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Reviewer's Choice

The Artist As Citizen
Joseph W. Polisi
Amadeus Press
512 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
1574671030 $22.95

Dr. Joseph W. Polisi's gathering of his many expert articles and quite thoughtful speeches blend assessments of the performing artist's leadership role in society with a healthy dose of humor and insight, reflecting his past twenty years as president of Juilliard School. Music observations are only a part of The Artist As Citizen: even more important are the overall discussions of the politics behind the scenes and the role of artist and director in leading artistic movements.

Trail Of Feathers
Tahir Shah
Arcade Publishing
141 Fifth Ave., 8th Fl, NY, NY 10010
1559706775 $13.95 1-800-759-0190

Take a shrunken head from Peru and a feather with traces of blood and you've intrigued author Tahir Shah, sending him on a journey through themes of flight in Peruvian folklore which also involves a real journey to the Andes and the jungles of the Amazon in search of the legendary 'birdmen'. Trail Of Feathers: In Search Of The Birdmen Of Peru is lovely armchair traveler's guide which is very highly recommended for adventure readers and armchair explorers.

Encyclopedia Of The Bizarre
Julie Mooney
Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers
151 West 19th St., New York, NY 10011
1579123996 $17.95 1-800-722-7202

You can't get a better trivia collection together than a "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" collection, and for fans of oddities and the bizarre. With the assistance of the "Ripley's Believe It Or Not" editorial staff, Julie Mooney's Ripley's Believe It or Not! Encyclopedia Of The Bizarre: Amazing, Strange, Inexplicable, Weird And All True! is one of the best. Enhanced with a profusion of color drawings, it outlines over 6,000 real oddities, from a re-creation of DaVinci's Mona Lisa from a piece of burnt toast to a six-year-old's invention of a battery-powered dog collar that glows in the dark. Packed from cover to cover with real-life oddities, Encyclopedia Of The Bizarre is a recommended pick for any public library holding.

Living Beyond Loss
Froma Walsh & Monica McGoldrick, eds.
W.W. Norton
500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10110
0393704386 $27.50 1-800-233-4830

Here's the fully revised, expanded classic on the impact of death on families, using the editors' dual framework to outline issues of recovering from loss and how a family's loss affects different generations and relationships. New chapters unique to this second edition of Living Beyond Loss: Death In The Family add discussions on spirituality, gender, suicide and other traumatic deaths, as well as discussions of loss in different cultures.

Chelsea Green Publishing
Box 428, White River Junction, VT 05001

Two notable books by Chelsea Green provide consumers and ecology-minded people with fine insights on different topics. Rob Roy's Sauna: A Complete Guide To The Construction, Use, And Benefits Of The Finnish Bath (1931498636, $30.00) appears in a revised, expanded edition to cover everything about the 'Finnish bath'. Homeowners seeking details receive all they need on equipment, supplies, and instructions for maintenance, along with step-by-step building ideas which range from masonry saunas to conventionally framed ones. Color photos thought and an attention to history and tradition make this an excellent how-to guide. Greg Pahl's Biodiesel: Growing A New Energy Economy (1931498652, $18.00) tells how biodiesel is already powering tour buses for big stars and politicians alike - and explores its potential expansion to other technologies. Greg Pahl's introduction opens with the history of biodiesel development and use, considering its biodegradable qualities, easy production process lending to either mass production or home small-scale production, and its potential in this country. An exciting survey of a possible answer to some of our energy woes.

Rescue At The Top Of The World
Shawn Shallow
Paradise Cay Publications
PO Box 29, Arcata, CA 95518-0029
093983765X $14.95 1-800-736-4509

The early Arctic winter of 1897 surprised almost the entire North American whaling fleet, trapping them in the ice and threatening 300 men with starvation. A distress call was answered by three volunteers from the Coast Guard who trekked over 1,500 miles to reach the whalers - a four-month odyssey detailed in Rescue At The Top Of The World. Any reader seeking true-life adventure should look no further than Shawn Shallow's book: it keeps you on the edge of your seat - and the story is entirely retail, detailing hardship, courage, and success. Author Shawn Shallow re-creates the story from old journals and his smooth narrative reads like dramatic fiction but with all the facts at hand.

Why Americans Zigzag When They Eat
Dana Facaros and Michael Pauls
Cadogan/Globe Pequot Press
1860111742 $12.95 1-800-243-0495

Trivia is delightful and fun given the all-embracing focus of Why Americans Zigzag When They Eat, a compendium of odd cultural facts and habits under one cover. The focus on different cultural habits makes for a lively set of insights pairing history with fun. There are culinary insights, questionable origins of chess, and much more. A perfect gift for that trivia buff who has had primarily word histories in past, and enjoys oddities.

DK Publishing, Inc.
375 Hudson St., New York, NY 10014
0756605555 $15.00

For centuries bellydance has aided in exercise for women around the world: with this focus on the art in mind, Dolphina provides a non-impact exercise that tones, based on bellydance basics in Bellydance. Dance routines receipt step-by-step photographic embellishment in a workout side using different models to demonstrate the basic moves of bellydance. Highly recommended and very "user friendly"!

Letters To The Valley
David Mas Masumoto
Heyday Books
PO Box 9145, Berkeley, CA 94709
1890771864 $19.95

It's hard to easily categorize David Mas Masumoto's presentation Letters To The Valley: A Harvest Of Memories: it fits neatly into 'autobiography', 'California issues', 'farm life' and 'food' catagories of interest, yet is a synthesis of all of these themes and embraces even more topics. Masumoto's monthly column, written in the form of letters to friends and family, has been a regular feature in California's Fresno Bee newspaper, and here is reprinted with original watercolors by Doug Hansen. A fine account of one farmer's increasingly threatened way of life.

The Woodburner's Companion
Dirk Thomas
Alan C. Hood & Company
PO Box 775, Chambersburg, PA 17201
0911469249 $16.50

Thoroughly "reader friendly" and now in a newly revised and expanded edition, The Woodburner's Company written by experienced woodburner and chimney sweep Dirk Thomas takes the reader through all of the issues associated with using wood for fuel. Explaining the fuel value of various woods, Dirk goes on to such issues as buying firewood, getting the most heat from it, the environmental implications and impacts of woodburning, and woodburning safety. With its updated technical information, this new and informative edition of The Woodburner's Companion is a "must" resource and reference for anyone wanting to utilize wood for heating, cooking, or the simple esthetic pleasures of a wood fire burning in the night.

