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Reviewer's Choice

Willow and the Snow Day Dance
Denise Brennan-Nelson, author
Cyd Moore, illustrator
Sleeping Bear Press
315 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Suite 200, Ann Arbor, MI 48108
9781585365227, $16.95,

"Willow and the Snow Day Dance" is a second book in the award-winning "Willow" series about a free-spirited girl who transforms her world and the people in it through her creativity, generosity, and exuberant compassion. Willow has just moved to a pleasant community and she can't wait to create her garden. Optimistically, she writes notes to all her neighbors requesting their help in the form of seeds and seedlings. Her neighbors respond very positively, and she plants a beautiful garden in her house's yard. Even the deer love her garden (too much) Another request for help from her neighbors results in unusual garden art projects from fascinating donated bits, odds and ends. Willow loves to share flowers and vegetables from her garden with her neighbors, even the hermit-like Mr. Larch, an unwelcoming neighbor who has not allowed children to slide down his wonderful hill in winter snows. When Willow shares things from her garden, she asks for donations for the mitten drive to keep poor children warm and cozy in the winter to come. Willow writes notes to thank her neighbors for all their donations. Finally winter comes, but Willow longs for snow that does not appear. She receives a mysterious letter in response to her request for snow (again, in a letter to her neighbors). It tells her a recipe to make it snow. What is it? A strange, silly, secret, surprise dance ritual that kids everywhere can do! Guess exactly what all the kids in the neighborhood including Willow are doing the very next night, in hopes of a snow day! The silliest dance that they can (with other secret, special rituals)! When Willow's Snow Day finally comes, her secretive neighbor, Mr. Larch is actually all smiles. The children get their snow day from school and happily slide down Mr. Larch's once forbidden hill. Is there a moral? In the magical world of Willow, all transformations for good are always possible, just as long as you keep thinking positively and putting out the best ideas and thoughts you can. "Willow and the Snow Day Dance" is a delightful story for children ages 6 and up, beautifully presented and enhanced with fabulous, quirky illustrations filled with light and love. Readers and fans can visit Willow at, Willow honors include Oprah's Book Club 2010 Kids' Reading List, National Parenting Publication Honor Award, the International Reading Association Children's Choice Award, and Mom's Choice Award Most Outstanding Children's Book.

The Day the Sub Came
Carol Gilbert, author
Valerie Boris, illustrator
Create Space/ Porterlance Books
555 Byron St., #209, Palo Alto, CA 94301
9781453756928, $12.95,

"The Day the Sub Came" is a great empathy-building, problem-solving book experience for kids ages 8-11. Mrs. Gilbert is a substitute teacher for Mrs. Fritz who is suffering from the flu. Eva and her classmates are a challenging, tricky group of students for the sub to handle. They begin by nicknaming her "Mrs. Giblets," and when they learn that it is Mrs. Gilbert's birthday and they should be extra nice to her, guess what does not happen. Fortunately Mrs. Gilbert proves to be equal to a health emergency, a sitting on tacks trick, twins' duplicity, and the escape of Chipper the chipmunk from his cage. Just about the time the day is ready to end, Eva and fellow students are feeling a bit more respectful of Mrs. Gilbert, and a bit sorry that they had made her birthday of subbing such a difficult experience. A nice feature of "The Day the Sub Came" is the "reader aside" comments that invite the reader to participate in the problem situation, maybe suggest a solution, or identify with the feelings of the persons in the situation. The book ends with the questions, "Do you look forward to having a substitute once in a while? Why or why not?" and "Would you want to be a substitute teacher for your class?" "The Day the Sub Came" is a great exercise in role reversal for those tricky school age kids who have known the delights of tormenting and being outwitted by a competent sub!

Mrs. McGee's Garden
Lan Nguyen, author
Lan Nguyen and Steve Starke, artists
Monkey Kidz Publishing
c/o Actuation Press
1211 South Prairie Avenue, Suite 4703, Chicago, IL 60605
9780983111672, $6.99,

"Mrs. McGee's Garden" is an imaginative children's teaching tale in rhyme that has "Be yourself!" for its motto. Filled with brightly colored, fanciful, face-filled flowers in bloom in Mrs. McGee's garden, the story-versed pages of "Mrs. McGee's Garden" fly by in a gay flutter. but what will become of Whitman, the flowerless grass plant who longs to be beautiful enough to be accepted at tea like Mrs. McGee's other flowers. The surprise solution and ending with spread chuckles and giggles among young fans and readers, while planting a seed of enduring value. Children ages 5 and up will enjoy Mrs. McGee's Garden.

Autumn Stories
Marty Layne, author/photographer
Sea Change Publications
1850 San Lorenzo Avenue, Victoria, BC, Canada V8N 2E9
9780968293867, $9.99,

"Autumn Stories" is a set of two photo-illustrated stories, Little Blue Feather is Surprised, and Little Blue Feather and the Rabbits. The stories are enhanced by photos of needle felted and sewn sculptures created by the author. The first story tells how Nutkin the squirrel prepares for winter by storing his acorns in a hollowed out pumpkin. Little Blue Feather is a tiny elf no bigger than Nutkin the Squirrel. In the second story, Little Blue Feather meets rabbits by putting clover in his lap to entice them, and sitting very still. Little Blue Feather and Grey Ears encourage all the rabbit friends to eat lots of sweet grass to get fat, because Jackie Frost has turned the leaves red, and snow and winter will soon come. "Autumn Stories" is a charming set of autumn tales with delicate characters pictured in soft, pretty felts and fabrics. part of the author's inspiration for the second story comes from a song she has recorded, Brighten the Day - songs to celebrate the seasons.

Puppy and Aidan
Meredith Banks Jackson
Tate Publishing
127 E. Trade Center Terrace, Mustang, OK 73064
9781617394263, $8.99,

"Puppy and Aidan" is a tender, touching story of a boy and his beloved toy, a stuffed dog he named Puppy. From the moment he opens the Christmas present that holds Puppy, Aidan knows he has found a very special friend who will always be there for him. Over time, Puppy becomes a bit worn from all the loving, crying, laughing, tossing, and games they play together. Once Puppy is lost when Aidan can't remember where he left him. Finally Puppy begins to lose his stuffing and Aidan's mother quietly mends him with great care for Aidan. "Puppy and Aidan" is a gentle growing book, somewhat similar to "The Velveteen Rabbit." It will encourage young readers to cherish their stuffed friends and not fear the changes of growing up. Sensitive color illustrations detail the daily activities of Puppy and Aidan in a warm and reassuring style. "Puppy and Aidan" includes a free coupon for an audio book digital download of an audio reading of the book.

Ready To Play!
Stacey R. Kaye, author
Elizabeth O. Dulemba, illustrator
Free Spirit Publishing
217 Fifth Avenue North, Suite 200, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781575423180, $12.99,

"Ready To Play!: A Tale of Toys and Friends, and Barely Any Bickering" is a new release in the ParentSmart/KidHappy book series aimed at parents and kids ages 3-6. "Ready to Play!" is a very helpful survival manual for those who supervise children's playdates, with all the positives and negatives that can be imagined in such situations. Color coded text and clear examples-illustrations of both desirable and undesirable interactive behaviors make "Ready to Play!" a very effective, fun behavior -coaching directory. Designed for parents and kids to share, the ParentSmart/KidHappy series is a very helpful resource, offering pictured renditions of familiar social interaction scenarios, with creative positive parenting techniques and approaches suggested and encouraged to help kids work through rough patches of relating to achieve maximum harmonious playdate time. Other recommended books in this series by the same author/illustrator team are "Ready for Bed!" (9781575422695, $12.95) and "Ready for the Day!" (9781575422688, $12.95).

The Ruby Rose Show
Sindy McKay, author
Meredith Johnson, illustrator
Treasure Bay
P.O. Box 119, Novato, CA 94948
9781601152459, $9.95,

"The Ruby Rose Show" is a We Both Read title adventure, level 1-2, grades 1-2. In this innovative series, a parent and child can take turns reading adjacent pages (containing similar story material at different reading levels) to pursue an exciting story together, while establishing and securing excellent reading skills. Molly and Abby are excited friends who hope to see their favorite singer in concert, Ruby Rose. Molly's older sister is going with them, but just when anticipation peaks, the girls face a serious setback and a series of mishaps. However, all turns out for the very best, and both girls get to meet their favorite singer and sit in front row seats at a later concert the next day. Very amusing illustrations in color keep sparkling interest high and action races through the 44 pages of fun. Also recommended in this series is "The Boy Who Carried the Flag," (9781601152473, $9.95) an interactive chapter book by Jana Carson, illustrated by Johanna Westermann, reading level 3, grades 2-4, about a boy who carried the first American flag to Valley Forge, made by Betsy Ross for Washington and his troops during the Revolutionary War.

