annual holiday journey to bring joy to children everywhere. On the eve of the year following the birth of the Christ child, a little shepherd boy was entrusted with gifts to take to the child again, where the star would guide him. This time he finds the star in the eyes of a child who receives his gift of a warm blanket made by the animals. The child stops his crying and receives the comfort woven into the gift, and Santa's discovery of the meaning of giving gifts in Jesus' name continues his custom to today. "Santa Tells Why" will appeal to children of all ages, with its timeless message of the joy of giving in the name of the Christ.

Where Teddy Bears Come From
Martin Brugess, author
Russell Ayto, illustrator
Peachtree Publishers
1700 Chattahoochee Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30318
9781561454877, $16.95,

"Where Teddy Bears Come From: A Christmas Bedtime Journey with One Adorable Little Wolf" is a charming Christmas story about Little Wolf's forest-wide search for a teddy bear to help him go to sleep at night. He is told by his mother to be back by bedtime, but his adventures take up his full day in the forest. Tired out by stereotype-denying arguments with the three pigs and Little Red Riding Hood, Little Wolf encounters a funny old man in a red suit with a truck and a flat tire. Little Wolf helps him by huffing and puffing until the tire is blown back up, and the man promises to give him the answer to his question in the morning, if he runs home immediately. Only a child can guess exactly what Little Wolf found for his surprise answer in the morning, after a very good night's sleep. "Where Teddy Bears Come From" is enriched by playful, whimsical, colorful, full page artworks that express the innocence and freshness of the world of Little Wolf. "Where Teddy Bears Come From" is designed to appeal to children ages 4-8.

The Holiday Shelf

The Best Mother's Day Ever
Eleanor May, author
MH Pilz, illustrator
Kane Press
350 Fifth Ave, Suite 7206, NY, NY 10118
9781575652993, $5.95,

"The Best Mother's Day Ever" is a great new Social Studies Connects title from the Kane Press for kids in grades 1-3 about different ways of celebrating Mother's Day. Lucy and Diego are friends from different cultural backgrounds who try to plan special Mother's Day celebrations for their mothers. Although the dreaded phrase "It's the thought that counts!" is not avoided in their combined hilarious efforts, Diego and Lucy have a great time learning about different customs and ways to honor their mothers. Handy factoid quotes stud the pages of "The Best Mother's Day Ever," and phrases and vocabulary in Spanish and English are presented embedded in the text. The importance of making connections between cultures and languages and customs is emphasized in this latest book in a great series.

A Chanukah Story For Night Number Three
Matisyohu Dov Ber Chaim Tzvi, author
As Told to Dina Rosenfeld
Vasilisa & Vitaliy Romanenko, illustrators
Hachai Publishing
527 Empire Blvd, Brooklyn, NY 11225
9781929628544, $12.95,

"A Chanukah Story for Night Number Three" is a rollicking, rhyming Chanukah tale about a birthday boy who is determined to make his special Chanukah Night Number Three birthday even more spectacular by making the biggest, most delicious potato latke ever. Reissued since its first printing in 1989, "A Chanukah Story for Night Number Three" is poised to enchant and delight a whole new generation. Full of hyperbole and humor, "Chanukah Story" also educates effortlessly, with its early glossary (on page 1) of special Chanukah terms and sayings, and also with its cunningly hidden moral, something like "Sharing good things makes them better!" Also at the end of "Chanukah Story" is a real recipe for latkes, not just for hundreds of people, but for a family. The delightful cartoon-like illustrations and rascally rhythms keep "A Chanukah Story" zipping straight through until morning, and the final winking epithet: "So I wrote all that happened for you to read, too/ If you want to believe it - well, that's up to you!" "A Chanukah Story for Night Number Three" will delight children ages 3-6 everywhere.

The Folktale/Fairytale Shelf

Tibetan Tales from the Top of the World
Naomi C. Rose
Clear Light Publishing
823 Don Diego, Santa Fe, NM 87505
9781574160895, $19.95,

Featuring a foreword by the Dalai Lama and preface by Richard Gere, "Tibetan Tales from the Top of the World" by author and illustrator Naomi C. Rose (and the assistance of Tenzin Palsang, Tibetan translator) is a lovely bilingual collection of children's wisdom tales from Tibetan traditions. It is the second such collection by the author, following the earlier "Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas," a special collaboration that won both a Nautilus Book award and an International Storytelling World Honor award. Paging through "Tibetan Tales from the Top of the World" it is easy to see why this author/illustrator deserves such high honors and awards. The three wisdom tales, Prince Jampa's Surprise, Sonam and the Stolen Cow, and Tashi's Gold, are simply told in both English and Tibetan, illustrated with beautiful colorful paintings of Tibetan scenes including special miniatures of Tibetan wildlife, catalogued carefully at the end. This marvelous edition of "Tibetan Tales from the Top of the World" is sure to enchant readers young and old with its exotic details and simple messages of gratitude, honesty, and humility as virtues to be attained. As with other of the author's undertakings, a portion of the proceeds obtained for this publication benefit the Tibetan refugee children.

Juan and the Jackalope
Rudolfo Anaya, author
Amy Cordova, illustrator
University of New Mexico Press
1312 Basehart Road SE, Albuquerque NM 87106-4363
9780826345219, $18.95

"Juan and the Jackalope: A Children's Book in Verse" is a SouthWestern take on a tall tale in which the hero, Juan, on the super extraordinary Jackalope, actually takes on the legendary Pecos Bill in the Great Grasshopper Race. Juan desperately wants to win because the prize is beautiful Rosita and her rhubarb pie, and of course he is in love with her (and her pie and beans). "Juan and the Jackalope" poses a set of amazing circumstances in verse to tell a very tall tale, using wonderful mythical characters from Southwestern tradition such as La Llorona, the Crying Woman, and Kookooee, a sort of troll-skeleton ghost figure among others. Colorfully captioned with imaginative illustrations by Amy Cordova, "Juan and the Jackalope" is Rudolfo Anaya's latest bicultural effort to share his rich heritage and memories with a new generation of children. Most likely it will continue in the award-winning tradition of his earlier efforts such as "Bless Me, Ultima" and "The First Tortilla: A Bilingual Story." "Juan and the Jackalope" will appeal to children age 6 and up.

The Tales of Mossy Dell
Mark Wetherby, author
Cathy Upton, illustrator
Author House
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403-5161
9781438977263, $10.49,

"The Tales of Mossy Dell" are a charming collection of chapter tales about five woodland creatures and the West Country of England where they live. The animals include Tickle the Rabbit, Figle the Hare, Graffle the Grass Snake, Whissop the Owl and a mouse named Mouse, plus a White Witch who protects them all named Mistress Trimble. This charming book is targeted at 7-12 year-old children, and offers a fresh version of an English pastoral life. The black and white woodcut- style illustrations of the animals add to the old-fashioned appeal of "The Tales of Mossy Dell." It is the first of a trilogy that promises to become a set of youthful classics; watch for "The Tales of Mossy Dell (Of Merlin's Line)", hopefully coming out soon.