Competitive Mindstorms
David J. Perdue
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 219, Berkeley, CA 94710
1590593758 $29.99

Competitive Mindstorms: A Complete Guide To Robotic Sumo Using Lego Mindstorms is a hobby guide to using the Lego Mindstorms Robotic Invention System to design, build, program, and unleash autonomous "sumo-bot" creations for use in a robotic sumo arena. Written by dedicated Lego Mindstorms enthusiast David Perdue, Competitive Mindstorms introduces the reader to the sumo-bot, provides seven projects designed to give hands-on experience in three different approaches to robotic sumo (small-and-fast class, medium class, and big-sumo strategies), presents extensive discussions of Lego pieces and building methodology, programming techniques, and much more. Black-and-white photographs illustrate the building instructions in this go-to guide especially friendly to beginners but packed with valuable tips, tricks, and techniques for the seasoned Lego Mindstorms hobbyist as well.

The Computer Shelf

Sams Publishing
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96h Street, #300
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759

An effective collaboration by co-authors and design experts Jason Busby, Zak Parrish, and Joel VanEenwyk, Mastering Unreal Technology: The Art Of Level Design (0672326922, $49.99, 704 pp) knows no boundaries as it shows users how to build custom mods, maps and levels with the Unreal engine. Its tutorial format is specifically designed and organized to give readers immediate results through the tips and demos provided from the industry's top-level designers. Red Hat Linux Fedora 3 Unleashed (0672327082, $49.99, 984 pp) by the team of Linux experts Billy Ball and Hoyt Duff is perhaps the single best and most comprehensive coverage available on the cutting edge advancements associated with Red Hat Linux. Red Hat Fedora 3 Unleashed includes new and additional materials based on the latest release of Red Hat's Fedora Core Linux distribution. Incorporating an advanced approach, the information presented aims to provide you with the best and latest information about installation, configuration, system administration, server operations and security. If you only have time for one new instruction resource and reference on Linux, you would be well advised to make it Red Hat Linux Fedora 3 Unleashed.

Small Websites, Great Results
Doug Addison
Paraglyph Press
4015 N 78th St. #115, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
1932111905 $29.99

From locating free search tools for enabling a searachable web site to splitting a growing site into two smaller sites, increasing a site's functionality, and turning casual visitors into customers, Small Websites, Great Results is packed with refinement techniques which assumes a basic site has been set up and is ready for customizing and tweaking. An outstanding book for small site operators, simply packed with important resources and tips.

75 Arlington Street, Suite 300, Boston, MA 02116

Three excellent professional developers' guides provide important paths for improving knowledge and routines, offering advanced 'courses in a book' for programmers and developers who already have the basics down and wish to learn more. Dr. Neil Roodyn's eXtreme .NET : Introducing eXtreme Programming Techniques To .NET Developers (0321303636, $39.99) is for developer and team leader alike: it focuses on eXtreme Programming practices with .Net-connected technologies, discussing code enhancements, low-cost system development, and exercises in streamlining, integration, and test-driven development options. Dr. Roodyn has been involved with eXtreme Programming since 19999, founding an activity club and working as both instructor and project leader: his methods are based in the world of reality, not the classroom alone. Bill Wagner's Effective C#: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your C# (0321245660, $39.99) covers a program similar to Java, C and C++, but with enhanced features programmers used to the older versions may not realize. From avoiding common traps and problem functions to using both types of C# constants for efficiency and taking maximum advantage of new interfaces and assembly options, this technical user's guide comes from the co-founder of SRT Solutions, making his independent expertise a 'bible in a book' for computer programmers. Elliotte Rusty Harold's Effective XML: 50 Specific Ways To Improve Your XML (0321150406, $44.99) tells how to become a more effective XML developer, using tools which create better XML code. Understand API choices, schemas, and proper application methods with an outline of 50 practical applications by a professor of computer science in New York.

Peachpit Press, Inc.
1249 Eighth St, Berkeley, CA 94710

Peachpit's gorgeous new titles are highly recommended pick for a range of computer users who would be more savvy at their craft. Fred Johnson's Global Mobile: Connecting Without Wlls, Wires Or Borders (0321278712, $15.99) is for anyone who would keep in touch regardless of distance. Using only a laptop and a cell phone, it's possible to stay connected but how? Johnson explains just how; from understanding how to use a cell phone's card when abroad to sending text messages from a cell and connecting to the Internet anywhere with only a cell phone and a laptop. Users with both will relish the easy directions. The X-Play crew and Mark Saltzman's X-Play Insider's Gudie To Gaming (0735714355, $29.99) stems from the X-Play TV show which reviews and features top video games. Wit and critical reviewing blend here to point out both pros and cons of games, from how it works to glitches. Does the spark of the TV show translate well to print? Most certainly, with a healthy dose of black and white photos and screen shots for illustration. Jennifer Alspach's Adobe Acrobat For Windows And Macintosh (0321303-318, $19.99) uses a visual approach to teaching Acrobat 7: it's organized like a reference and provides clear commentary throughout using pictures rather than text. The result's a guide which makes for easy reference and quick understanding. Two new Photoshop books are outstanding. Katrin Eismann's Photoshop Masking & Compositing (0735712794, $54.99) addresses one of the most complex - and least understood by casual users - aspects of Photoshop: masking. While it's an essential foundation of the program, masking can be both confusing and under-utilized: not for readers of Photoshop Masking & Compositing, which comes packed with color photo examples on every page. From layering to using different tools and understanding their differences, Photoshop Masking & Compositing is a 'bible' of basics. Jan Kabili and Colin Smith with series editor Jack Davis present How To WOW: Photoshop For The Web (032130330X, $39.99), a lovely refeence blend of CDRom of projects and accessories with tips on how to translate complex web design elements to Photoshop. From pattern presets and web navigation to creating animations to automating repetitive tasks, this packs Photoshop savvy with insights on what makes for a powerful web effect online. Plenty of color examples throughout makes for a real winner for all levels

Storage Networking Fundamentals
Marc Farley
Cisco Press
800 East 96th St., Indianapolis, IN 46240
1587051621 $50.00

Network managers and administrators needing a basic primers to storage will find Storage Networking Fundamentals: An Introduction To Storage Devices, Subsystems, Applications, Management, And File Systems just the ticket. Computer networking expert Marc Farley covers the basics of this new technology, describing the entire storage device field, subsystem operations, and data protection. From virtual storage devices to multipathing options and distributed file systems, Storage Networking Fundamentals can as easily serve as a college-level primer as a basic programmer's tutorial.