A Woolly Mammoth Journey
Debbie S. Miller, author
Jon Van Zyle, artist
University of Alaska Press
P.O. Box 756240, Fairbanks, AK 99775
9781602230989, $9.95,

"A Woolly Mammoth Journey" is a scenic nature book about migratory travels of a woolly mammoth family herd in Alaska over 10,000 years ago. Stunningly illustrated with acrylic paintings of beautiful scenes of the woolly mammoths on the Alaskan tundra, "A Woolly Mammoth Journey" contains many nuggets of scientifically researched facts and theories about the habits, movements and behaviors of the great woolly mammoths. "A Woolly Mammoth Journey" presents individual mammoths with names for characters, and intrigues interest in ongoing behaviors and relationships among the great creatures. At the end of the book, a page contains information about the woolly mammoths, including size, physical description, a map showing range and habitat, life span, recent discoveries, and a note about the extinction of the woolly mammoth. "A Woolly Mammoth Journey" is recommended for students age 8 and up. Also recommended in this series by the same author and artist is "A Caribou Journey," (9781602230965, $9.95).

The Beeman
Laurie Krebs, author
Valeria Cix, illustrator
Barefoot Books Inc.
2067 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140
9781846861468, $16.99,

"The Beeman" is a fact-filled, fun children' illustrated story about a man who keeps bees. Special articles of clothing protect the beeman when he goes among the beehives to tend the bees. Special tools and techniques are described so that the beeman may carefully observe the bees and the queen be in the hive. Grandfather Beeman teaches his grandson many special things about bees and their habits. Harvesting honey from the bees is also part of the beeman's job, always making sure there is enough honey left in the hive to help the bees live through the long winter. Additional fascinating information about bees, bee colonies, beekeeping, and honey, as well as pollination and bee dancing. is included at the end of the story. Last of all is a wonderful recipe for Grandma's apple and honey muffins, that the boy and his Grandfather Beeman like very much. "The Beeman" is a wonderful introduction to the world of industrious honeybees for children ages 3 and up.

The Adventures of Johnny Saturday: The Helper
W. F. Lovelady, author
Lowell Hildebrandt, illustrator
1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403
9781449068004, $11.49

"The Adventures of Johnny Saturday: The Helper" is the first book in a series which introduces children to myths and legends through innovative and creative storytelling. 11-year old Johnny begins his quest by finding a mysterious black leather journal of blank pages in his attic. Johnny is a boy who loves to imagine adventures with his action figures, making careful sketches and drawings of some of his projected ideas. Johnny finds the doorway to the adventure of a lifetime in the mysterious black journal. Whatever he draws in the journal comes alive and involves him in an adventure. Enticing him to follow his creative writing and storytelling muse, the magic black journal allows Johnny to explore strange new characters and foreign lands, as well as his own abilities. What he learns will ultimately enable him to achieve heroic intervention through skilled use of his own very special abilities. "The Adventures of Johnny Saturday" touches on some traditional tales and myths, specifically one of "Black Pete," a special helper to a sort of Santa Claus figure in the culture/history of the Netherlands. "The Adventures of Johnny Saturday" addresses preteen issues of self-esteem development and enhancement and other appropriate issues. The 42 pages move along quickly in 10 short chapters, and the black and white illustrations also help to key reader interest of the preteen audience.

The Sports Shelf

Ben and Lucy Play Pond Hockey
Andrew Sherburne, author
Kevin Cannon, illustrator
Beaver's Pond Press
7104 Ohms Lane, Suite 101, Edina, MN 55439
9781592983629, $17.95,

"Ben and Lucy Play Pond Hockey" is a charming illustrated story about two friends who love to play pond hockey outdoors in the winter. Using two boots to mark a goal post set, friends have tons of fun playing pond hockey on the frozen pond in winter. When the day ends, they go home to warm cocoa and mom, a perfect ending to a day at the pond. "Ben and Lucy Play Pond Hockey" comes complete with a set of two poster board colored hockey players, complete with boots for the goal markers and Rocket, the pet dog who likes to join in. "Ben and Lucy Play Pond Hockey" will appeal to the nostalgia segment of many adults who have fond memories of happy times spent skating on frozen ponds long ago. Kids ages 6 and up will also love it. More fun and games are available at,

Real Hoops, a Fred Bowen Sports Story
Fred Bowen
Peachtree publishers
1700 Chattahoochee Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30318
9781561455669, $5.95,

"Real Hoops" is the latest chapter book for middle school aged students in the author's very popular and successful sports story series. "Real Hoops" spins the hoops tale of the recruitment of Hud, a talented, showy player new to the concept of team playing. Ben tries to open his eyes to getting beyond the self-oriented hot shot style and integrating some genuine sportsmanship and team awareness into the mix. Lots of action and play-by-play descriptions will engage young sports fans and hold their interest. The "Real Story" afterword also helps drive home some of the importance of the notion of learning to be a team player, as well as learning to play basketball in different settings or structure, both "pickup" games and the more formal structured games. "Real Hoops" is a sure bet to hook the most reluctant reader age 7-12 who just also happens to be a basketball fan.

The Bilingual Shelf

I Am Kind/Soy Amable
Juliet Concord, author
Eduardo Alaman, Spanish translator
Gareth Stevens Publishing
111 East 14th St., Suite 349, New York, NY 10003
8671433948725, $22.60,

"I Am Kind/Soy Amable" is a bilingual leveled social studies reader in the Kids of Character/Chicos con Caracter series that helps students understand what behaviors and actions help make up the humane quality of kindness. Simple sentences, with Spanish text beneath English on each page are accompanied by vivid color photos of kids demonstrating examples of kindness towards others. A brief glossary and list or references and resources is listed at the end of the book, along with a bilingual index. "I Am Kind/Soy Amable" will appeal to students ages 6 and up. Also recommended in this series are "I Am Responsible/Soy Responsable, (9781433948831, $22.60), and "I Am Helpful/Soy Acomedida," (9781433948602, $22.60).

I See the Sun in Nepal
Dedie King, author
Judith Inglese, illustrator
Satya House Publications
P.O. Box 122, Hardwick, MA 01037
9780981872094, $12.95,

"I See the Sun in Nepal" is the second of a series by the same author-illustrator team that teach children about life in a far country by following the events from dawn to dusk as experienced by a child of the country portrayed and studied. "I See the Sun in Nepal" is bilingual, written in both English and Nepalese, with a glossary to explain Nepalese words and a global map that highlights Nepal. an overview of the country and special location of Bandipur is also included, with more information about daily life, culture, education, and customs in Nepal. The simple story follows a young girl from her awakening at dawn, when she sees the mountains shine pink and gold in the new sun, through her morning chores, going to school, after school chores and babysitting her brother, evening meal and finally going to bed, imagining blessings on her family friends, animals, and village. Special foods and animal care chores are described, as well as other everyday sights and sounds, such as the old men playing the harmonium singing songs from religious books. Stunning illustrations mix collage, photo backgrounds, and drawings with artistry and studied delicacy. "I See the Sun in Nepal" is intended for children ages 5 and up. A portion of the proceeds from its sales go to support the Learning Centers in Bandipur, Nepal.

The Biography Shelf

Mardy Murie Did! Grandmother of Conservation
Jequita Potts McDaniel, author
Jon Van Zyle, illustrator
Taylor Trade Publishing
c/o Rowman & Littlefield
4501 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 200, Lanham, Maryland 20706
9781589795655, $15.95,

"Mardy Murie Did! Grandmother of Conservation" is the inspirational story of a great female environmentalist who encouraged children to "be nice to the land and the trees and the air." A proponent of wilderness preservation, including the enlargement of Grand Teton National Park (1950), the Wilderness Act (1964) and the creation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Mardy Murie was the first woman to graduate from the University of Alaska. She also believed in the education of children to promote an environmentally healthy world. After over 100 years of a healthy, productive life, Mardy Murie died in peace in her cabin on the Murie Ranch in the Tetons, now a National Historic Landmark. "Mardy Murie Did" presents in verse and stunning illustrations of snow covered vistas beloved by the Muries the tale of Mardy Murie and her tireless dedication to the preservation of wildernesses. An attractive, engaging celebration of an award winning female environmentalist, "Mardy Murie Did!" will thrill readers ages 4-8 with its beauty and inspiration.

Ignatius of Antioch, The Man Who Faced Lions
Sinclair B. Ferguson, author
Alison Brown, illustrator
The Banner of Truth Trust
P.O. Box 621, Carlisle, PA 17013
9781848710931, $14.00,

"Ignatius of Antioch" is a youth-oriented story of a Christian hero from a series called The Heroes of the Faith, which are intended to build an album of portraits of men and women who have been heroic members of the family of God, who have implemented their faith in their lives. Ignatius was a bishop in Antioch in the first century A.D., around or before 117 A.D. Ignatius was martyred by Trajan for his refusal to sacrifice to the Roman gods and deny his faith. There are many interesting excerpts and quotations of the letters of Ignatius from the time period after he was condemned by Trajan but before his eventual martyrdom in Rome. One of his last letters, just before he was given to the lions to destroy, is quoted as follows: "I am the wheat of God. So let me be ground by the teeth of wild beasts, that I may be found the pure bread of Christ....Let fire and the cross come; let the crowd of wild beasts come; let tearings and breakings and dislocation of my bones come; let cutting off of my limbs come; let shatterings of my whole body come; and let all the dreadful torments of the Devil come upon me. Only let me attain to Jesus Christ." Ignatius believed to the end that his death was a doorway to eternal life with Jesus. Additional facts about Ignatius' life and writings are presented and a timeline is included that extends from the birth Jesus Christ to 2000 A.D., with additional dates for other biographies of heroes of the faith. "Ignatius of Antioch" is an inspirational biography of an early church hero who believed steadfastly in Jesus Christ and his teachings.