The World History Shelf

A Thousand Years of Pirates
William Gilkerson, author/illustrator
Tundra Books
P.O. Box 1030, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
9780887769245, $32.95,

"A Thousand Years of Pirates" is a 96-page chapter book for kids age 10 and up about guess what, pirates! Ten spectacular pirates' tales and legends are retold and beautifully illustrated by haunting paintings. Although the author declares most of the tales to be fiction, they come from a long tradition and are carefully researched for their authenticity and correct historical context. "A Thousand Years of Pirates" is unafraid to show the dark side of a pirate's life, a feature which may appeal to some of its intended audience. Catch the excitement of the real life experience of a prate's adventures in this stunning collection sea tales for young and old.

Let's Explore a Castle
Nicholas Harris, author
Brian Lee, illustrator
Hammond Publishing
36-36 33rd Street, Long Island City, NY 11106
9780843713954, $13.99,

"Let's Explore a Castle" is a fabulous hardback informative book filled with marvelous foldout illustrations and carefully displayed and organized fun facts about castles. Children are treated to lavish illustrations of the inside of a medieval castle, including the banquet hall, the chapel, the keep, the castle gatehouser, the bailey, and even a description of the joust, with knights in armor. Cutout gates on illustrations pages tempt young fingers to open and explore the castle. A handy glossary at the end completes the full explanations of many parts of the castle and features of castle life. "Let's Explore a Castle" will appeal to kids in grades 3-6 everywhere.

The Bilingual Shelf

Gracias * Thanks
Pat Mora, author
John Parra, illustrator
Lee & Low Books
95 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
9781600602580, $17.95,

"Gracias * Thanks" is a bilingual children's story told in poetic phrases of wonderful things for which a boy gives thanks. Written in Spanish and English and beautifully illustrated with full two-page spread mural-like pictures, "Gracias * Thanks" is the perfect book to give any child between 4 and 9 for Thanksgiving or any other holiday. Reading it together will help both the child and parent/caretaker feel the deep awareness of gratitude for all of life's varied experiences.

The Biography Shelf

Larry Bird: The Boy from French Lick
Francine Poppo Rich, author
Robert Casilla, illustrator
Blue Marlin Publications
823 Aberdeen Road, West Bay Shore, NY 11706
9780979291821, $17.95, 1-631-666-0353

"Larry Bird: The Boy from French Lick" is the story of the boyhood of famous Boston Celtics basketball star Larry Bird. Despite obstacles of little money, his childhood in French Lick, Indiana is described as happy but with challenges. Always active, he was taller than other children his age. He was also a leader, and respected and liked by other children. Larry was used to entertaining himself with his brothers and sister. As a young boy, he often played baseball with his older brothers. Once, at age thirteen, while on a trip to visit family in Hobart, Indiana, he came across the opportunity to play basketball with older kids, and found he had a natural talent for the game. From then on, Larry practiced hard at the sport he loved, making the high school B team in the ninth grade. He worked hard and practiced long hours before and after school, not knowing how good he was, but just wanting to improve his efforts to play. Many experiences with basketball playing would shape Larry's development into a star player, but most valuable of all was his determination to work at bettering himself and his play. One of the key figures in his childhood was his grandmother, Lizzie Kerns. She supported his efforts and quietly encouraged him. He played through injury recovery when he broke his ankle and drilled with crutches, learning a valuable lesson: that passing is more of an art than scoring. Encouraged to drill and train hard by a high school coach named Jim Jones, Larry perfected the moves that became the tools of his trade: the reverse pivot, playing with both hands, boxing out, betting rebounds, and throwing a hard, one-handed pass. His style was not fancy but his work was solid. Eventually he grew to be 6' 9" and went on to be a leader on Indiana State University's basketball team. His later life's achievements are chronicled in the end of the book along with a bibliography. The sensitive paintings illustrating "Larry Bird the Boy from French Lick" add to the picture of this hometown hero who never stopped trying to improve his game.

Chris Dreams BIG
Chris Dudley & Chris Love-Dudley, authors
Karl Edwards, illustrator
CCD Productions, Inc.
c/o The Sayles Organization
22647 Ventura Blvd., #219, Woodland Hills, CA 91364 818-999-9571
9780982322406, $14.95,

"Chris Dreams BIG" is a child's illustrated story of Chris Dudley, famous basketball player whose NBA career included stints with the Cleveland Cavaliers, New Jersey Nets, Phoenix Suns, Portland Trail Blazers... (and) the New York Knicks. Even more impressive than his lifelong athletic achievements is the fact that he did it while battling a serious life-altering health condition/diagnosis of diabetes. The early diagnosis and description of symptoms of diabetes are presented in kid-friendly form, with text and clever illustrations. When Chris tells his basketball coach he has diabetes and may not be able to play basketball any more, he finds that many of his teammates also have challenging health conditions that they treat carefully and correctly, and then find they are indeed still able to participate in playing basketball and do other things. Chris is asked if his Dr. gave permission for him to play basketball, and the answer is affirmative with one serious prerequisite: "You have to believe in yourself!" And though it was not always easy to do the things to take care of his diabetes, such as eating healthy foods, taking blood sugars and keeping records, keeping a regular schedule and exercising appropriately, Chris discovers that indeed he CAN continue to play basketball. In a wonderful page illustration, Chris shows what size his hand grew to be and asks the reader what size is your hand? (His hand is huge, needless to say, just right for controlling the basketball!) The book goes on to show how big his shoe and foot grew to be, and interspersed with good health habits for diabetics is a wonderful message for all that obstacles can be overcome if you "work hard, study hard and never give up on your dreams. Everyone will have challenges in life. It is how they deal with them that matters. Always believe in yourself! DREAM BIG!" The book ends with Discussion Questions and a Glossary that are helpful learning tools for students and parents/educators. A percentage of the proceeds from "Chris Dreams BIG!" goes towards supporting programs of the Chris Dudley Foundation to help people living with diabetes. "Chris Dreams BIG!" will appeal to ages 7 and up.

That's Like Me
Jill Lauren, M. A.
Star Bright Books
30-19 - 48th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101
9781595722072, $17.95

"That's Like Me: Stories About Amazing People With Learning Differences" is a collection of inspiring profiles of differently abled successful people who have achieved distinction either in spite of or because their abilities, depending on how you look at it. Targeted readers are dyslexic or learning disabled students age 6-12. Some of the individuals featured are students still in school and some are adults. From a trapeze artist to a musician, a ballet dancer, or an events producer; each individual had to cope with learning disability in their lives, and all have found an arena of performance in which they excel. "That's Like Me" is intended to be a tool or a link to inspire kids with special learning needs to keep trying and find their strengths and work through their weaknesses, with specialized learning assistance if needed. Part of being successful seems to revolve around learning to accept yourself as you are and to not be afraid to ask for help. At the end of the book is a list of resources for kids and adults interested in learning differences. The author is a skilled teacher of the learning disabled who likes helping people learn to read. She requests that readers send their personal stories of success to her at her website.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

The Mystery of Blackbird Pond
Diane Iverson
EMI Print Works
165 Plaza Drive, Prescott, AZ 86303
1574380737, $12.00

Author and illustrator Diane Iverson's "The Mystery of Blackbird Pond" is a teaching manual cataloguing survival needs of creatures both winged, furry, and other who depend on the resource of water such as that which used to be in Blackbird Pond. Beautiful detailed illustrations show the red winged blackbird, Cooper's hawk, Anna's Hummingbird, Great Horned Ow. and other creatures who depend upon the habitat of Blackbird Pond. All the animals and birds have noticed something wrong, as Blackbird Pond is drying up. In the end, there are specific suggestions for responsible use of water that can help restore ponds and wetlands like Blackbird Pond. A rainy year can also contribute or restore valuable water to the Pond. "The Mystery of Blackbird Pond" is direct but gentle in its nature and water conserving message. For ages 6 and up.