O'Reilly & Associates
1005 Gravenstein Highway N., Sebastapol, CA 95472
$24.95 each

Two excellent tips for consumers provide fine basic guides and are recommended picks. Brett Mclaughlin's Home Theater Hacks (0596007043) tells how to build a quality home theater. Basic home theater installation from scratch is covered; from understanding the specialized lingo of the home theater industry to learning buying options, setting up the sound and screen for the best overall experience, and tweaking the technology. Gordon Meyer's Smart Home Hacks (0596007221) focuses on making the futuristic 'automated home' a reality. Turn on lights automatically when entering a room, and off when exiting; send reminders of events to your cell phone or pager, and wire the house for announcements and paging with the help of Smart Home Hacks, which even allows you to remotely check for an empty home - and see who may be there - while you're away.

Consider The Source
Paige Taylor & Jerri Lejeune
Upstart Books
Box 800, Fort Atkinson, WI 53538-0800
1579500951 $16.95 1-800-448-4887

Students of all pages, parents, educators and adult alike will find this basic primer on finding reliable information on the internet teaches some very basic routines for verifying misinformation and investigating options. Chapters are intended for use with students in grades 4-6, but Consider The Source: Finding Reliable Information On The Internet is featured here for its important and very basic guide to a computer-based on-line research tricks, traps, techniques and tips.

Ebay For Dummies
Marsha Collier
Wiley Publishing
111 River St., Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774
0764556541 $21.99 1-800-225-5945

Why grab up this newly updated and expanded fourth edition if you already have the last version? Because ebay is an ever-changing, dynamic, evolving, expanding website incorporating many new changes in recent years, and it's essential for any successful online auctioneer to have the latest update to techniques. From bidding successfully and winning to selling successfully, collecting money and shipping, Ebay For Dummies assumes no prior ebay experience and provides all the details necessary to succeed.

How To Cheat At Managing Windows Small Business Server 2003
Susan Snedaker, MCSE, MCT, MBA
Daniel Bendell, Technical Editor
Syngress Publishing
800 Hingham St., Rockland, MA 02370
1932266801 $49.95

Susan Snedaker's superbly organized and presented instructional guide, How To Cheat At Managing Windows Small Business Server 2003, is a recommended pick for any Microsoft system engineer managing a Windows Server 2003 environment: it tells how to overcome common problems and time drains that Exchange Server creates, such as handling user permissions and security settings, and it also covers group policy, installing printers, managing client computers, and more. The disaster planning portion is particularly well detailed.

Degunking eBay
Greg Holden
Paraglyph Press
4015 N. 78th Street, #115, Scottsdale, Arizona 85251
1932111999 $24.99

Written by seasoned computer and internet writer Greg Holden, whose previous titles include "Internet Auctions for Dummies" and "Cliff Notes Guide to Buying and Selling on eBay", Degunking eBay is a resource especially for eBay buyers and sellers who are high on transaction volume, short on time, and need to make their eBay buying and selling activities as quick and clutter-free as possible. Chapters address how to swiftly look through massive numbers of product listings to find the right items, how to spruce up one's auction descriptions to make more money, how to take advantage of hot trends, how to maintain excellent feedback ratings, and much more. Designed especially to help novice to intermediate level eBay users, Degunking eBay includes tips directly from eBay's PowerSellers, and a "Quick Degunking Sheet" at the front of the book for easy reference. A "must-have" for anyone interested in amassing private collections from or making money off of eBay.

Murach's Beginning Java 2 JDK 5
Doug Lowe, et al.
Mike Murach & Associates
3484 West Gettysburg, #101, Fresno, CA 93722
1890774294 $49.50 1-800-221-5528

The collaborative project of seasoned Java experts Doug Lowe, Joel Murach, and Andrea Steelman, Murach's Beginning Java 2 JDK 5 is a self-paced instructional guide designed to help the reader learn how to write professional-quality object-oriented applications in just six chapters. Further chapters teach graphic user interface programming with Java, as well as data access programming, how to work with XML, and more. Designed for anyone seeking to learn the core features of the Java language, Beginning Java 2 JDK 5 is especially ideal for readers with no programming experience at all, or who are primarily familiar with a different language. Murach's Beginning Java 2 JDK 5 is meant to work with Java 2 Platform, Standard edition 5.0, also called J2SE 5.0, version 1.5.0, or just 1.5; but note that all Java versions are upwards-compatible, therefore anything in Murach's Beginning Java 2 JDK 5 will work in future versions of JDK. Screenshots, sample code, step-by-step instructions written in plain terms, and an index make Murach's Beginning Java 2 JDK 5 a first-rate resource for learning Java quickly and skillfully.

Photoshop CS Down & Dirty Tricks
Scott Kelby
New Riders
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96h Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
0735713537 $39.99 1-800-428-5331

From Scott Kelby (the editor of "Photoshop Magazine"), Photoshop Cs Down & Dirty Tricks is a guide offering step-by-step walkthroughs for techniques that can create eye-catching digital images using Photoshop - from 3D effects that don't require a 3D program to transforming ordinary snapshots into museum-quality prints to tricks uses by professional photographers and much more. Full-color images, quick tips on the sidebar of every page, and instructions that are detailed down to each click of the mouse pack this user-friendly guide for amateur and professional alike. An index allows for quick and easy lookup of various topics. A sure-fire resource to add snap and sizzle to one's digital images!

The Photography Shelf

Jeff Marano
Te Neues Publishing Company
16 West 22nd St., New York NY 10010
3823845977 $45.00 1-800-352-0305

Photographer Jeff Marano has also been a model during the last several years: with experience on both sides of the camera, he's in the perfect position to provide Eros, a gathering of sensual black and white photos of beautiful men. Photos use only natural light in natural settings to capture close-ups and shots not normally seen in more posed settings. A tasteful selection of powerful images results.

Outdoor Photographer's Handbook
Barry Beck & Cathy Beck
Stackpole Books
5067 Ritter Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055
0811731200 $16.95 1-800-732-3669

The Becks have been taking outdoor photos for 20 years and they know from sad experience the usual photo mistakes common to outdoor photography, so their experience especially lends to a practical guide on how to avoid common problems in Outdoor Photographer's Handbook. Both digital and film are covered along with specific types of outdoor shots, from fishing and wildlife to light, composition and using backgrounds effectively. Add color photos throughout as examples and you have a very practical how-to guide.