The Christian Studies Shelf

The Love That is True
Paul Chilson, author
Ruslan Sivachov, illustrator
2 Roads Publishing, 1513 Sicily Dr., Longmont, CO 80503
9780982979358, $16.99,

"The Love That is True: The Adventure of God's Love Through All Time" is a beautiful illustrated Christian story of creation with discussion questions and Bible references on each page. Designed for children ages 3-10, "The Love That Is True" presents vivid portraits of scriptural information, stressing the power of love and forgiveness, and ends with an appealing score of a piano vocal song of the same title as the book.

A Lump of Clay
Dr. Bobby Holliday, author
Rebecca Price, artist
Lady Hawk Press
9780982908211, $18.99,

"A Lump of Clay" is the first book in a series on Christian life lessons and key moral themes, learned in this story, from a lump of clay. Complete with color illustrations by Scooby -Doo artist Rebecca Price and an audio CD with SpongeBob Squarepants actor Roger Bumpass, "A Lump of Clay" delivers humorous lessons on pride and arrogance, humility and contentment, trust and acceptance, bullying and teasing, and shame and forgiveness. The book and CD are meant to be both a guide for dealing with day to day difficulties that children face and a learning resource for students of Christianity. In addition to the material contained in the book and CD, a Teacher's Study Guide can be downloaded from, which gives particular help in dealing with issues relating to bullying and teasing. "A Lump of Clay" is the beginning book in a series of four Christian children's books by the same author.

He Makes Me Laugh
Danice E. Sweet, author/illustrator
Pearson Publishing Co.
555 S. Shoreline Blvd., Suite 104, Corpus Christi, Texas 78401
9780984332663, $21.95, www.PearsonPub.US

"He Makes Me Laugh" is a fresh, colorful bestiary-songbook that trumpets joyous lyrics about a creating God who provides all, even laughter. The exuberant watercolor illustrations and equally vibrant poetry and song lyrics are all the creations of Danice Sweet, art teacher, songwriter, singer and director of Revival, a Christian singing group. To encourage young artists, the author has included an ending section called Artist's Workshop, in which she explains the process of creating some of her illustrations for "He Makes Me Laugh." Page space specifically for young artists to draw and create what makes them laugh is provided. In addition, "He Makes Me Laugh" includes a music CD which can be obtained by filling out and mailing the coupon in the front of the book. (The cost of the CD is included in the price of the book.) The CD includes the title song, "He Makes Me Laugh" sung by Revival, her vocal performing group, in addition to other songs written by the author. "He Makes Me Laugh" is full of the joy of diverse creation and celebration, and deserves special attention from faith-oriented education groups. Children ages 6 and up will love "He Makes Me Laugh."

The Islamic Studies Shelf

We're Off to Make 'Umrah
Sana Munchey, author
Eman Salem, illustrator
Kube Publishing / The Islamic Foundation
Markfield Conference Centre, Ratby Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9SY, UK
9780860374589, $10.95,

Written in easy to remember verse, with perky color illustrations, "We're Off to Make 'Umrah" is a child's narrative to help understand the experience of performing 'Umrah by a devout Muslim family. A boy and his family make a journey to a sacred site to perform 'Umrah together. There are many special prayers and steps along the journey. Children are encouraged not to complain during 'Umrah. After a long plane flight and a bus ride, the boy arrives at Makkah, or Mecca. He and his father and mother and sister circle the Ka'bah seven times around to complete their tawaf. As they go, they repeat du'as, special prayers and sayings. They see the footprints of Maquam Ibrahim, their long distant forefather. Afterwards they find a special refreshing drink called zamzam water, then go on to Safa and Marwa. Again they climb and offer prayers and du'a, then run down like Hajar, who looked for water for her thirsty son. They run seven times between two hills, then their sa'i is finished. Afterwards the men get their hair shaved off in remembrance and the women cut off a bit of their hair. They change from their ceremonial clothing of ihram, and they are through with their 'Umrah experience. Next they visit Madinah to see the city of light and home of the Prophet. One day they will make Hajj, another sacred visit and ritual experience in a holy place. "We're Off to Make 'Umrah" contains a glossary and illustrated foldout poster with paper dolls of a boy and a girl both ordinary everyday clothes and sacred garments of ihram. The poster contains a praise prayer to Allah and a list of 11 steps to making 'Umrah. "We're Off to Make 'Umrah" is an excellent and fun children's descriptive book about a very special sequence of religious practices and observances common to Muslims everywhere. It is easily accessible to children age 8 and up.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Upton Charles, Dog Detective
D. G. Stern, author
Rebecca Bartlett, illustrator
Neptune Press
24 Elm Street, Newport, RI 02840
9780982809815, $9.99,

"Upton Charles, Dog Detective, Winter Wonderland, Case Number 4" is the latest in a young adult mystery series with a quirky dog detective who happens to be a white Bishon Frise for the lead gumshoe. A fast moving chapter book with piquant black and white illustrations, "Winter Wonderland" keeps its audience busy guessing at clues for a search for a lost treasure map, buried gold, and some papers of the great Daniel Webster. The action occurs while Upton and his family are having a getaway weekend ski trip, where Upton meets three large St. Bernards at the ski lodge. Will Upton find the treasure map? Will his new friends help or hinder? What about danger posed to the Charles family and their new friends at the in when others become mysteriously interested in the treasure map and the lost gold? Once again, Upton plays a crucial role in stifling a villain while pointing the direction to the tricky solution to the mystery. Told from the viewpoint of a very special dog, "Winter Wonderland" promises to be a great mystery reading experience for kids ages 8-11. "Winter Wonderland" also can be read aloud by an adult as an exciting chapter book for a younger audience.

The Social Issues Shelf

The Way I Act
Steve Metzger, poet
Janan Cain, illustrator
Parenting Press, Inc.
P.O. Box 75267, Seattle, WA 98175
9781884734991, $16.95,

"The Way I Act" is a children's guide to understanding how their actions express who they are. Some qualities that are described and encouraged in actions are being friendly, brave, considerate, curious, imaginative, active, capable, and many more. Zany, brilliantly colored illustrations swoop off each page to bring "The Way I Act" to full vibrancy. A Note to Parents at the end fives helpful suggestions for ways to use the book to help teach children to develop desired qualities and good judgment. "The Way I Act" is sure to please both parents and children, with its imaginative invitation to act in positive, helpful, creative ways.

Dear Joey
Donald W. Kruse, author
Craig Howarth, illustrator
Castle Keep Press
c/o James A. Rock & Co.
900 South Irby Street, #508, Florence, SC 29501
9781596634596, $12.95,

"Dear Joey" is a gentle book about how an abused white boy and his elderly black neighbor, Mrs. Benson. Joey likes to help Mrs. Benson with household and outdoor chores. She repays him by making him special foods and drinks and by making him feel loved and safe. Joey doesn't tell Mrs. Benson of the verbal and physical abuse he encounters from his alcoholic father at home because he is too embarrassed. But she shines her warmth, love and support towards him and that makes all the difference. One day, Joey is startled to find that the elderly Mrs. Benson has passed on, and will no longer be his next door neighbor. The events that continue to unfold in 10 year old Joey's life show how much he has learned and benefited from the warm regard and care of Mrs. Benson. "Dear Joey" is beautifully illustrated with sensitive black and white drawings that add so much to the story. An agency to help abused children is recommended, and the seeds of hope for change in the vicious cycle of abuse are planted.

Howard B. Wigglebottom and the Monkey on His Back
Howard Binkow, author
Susan F. Cornelison, illustrator
Lerner / Kar-Benn Publishing
1251 Washington Ave. North, Minneapolis, MN 55401
9780982616529, $15.00,

Sixth in a popular and successful series, "Howard B. Wigglebottom and the Monkey on His Back: A Tale About Telling the Truth" is a teaching book for children ages 4-8 about the connections between building character and self-esteem. Howard learns through a series of wrong choices about telling the truth that not telling the truth leads to a heavy burden, like a big monkey on his back. He finally faces his untruths and corrects them all and is happy to say goodbye to the large monkey, no longer on his back, forever. Ebullient illustrations of Howard and his animal friends underline the story's action and conclusions. At the end of "Howard Wigglebottom and the Monkey on His Back" are some suggestions for adults on lessons and reflections and enrichment discussions to be tried, along with website suggestions from including free animated books, games and activities, resources, songs, lessons, posters, and e-cards.