Little Dog Rusty
Nicole DelVecchio-Moschetti, author
Jaclyn Brada, illustrator
Permanent Ink Press
5270 E. 128th Say, Thornton, CO 80241
9780615296272, $12.99,

"Little Dog Rusty" is a children's rhyming book about the joys of raising Rusty, an adorable white dog who specializes in making monumental messes. Charming, crisp, colored illustrations delineate exactly how messy Rusty is at his finest! "Little Dog Rusty" is a joyous effort to prepare young dog owners for exactly what is required to go the distance of being responsible for a pet. "Little Dog Rusty" will be loved by children ages 6-10.

The Poetry Shelf

Ivan's Great Fall
Vanita Oelschlager, author
Kristin Blackwood, illustrator
VanitaBooks, LLC
3875 Embassy Parkway, Suite 250, Akron, Ohio 44333
9780981971414, $15.95

"Ivan's Great Fall: Poetry for Summer and Autumn from Great Poets and Writers of the Past" is a story about a boy struggling to accept the transition from summer to fall. Excerpts from famous writers and poets describe the season's aspects, attributes and advantages; their effects are amplified by the stunning linoleum block-style prints of primal colored seasonal scenes of beauty and joy. Complete poems and passages from the great poets are shown with small prints of the accompanying illustrations at the end of the book. "Ivan's Great Fall" is a creative introduction to great poetry for all children ages 4-8, including especially active boys. All net profits from "Ivan's Great Fall" are donated to charitable organizations who serve individuals with multiple sclerosis, the author's husband being among their number.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

I Like To Eat Treats
B. Annye Rothenberg
David T. Wenzel, illustrator
Perfecting Parenting Press
35 Ash Drive, Kimball, MI 48074
9780979042027, $9.95,

"I Like To Eat Treats" by Child/Parent Psychologist B. Annye Rothenberg is described as an "effective and appealing story for young children about healthy eating and a realistic manual for parents with lots of tools for children's common food issues." The third book in a series about teaching children and parents healthy diet and exercise habits, "I Like To Eat Treats" is divided into two sections. The first, a story about Jack and his love of treats, is aimed at teaching 3-6 year-olds the difference between healthy and treat foods, and healthy daily nutritional requirements. The second is a parent-oriented nutrition guidance and education section. Both parts combine to present valuable information for families about diet, nutrition, and healthy exercise. Amusing color illustrations help make the text appealing and three-dimensional. A variety of tools and helpful tables of information are included in the second section to help guide parents in dealing with children's food requirements, issues and behaviors.

Nana, What's Cancer?
Beverlye Hyman Fead & Tessa Mae Hamermesh, authors
Shennen Bersani, illustrator
Bookhouse Group Inc.
818 Marietta Street NW, Atlanta, GA 30318
9781604430103, $14.95,

"Nana, What's Cancer?" is a child-oriented answer to tough questions about the disease of cancer written by a grandmother-granddaughter team of experienced cancer survivors' family. "Nana, What's Cancer?" explains the basic answers to questions about cancer including who, what, when, where, why, and how. Framed in chapters as an ongoing dialogue between Nana and her granddaughter, "Nana, What's Cancer?" presents helpful, accurate answers and information that children can accept and understand. The love that permeates this jointly written book is a glowing testament to the courage of cancer survivors and their loved ones everywhere. A helpful glossary at the end gives further definition to special medical or other terms. "Nana, What's Cancer?" will be helpful to children ages 6 and up and their parents and caretakers.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Braving the Storm
Barbara Westburg, author
John White, illustrator
CBH Ministries
Box 1001, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501
9780982512036, $10.00,

Adapted from Children's Bible Hour radio script by Barbara Westburg, "Braving the Storm" is from an episode from Children's Bible Hour radio program read by Charlie VanderMeer, complete with read-along CD, part of the Seasons of Faith series released by CBH ministries. "Braving the Storm" is a story about Thomas' and his Grandfather and family's efforts to adapt and adjust to life's difficulties. Although Thomas is having a hard time adjusting to tough transitions in his life, he decides to help his Grandfather plant an apple sapling in hopes that something good will come of it in the future. A terrible ice storm hits and the little tree does not survive, but thanks to Grandfather's help and prayer suggestion, Thomas' faith in God emerges and he finds the will and belief to help him endure the hardships of his life. "Braving the Storm is one of four books in the Seasons of Faith series which also includes "Seventy Times Seven," (9780982512029), "You Can't Come In," (9780982512012), and "Race with Midnight," (9780982512005). All are excellent, Bible-directed stories for children ages 8-10.

Lucia Saint of Light
Katherine Bolger Hyde, author
Daria Fisher, illustrator
Conciliar Press
PO Box 76, Ben Lomond, CA 95005
9780982277041, $18.50

"Lucia Saint of Light" is a lovely children's book detailing the background story of the life of Saint Lucia of Syracuse, celebrated in Sweden with an annual feast day on December 13. The story is told from the viewpoint of Lucy, a young girl whose parents came from Sweden, and who is the family's Lucia in this year's celebration. Lucy's parents tell her the story of the original St. Lucia, born in Sicily in the late third century. All the pages are accompanied by beautiful, delicate pastel illustrations of the details of Lucia's life. The book is completed with verses from Aposticha for the Feast of Saint Lucia, a recipe for Lussekatter (Lucia Cat Buns), and a list of other resources. "Lucia Saint of Light" is intended for an audience of children age 6 and up.

God Made Your Body
Jim Burns
Bethany House Publishers
11400 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55438
9780764202117, $12.99,

"God Made Your Body" is part of a developmentally appropriate series of books called "Pure Foundations," intended for children ages three to five. It is intended to reassure and introduce children to the idea that their bodies are special gifts of God, laying a foundation for future explorations of the natural and beautiful that God creates our bodies. Differences of gender, race, ethnicity, appearance and inner gifts are discussed and shown in exuberant photographs of healthy children. "God Made Your Body" ends with a quotation from Psalm 139:13-16 (ICB).

The Day the World Went Wacky
Janine Suter, author
Richard Gunther, illustrator
Master Books
c/o New Leaf Publishing Group
PO Box 726, Green Forest, AR 72638 870-438-5288
9780890515754, $9.99 each

"The Day the World Went Wacky" is a child's version of the story of the Garden of Eden and what transpired from that day and time to affect today. Genesis retold in sometimes silly rhyme and illustrated in funny cartoons brings the story of the Fall of Man and the deliverance of Christian Salvation to a level where kids age 6-10 can dig in and understand. Also in this series are "The Not So Super Skyscraper" (9780890515778) about the Tower of Babel, and "Noah's Floating Animal Park" (9780890515761), about the Flood and Noah's Ark.