20 East 23rd St., New York, NY 10010

Two outstanding new art titles are recommended picks for specialty art libraries focusing on talented modern photographers. Jock Sturges' Jock Sturges: Notes (1931-788472, $39.95) surveys the styles and works of a photographer who has produced and celebrated the human form for the past decade. Jock Sturges: Notes is more than just a compilation of images, however: Sturges discusses his interactions with the families and individuals he's worked with, and presents both these notes and preliminary sketches in the form of Polaroids and other smaller camera studies leading to the finished image. An outstanding, crisp connection between photographer effort and client is created. Hellen Van Meene: Portraits (1931788-456, $35.00) presents the Dutch photographer's striking focus on portraits of adolescents. Over fifty four-color photos, many before published, accompany an essay by art historian/curator Kate Bush, presenting a gorgeous, multi-cultural series of images which are strikingly posed and unforgettable.

Jim Marshall
Chronicle Books
85 Second St., 6th Floor, San Francisco CA 94105
0811843181 $40.00 1-800-722-6657

Photographer Jim Marshall captured some of the most notable musicians in historic candid shots still remembered today: Janis Joplin with whiskey bottle and the Beatles racing across Candlestick Park at the end of their final public performance: but what about some of his other shots. Proof shares his contact sheets from the concerts, sessions and sittings of his more famous shots. These contact sheets, nicely accompanied by background history and explanations of the photographic methods and shot settings, are outstanding representations and when viewed here as a unit and package, explain the origins of the famous works. Highly recommended.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

PO Box 625, Holmes, PA 19043

Additions and updates to the 'Health Reference Series' from Omnigraphics keeps the set up to date and relevant to library holdings. The first edition of Dawn D. Matthews and Karen Bellenir's Hypertension Sourcebook (0780806743, $78.00) helps lay readers understand, manage and avoid illness through recognizing the causes and risk factors associated with primary, secondary, or pre-hypertension conditions. The distinctions between all three are covered, along with relationships between hypertension and other common co-occurring conditions, and the complications of high blood pressure. Sandra Judd edits the second and newly updated edition of Breast Cancer Sourcebook (0780-806689, $78.00), a survey of early warning signs, lifestyle influences on breast cancer, and treatment options. From risk factors to prevention, Breast Cancer Sourcebook provides all the latest facts and research. Karen Bellenir's first edition of Smoking Concerns (078080323X, $78.00) provides everything needed for the student or general reader seeking practical details on the effects of tobacco use. From how nicotine affects the body to using smokeless tobacco and sustaining a smoke-free lifestyle, there are plenty of statistics and facts as well as insights on health policies. The second edition of Amy L. Sutton's Back And Neck Sourcebook (0780807383, $78.00) updates details on back and neck research, including the latest facts about pain management, treatment options, and spinal conditions.

10 Things You Need To Know Before You See The Doctor
Sheldon Lipshutz, MD
Silver Lake Publishing
3501 W. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90026
1563437813 $17.95 1-888-663-3091

Dr. Sheldon Lipshutz's advice comes from his 40+ years practicing medicine and covers all the basics for making good decisions when seeing the doctor; from understanding health insurance and options for second or third opinions to understanding pain management, how to spot an unscrupulous doctor, and how to assure the right attention from hospital staff. An invaluable guide, 10 Things You Need To Know Before You See The Doctor: A Physician's Advice From More Than 40 Years Of Practicing Medicine is a recommended addition to family and community library medical reading lists and reference collections.

ADA Complete Guide To Carb Counting
Hope S. Warshaw,
American Diabetes Association
1701 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311
1580402038 $16.95

Hope Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, is a nationally recognized expert on diabetes and has written numerous books on the topic, while Karmeen Kulkarni, MS, RD, CDE, BC-ADM works at the Diabetes Center in Salt Lake City. In a newly published second edition, ADA Complete Guide To Carb Counting, these two experts update information on carb counting, provide the very latest insights on how to practice carb counting more effectively, explain how to count using both food labels and restaurant menus, and teach the reader just how to figure out strategies for eating ranging from meal plans to challenges away from home. Especially recommended for the diabetic, ADA Complete Guide To Carb Counting would make an excellent addition to any weight conscience dieter's reference collection.

Multiple Sclerosis
T. Jock Murray, OC, MD
Demos Medical
386 Park Avenue South, #201, New York, NY 10016
1888799803 $29.95

Plenty of facts appear in a great many medical guides to multiple sclerosis; but Dr. T. Jock Murray's Multiple Sclerosis: The History Of A Disease is one of the few to provide an accurate and accessible history of the disease. This is a survey of individuals who suffered with MS centuries before it had a name, of the discoveries and management techniques which eventually led to its diagnosis and treatment, and of the medical science which contributed a better understanding of MS. A 'must' for any serious health collection.

Prickly Pear Cactus Medicine
Ran Knishinsky
Healing Arts Press
1 Park St., Rochester, VT 05767
0892811498 $9.95 1-800-246-8648

The pricky pear cactus may become a herbal superstar if Ran Kniskinsky, a professional health researcher, has anything to say about it: his Prickly Pear Cactus Medicine: Treatments For Diabetes, Cholesterol, And The Immune System points out this plant has long been a stable in diets and has been used as a remedy for many common ailments for a long time. Chapters document its use in the treatment of diabetes, its importance in treating obesity, and its applications as an immune system enhancer. Prickly Pear Cactus Medicine is a unique and invaluable contribution to alternative medicine reference collections.

Overdosed America
John Abramson, MD
10 E. 53rd St, New York, NY 10022-5299
0060568526 $24.95 1-800-242-7737

How do pharmaceutical companies mislead doctors and distort medical knowledge and facts to sell more drugs to consumers? Overdosed America: The Broken Promise Of American Medicine is no mere tabloid report. Expertly written by Harvard Medical School clinical faculty member and family practitioner Dr. John Abramson, it's backed with professional experience and education. Chapters cover how drug/medical device companies fund up to 80% of clinical research, how experts who write guidelines are being paid by the drug companies whose products they are recommending, and more. An eye-opening expose.

The Body Sculpting Bible Express Men's Edition
James Villepigue & Hugo Rivera
Hatherleigh Press
5-22 46th Avenue, Suite 200, Long Island City, NY 11101
1578261848 $15.95 1-800-528-2550

The Body Sculpting Bible Express Men's Edition is an exercise guide featuring a 21-minute express workout designed specifically to tone and sculpt the body. The Men's Edition focuses especially upon building muscles, and the "eating for health and fitness" advice is tailored toward the needs of the male body. Copious black-and-white photographs, explicit instructions focusing on technique and form, and trainer's tips instruct the reader in simple exercises with dumbell rolls as well as machine exercises involving equipment. A 21-day challenge offering recommended exercises will get the reader started in body sculpting, and notes on proper diet and nutrition help round out this excellent fitness resource especially for men with limited time.