The Folklore/Fairytale Shelf

Carlo Collodi, author
Quentin Greban, illustrator
North-South books, Inc.
c/o Myrick Marketing & Media
PMB 248, 455 Sam Ridley Parkway West, Smyrna, TN 37167
9780735823242, $19.95

"Pinocchio" is a well known children's classic morality fable, over familiarized in the Disney version to many. This beautiful edition of the story has refreshing water tinted illustrations of great subtlety and beauty, conveying so many nuances of the familiar story by just the expressions on the wooden puppet's face. There are many new chapters and parts to the story of Pinocchio, which are faithfully recreated here. Even the Blue Fairy is somehow magically transformed into a kind Girl, even perhaps a young mother figure to Pinocchio. There is sadness, tragedy, and loss in this restoration of the original version of "Pinocchio" that greatly enriches its message. Designed to be read to children in installments over 36 chapters, "Pinocchio" is a classic revisited in its original purity, suitable for children ages 6 and up, with many a magic message and moral to teach.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Steven Guarnaccia, author/illustrator
115 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
9780810989665, $18.95,

"Goldilocks and the Three Bears: A Tale Moderne" is a fun and fabulous new interpretation of a timeless children's classic fairy tale. In this version, the three bears are a very hip, suave, chic, sophisticated family with immense savoir-faire and startlingly modern design tastes. In a word, they are cool. So while the basic structure of the story remains unchanged, perhaps somewhat of a warning to children to respect the privacy of others' homes, the illustrations convey volumes of education in form, function and design in the artistic furnishing of the split-level home of the bears in the middle of the forest. The extremely jazzy Bears have casually scattered in their home and Italian "Anfibio" sofa (1971), Arne Jacobsen Danish "Ant" side chairs (1952-55), an Isamu Noguchi chess table (1947), an Alvar Aalto Finnish "Savoy" vase (1936), a George Nelson "Kite" clock (1953), and much more. A handy visual guide to the objects d'art is found on the front and back inner pages of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." The truly unique illustrations are created through a complex series of steps described by the artist: "I use a brush and India ink to give the line a fat, luscious quality, and to allow me to vary the line from very thin to very thick. I also use India ink to create the black background. On the back, I draw with an opaque, pastel-colored pen. I fill in areas - first outlined in black - with Winsor & Newton watercolors, which I mix to achieve the palette I want." This has resulted in a children's book that compresses artistic education and awareness into a fun and unforgettable experience. Though designed for young readers (age 3-4 and up), "Goldilocks and the Three Bears, A Tale Moderne" is sure to have appeal to the art-appreciating adult audience as well.

Snow White
Susan Meredith
Rocking Chair Publications, Inc.
90 Edgewater Dr., Suite 817, Coral Gables FL 33133
9780984286667, $7.99,

"Snow White: A new kinder, gentler telling of a fairy tale classic" is part of a series of illustrated chapter books which retell Grimm's Fairy Tales without the scary violence of the originals, retaining the basic nugget or essence of the tales. Written by a concerned grandmother, "A New, Kinder, Gentler Telling of Snow White" is filled with charm, wit, and originality, as well as handy underlined vocabulary words. A few twists and tweaks to the original tale add interest and spice, and charming color illustrations keep interest high. "Snow White" of Gram's Fairy Tales version is Grandparent Approved, with no scary stuff, just tickles and giggles. Other books in this series include "CinderElla," "RumpleStiltskin," "Little Red Riding Hood," and "The Enchanted Flounder." Because of their updated humor and upbeat characters, Grams Fairy Tales (including "Snow White") appeal to kids of a wide age range.

The Science Shelf

Molly and Wally Molecule
Dean Badillo & Christine Adler
570 Cypress Dr., Suite D, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
9780615317168, $15.99,

"Molly and Wally Molecule" is a luminous, fun-filled science education book for children of readings levels ages 4-8 about two little water molecules who live in the clouds. More than a fun eco-fantasy with multi-ethnic water droplets for characters, "Molly and Wally Molecule" encourages the interweaving of creativity with accurate observation. Filled with adorable, colorful illustrations responsibly created from recycled materials and organic inks, "Molly and Wally Molecule" takes its readers on a fun-filled yet fact-based journey from Cloud Top Elementary down to the lake, where they have adventures, meet new friends, and eventually return to the clouds. The water cycle was never explained so colorfully, or so clearly. Young minds will delight in seizing on these adorable characters to follow their adventures to completion. A portion of the profits proceeding from sales of "Molly and Wally Molecule" is donated to local school districts.

The Easy Reader/Chapter Book Shelf

Dance With Me
Jill Schafer Godberson
Kids Rock! Books
201 Spruce Drive, Ida Grove, IA 51445
9781427646781, $10.00,

"Dance With Me" is Book one in a series of chapter books written for kids ages 6-10. Typical themes in "Dance With Me" are the value of teamwork, developing compassion, striving for goals, and balancing competition with cooperation and a humane vision. Mandi Cooper is dancing her way to Dance Recital and State Competition with her fellow dancers and friends. What happens when a dancer injures her ankle and is unable to perform the final number? Mandi faces choices that have to do with guts, glory, and consideration. Girls ages 6-10 will identify with this spunky heroine and enjoy the excitement of participating in the dance performance world. Written in 11 chapters with perky black and white illustrations for each chapter, "Dance With Me" is sure to become a pre-teen's favorite read. Also highly recommended by the same author is Book 2 of this series, "My Dog Is the Best," (9781427646798, $10.00), a book about Alex Cooper and his new puppy, Midnight. Again, compassionate lessons abound in this intriguing chapter book for 6-10 year old readers.

The Geography Shelf

A Knife and a Fork and a Bottle and a Cork
Howard Schrager, author
Sarah Madsen, illustrator
Lemon Tree Press
P.O. Box 841, Santa Cruz, CA 95061
9780964484634, $12.95,

"A Knife and a Fork and a Bottle and a Cork...That's how you spell New York! Discover the 50 States Through Riddle -Rhymes" is a fabulous collection of Riddle Rhymes that lead the reader to spell the names of all 50 states, one by one. Using creative connections that encourage young reader-detectives to "hear" the magic spelling encoded ion each joyous riddle -rhyme. The process of unlocking the Riddle Rhyme stimulates artistic centers in their minds/ brains, which are becoming increasingly devalued in favor of more formal abstract learning methods. The Riddle Rhymes also are a fun travel activity, stimulating interest in geography as well as actual spelling. Riddle -Rhymes work for personal of all ages, in different ways. Author Schrager says, "Every person, and every group brings something different to the activity. They become a kind of mirror of our thought processes and our emotions." The black and white humorous illustrations of Sarah Madsen add to the brain-twister tease effect of the Riddle Rhymes. In addition to 50 Riddle -Rhymes for 50 states, there are a list of states with capitals and name origins at the end of the book, along with some suggestions for Body Geography, a list of one fact per state, and a list of states by heart, to help memorize the 50 states in alphabetical order. "A Knife and a Fork and a Bottle and a Cork..." is the new poetry out loud approach to learning, which is tons of fun as well as educational!

The Preschool Shelf

The Groovy Letter Book
Melissa and Dolores Neumann, authors
Galia Bernstein, illustrator
The First Wave, LLC
Box 231123, New York, NY 10023
9781450712538, $14.95,

"The Groovy Letter Book" (which also includes an accompanying CD) is a new kind of teaching alphabet book for children 1 to 4 years old. Illustrated in brilliant colors, each letter is shown with color coded parts and directional arrows, to allow and encourage the child to begin to trace the letter's form. The letter is also embedded into the illustration, an object beginning with the letter's sound. For example, "C is for crescent moon," and "P is for parrot." There are suggested activities to help develop beginning readiness for reading and writing in the beginning of the book. An accompanying CD contains songs on the Letters and Vowels, to add a further audio/musical component to the learning outreach of the book. "The Groovy Letter Book" is an imaginative, integrated organized presentation of an effective method to teach preschool children letters, phonetic sounds, and pre-writing skills. It makes an excellent and vivid introduction to reading and writing for young children.

When Martha's Away
Bruce Ingman
Candlewick Press
90 Dover St., Somerville, MA 02144
9780763651350, $16.99,

"When Martha's Away" has a subtitle that tells all; "Lionel Will Play," with quite humorous cross outs. Lionel is Martha's yellow cat, and she has virtually no idea all the things he gets busy with while she is gone to school. A cat must read the newspapers (cat newspaper, to stay informed), make and eat lunch (salmon with mile), entertain friends, perform for his audience (Lionel is a piano prodigy), and keep in touch with out of town relatives. Of course Lionel naps, and dreams, all cats do that. Lionel also drives Martha's toy car around the bedroom if there's time for a spin. All in all, Lionel leads quite a full and boisterous day. Then when Martha is due home from school, he quick jumps on the sofa and pretends to be asleep. Martha greets him with her usual hug and kiss. Lionel' daytime adventures are charmingly illustrated in colorful paintings. He is a unique cat. It is not hard to believe in Lionel's active daytime adventures, even if they are partly wishful thinking! "When Martha's Away" is ideal for preschoolers, kids age 2-6.

One Rainy Day
Tammi Salzano, author
Hannah Wood, illustrator
Tiger Tales
5 River Road, Suite 128, Wilton, CT 06897
9781589258600, $8.95,

"One Rainy Day" is a delightful illustrated soft-edged story for preschoolers that invites its reader to explore the rainbow-colored world of Duck's rainy day. Delicate silver raindrops shimmer on bright pastel settings of Duck's rainy day adventure. Duck wears red boots, with an orange umbrella to visit a green frog in blue puddles, while watching pink worms, black bugs, playing with a brown mud pie and sailing white boats. There are yellow flowers, to match Duck who is also yellow, and a purple towel from Mama Duck to help dry off the raindrops. Duck loves his rainy day! So will the lucky children age 2-5 who are privileged to enter this shimmering, rainbow world. The padded covers of the book add to its appeal for young children. Also recommended from this publisher for the same age group is "Rock-a-bye Baby," illustrated by John Kanzler (9781589258532, $8.95).