JPS Illustrated Children's Bible
Ellen Frankel
Jewish Publication Society
2100 Arch St., 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19103
9780827608917, $35.00

The JPS Illustrated Children's Bible receives fine drawings by Avi Kats and creates a storyline of Biblical references and history designed to add life and history to a child's spiritual collection. 53 Bible stories use the 1985 JPS translation of the Hebrew Bible as a foundation, retaining much of its original wording and easy narrative style and blending in the author's own storytelling techniques free of commentary or personal interpretation. It's a remarkable, spirited presentation.

The Fiction Shelf

Ballerina Detective and the Missing Jeweled Tiara
Karen Rita Rautenberg
DNA Press
c/o SoCal Public Relations
8130 La Mesa Boulevard., Suite 137, La Mesa, CA 91942
9781933255477, $9.95

"Ballerina Detective and the Missing Jeweled Tiara" is an engrossing 192-page mystery for children ages 8-13 which presents a humorous portrait of 12- year old Kayla, amateur sleuth and would-be ballerina, who attempts to solve the mystery of the stolen jeweled tiara along with her friend Vicky. Readers will be drawn into the life issues and obstacles experienced by the plucky heroine, and they will identify with her self doubts and stage fright issues which must not overcome her ambition to succeed on stage in her class play. A thriller and a gripper, plus a vigorous dose of adolescent angst along with brain teasers and clues to help solve the mystery, all these make "Ballerina Detective" a great page turning experience for young adult readers.

The Doomsday Mask
Simon Rose
Tradewind Books
202-1807 Maritime Mews, Vancouver, BC Canada V6H 3W7
9781896580197, $7.95,

"The Doomsday Mask" is a thrilling page-gripper of a mystery that has 12-year-old Josh and almost-14-year-old Erica scrambling with their grandfather, an adopted Canadian survivor of WW II Germany, in a race for clues to construct and protect the Mask of Kulkaan to prevent it from being used for evil world domination purposes by the corrupt Crystalline Order. In a race against time and history, the two sleuths adventure fearlessly with their grandfather in locations ranging from Niagara Falls and Santa Marta, Mexico in the present day, to the lost island of Atlantis 10,000 years ago. Danger lurks everywhere as does the course of history and even prehistory. Juvenile readers from 10-14 will be spellbound by "The Doomsday Mask," and they will learn a bit of interesting world history and paleontology along the way. Although "The Doomsday Mask" may be considered to be science fiction fantasy/adventure, it is solidly grounded in facts of known prehistorical events and speculates from these logically. Also recommended young adult reading from Tradewind Books is "Angels Inc." by Bruce McBay, illustrated by Kim LaFave, (9781896580302, $7.95), an entertaining chapter book about kids organizing to do good for others.

The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Boudain
Melissa Forney, author
Dave Olson, illustrator
Buttery Moon Multimedia, Inc.
2487 South Volusia Avenue, Suite 107, Orange City, FL 32763
9780979009457, $17.95,

"The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Boudain" is a fine historical novel about a spunky eleven year old girl who faces many adventures in a search for secure land grant while separated from her parents during a yellow fever epidemic in primitive Florida of the 1890's. Written especially for juvenile intermediate readers, "The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Boudain" is told through letters from Teddy to her friend, Martha, and a great variety of historically accurate details about 1890's daily life activities in Florida is incorporated into the text and the charming black and white illustrations, by well known artist Dave Olson, creator of "Alley Oop" newspaper cartoons. "The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Boudain" presents young readers with a challenging story, a plucky heroine, and page after page of fascinating plot developments, all presented in the form of letters from one young girl to another. "The Astonishing Journey of Teddy Boudain" is designed to stimulate young readers and writers and is destined to become a classic of juvenile literature.

Diary of A Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
Jeff Kinney
115 W. 18th St., New York NY 10011
9780810983915, $13.95

It's summer vacation, weather's great, and the kids are having fun outside - but Greg is inside playing video games and is an 'indoor person' determined to not go outside. But his mother has other ideas involving activities and family participation. Can Greg get what he wants and handle his mother? A fine addition to a lively series will attract new and prior readers alike.

Scholastic Inc.
557 Broadway, New York NY 10012

Holly Black and Ted Naifeh's KITH (9780439855631, $16.99) is Book 2 of THE GOOD NEIGHBORS and tells of a faerie realm set to take over the human realm. Rue is in a unique position to see the tensions on all sides, being half faerie, half human - and in order to save both races she embarks on a journey to travel into faerie realms. No familiarity with the prior book is needed to thoroughly enjoy this! JULIAN RODRIGUEZ EPISODE TWO INVASION OF THE RELATIVES by Alexander Stadler (0439919673, $16.99) tells of a first officer disguised as an eight-year-old boy on Earth. When he faces invasion by a group of generically linked mini-brains known as 'the relatives', changes and mysteries take place in this fun story of space and alien adventures. Chris Wooding's MALICE (954516043X, $14.99) tells of Malice, a world that exists only in the pages of a comic book - a world few kids know about, and fewer survive. When a friend vanishes, it's up to Seth and Kady to investigate the myth and realities in this blend of novel and comic, packed with black and white illustrations throughout. Pete Hautman's HOW TO STEAL A CAR (0545113180, $16.99) tells of Kelleigh, who steals a car every once in a while - a thrill-seeking exploit that turns into a habit. As Kelleigh faces consequences for her choices and actions a riveting novel emerges. Gordon Korman's ZOOBREAK (0545124999, $16.99) tells of Savannah's missing monkey, who is also the best friend of a Doberman named Luthor. Savannah's search for her monkey leads to an evil floating zoo, where Savannah faces an evil master and a zoo break that challenges her to find homes for the residents. A fine story emerges. Brandon Sanderson's ALCATRAZ VERSUS THE KNIGHTS OF CRYSTALLIA (043992555X, $16.99) tells how Alcatraz and Grandpa journey to the Free Kingdom city of Crystallia, only to discover Alcatraz is a legend there. His latest task: to save a city under siege - from librarians. This is the third in the Alcatraz Smedry series and lives up to its predecessors with vivid action and high drama.

Day of the Pelican
Katherine Paterson
Clarion Books
c/o Houghton Mifflin
215 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10003
9780547181882, $16.00

Meli Lleshi is sure her drawing of her teacher with his pelican nose has led to her becoming a homeless refugee in Kosovo, a country trying to fight its Serbian oppressor. But when they decide to move to a country far away in search of freedom, she finds more challenges than a teacher's revenge in this moving story of Kosovo at war and a teen and her family's struggles.