The Seitai Method
Kuniaki Imoto, Ph.D.
Kodansha America, Inc.
575 Lexington Avenue, 23rd Floor, New York, NY 10022
4770029977 $19.95 1-800-451-7556

The Seitai Method: A Holistic Approach To Staying Healthy Through Stretching And Body Alignment is a guide for self-use. Step by step instructions and a wealth of black-and-white photographs walk the reader through Seitai techniques, exercises based on a combination of traditional Japanese healing therapies that treat the skeletal frame and muscles of the body in order to remove any factors that weaken or obstruct the body's innate healing power. Written by an author with fifty years of personal experience with Seitai, The Seitai Method can be applied as self-treatment to a number of problems, including headache, stiff shoulders, mental stress, constipation, and more. A summary by symptoms chart recommends Seitai exercises and hot moist towel treatment for various parts of the body, in response to common ailments. An inexpensive and easy-to-use resource for getting in touch with the healing power of one's own body.

The Sports Shelf

Pete Rose
David Jordan
Greenwood Press
88 Post Road West, Westport, CT 06881
0313328757 $29.95 1-800-225-5800

Pete Rose was one of baseball's greatest hitters, but his off-field actions cast a dark light on his achievements, leading to investigations into his gambling and a lifetime banishment from the game which even barred him from induction into the Hall of Fame. His story is told in Pete Rose: A Biography, a hard-hitting sports biography which presents the nature of his lasting legacy and his post-baseball life.

1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die
Jeff Barr, general editor
Ronnie Sellers Productions
PO Box 818, Portland, ME 04104
1569065853 $34.95 1-800-625-3386

1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die is a massive compendium of truly great golf courses in America, Canada, Germany, England, Australia, the Philippines, and more nations worldwide. Illustrated throughout with stunning full-color photographs of these optimum courses, 1001 Golf Holes You Must Play Before You Die offers a brief description of each one. A gorgeous treasury for golf enthusiasts, captivating simply to play through and a superb starting point for dedicated golfers seeking to experience the best of the best - many courses are in a variety of American states, so American readers should have no trouble selecting great locations for golf within their home state. A course index and a designer index round out this breathtaking compendium.

Ivan R. Dee
1332 N. Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60622

Two baseball guides provide very different portraits of the sport. Marvin Miller's A Whole Different Ball Game: The Inside Story Of The Baseball Revolution (1566635993, $18.95) provides an 'inside' story of baseball - and a new afterword by author Miller. For more than a century the owners of baseball franchises conducted their business like baron owners, with players as serfs: this began changing in the mid-1960s, and today club owners have a new type of relationship with players. Miller helped end the old system which linked athletes to single teams: A Whole Different Ball Game outlines his influence and baseball history. Will Carroll's Saving The Pitcher: Preventing Pitching Injuries In Modern Baseball (1566635-780, $24.95) provides a detailed, in-depth analysis of pitching injuries and how to prevent them, based on pitching coach Tom House's professional experience. This is no casual survey of method: it analyzes pitcher arm health as a whole, discusses the prevention and treatment of common pitching injuries, and is grounded in much research.

The Business Shelf

It Pays To Be Paranoid
Christopher Eiben
1501 Madison St., Evanston, IL 60202
1932841024 $14.95

Just when does paranoia pay off? When it can be used to recognize and avoid foreseeable mistakes in business: that's the message of It Pays To Be Paranoid: Securing Business Success By Preparing For The Worst, which helps readers spot problems stemming from misappropriation of funds, cyber-fraud, workplace accidents and more. Chapters provide plenty of case histories and come from a veteran legal investigator and business consultant whose own in-depth case analyses serve as models of understanding.

Berrett-Koehler Publishers
235 Montgomery St. #650, San Francisco Ca 94104-2916

Stan Davis and David McIntosh's The Art Of Business: Make All Your Work A Work Of Art (1576753026, $19.95) advises businesspeople and consumers alike to view their jobs and work as an art piece. When taking such a viewpoint, aesthetic observation becomes embedded in one's work and will improve performance and profitability. Chapters discuss different views of business performance versus artistic output, provides plenty of examples on how ideas of 'artistic flow' can encourage creative problem-solving, and does an excellent job of melding business and art concepts for a smoothly-functioning set of improvement ideas. John Perkins' Confessions Of An Economic Hit Man (157-6753018, $24.95) provides the author's personal odyssey as he moved from being a National Security Agency promoter of policies for US corporations to being an advocate for oppressed people. His role as an 'economic hit man' led to implementation to secret schemes to funnel oil dollars back to the US, and other methods of imperial control of foreign governments: a fascinating survey of economic prowess wielded against other nations makes for riveting reading. Consumers, take note: Michael Finney's Michael Finney's Consumer Confidential: The Money-Saving Secrets They Don't Want You To Know (157675300X, $14.95) is on your side. There are many industry 'secrets' entreprenuers, small business owners, and consumers wanting the best "bang for their buck" would benefit from; ranging from buying cars for less than invoice, to obtaining the lowest hotel rates ever. Finney's personal finance advice is based on tested fact and is entirely on the consumer's side, exposing scams, wrong doings, and bargains to be gained alike.

Business Without Boundaries
Don Mankin & Susan G. Cohen
Jossey-Bass, Inc.
989 Market Street, 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103-1741
0787959111 $35.00 1-800-225-5945

There are plenty of general management advise titles on the market today, but a few stand out from the crowd as specific guides for working establishments - and Don Mankin and Susan G. Cohen's Business Without Boundaries: An Action Framework For Collaborating Across Time, Distance, Organization, And Culture is one of them. With more and more business being conducted virtually, mechanisms for collaborative success in virtual e-business and corporate environments becomes all the more important: that's where Business Without Boundaries comes in, helping managers with real-world examples and principles for successful virtual collaboration. An excellent, action-packed advice guide.