The American History Shelf

The Civil War From Fort Sumter to Appomattox
Zachary Kent
Enslow Publishers, inc.
Box 398, 40 Industrial Road, Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
9780766036383, $23.95,

"The Civil War From Fort Sumter to Appomattox" is a new release from an educational series that provides a historical focus on American wars with solid research, bright color and black and white illustrations, and many extras such as ephemera, periodical title covers from the era and maps. Aimed at students ages 10 and up, "The Civil War From Fort Sumter to Appomattox" is a 4 star exciting treatment of the major events of the Civil War between 1861 and 1865. In addition, the last chapter, The Aftermath, offers further insights, a chronology, chapter notes, a glossary, and recommended further reading sources. "The Civil War from Fort Sumter to Appomattox" presents a balanced view of trends and events of the war, with information from a variety of source materials.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon
Alison Kartevold
The Artists' Orchard, LLC
PO Box 113317, Pittsburgh, PA 15241
9780984316632, $25.98,,

Award-winning journalist Alison Kartevold presents KenKarta: Battle of the Onoxmon, a fantasy novel drawn from a fairytale woven for her two young daughters. KenKarta follows two princesses, Veronica and Sophia, born with tremendous gifts - but their happy life is shattered when the ruthless Lord Leamoldae returns from banishment, seeking to wreak revenge and seize the power of the Onoxmon. Leamoldae traps the King and Queen and kidnaps Sophia, who must quickly master her burgeoning Gifts to survive while Veronica joins forces with Zane the stable boy and a medley of mythical creatures to rescue her. A handful of black-and-white drawings illustrate this fantastic adventure especially recommended for young adults, yet brimming with timeless appeal for fantasy lovers of all ages.

Thunderbirds: Situation: Critical
Joan Marie Verba
FTL Publications
PO Box 1363, Minnetonka, MN 55345-0363
9780982523223, $15.95,

The Thunderbirds captured the imaginations of many young television viewers decades ago, and now they can once more for a new generation. "Thunderbirds: Situation: Critical" follows John Tracy and Thunderbird 5 as he finds a planetary system that is hurtling meteors towards earth and may be a sampling of the disasters that are to come. Another exciting short novel for young adult readers following the adventures of International Rescue, "Thunderbirds: Situation: Critical" is a choice pick for science fiction collections.

The DVD Shelf

Shalom Sesame volumes 3-5
SISU Home Entertainment, Inc.
340 West 39th Street, 6th Floor, New York, NY 10018
$14.95 each,

The Shalom Sesame educational series of DVDs, in which the beloved muppets of Sesame Street meet new friends and celebrities from Israel and teach viewers about Jewish holidays, traditions, and culture, continues with three new installments. In volume 3, "Shabbat Shalom, Grover!" (28 min.) Grover learns all about Shabbat, the "time out" of the Jewish week meant for rest and reconnecting with family. In volume 4, "Grover Plants a Tree" (27 min.) Grover learns about Tu Bishvat, a holiday that celebrates trees, and takes part in planting trees to help improve the quality of the air and add more greenery to the world. In volume 5, "Mitzvah on the Street" (33 min.), viewers learn about the value of doing good deeds and helping those who need it most, when a storm's trail of destruction leaves a lot of cleanup to be done. Then Grover is invited to a Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem and discovers more about the purpose of this celebration marking a crucial transition in a young person's life. Intended for young viewers ages 3-8, The Shalom Sesame series is an excellent educational tool and highly recommended.

Gustafer Yellowgold's Infinity Sock
Morgan Taylor
Apple Eye Productions
c/o Waldmania!
130 Maywood Drive, San Francisco, CA 94127

Intended for ages 4 and up, Gustafer Yellowgold's Infinity Sock is the fourth installment of Morgan Taylor's award-winning Gustafer Yellowgold DVD/CD sets. Infinity Sock begins with Gustafer washing his pet eel's laundry, and takes a turn for the unusual as Gustafer embarks on a musical quest to find the toe end of the longest sock in the universe! Part video, part graphic novel, and with all videos playable in normal or karaoke style, Infinity Sock has minimal animation that stimulates the mind even as soft rock invigorates the story. An accompanying soundtrack is great for reliving the adventure during car trips. DVD bonus features include "Proof or Foof: Does Gustafer Yellowgold Exist?", "Gustafer Guitar Lessons & How to Draw Gustafer" with Morgan Taylor. Highly recommended as a fun gift for young people. 90 min.

The Audiobook Shelf

Death Cloud
Andrew Lane, author
Dan Weyman, narrator
Macmillan Young Listeners
c/o Macmillan Audio
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
9781427211224, $29.99,

Death Cloud is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of the first teen Sherlock Holmes series authorized by the Conan Doyle estate. Set in the summer of 1868, Death Cloud follows a fourteen-year-old Sherlock on vacation with his elderly relatives. A terrible murder disrupts his tedium; two men have died, and though their symptoms resemble the plague, a more careful investigation reveals that foul play is involved. Death Cloud is a captivating mystery-adventure true to Holmes' sleuthing character, sure to appeal to Holmes fans of all ages, and highly recommended especially for public library audiobook collections. 6 CDs, 7 hours.

A Crazy Day with Cobras
Mary Pope Osborne
Listening Library, Inc.
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
9780307746603, $15.00 1-800-726-0600

An unabridged audiobook production read by the author, A Crazy Day with Cobras is part of the Magic Tree House series. When Merlin's treasured penguin Penny falls under a dreadful spell, Jack and Annie must search for the four things that will break the enchantment. The first item on the list is a rare and precious emerald, and the Magic Tree House send them to India four hundred years in the past to find it. The arrive in a beautiful, exotic, wondrous, yet very dangerous world, where they must survive deadly king cobras and the machinations of the powerful Great Mogul. A captivating blend of fantasy, history, and adventure, A Crazy Day with Cobras most definitely lives up to its title and is highly recommended. 2 CDs, 1 hour 30 min.

The Music Shelf

Shabbat Shaboom
Mama Doni
Privately Published
c/o Waldmania! (publicity)
130 Maywood Drive, San Francisco, CA 94127

Mama Doni (a.k.a. Doni Zasloff Thomas) presents Shabbat Shaboom, a family-friendly music CD featuring toe-tapping tunes with a Jewish flair. The upbeat tracks brim with enthusiasm and vigor for life, drawing from reggae, rock, disco, Latin, klezmer, and even Jewish-style bluegrass to create a unique fusion sure to stir the hearts of all ages. Shabbat Shaboom is an unforgettably joyful listening experience from beginning to end. The tracks are "The Introduction", "Shabbat Shaboom", "Challah-Day", "The Best Shabbat I Ever Had", "Mazel Tov", "Quiet On The Set!", "My Mishpocha", "The Sabbath Queen", "My Shabbat Candles", "Grape Juice Break Dance", "The Bat Mitzvah", "Synagoguersize", "Shabbat Happens 52 Times a Year", "Fahklempt (Remix)", "Jewish Cowgirl (Remix)", "The Coolest Friend I ever Had Was a Chicken", "Chicken A La Tango", "The Finale", "Shabbat Shaboom Sleepytime (Just Between Us)", "The Friday Night Blessings (Mama Doni's New Melody)", and "Saturday Night Blessings (Havdalah, Melody of Debbie Friedman)". 42 min.

The Wheels on the Bus
Groove Kid Nation
c/o Beth Blenz-Clucas Publicity
5505 SW Illinois Street, Portland, OR 97221

The Wheels on the Bus is a music CD album intended especially for young children, but also enjoyable for adults who want to get their groove on. Keyboardist Rodney Lee transforms classic children's tunes into free-wheeling, toe-tapping funky fun in this energetic musical adventure with an accompanying ten-page illustrated booklet. The Wheels on the Bus is a lively and joyful collection, perfect for keeping spirits up during long car trips. The tracks are "Wheels on the Bus" (4:23), "Froggy Went a Courtin'" (4:33), "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" (5:04), "Bud the Bird" (4:43), "The Alphabet Song" (4:13), "The Inch Worm" (5:11), "Three Blind Mice" (5:49), "Soul Clap" (6:07), "Walter the Weasel" (3:26), and "If You Like Funky Music" (3:55). Ten percent of the wholesale price for each album will be donated to the humanitarian organization CARE, which is especially known for its aid to children born into poverty.

I Want a Dog!
Jamie Broza, with guest David Broza
Good Mood Records
c/o Waldmania! (publicity)
130 Maywood Drive, San Francisco, CA 94127

Four-time Emmy-winning composer and performer Jamie Broza presents I Want a Dog!, a music CD album intended for young people ages 3-7. Created with a strong Latin rhythm and featuring a guest performance by star Israeli performer David Broza, I Want a Dog! blends story, catchy tunes, and just plain fun into a zany musical narrative. The result is a lively, playful delight from beginning to end. The tracks are "I Like Dogs", "I Want a Dog!", "Waters of March", "Turn That Phone Off", "Three Blind Mice", "Guatemala", "New School", "Difficult Friends", "Birthday Parties Always End In Tears", "The No Game", "My Work Is Never Done", "Lost Cat", "Where's Charlie?", "Monster Voice", "Trick or Treat", "Choo, Choo Train", and "Sisters". 41 min.