Scholastic Inc.
557 Broadway, New York NY 10012

Lisa Yee's BOBBY VS. GIRLS (ACCIDENTALLY) (054505592X, $15.99) receives fine illustrations by Dan Santat and tells of Bobby Ellis-Chan, whose main problems in live revolve around girls, from a sister to an ex-best friend. Bobby's secrets are in danger and a series of encounters with girls offers more complex interactions in this fine survey. Chris Lynch's CYBERIA: MONKEY SEE, MONKEY DON'T (0545027942, $16.99) tells of Zane, who has made an enemy for life in the evil scientist Dr. Gristle, who is angry and jealous of Zane's special abilities to talk to animals. Dr. Gristle is working on a dangerous new plan and Zane's dog Hugo is his first target in this story of Cyberia's dangerous characters. Meg Cabot's ALLIE FINKEL'S RULES FOR GIRLS: STAGE FRIGHT (0545040450, $15.99) tells of Room 209's play for open house - a play in which all the girls want the lead role. Allie has some tricks up her sleeve to guarantee her the spot, including her mom's new job as a film critic on TV - but when Allie finds her best friend seeks the same role, trouble ensues. Sarah Weeks' OGGIE COODER PARTY ANIMAL (0439927927, $16.99) tells of Oggie's charving (chewing and carving pieces of cheese), which has gained him fame. But he still isn't allowed to go to Donnica Perfecto's pool. When Donnica's mother makes her invite Oggie, trouble ensues. Sharon M. Draper's SASSY: THE BIRTHDAY STORM (0545071526, $14.99) tells of Sassy and her family, headed to Florida to visit Grammy for her birthday at a beach - even as a hurricane is heading toward Grammy's town. When it hits, the party is threatened - as well as local sea turtles. Can Sassy make a difference? All are excellent picks.

The Easy Reader Shelf

I Spy Fly Guy!
Tedd Arnold
Scholastic Inc.
557 Broadway, New York NY 10012
0545110289, $5.99

I Spy Fly Guy provides a fun hide-and-seek story: this revolving around Fly Guy and Buzz's fun day. But when Fly Guy appears to vanish, trouble ensues in a game that turns too serious. Thirty pages makes for an excellent survey.

Orchard Books
557 Broadway, New York NY 10012

Chris D'Lacey's THE DRAGONS OF WAYWARD CRESCENT: GRUFFEN (9780545168151, $9.99) provides a vivid fantasy from the author of 'The Last Dragon Chronicles'. This one tells of Lucy, who suspects there's a monster in her bedroom. A new dragon is born - Gruffen - but can he solve the mystery of the monster and rescue Lucy? Another excellent tale. David Catrow's MAX SPANIEL: DINOSAUR HUNT (0545057485, $6.99) provides another new book in a funny new series. Here Max Spaniel is not a dog but a 'great hunter' - with an eye for dinosaurs. He hunts with his eyes, nose and more - and has surprising results in this hilarious survey.

'Tadpoles' books
350 - 5th Ave #3308, New York NY
$15.95 each

Tadpole books offer some 24 pages of inviting reading for young chapter book learners, pairing one-sentence per page adventures with large colorful drawings. Ann Bryant and Kirsteen H. Jones' TAG! (9780778738695) tells of three pigs who won't give up when a wolf chases them, Joan Stimson and Andy Elkerton's DINOSAUR NEXT DOOR (9780778738732) tells of a red and purple dinosaur that moves in next door, Margaret Nash and Jane Cope's DAD'S CAKE (9780778738657) tells of a father who puts strange ingredients into his cake, Hilary Robinson and Jane Abbott's OVER THE MOON! (9780778736688) tells of a cat and cow's challenge to jump over the Moon despite a dog's laughter, Ian Smith and Sean Julian's ROOSTER'S ALARM (9780778738749) tells of sleeping animals wakened not by the usual rooster but by a sheep, Sue Graves and Claire Henley's NIGHT, NIGHT! (9780778738671) tells of Josh, who can't go to sleep until his mother finds all his friends, Lynne Benton and Andy Catling's THE SAD PRINCESS (9780778738725) tells of a sad princess that nobody can cheer up, and Jill Atkins and Beccy Blake's TORTOISE RACES HOME (9780778738718) tells of a tortoise who challenges everyone to race home. These are light, fun and easy reads for any child who wants inviting readers.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Wong Herbert Yee's MOUSE AND MOLE: FINE FEATHERED FRIENDS (9780547152226, $15.00) tells of two friends who plan on to bird watching one spring day. They have plans to make bird books - but the birds are not so easy to watch, and it requires joint effort to create a book of observations. Cynthia Rylant and Arthur Howard's MR. PUTTER & TABBY SPILL THE BEANS (9780152050702, $15.00) tells of Mr. Putter's wonder that anyone would need to know a hundred ways to cook beans. But Mrs. Teaberry says a cooking class will be a fun project for them - and the lessons on bean-cooking prove exciting in this fun survey. Kids at the end of chapter book reading and moving on to full young adult novels will enjoy a fine transition with Book 2 of the 43 OLD CEMETERY ROAD series, OVER MY DEAD BODY by Kate Klise (9780152057343, $15.00). M. Sarah Klise illustrates this spooky story in which a society dictates that eleven-year-old Seymour cannot live in Spence Mansion at 43 Old Cemetery Road without parents. But Seymour is living well - albeit with a ghostly guardian. A fine Halloween surprise evolves. Also key to this transition point is Bruce Hale's DIAL M FOR MONGOOSE (0152054946, $15.00), a Chet Gecko mystery providing another fine easy investigative reader. Here Chet is looking into a stinkbomb at school and missing money from the principal's office as well as school bullies in this fine and different detective story. Tim Egan's DODSWORTH IN LONDON (9780547138169, $15.00) tells of Dodsworth and the duck, who have just arrived in London via hot air balloon. There's so much to see - but mistaken identity and a lost duck brings in Scotland Yard and mystery in this fine picture book for kids.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Knights of the Lunch Table: The Dragon Players
Frank Cammuso
557 Broadway, New York NY 10012
0439903238, $9.99

Knights of the Lunch Table: The Dragon Players tells of Artie King and his pals Wayne and Percy, who have big plans to build a remote-controlled dragon and enter a dueling robot tournament. When their design is stolen, some difficult choices emerge in this all-color graphic novel cartoon adventure, especially recommended for reluctant readers.

The Picturebook Shelf

I Want Your Moo
Marcella Bakur Weiner, author
Jill Niemark, author
JoAnn Adinolfi, illustrator
American Psychological Association
P. O. Box 92984, Washington, DC 20090 (800) 374-2721
9781433805424, $14.95,

"I Want Your Moo: A Story for Children About Self-Esteem" is a picturebook about Toodles the turkey who hates many things about herself, but most of all she hates her gobble. She tries to persuade many other animals to give her their special sounds, but they either say "no" or the transfer just doesn't work out. Finally one day Toodles learns that her gobble has a very valuable application: it scares a hawk away from the little chicks! As the wise owl Omar said to her, "Your sound is yours. It is you. You have just the right sound, like I have my whoo." "I Want Your Moo" is aimed at children age 3 and up, and is a great tool to help parents and children bolster self esteem in kids.

Kangaroo Kraal
Sister Barbara Sudol CSFN, DA, author
Tanya Stewart, illustrator
Vantage Press, Inc.
419 Park Ave. South, NY, NY 10016
9780533161898, $7.95,

"Kangaroo Kraal" is the joyous adventure story of Petunia and Junior, two sibling joeys who get separated from their parents during an expedition to New York City. Their adventures and misadventures in verse are a source of delight and interest to all, as are the spare little ink drawings that express their astonishment so well. "Kangaroo Kraal" is a wonderful romp with punch and appeal for kids age 7-11.