Globe Pequot Press
PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
$17.95 Each 1-800-243-0495

Two revised, updated classics for home-based businesses provide specifics for aspiring start-up companies, ranging from the initial decision of what kind of business to begin, to locating buying and selling resources. Jocelyn Peake's How To Start A Home-Based Antiques Business (0762734450) has been revised and updated by Bob Brooke, and provides the latest specifics on everything from pricing and displaying antiques to locating products in yard sales and through specific types of dealers. All the nuts and bolts are here, from common business savvy to antiques issues such as determining authenticity of pieces and offering different payment methods. Georganne Fiumara's third edition of How To Start A Home-Based Mail Order Business (076272501X, $17.95) imparts author Fiumara's own experiences and advice on running a successful home-based mail order business. From database and telemarketing strategies to determining the best way to sell and price a service, How To Start A Home-Based Mail Order Business is packed with practical tips.

Strategic Business Letters And E-Mail
Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts
Houghton Mifflin
222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116
0618448330 $19.95 1-800-225-3362

Tired of developing perfect business letter and email models, only to lose them in the morass of inbox materials? Frustrated about imparting the right tone and point in a business letter? Use Sheryl Lindsell-Roberts' Strategic Business Letters And E-Mail's series of sequencing steps to write a draft, design for visual impact, and create a winning letter model which can be used as a proven template of success. Letters are grouped by subject such as Customer Relations or Media Relations, and outline just why some messages succeed while others fail.

Kogan Page US/Stylus Publishing
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605

These excellent new titles teach the basics of workplace communication, market research and business plan development. Theo Theobald and Cary Cooper's Shut Up And Listen!: The Truth About How To Communicate At Work (0749440244, $19.95) provides an excellent honest approach to workplace communication, addressing the problems of trying to be heard in a busy business environment. From learning communication strategies through common ad techniques and translating them to workplace environments to understanding the basics of effective written and oral English, Shut Up And Listen comes packed with practical tips. Robin J. Birn's The Effective Use Of Market Research: How To Drive And Focus Better Business Decisions (074944200X, $32.50) appears in its updated fourth edition to put market research into a practical world of results. Case studies put theory to work, from using information in a structured research or business setting to assessing research criteria and getting the most from the information segments which are critical. Edward Blackwell's How To Prepare A Business Plan (0749441917, $24.95) is still one of the best books available in a sea of business plan guides. Why? It updates a prior best-seller and provides clear explanations, breaking the entire process into easily-digested segments, from producing cash-flow forecasts to planning company expenditures and incoming monies. The small business case studies are particularly well done. Paul Barrow's Raising Finance: A Practical Guide To Starting, Expanding & Selling Your (07-49442603, $29.95) covers the basics of starting, expanding then selling a business. Chapters cover all the essentials, from start-up financing versus growth and equity funding to grooming a business for a successful sale. All are excellent basic guides.

Play To Win
David La Piana with Michaela Hayes
Jossey-Bass, Inc.
989 Market Street, 5th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103-1741
0787968137 $32.00 1-800-225-5945

Play To Win: The Nonprofit Guide To Competitive Strategy describes the value of using competition in furthering the mission of a nonprofit organization. While not denigrating the advantages of collaborative strategies, Play to Win gives the reader useful tools for mining the benefits of a competitive stance, including means to assess a nonprofit's position in the marketplace, how to develop winning competitive strategies, step-by-step directions for leaders to effectively compete for limited resources, and much more. Written by the founder and senior manager La Piana Associates, a consulting firm specializing in problems and strategies unique to nonprofit organizations, Play To Win is highly recommended reading for the leadership of any nonprofit determined to stand out from the crowd.

Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days
Jay Conrad Levinson & Al Lautenslager
Entrepreneur Press
2445 McCabe Way, Suite 400, Irvine, CA 92614-6244
1932531297 $19.95 1-800-462-6420

Best-selling marketing author Jay Conrad Levinson and award-winning marketing/PR consultant Al Lautenslager combine their talents in Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days, a condensed quick-learning guide that compacts Levinson's acclaimed "Guerrilla Marketing" series into a single, potent instructional tool. Organized into 30 lessons, complete with summaries and sample activities, Guerrilla Marketing In 30 Days presents difficult skills, useful tools, and proven strategies explained step-by-step. An absolute must-have for anyone who needs to learn the marketing trade or sharpen their skills quickly, from professional marketers for large companies to small business owners who need to step up and get the word out ASAP. Highly recommended.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

PO Box 64383, St. Paul, MN 55164

Llewellyn provides a host of tarot, wicca and ritual titles for new age spiritual practitioners, offering both basic kits and advanced spells. Beginners will welcome Janet Berres' Tarot Kit For Beginners (0738705063, $19.95), a book/card set designed for newcomers. This is no everyday kit: the guidebook was written by the former president of the International Tarot Society and card layouts and clear explanations allow beginners to get the most from their initial efforts. Raymond Buckland's Practical Candleburning Rituals (0875420486, $9.95) presents a treatise by one of the leading authorities on magic in the U.S. Practical Candleburning Rituals presents easy candle rites of spells and rituals for everyday use. Everyday Sun Magic (0738704687, $12.95) by Dorothy Morrison presents over one hundred diverse spells, chants and rituals based on capturing the energy of the sun. From celebrations to games and party ideas, Wicca celebrants receive a fine handbook.

Haunted San Francisco
Rand Richards, Editor
Heritage House
PO Box 194242, San Francisco CA 94119
1879367041 $14.95

It's hard to know where to place Haunted San Francisco: Ghost Stories From The City's Past: at once a history, a travelogue, an account of spiritual mystery and a fine collection of ghost stories, it will appeal to readers of all these genres with two dozen stories spanning nearly a century and a half and embracing some of the most famous ghosts and places of the San Francisco area. Anticipate a lively set of stories perfect for browsing and steeped in San Francisco traditions and biographies of some of the city's colorful characters.

Ghosts Among Us
Leslie Rule
Andrews & McMeel
4520 Main St., Kansas City, MO 64111
0740747177 $14.95 1-800-851-8923

Enthusiasts of the supernatural will find a winning presentation in Ghosts Among Us: True Stories Of Spirit Encounters, a survey of true-life haunting experiences and paranormal encounters blended with black and white photos of haunted sites. Ghosts Among Us is no mere re-iteration of legend but presents personal first-hand reports and stories chart events from across the U.S. Author Leslie Rule is also the daughter of true-crime author Ann Rule, which helped foster her interest in mysteries of the supernatural.