The Fiction Shelf

Portia's Incredible Journey
Emma L. Price
ElP Books
PO Box 1506, Gardena, CA 90249
9780984165001, $9.95,

No one's life is perfect, and it's dealing with those imperfections that makes us better people. "Portia's Incredible Journey" a novel for children focusing on the constant challenges that young people face through their life, and as Portia's Grandmother puts it, weathering the succession of storms. With a powerful message for youth readers and much to inspire, "Portia's Incredible Journey" is a strong addition for any youth fiction collection.

The Stranger
Anne Schraff
Saddleback Educational Publishing
3120-A Pullman Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
9781616512668, $8.95

"The Stranger" is a teen urban novel written in the setting of an urban Latino neighborhood, featuring high school students who encounter issues of relationships, loyalties, gangs and drugs, bullies, self esteem, and more. The short length (200 pages) and highly engaging subject matter is encouraging to young adult teen readers. "The Stranger" packs a punch both as a valuable coping tool to struggling teens and as an intriguing story about 16 year old Ernesto Sandoval, a newly returned student at Cesar Chavez H. S. who encounters both change and challenge in the barrio after a 10 year absence in Los Angeles. He finds himself falling in love, despite misgivings. Will Ernesto make friends again in the barrio, and will he find a relationship with a girl he is beginning to care for, even though she is tormented in an unequal relationship with an abusive boyfriend? Ernesto's mom advises him, "Don't fall in love with the girl you want her to be." How Ernesto negotiates these tricky waters makes for good reading and also good life skills development. Also recommended in this series by the same author is "To Catch a Dream (9781616512699, $8.95)," "Darkest Secrets (978616512676, $8.95)," "No Fear (9781616512682, $8.95)," and "Time of Courage (9781616512705, $8.95)."

It's Not Like I Planned It This Way
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
c/o Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
1230 Avenue of the Americas, 4th floor, New York, NY 10020
9781442417205, $9.99,

Fans of Naylor's 'Alice' books now have three Alice adventures under one cover: INCLUDING ALICE, ALICE ON HER WAY and ALICE IN THE KNOW. Alice continues to grow and mature in each of these fine titles, moving from gaining a stepmother and sharing her home with her former seventh-grade English teacher to handling her own budding romance - with someone who is not her boyfriend. Friendships gone awry and more mark a powerful presentation highly recommended, especially for former Alice readers who will appreciate having three titles under one cover in a very affordable paperback format.

Christopher Grant
c/o Random House Children's Books
1745 Broadway, 10-1, New York, NY 10019
9780375861918, $16.99,

TEENIE provides the debut novel of Christopher Grant and offers a different perspective as it tells of a high school freshman who lives in Brooklyn and is a good student with a bright future. Teenie wants to leave Brooklyn and live in Spain, as part of a prestigious study abroad program, but romances and an online involvement are distracting her from her goals. A fine story of change makes this an outstanding pick!

Restoring Harmony
Joelle Anthony
c/o Penguin Readers Group
345 Hudson Street, 15th fl., New York, NY 10014
9780399252815, $17.99,

RESTORING HARMONY deserves ongoing mention as an outstanding story for teens. Teen Molly grows her own food, depends on solar panels for electricity, and uses a bike for transport: since the Collapse of 2031 her Canadian family has been lucky to survive. When she's forced to leave her island home for the first time, she faces a rugged, changed world where everyone is desperate - and dangerous. A fine story of future survival evolves.

The Picturebook Shelf

A Line in the Sand
CJ Connolly, author
Lisa Adams, illustrator
Crosswinds Press
PO Box 683, Mystic, CT 06355
9780982555941, $16.95,

A prank can be something in good fun, but a prank can also go horribly wrong. "A Line in the Sand" tells the story of young Wil as he's pulled between what's fun for him and how it does harm to other people. Done in rhyme with plenty of virtue and morals throughout with a simple and charming art style from Lisa Adams, "A Line in the Sand" is a fine pick for any young primary school reader and for read-alouds.

Off We Go To The Grocery Store
Avril Webster, author
David Ryley, illustrator
Woodbine House
6510 Bells Mill Road, Bethesda, MD 20817
9781606130186, $9.95,

Authored by Avril Webster and illustrated by David Ryley, "Off We Go To The Grocery Store" is a thoroughly charming, fourteen page picture book that introduces children ages 4 to 8 years of age to what it's like to shop in a local community grocery store with their parents. Kids are introduced to such basic concepts as a shopping list, parking the car, shopping carts, check out counters, and paying for groceries to take back home. Lively, colorful, with simple sentences combine in perfect union with colorful pictures to tell an informative and entertaining story of going to a grocery store. Also very highly recommended for preschool, grade school, and community library collections are the two other titles in this new, thoroughly kid friendly, 'Off We Go' series from Woodbine House: "Off We Go For A Haircut" (9781606130193, $9.95) and "Off We Go To The Dentist" (9781606130179, $9.95).

Off We Go For A Haircut
Avril Webster, author
David Ryley, illustrator
Woodbine House
6510 Bells Mill Road, Bethesda, MD 20817
9781606130193, $9.95,

Getting a haircut for the very first time can be scary! That's what "Off We Go For A Haircut" is such a useful introduction for children ages 4 to 8. With a simple and descriptive storyline by Avril Webster that is superbly and colorfully illustrated by David Ryley, children are introduced to all the basic elements and procedures of getting a hair cut including greeting and being greeted by a hair salon employee, getting their hair washed, the hairdressers painless use of scissors, clippers, hair dryers, and hair spray, seeing their hair on the floor, and paying for the hair cut. Bright, cheerful, and thoroughly 'kid friendly', "Off We Got For A Haircut" is an ideal addition to school and community library collections. Also very highly recommended are two other titles in the 'Off We Go' series from Woodbine House: "Off We Go To The Grocery Store" (9781606130186, $9.95) and "Off We Go To The Dentist" (9781606130179, $9.95).

"Off We Go To The Dentist"
Avril Webster, author
David Ryley, illustrator
Woodbine House
6510 Bells Mill Road, Bethesda, MD 20817
9781606130179, $9.95,

At a minimum, all children ages 4 and older should see a dentist twice a year for check-ups. But going to the dentist for the very first time can be frightening if a child is unprepared for what they can expect to have happen. That's why "Off We Go To The Dentist", a collaborative picture book written by Avril Webster and illustrated by David Ryley, will prove to be such a valued and valuable addition to school and community library picture book collections for children ages 4 to 8. Featuring a story of a little girl going to the dentist. Children are introduced to key concepts that include greeting the dental receptionist, the waiting room, greeting the dentist, the special dental chair and dental lights, the dentist's mask and gloves, the dentists digital exploration of the child's mouth, the subsequent use of the dental mirror and tools, the value of brushing and flossing regularly, and being offered a new toothbrush! Superbly presented and charmingly illustrated, "Off We Go To The Dentist" should be considered an essential resource by any parent prior to taking their child to the dentist for the very first time. Also very highly recommended are two other titles in the new 'Off We Go' series from Woodbine House: "Off We Go To The Grocery Store" (9781606130179, $9.95) and "Off We Go For A Haircut" (9781606130193, $9.95).

The Sick Bug Goes to School
Susie Bazil, author
Shawn McCann, illustrator
Beaver's Pond Press
7104 Ohms Lane, Suite 101, Edina, MN 55439
9781592983469, $16.95,

"The Sick Bug Goes to School" is a sequel to "The Sick Bug," written by the same author. Using both catchy versed narrative and humorous, darkly colorful illustrations, "The Sick Bug Goes To School" tells children exactly how sickness is spread in school, and what the best rules are for not catching a sick bug. Careful, frequent hand washing and covering one's mouth when coughing or nose when sneezing are demonstrated. The transmission of sick bugs is amusingly demonstrated with creative artistic simulations for zany little representative sick bugs. "The Sick Bug Goes to School" will take school age kids a long way in learning how to be proactive about keeping themselves healthy, meanwhile demystifying the fearsome aspects of contracting illness and dealing with common symptoms. "The Sick Bug Goes to School" is a great teaching book that has a place in every elementary classroom.

Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?
Carmela LaVigna Coyle, author
Mike Gordon and Carl Gordon, illustrators
Taylor Trade Publishing
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706
9781589795426, $15.95,

"Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?" is a delightful illustrated book about two girls who spend a day in creative, fun play activities together. Whimsical pastel illustrations make the verse play date descriptions hilariously real. A harried mother makes it easy for messy making girls to help clean up after themselves (though not too much). The joy of discovering a friend and exploring the world together is encapsulated in "Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?" At the end of their play date, the girls decide to commemorate their wonderful friendship by making and decorating two pink bracelets with double pink hearts. Two detachable pink bracelets with double hearts are affixed to the last page of "Do Princesses Have Best Friends Forever?" for young readers to decorate, wear and enjoy. This book if the fist in a series by the same authors, beginning with "Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?" Because of its detachable parts (the friendship bracelets), this book is not recommended for children younger than 3 years of age. "Do Princesses have Best Friends forever?" is designed to appeal to especially girls ages 4-8.