Mom and Dad Glue
Kes Gray, author
Lee Wildish, illustrator
250 Wireless Blvd., Hauppauge, NY 11788
9780764162626, $14.99,

"Mom and Dad Glue" is a direct and compassionate picture book for young children who are experiencing divorce or separation. The rhyming story is comforting and honest, just right to be attuned to the sensitivities of kids age 5-8. The dramatic and colorful illustrations convey so much of the emotional disorder that children of divorce experience, yet with a gentle humor and patience that encourages the child to believe that yes, it hurts, yes it is unfair and scary, and no, it is not their fault and not their job to fix the problem, and finally, somehow a child can pull his or her life together, survive and make the best of things, even though "There is no glue for hearts."

Stormy Weather
Debi Gliori, author and illustrator
Walker & Company
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
9780802794192, $15.99,

"Stormy Weather" is a beautiful illustrated children's bedtime rhyming storybook, about a mother fox and her child kit who is getting sleepy but needs a reassuring bedtime story to drift off. In a world of "frogs and kings and gingerbread," in many beds, "a million bedtime stories" are read. The wonderful multidirectional illustrations take the sleepy child to far and exotic places where other mothers are putting their beloved children to sleep and protecting them from danger or harm from storms, thunder, wind, rain, or snow. "Stormy Weather" ends with a lovely starry sky shining down on mother and child foxes, saying "Sweet dreams beneath our sheltering sky, the tides and winds our lullaby, the stars our light, the whole night through/shine down so bright on me and you." "Stormy Weather" is perfect bedtime reading for children ages 2 and up.

Maggie Can't Wait
Frieda Wishinsky, author
Dean Griffiths, illustrator
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
311 Washington St., Brighton, MA 02135
9781554551033, $17.95,

"Maggie Can't Wait" is a delightful children's story about a girl (cat) named Maggie who is excited because she is getting a new adopted baby sister. However all her plans to show off her new sister are rudely interrupted by a jealous schoolmate named Kimberly who declares the picture of Maggie's new sister to be shows she is ugly. When Maggie asks for support from her friend Sam, he gives his honest opinion instead ("She might look a lot better later.") Maggie is completely deflated. She dreads the adoption of her new sister and the party afterwards. Then she discovers the new baby Rose crying, and she manages to form a bond with her and Sam too. "Maggie Can't Wait" is charmingly illustrated with little girl and boy kitties in very nice people clothes and gently humorous details. "Maggie Can't Wait" is appropriate for ages 4-8, preschool through second grade.

No Baths for Betsy
Katherine Blanc, author
Swapan Debnath, illustrator
Mirror Publishing
6434 West Dixon Street, Milwaukee, WI 53214 414-763-1034
9781936046409, $9.95,

"No Baths for Betsy" is a delightful tale about a girl who decides she will never take a bath again, and the earthy consequences of her decision. Though her parents beg her to change clothes and take just a little, quick bath, she is adamant. Soon she notices strange changes in her body, hair and clothes, but nothing really gets through to her until one day she notices the fish in the fish pond are blub-blub laughing at her because she is so yucky, mucky, and stinky. Then, she carefully replants the vegetable that have grown in the dirt on her, replaces the birds' nest that has grown in her hair to a tree branch, and finds better homes for the caterpillar, mice, and worms that had started living with her (dirty) body. Finally she takes a nice long soapy, hot, scrubbing bath and enjoys how clean and fresh she feels and smells. "No Baths for Betsy" will appeal to 4-8 year-olds everywhere who have ever felt like never taking another bath.

In Search of Happiness
Juliette Saumande, author
Eric Puybaret, illustrator
Hammond World Atlas
c/o Langenscheidt Publishing Group
36-36 - 33rd Street, Long Island City, NY 11106
9780841671416, $14.99,

"In Search of Happiness" was first published in France by editions Anzou, 2009. It is the beautiful rendering of a morality fable about Alexander and his quest for the Land of Happiness. Longing to escape life in Prudence with his dull Grandfather, Alexander declares he will leave one day and do what he wants, whether he is happy or unhappy. Guided by the brilliant songbird Paradiso, Alexander travels through such exotic places as the Land of Sweetie Pies, the Valley of the Delighted, and the Bay of Beautiful Music in search of true happiness. Each adventure teaches him something. On the Isle of Sweets he eats candy till his teeth hurt. In the Gorge of the Spoiled Ones he gets everything he asks for, but he can't take it with him. In the Glacier of the Frozen Ones he plays at snowball fights with children. In the Valley of the Delighted, he receives so many compliments that he gets bored (and embarrassed). At each stop Alexander sends a postcard to his Grandpa telling him of his latest explorations. For a year Alexander searches, but each time he thinks he has found the Land of Happiness, Paradiso tells him "It's true... and it's not true." Finally Alexander begins to suspect he is searching for the Land of Happiness in the wrong places. Ultimately he returns to be with Grandpa, joyfully writing his last postcard to tell his Grandpa, "This time I've understood. I have found lots of happiness everywhere, but the greatest happiness is here with you." Thus Alexander and his Grandpa learn that the Land of Happiness is everywhere people are happy. "In Search of Happiness" is beautifully illustrated by the prize-winning illustrator of "Puff, the Magic Dragon." "In Search of Happiness" will appeal to children age 6 and up.

Cezanne and the Apple Boy
Laurence Anholt, author/illustrator
250 Wireless Blvd., Hauppauge, NY 11788
9780764162824, $14.99,

"Cezanne and the Apple Boy" is a new title in Laurence Anholt's children's series about famous artists. Paul, the artist's son, is the apple boy, who goes to visit his father where he paints on a mountainside. Although people scoff at the paintings of Paul Cezanne, his son believes in him. He tells an art critic named Vollard to be careful with his father's paintings because he has invented a new style of painting. In time this opinion is validated by Mr. Vollard and the rest of the world. Through his son's belief in him and his own artistic efforts, the painter Paul Cezanne achieves financial success and is able to live quietly and frugally on his earnings, continuing to paint his beloved scenes and studies. "Cezanne and the Apple Boy" is very sensitively written and contains a number of small reproductions of some of Cezanne's famous paintings. "Cezanne and the Apple Boy" is especially for children ages 4-7.

Finding My Molly
Peggy Krause, author/illustrator
1663 Liberty Drive, Suite 200, Bloomington, IN 47403 888-280-7715
9781434342799, $10.99,

"Finding My Molly" is a compassionate story about a cat named Soupy who gets lost and manages to survive in a forest preserve while looking for his owner, Molly. During his forest time, he finds an orphaned raccoon whom he adopts as a foster son, mistaking him for a kitten. "Finding My Molly" is charming and whimsical, written from the cat's point of view, using kid-friendly language that will appeal to 8-12 year- olds. Finding My Molly is also recommended reading by the National Humane Education Society. Author/illustrator Peggy Krause clearly understands the ways of cats and children, and this knowledge is brought fully to life in the text and whimsical illustrations of "Finding My Molly."