A Wiccan Formulary And Herbal
A.J. Drew
New Page Books
PO Box 687, Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417
1564147827 $19.99 1-800-227-3371

Wicca and new age followers will find A Wiccan Formulary And Herbal a wonderful reference addition: a set of home remedies, herbal cures, recipes for incense and oils, and more. Methods featured are based in science and applications more than rituals: from plant herbals and tinctures to kitchen witchery, here are all the practical formulas for making real 'magic'.

The Railroading Shelf

The Willing Servant
David Ross
Tempus/Trafalgar Square
PO Box 257, Howe Hill Road, North Pomfret, VT 05053-0257
0752429868 $45.00 1-800-423-4525

The rail steam locomotive was invented by a Cornish man in 1804, changing not only the nature and speed of travel, but becoming popular around the world to foster industrial growth in Britain, Europe and beyond: it even influenced the formation of the USA and Canada into unified nations. Surprisingly, David Ross' The Willing Servant: A History Of The Steam Locomotive is the first history of how the steam railroad spread around the world. From its initial design, construction and use to its final days, The Willing Servant: A History Of The Steam Locomotive includes a healthy multidisciplinary approach in considering the steam train's impact on the world.

Playing With Trains
Sam Posey
Random House
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019
1400061784 $22.95 1-800-726-0600

Why do grown men play with trains? In Playing With Trains: A Passion Beyond Scale, sportswriter and Grand Prix racing legend Sam Posey deftly examines the world of model railroading, in the process blending autobiography with insights into the lure and attraction of model railroading. Posey traveled around the world getting to know top modelers: his examines the nostalgic love of trains and how it translates into model railroading, using his own enjoyment and first-person insights as a foundation.

The Criminology Shelf

Soft Targets
Michael L. Varando
Pelican Publishing
1000 Burmaster St., Gretna, LA 70053
1589801989 $16.95 1-800-843-1724

Women are typically easy targets for violent predators. In Soft Targets: A Woman's Guide To Survival, veteran police detective Michael L. Varando offers up truly invaluable lessons from his work on the front line of crime scene investigation, using case studies from his career to advise women on how to avoid becoming 'soft targets' for predators. From date rape to purse-snatching and kidnapping, chapters discuss why and how predators choose their targets - and what makes them 'soft' and desirable over others.

Crime School: Money Laundering
Chris Mathers
Firefly Books Ltd.
4 Daybreak Lane, Westport, CT 06880
1552979938 $16.95 1-800-387-5085

Since 9/11 a direct link has been drawn between money laundering and terrorism; yet few links have been drawn to just how money laundering operates. Enter Chris Mathers' Crime School: Money Laundering, a title specific to the history and how-tos of money laundering, how crimes are executed and detected, and how the operation links organized crime to terrorism. Mathers is a former R.C.M.P. undercover operator and an international authority on money laundering: he is the perfect author for this in-depth expose.

Going To Trial
Daniel I. Small, editor
American Bar Association
750 North Lake Shore Drive, Chicago, IL 60611
1570737231 $99.95 1-800-285-2221

Now in a newly updated second edition, Going to Trial: A Step-by-Step Guide To Trial Practice And Procedure is a step-by-step walkthrough published by the American Bar Association. Describing the unique features of each procedural step of the trial from filing suit and jury selection to post-trial motions and the closing argument, Going to Trial includes sample reproducible forms and point-by-point bulletins that break down sometimes complex steps to their simplest basics. A 3 1/2" high density floppy diskette, formatted for the PC, offers 60 text files (Microsoft Word 6.0) that correspond to the 60 numbered forms in Going To Trial. This is the definitive resource for aspiring and practicing attorneys and a "must-read" for anyone who needs to know precisely what is involved.

The Gaming Shelf

Beyond The Supernatural
Kevin Siembieda
Palladium Books
12455 Universal Dr., Taylor, MI 48180
1574570838 $24.95

Now in an expanded second edition, Beyond The Supernatural is a role playing game by Kevin Siembieda that is set in the modern world where the heroes include ordinary people as well as those with the gift of paranormal abilities. This is also a world of shadowy horror, strange creatures and dark magic. This 256-page role gaming compendium features extensive backgrounding and a lush setting; 14 psychic character classes including Fire Walker, Ghost Hunter, Medium, Psi-Mechanic, and Psychic Sensitive; 42 occupations (including Professional Psychic and Psychic Investigator); more than one hundred psychic abilities; The Lazlo Society and Lazlo Agency; as well as entities, fiends, and creatures of darkness. Beyond The Supernatural is a strongly recommended addition to any dedicated role gamer collection, this fantasy role-playing game offers easy to learn rules to get even the most novice player up and running quickly.

Charles River Media
10 Downer Avenue, Hingham, MA 02043

Surprisingly, Ed Byrne's Game Level Design (1584503696 $49.95) is the first comprehensive guide to level design for those looking at careers and plan ideas for modern computer and video games. Surprising because with so many books on computers and gaming on the market, you'd think the topic would have received in-depth attention before. Ed Byrne is currently lead designer at Zipper Interactive: his gaming and computer background lends technical savvy to a fine introduction to the level design process, covering everything from approaches and team issues to popular tools. Whether you're a novice or intermediate, Game Level Design holds all the fundamental concepts and definitions needed, along with interviews with designers working at creating games. For further enlightenment on computer game design, choose Penny Baillie-de Byl's Programming Believable Characters For Computer Games (1584503238, $54.95), a book/cd combo packed with sample code, data exercises, shareware, and an open source game engine the book is based on. Higher-level AI is the focus here, for developing the believable characters that can learn and express emotions: chapters reveal pathfinding, decision trees, and more systems for creating such believable characters, providing step-by-step creation of a 3D animated character through theory reinforced by exercise. Programmers will find this an excellent hands-on game development reference. Staffan Bjork and Jussi Holopainen's Patterns In Game Design (1584503548, $49.95) will reach game designers at all levels with choices possible in all types of computer games. The focus here is on 'gameplay': structures of player interaction within the game system, and with other players: chapters examine both the theory behind game development and pattern choices, and the structure of the actual patterns themselves, based on what aspect of 'gameplay' they cover. Add a cd-rom of pattern collections from the book, slides, and PDF versions in card form and you have a wide-ranging presentation game programmers will ind essential.