Jemma's Got the Travel Bug
Susan Glick, author
Kelli Nash, illustrator
Schiffer Publishing
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310
9780764336324, $14.99,

"Jemma's Got the Travel Bug" is a beautifully illustrated story about a young diamondback terrapin from the Chesapeake Bay who decides to become adventurous and follow her friends the eel and the osprey to deeper waters. Becoming hungry, she gets entrapped in a baited crab pot and is picked up by a whiskery fisherman, who tosses her back into the ocean. Life in the big ocean is a bit harder for Jemma than she had expected, and there are many things about her little cove of Chesapeake that she misses. Finally she finds an inlet shoreline that looks inviting and paddles in, meeting a friendly fellow diamondback named Speck. Jemma and Speck find food and pleasant habitat together, and they winter in a nice, mucky creek bed. Many interesting facts about diamondback turtles are included at the end of "Jemma's Got the Travel Bug," including common threats or dangers to the species, plus definitions of terrapin terminology. "Jemma's Got the Travel Bug" will interest children ages 4 and up. Related titles by the same publisher are "Osprey Adventure," (9780870335938, $13.95), and "Chickadee & the Whale, a Baby Chickadee's Adventure," (9780764329500, $16.95).

The Church Mouse
Graham Oakley, author/illustrator
Kane Miller
c/o EDC Publishing
4901 Morena Blvd., Suite 213, San Diego, CA 92117
9781935279693, $16.99,

"The Church Mouse" is a quaintly charming illustrated tale about an English church mouse named Arthur who decides, after conferring with his pastor, to invite many mice friends to live with him in his church. the church cat, Sampson is a gentle soul who never threatens Arthur, and cheeses of several different types are promised for all if the mice live up to their promise to tidy things up at the church. Unfortunately the plan works rather too well, and the mice begin to overpopulate the church. Even Sampson, the mouse-babysitting cat, goes on a rampage during harvest festival and chases stray mice. But one spooky night an intruder tries to steal the church's valuable candlesticks. Sampson and Arthur and the mice spring into definitive action. The amazing creative, teamwork solution that is fabricated by Sampson and the many mice will keep children laughing and giggling for days. Incredibly detailed water color and ink illustrations accentuate the quirky humor always present in "The Church Mouse." With its unusual partnerships and unusual creative solutions, "The Church Mouse" is a must for children ages 5-9.

Ballad of the Ragman
Cynthia Gustavson, author
Kristina Tosic, illustrator
Blooming Twig Books
PO Box 4668 #66675, New York, NY 10163
9781933918426, $18.95,

"Ballad of the Ragman" is an illustrated adapted ballad from a poem by the same name previously published in "Fe-Vers: Feeling Verses for Children," by Blooming Twig Press. The story told is simple but profound. A scary ragman who lives on a dark and dangerous side of town sifts through people's trash and takes chosen items home in his grocery cart. One girl see him take her discarded, eyeless teddy bear and she decides to follow him to see what he does with his load. She sees a strange sight inside a sparkling workshop the ragman carefully washes and mends the teddy bear's eyes and mends other broken things, such as cuckoo clocks and rocking chairs. Running away home, the girl dreams of her discarded teddy bear, re-gifted to her all restored and fresh by the ragman. When she awakes, she finds her dream has come true. She joyfully hugs her teddy bear and vows never again to fear the rag man and his strange ways. The unusual collage/mixed media art in the illustrations emphasizes the strange inclusiveness of the ragman's choices. "Ballad of the Ragman" is an inspiring book for children ages 6 and up. A portion of the proceeds from its sales goes to support the Rag Man Project. Readers are encouraged to visit, to find ways of reaching out in their communities.

What Do You Feed a Snow Snoot?
Donald W. Kruse, author
Craig Howarth, illustrator
Castle Keep Press
c/o James A. Rock & Co.
900 South Irby Street, #508, Florence, SC 29501
9781596637474, $12.95,

"What Do You Feed a Snow Snoot?" is a delightful versed, illustrated tale of a pigtailed girl who adopts an unusual pet only to discover when he is hungry, she doesn't know what to feed him? Help! Her beautiful white Snow Snoot is turning blue with hunger and nothing she offers him seems quite right! Luckily a vet is consulted and a man at the city park zoo, who suggests they keep ice on the Snow Snoot's head! That gives the girl a fabulous idea - she offers him a snow cone from an ice cream truck and guess what? Snow Snoots love snow cones! "What Do You Feed a Snow Snoot?" is a charming, humorous adventure that invites kids to play along with the game and help to rescue the poor blue Snow Snoot. "What Do You Feed a Snow Snoot?" will appeal to kids age 6 and up.

Peter and the Whimper-Whineys
Sherrill S. Cannon
Strategic Book Publishing
845 Third Avenue, 6th Floor-6016, NY, NY 10022
9781609115173, $13.00,

"Peter and the Whimper-Whineys" is a versed, color illustrated children's story about a very unpopular small rabbit named Peter who only knows how to whine. Because Peter's mother tires of his whining, she warns him about going to live with the Whimper-Whineys, a rude group of unpleasant beings. So peter dreams of going deep into the dark woods to find these Whimper-Whineys and see just what is so disagreeable about them. His ensuing adventures reflect back to him just how unpleasant and sour the effect of whimpering and whining can be on all who are around it. Eventually, Peter finds his way back to his own little bed, awakening to a golden, sunshine-filled day. Do you think Peter has learned his lesson? "Peter and the Whimper-Whineys" is a wonderful fable for harassed parents of fretful toddlers who only need a tweak and a joke to turn their frowns upside down.

Destiny's Gift
Natasha Anastasia Tarpley, author
Adjoa J. Burrowes, illustrator
Lee & Low Books
95 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10016
9781600606441, $8.95,

"Destiny's Gift" is a lovely pastel collage-illustrated book about an African American girl's reaction to the threatened closing of her favorite bookstore, Mrs. Wade's Bookstore. Destiny loves to learn new words from the dictionary with Mrs. Wade, and to help with little upkeep chores on Saturdays. To Destiny, words and books are like candy; she wants to gobble up more and more and learn as much as she can so she can be a writer some day. When Destiny learns that gentle Mrs. Wade may have to close the bookstore because the landlord has raised the rent and she doesn't have enough customers business to pay the increase, she takes action. A neighborhood block party to benefit the bookstore is organized. Destiny also decides she will create a special gift for Mrs. Wade, a book titled Mrs. Wade's Bookstore that tells all the special feelings and experiences Destiny associates with the kind and learned Mrs. Wade. Although the ending is uncertain, "Destiny's Gift" has a specially poignant message of empowerment for girls and women of color.

Good Night, Little Sea Otter
Janet Halfmann, author
Wish Williams, illustrator
Star Bright Books
30-19 48th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101
9781595722546, $5.95,

"Good Night, Little Sea Otter" is a charming illustrated bedtime story about a baby sea otter whose bedtime ritual includes saying goodnight to each of his ocean friends before he settles to sleep in his mother's paws, rolled in a bed of sea kelp. Fabulous, colorful illustrations show the sea lions, seals, rainbow colored fish and many more of Little Sea Otter's friends are bidden good night, and the sea whispers "Rock-a-bye." "Good Night, Little Sea Otter" will carry little ones to gentle slumber with sweet dreams, read by loving parents and caretakers.

Kiss Me! (I'm a Prince!)
Heather McLeod, author
Brooke Kerrigan, illustrator
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
311 Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135
9781554551613, $18.95,

"Kiss Me! (I'm a Prince!)" is a delicious, fun-filled picture book story about Ella, a girl reluctant to sign off on becoming a princess. Ella is not tempted to kiss a frog who is really an enchanted prince. Instead, she puts him in her pocket and walks away. Ella believes the frog, she just remains unconvinced that the life of a princess would be as much fun or as free as her own life is. Ella would rather have a talking frog for a friend than a prince who would expect her to become a princess. Although the frog can't get any of Ella's friends or family to kiss him, he ends up having fun playing with Ella. He even liked getting dirty. Just as the frog prince forgot about being a prince, a courtier comes to reclaim him and takes him away in a golden carriage with four prancing white stallions. After two weeks, the frog returned to Ella in his carriage, still asking her to kiss him, since only the kiss of a true friend will un-enchant him now. "And Ella did." "Kiss Me! (I'm a Prince!)" is a charming new interpretation of an old tale, and the new variety is spunky and real and fun. Kids of all ages will love it.

The Little Leaf
Jairo Penaranda, author
Ryan Loghry, illustrator
Inkwater Press
c/o First Books
6750 SW Franklin Street, Suite A, Portland, Oregon 97223
9781592994847, $19.95,

"The Little Leaf" is the story of Deciduous, the little maple leaf who decided that he wanted to experience Christmas. Deciduous experiences the pleasures and sharpness of three of the four seasons, witnessing many activities of neighborhood children for each season of spring, summer and fall. Each time he sees a spectacular holiday event, such as fireworks in July, or spooky Halloween costumes in October, he thinks, "This must be Christmas!" Finally Old Man Winter comes, and even though Deciduous knows he may not hang on much longer, he is very determined to see Christmas. Somehow he does manage to stay on his branch to see the wonderful star, with the sounds of children singing songs. As he closes his eyes and falls to the ground, the Grand Old Leaf says to him, "Merry Christmas, little leaf! I will see you in the spring." Magical colored illustrations help tell the story of the little maple leaf who experienced a taste of the rebirth that is promised to all. "The Little Leaf" will be enjoyed by children ages 4 and up and their parents.