I is for Inuksuk: An Arctic Celebration
Mary Wallace, author/illustrator
Maple Tree Press/ Owlkids Books
10 Lower Spadina Avenue, Suite 400, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5V 2Z2
9781897349571, $19.95

"I is for Inuksuk" is a beautiful children's book portraying the traditional lifeways of the Inuit People of Canada. The inuksuit are stone towers built by the Arctic's indigenous people to guide them across snow and ice, or to mark a food source. They are the official symbol of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Every letter of the word "inuksuk" becomes a part of another Inuktuit word which with the stunning paintings of Wallace represent many scenes of Arctic and Inuit life. "I is for Inuksuk" becomes a beautiful ambassador, inviting children and adults to come and learn more about the Inuit and the Arctic. Of particular interest is the use of Inuktuit symbols to write words in one of the official languages of Nunavit.

Shoe Shopping with Dad?
Tina L. Wuehr, author
Mari Brown, illustrator
Pipsqueak Publishing
1558 Stafford Third Line, Cobden, Ontario KOJ 1KO Canada
9780973996241, $16.95

"Shoe Shopping with Dad?" is a delightful father-daughter adventure book with plenty of hidden and not so hidden fun and smiles for everyone. Izzy has saved her allowance until she has enough money to buy shoes and though she asks her Mom to take her, her Dad volunteers for what he thinks will be a quick, easy assignment. Izzy's Mom reacts by saying "I'll leave a light out," a comment which mystifies Izzy but not the adult reader! There unfolds a most glorious adventure of exploring the wonderful world of shoe shopping and choice making for a young girl and her bewildered father. Humorous, colorful illustrations add to the punch of "Shoe Shopping with Dad," as well as gently underlining the ethnicity of Izzy and her family (Chinese?). All proceeds spectacularly if the goal is to have fun for a long time on this father-daughter expedition. Of course, no shoes are chosen, that will require another outing! "Shoe Shopping with Dad?" is a rollicking read for 4-8 years olds and their parents, and delivers quite a nice message about parental caring and supervision.

Baltazar and the Flying Pirates
Oliver Chin, author
Justin Roth, illustrator
P.O. Box 31846, San Francisco, CA 94131
9781597020183, $15.95,

"Baltazar and the Flying Pirates" is a tale of a boy's dream adventure search for pirate treasure that leads him (and the pirates) to an unlikely treasure site. Their buried treasure in a swamp has been covered by a huge amusement park! There is no help for it but to go on a touring search for the treasure that is punctuated with fun rides and experiences along the way. Brave Captain Anne Bonney, also known as Redlocks, keeps the buccaneers focused and on task, with plenty of fun laced in. Delightful, lively illustrations keep the adventure leaping ahead as all eyes are on the prize. "Baltazar and the Flying Pirates" is a treat to read and to experience. It will appeal to kids age 6 and up. Promises of a sequel adventure are to be kept!

Bear-ly There
Rebekah Raye, author and illustrator
Tilbury House Publishers
103 Brunswick Avenue, Gardiner, ME 04345
9780884483144, $16.95,

"Bear-ly There" is a fascinating book for kids about how to react constructively when a bear moves into your back yard. Filled with beautiful paintings/illustrations of bear and other creatures of northern woods in their natural settings, "Bear-ly There" is a book infused with a love of nature that is communicated directly to its young readers, through both the written word and visual appeal. "Bear-ly There" also offers a number of practical suggestions to help humans and bears coexist peacefully and happily. Children will identify with the reactions of Charlie to the problem of how to deal with having a bear in your back yard. He makes a poster with six specific suggestions on it to help make human living areas not appealing or attractive to bears. The secret to what to do if you have a bear in your backyard is to realize the bear isn't the problem - you are! "Bear-ly There" is a wonderful resource book for children in grade 3-6.

The Dinosaur Tamer
Carol Greathouse
345 Hudson St., New York NY 10014
9780525478669, $16.99

The lasso-tossing Rocky is the best dinosaur tamer that lived, and there isn't a dinosaur around that would give him trouble - until he meets T. Rex, the orneriest dinosaur varmint that stomped the earth. The two are equally stubborn and the clashes between them receive vivid and fun embellishment by John Shroades.

The Seven Sneezes
Olga Cabral
Golden Books
c/o Random House Children's Books
1540 Broadway, New York, NY 10036
9780375835940, $15.99 1-800-726-0600

What happens when the local rag man sneezes? A kitten's ears end up on the bunny, the dog meows, and all the animals trade features in this zany story of mayhem. Can the ragman sneeze everything right? This Golden Book from the 1940s receives new embellishment by Bruce Ingman.

Scholastic Inc.
557 Broadway, New York NY 10012

Julia Donaldson and Alex Scheffler's STICK MAN (0545157617, $16.99) tells of a Stick Man who lives in a dangerous world in his family tree with his Stick Lady Love and their stick children. Dogs want to play with him, he even ends up on a fire and in the water in this fine rollicking rhyme story of travels far from home. Jane Yolen and Mark Teague's HOW DO DINOSAURS SAY I LOVE YOU? (0545143144, $16.99) provides readers with a range of naughty childhood antics followed by dinosaur hugs, kisses and love. Its presentation of childhood antics in dinosaur form makes for a fine and gentle reminder of parental live against all odds. Jim Arnosky's I'M A TURKEY! (0439903645, $16.99) tells what it's like to be a wild turkey and comes from a wildlife artist and folk musician invited for a look at life with Tom the Turkey and his flock, always looking out for hungry animals. Turkey facts are complimented by hilarious drawings and fun scenarios. Jim Aylesworth retells THE MITTEN (0439925444, $16.99), featuring fine drawings by Barbara McClintock in a fine winter story of a little boy who loses his red mitten in the snow. A passing squirrel finds it perfect as a warm new home and other animals also want to move in: how many can fit inside the mitten? It's a fine seasonal tale perfect for winter.

Clarion/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Marilyn Singer's I'M GETTING A CHECKUP (9780618990009, $16.00) enjoys simple drawings by David Milgrim as it illustrates what happens during a visit to a doctor. Kids in grades 1-3 learn what it means to get a checkup, with facts that include basic health knowledge and thus goes beyond easier more 'experience' oriented titles. Daniel Schallau's COME BACK SOON (9780618694945, $17.00) tells of good friends who travel long distances to see each other. Elephant leaves his home to see his penguin pen pals, but in Icetown things don't go smoothly. It's up to good friends - even those from afar - to make the good times happen in this easy story of distant friendships. C.K. Williams and Stephen Gammell's HOW THE NOBBLE WAS FINALLY FOUND (9780152054601, $18.00) tells of how the Nobble likes to play inside snowflakes and drift along in the wind - all he's ever known of the world. One day he begins to think about finding a new place he's never been to, and his journey and discoveries will lead to new experiences and friendships. Beth Cadena's SUPERSISTER (9780547010069, $16.00) receives Frank W. Dormer's fine drawings as it tells of a girl brave enough to walk to the bus stop alone, strong enough to pour her own bowl of cereal, and able to read a story aloud by herself. And, she's a help to her mother. A fine, vivid story of a talented girl emerges. Coleen Salley's EPOSSUMONDAS PLAYS POSSUM (9780152064204, $16.00) receives Janet Stevens' fine drawings as it tells of a possum lost in the Louisiana swamp and worried about dangers there. How can Epossumondas face the fierce wolf of the swamp? A lovely, engaging little story emerges.