Share With Brother
Steven L. Layne, author
Ard Hoyt, illustrator
Pelican Publishing Co.
1000 Burmaster St., Gretna, LA 70053
9781589808607, $16.99,

"Share With Brother" is an appealing, humorous story about the ins and outs of having a sibling. Even so it is very annoying to older brother bunny be told you must share with your brother, or as the bunny parents keep saying, "Share with brother and someday brother will share with you." Yet, when baby brother bunny becomes ill, brother bunny decides to visit him, to cheer him up. Then he decides to share his mask, ice cream, and Christmas lights with him, and finally to read to him. Sure enough, little brother fell asleep, and big brother found that sharing was not so hard. The clincher is, of course, little brother bunny ends up sharing his measles with big brother bunny, but that is only a footnote. "Share With Brother" is a great story to teach children more about the concept of getting along together, even when it isn't fun. As always, laughter is the solvent that heals, warms, and deepens.

Atheneum/Simon and Schuster
c/o Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing
1230 Avenue of the Americas, 4th floor, New York, NY 10020

Pulitzer Prize winner Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings blends her writing talents with the Caldecott medalist winners Leo and Diane Dillon in THE SECRET RIVER (9781416911791, $19.99), a fine survey about a secret river overflowing with fish. It's not on any map and Calpurnia and her dog find it only once - so when hard times come to the forest, she embarks on an expedition to do something nobody has ever done before: return. Gorgeous full-page color drawings accompany a story that is enhanced by good reading skills or parental assistance in a winning keepsake presentation. Emily Gravett's BLUE CHAMELEON (9781442419582, $16.99) tells of a lonely chameleon who is blue and never seems to fit in. He tries to change color and shape to suit possible friendships, but nobody ever wants to be his friend - until the unexpected happens. The single word per page teaches the very young about colors while the whimsical drawings are fun and appealing.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Sean Cassidy, author/illustrator
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
311 Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135
9781554551170, $18.95,

"Kazaak!" is an informational book about porcupines written for children ages 4 and up. Quirky, colorful illustrations and a catchy story about a little porcupine named Spike and his friend Rupert who have some fun while evading the fate of becoming a hungry bear's lunch. Interesting facts about porcupines such as their range and habitat, vegetable preferences, quills, and tracks are included at the end of "Kazaak!", along with simple instructions for how to draw a porcupine.

North American Wildlife
Marshall Cavendish
99 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591
9780761479383, $69.95,

North American Wildlife is a fine reference for advanced elementary to middle school level collections. It packs in gorgeous color photos to accompany a one-volume encyclopedia of North American wildlife, covering snakes, mammals and birds alike and providing color sidebars of at-a-glance information pared with articles of a few pages in length. An outstanding pick for any library strong in science and nature references!

Books in Series

Chemistry Around the House
Erin Knight
Crabtree Publishing Company
PMB 59051
350 Fifth Avenue, 59th Fl., NY, NY 100118
9780778752837, $26.60,

"Chemistry Around the House" is a guided reading level S volume in the Chemtastrophe! educational series about chemistry and science in everyday settings. "Chemistry Around the House" is packed with fun facts about chemistry and science history, colorful photos, and easy observations and mini-experiments that can easily be performed in a home setting. Such related bits of chemistry and science contributions as the invention of Teflon (an accident), Post-it notes, the origin of the scientific method, and the evolution of plastic (called "from Beetles to Buttons"). There are many fun facts highlighted throughout the book and also a list of web sites, books, and other resources where kids can learn more, plus a glossary and an index. "Chemistry Around the House" will excite the interest of middle school-to elementary -age budding scientists, teaching them many important scientific concepts, principles, and observation skills. Also very highly recommended for school and community library instructional and reference collections for young readers in the Chemtastrophe! educational series is "Kitchen Chemistry," by Jon Eben Field (9780778752868, $26.60); "Environmental Chemistry," by Rachel Eagen (9780778752851, $26.60); "Cleaning Chemistry," by Jon Eben Field (9780778752844, $26.60); "Medicine Cabinet Chemistry," by Jon Eben Field (9780778752875, $26.60); and "Body Care Chemistry," by Rachel Eagen (9780778752820, $26.60).

Being Safe Around Water
Susan Kesselring, author
Dan McGeehan, illustrator
Child's World
1980 Lookout Drive, Mankato, MN 56003
9781609542986, $25.64,

"Being Safe Around Water" is book one of a series for elementary to middle school age children teaching safety practices in all sorts of water settings. Humorous illustrations and a friendly helper named Buzz Bee Safe help kids focus on tips and safety information. Included are water safety rules, a glossary and suggested books and recommended related web sites. Excellent tips and safety practices are clearly and simply presented in fun and kid-friendly format. Other books in this series by the same author include "Being Safe At Home" (9781609542993, $25.64), "Being Safe At School" (9781609543006, $25.64), "Being Safe In Your Neighborhood" (9781609543709, $25.64), "Being Safe On Wheels" (9781609543716, $25.64), "Being Safe With Fire" (9781609543723, $25.64), "Being Safe With Technology" (9781609543730, $25.64), and "Being Safe With Weather" (9781609543747, $25.63).

Energy - Everyday Science
Karen Latchana Kenney
PO Box 1329, Mankato, MN 56002
9781607530183, $14.95,

"Energy" is a lead book at reading level 1 of a series on everyday science that will intrigue students in grades K-2. The series uses observations of simple everyday objects to teach and illustrate scientific concepts. Thus hula hoops and yoyos are used to introduce physics concepts of friction and motion, "Energy" uses photos and labels, text, and a picture glossary to introduce and reinforce age-appropriate scientific vocabulary. In addition there are suggestions for learning activities for parents and teachers to help students understand more about energy. There are also some simple experiments suggested, plus a list of resources including web sites about energy sources that are oriented to children. "Energy" packs a lot of everyday learning into 26 well-planned pages that also present enjoyment of learning as an integral part of the package. Titles in this series (by different authors) that are also recommended are "Magnets - Everyday Science (9781607530190, $14.95)," " Push and Pull - Everyday Science (9781607530213, $14.95)," "Simple Machines - Everyday Science (9781607530169, $14.95)," and "Toys - Everyday Science (9781607530176, $14.95)." Also highly recommended for school and community collections for children is another series presented by Amicus celebrates special days. It includes "Birthday Parties" by Heather Adamson (9781607530282, $14.95), "Family Vacations" by Heather Adamson (9781607530299, $14.95), and "Weddings Around the World," by Emily C. Dawson (9781607530312, $14.95).

Marshall Cavendish
99 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591

Two new 'Endangered!' additions provide nearly fifty pages each of fine introduction for grades 2-4, and promise eye-catching picks to any reader. Johannah Haney and Anna Haney-Withrow's SEALS (9780761440536, $20.95) and Johannah Haney's DOLPHINS (9780761440499, $20.95) pack in color photos and fun details about each animal. Facts and natural history blend with reviews of threats to each animal's natural environment and make for excellent basic guides kids will find intriguing. New additions to 'Invisible Worlds' also provide nearly fifty pages each, with the books offering focus on different kinds of 'invisible worlds'. Jen Green's INSIDE ANIMALS (9780761441953, $19.95) explores cells and microscopic systems within the body, covering everything from the mechanisms of flying insects and birds to metamorphosis facts. Color diagrams and photos provide exciting illustration. Anita Croy's EXPLORING THE PAST (9780761441946, $19.95) covers geology, fossils, and evidence of early life and evolution, providing a focus on how our ancestors changed and how archaeology has pinpointed new facts about these changes. Barbara Taylor's INSIDE PLANTS (9780761441892, $19.95) explores the microscopic cells that make up plants and discusses how these cells make food using energy from sunlight. Kids receive a fine survey of plant processing at the cellular level. Jolyon Goddard's INSIDE THE HUMAN BODY (9780761441908, $19.95) surveys cell structure, muscles, bones and tiny entities that live within the human body. Adding to the 'Life in Victorian England' series is Virginia Schomp's THE COUNTRYSIDE (9781608700301, $23.95), a fine survey that will reach grades 3-5 with lively surveys of Victorian countryside inhabitants, from lords and farmers to women and kids. All will prove fine basic references for elementary collections!

Crabtree Publishing
350 - 5th Avenue, Suite 3308, New York NY 10118

Molly Aloian's ST. PATRICK'S DAY (9780778747581, $26.50) adds to others in the 'Celebrations in My World' series of holiday coverages for grades 2-4, offering a little over thirty pages of facts covering the history and celebrations of St. Patrick's. From the story of St. Patrick to Irish immigrants, celebration foods and music, parades, and Irish cultural heritage, this packs in a wide-ranging celebration of the holiday. Suzy Gazlay's MANAGING GREEN SPACES: CAREERS IN WILDERNESS AND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT (9780778748557, $36.60) will appeal to grades 5-6, offering a little over sixty pages covering all the ways to get involved with natural resource management. Occupations related to protecting the planet and its species are surveyed in a fine coverage of career opportunities that offers sidebars of career profiles written by those in various fields, discussions of employment options, and more. Suzy Gazlay's LEARNING GREEN: CAREERS IN EDUCATION (9780778748540, $36.60) uses a similar format to discuss careers in green education. From an environmental education programs coordinator to zoo careers and alliances with rainforest groups, this is packed with intriguing discussions kids will find involving!

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