Scholastic Inc.
557 Broadway, New York NY 10012

Marilyn Nelson and Susan Kuklin's Beautiful Ballerina (0545089204, $17.99) provides a tribute to young ballerinas and provides pages packed with photos and a stirring poem to compliment the participants at the Dance Theatre of Harlem. The poem invites kids to celebrate and understand the ballerina's love of dance. Juliana Hatkoff, Isabella Hatkoff, and Craig Hatkoff merge talents in WINTER'S TAIL: HOW ONE LITTLE DOLPHIN LEARNED TO SWIM AGAIN (0545123356, $16.99), telling of an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin rescued from a crab trap in Florida, her tail seriously damaged. The efforts of concerned helpers to rescue her and help her cope with a damaged tail that required a prosthetic replacement makes for a fine series of photos and discussions perfect for kids in grades 4-5. Sharon Robinson and Kadir Nelson's TESTING THE ICE; A TRUE STORY ABOUT JACKIE ROBINSON (0545052513, $16.99) tells how Jackie Robinson moves his family from New York City to Connecticut where a lake is the central attraction - a lake Jackie never goes near. When he's called upon to test the ice to be sure it's safe for ice-skating, courage is re-defined in this winning story. Nic Bishop's MARSUPIALS (043987758X, $17.99) tells of pademelons, potoroos, and others who live in Australia along with the more commonly known koalas and others. It provides gorgeous full-page color photos, nearly fifty pages of information, a glossary and facts perfect for reports for grades 4-6.

Books in Series

Marshall Cavendish
99 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591
$21.95 each

The 'Big Ideas in Science' guides for grades 3-5 provide nearly fifty pages in each book, packed with solid information and eye-catching modern color photos for both book and cover. Charlotte Luongo's EVOLUTION (9780761443933) covers how scientists have come to believe in the changes of living creatures and her PLATE TECTONICS (9780761443971) surveys how plates may have changed the earth over millions of years. Lynette Brent Sandvold's GENETICS (9780761443964) surveys the science behind passing traits between generations, from DNA mapping to genetic engineering, while Katie Parker has three books to offer: THE THEORY OF RELATIVITY (9780761443988) where the concepts of relativity are explained through words and easy pictures, SPLITTING THE ATOM (9780761443995) telling of the basics of atoms, elements and atomic energy, and BLACK HOLES (9780761443926), surveying black holes and space science. All are top picks providing lasting reference.

350 - 5th Ave #3308, New York NY

'Let's Relate to Genetics' ($19.95 each) packs in genetics basics in a little under 50 pages of reference information, beginning with the basics of cells and moving to genetic traits and how they are passed. CELLS (9780778749455) discusses small units of cells in everyday life, PLANT CELLS (9780778749462) teaches the basics of plant cell structure and how botanists will be using this in genetic growing methods, DNA (9780778749486) surveys DNA influences on life, ANIMAL CELLS (9780778749479) reveals animal cell attributes and their amazing functions, and TRAITS AND ATTRIBUTES (9780778749493) discusses how traits are passed from parent to offspring. Slim Goodbody's 'Life Skills 101 series' ($19.95 each) offers some 32 pages of detail on handling everyday life challenges. WHY ARE YOU PICKING ON ME? DEALING WITH BULLIES (9780778747925) discusses handling domineering people, I SAID NO! REFUSAL SKILLS (9780778747895) surveys consequences of saying no and how to achieve goals, HAVE YOU HEARD? ACTIVE LISTENING (9780778747901) provides an assessment of listening methods and skills, and CAN WE BE FRIENDS? BUDDY-BUILDING STRATEGIES (9780778747932) tells how to make and keep friendships alive. The 'Get Involved!' series, ($19.95 each) provides an excellent, strong set of books on becoming social issues activists in different fields. Ellen Rodger's HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST (9780778746959), her work with Jon Eben Field in SOCIAL JUSTICE ACTIVIST (9780778746966), Carrie Gleason's ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVIST (9780778746942) and her ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST (9780778746935) each hold 32 pages of facts in notebook-looking format complete with large print, 'field notes', and modern color photos. The 'Celebrations in My World' titles ($19.95 each) provide 32 pages each of lovely celebration surveys. PRESIDENTS' DAY (9780778747567), INDEPENDENCE DAY (9780778747543), ROSH HASHANAH AND YOM KIPPUR (9780778747544), MARDI GRAS AND CARNIVAL (9780778747550) and VALENTINE'S DAY (9780778747598) each come with large contemporary color photos, big print, a glossary, and more. Slim Goodbody's 'Nutrition Edition' series ($21.27 each) provides 24-page introductory assessments to foods and nutrition. FABULOUS FRUITS (9780778750420), MARVELOUS MEATS AND MORE (9780778750444), DELICIOUS DAIRY (9780778750413), VITAL VEGETABLES (9780778750451) and GLORIOUS GRAINS (9780778750437) each pack in very basic nutrition facts. Frances Hawker and Mohini Kaur Bhatia's SIKHISM IN INDIA (9780778750116, $19.95) belongs to the 'A Family, a Child, a Celebration' series and pairs Bruce Campbell's color photos with text following a Sikh family's daily life. Also key is Hawker and Daniel Traub's JUDAISM IN ISRAEL (9780778750109, $26.60), revealing a Jewish Israeli child's life and faith. Grades 4-6 will appreciate the 'Voices for Freedom: Abolitionist Heroes' series of biographies ($30.60 each). Each holds some 64 pages of detail perfect for reports. Henry Elliot's FREDERICK DOUGLASS: FROM SLAVERY TO STATESMAN (9780778748205) and his HARRIET BEECHER STOWE: THE VOICE OF HUMANITY IN WHITE AMERICA (9780778748212), Patricia Lantier's HARRIET TUBMAN: CONDUCTOR ON THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD (9780778748229) and Geoffrey M. Horn's SOJOURNER TRUTH: SPEAKING UP FOR FREEDOM all pack in fine biographies linking life stories with action and lasting inspiration. The 'My Path to Math' series ($21.27 each) offers math concepts simplified for grades 2-4. Each book holds some 24 pages pairing real-world examples with easy math formulas. ADDITION (9780778743453), SUBTRACTION (9780778743507), SYMMETRY (9780778743514), MULTIPLICATION (9780778743844), DIVISION (9780778743460), MATH WORDS AND SYMBOLS (9780778743477), SORTING (9780778743491), and THE METRIC SYSTEM (9780778743521) are top picks any elementary-level collection will find lasting references. 'Get Art Smart' titles ($21.27 each) pack in art basics in some 24 pages of information. WHAT IS FORM? (9780778751243) and WHAT IS COLOR? (9780778751236) each cover art using famous paintings to explain basic art concepts. The lively 'Now We Know About' series ($21.27 each) encourages discussion and presents concepts about the world using 24 pages that includes a glossary, index, large print, and a blend of photos and illustrations. THE WEATHER (9780778747246), SAVING WATER AND ENERGY (9780778747239), RECYCLING (9780778747222), HEALTHY EATING (9780778747208) and CARING FOR OUR BODIES (9780778747185) each pack in details perfect for leisure reading and understanding the world. All promise lasting library lending value.

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