The Essential Guide To Geocaching
Mike Dyer
Fulcrum Publishing
16100 Table Mountain Parkway, #300, Golden, CO 80403
1555915221 $12.95 1-800-992-2908

Both beginning and experienced geocachers can learn the basics of navigation, outdoor safety and geocaching games through this survey of an outdoor activity all ages can enjoy. 'Geocaching' uses a GPS receiver and map, compass and computer access to locate a 'virtual cache'. The better you hone your GPS navigational skills, the more quickly a cache can be located. A 'cache' is a hidden location where players can leave a variety of 'treasure' and clues - geocaching is a fun concept and Mike Dyer's The Essential Guide To Geocaching: Tracking Treasure With Your GPS provides all the basics.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Heavy Horses
Diana Zeuner
Shire Publications
c/o Parkwest Publications
PO Box 20261, NY, NY 10025-1512
0747806020 $16.00 1-646-215-9003

Heavy horses played important roles in the development of western economies, toiling in mines, at mills, and on farms - but since the invention of the tractor, their popularity and usefulness has waned. Heavy Horses features the various breeds and their modern agricultural usefulness, with color photos throughout. A lovely, if not slim, title.

The American Quarter Horse
Steven D. Price
The Lyons Press
PO Box 480, Guilford, CT 06437
1592282725 $17.95 1-800-836-0510

The American Quarter Horse Association has participated in producing The American Quarter Horse: An Introduction To Selection, Care, And Enjoyment, a virtual 'bible' of detail on the American quarter house, packing in details for all levels of riders and owners from novices to professionals. From an introductory history of the breed to detailed tips on selecting a horse, stabling, grooming and health, black and white and color photos throughout supplement all the basics needed to own or assess a quarter horse. The American Quarter Horse is an essential reference and a "must" for owners and riders of this remarkable animal.

There's A Bobcat In My Backyard!
Jonathan Hanson
University of Arizona Press
355 South Euclid Avenue, Suite 103, Tucson, AZ 85719-6654
0816521867 $16.95 1-800-426-3797

The subtitle of Jonathan Hanson's There's A Bobcat In My Backyard! is 'Living with and Enjoying Urban Wildlife'. The regional focus is the Southwest, where nature is very close to human inhabitants. Author and urban wildlife expert Hanson should know: he is a veteran naturalist and his background lends to a discussion of how readers can live alongside wildlife peacefully - and can learn from the experience. Turn a backyard into a miniature wildlife refuge through thoughtful choices of food, water and habitat, cope with unwanted denizens, and learn to enjoy birds and mammals alike.

Dr. Fisher's Life On The Ark
Lester E. Fisher, DVM
Racom Communications
815 Ridge Ave., Evanston, IL 60202
0970451563 $26.95

Similar in scope and approach to the UK vet's James Herriot are Dr. Lester Fisher's stories of zoo encounters gleaned from wild animal experiences from around the world. From an alligator in his back yard to vet school excitement to caring for 2,000 carrier pigeons during World War II and beyond, Dr. Fisher doesn't stay still long, traveling the world in search of zoo animals in need, whether it be Africa or India. The result is a lively and fun read for wild animal fans and enthusiasts in Dr. Fisher's Life On The Ark: Green Alligators, Bushman, And Other "Hare-Raising" Tales From America's Most Popular Zoo And Around the World.

Guide To Backyard Birds
Julie R. Mancini & Pamela L. Hidgon
250 Wireless Rd., Hauppage, NY 11788
0764126873 $16.95 1-800-645-3476

Beginning birders intrigued by birds and their traits will welcome the introductory Guide To Backyard Birds, which packs in advice from how to feed them and arrange a yard for maximum attraction to employing regional charts to discern popular birders in the area, or locate Web sites that offer more details on wild birds. Bright color photos accompany tips on everything from how to behave when observing birds to what kinds of seed to buy.

Why Birds Do That
Michael Furtman
Willow Creek Press
PO Box 147, Minocqua, WI 54548
1595430598 $15.95 1-800-850-9453

There are thousands of books on the market describing bird habits, habitats, natural history, but dedicated birdwatchers should never overlook Michael Furtman's Why Birds Do That: 40 Distinctive Bird Behaviors Explained & Photographed. This impressively "user friendly", informed and informative title is a bird of another feather, going beyond the usual observation description to probe the 'why' behind the behavior. Gorgeous color photos by Steve & Dave Maslowski accent the survey, which covers 40 distinctive bird behaviors and illustrates them with photographic evidence.

Winging It
Catherine Coulter, et al.
University of New Mexico Press
1 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131-0001
0826330681 $19.95 1-800-249-7737

The collaborative work of Catherine Coulter, Cynthia Lucina Coulter, James Coulter, Vivian Coulter, Jennifer Owings, Entire families and all ages with Southwest residence or affiliation will discover a treasure trove of detail in Winging It: A Beginner's Guide To Birds Of The Southwest, an ideal guidebook, especially for the novice birdwatcher, to birds of the Southwest pairing realistic. Enhanced with lovely drawings by Jennifer Owings Dewey, along with photos and discussions of birds, kids, and birdwatching, covering such issues as how to attract birds to making hummingbird nectar or identifying birds, all the basics are here, with a Southwest orientation. Highly recommended!

David Badger
Voyageur Press
PO Box 338, Stillwater, MN 55082
089658674X $19.95 1-800-888-9653

If frogs are the attraction, don't miss natural history writer David Badger's Frogs, which profiles over fifty frogs selected for their unusual qualities. There are over 3,950 species in the world, so it's unlikely even the most avid frog fan will have seen many of these fascinating photos. But Frogs isn't just a coffee table picture book; it pairs photos by John Neterton with David Badger's non-technical facts and observations, making for an outstanding result.

Ruffing It
Mardi Richmond & Melanee L. Barash
Alpine Publications, Inc.
PO Box 7027, Loveland, CO 80537
157779009X $21.95 1-800-777-7257

Ruffing It: The Complete Guide To Camping With Dogs is a straightforward guide for pet owners who are outdoor enthusiasts. From how to protect your dog from common hazards (including the importance of training one's pet not to drink from rivers or streams - they can get as sick as you can from from waterborne diseases! Instead, bring plenty of filtered water for the dog to drink too) to basic first aid, needed supplies, training for life out in the rough, and more. Black-and-white photographs and simple illustrations add a visual touch to this indispensible guide packed with advice on where to go, fun activities to do, getting along with wilderness creatures, and much more. A "must-have" for anyone looking forward to the joy of camping with a beloved pet.'s Unites States And Canada Dog Travel Guide
Tara Kain, Inc.
6454 Pony Express Trail, #33-233, Pollock Pines, CA 95726
0971874239 $19.95 1-877-475-2275

Superbly organized and presented,'s Unites States And Canada Dog Travel Guide by dog travel expert Tara Kain lists thousands of "dog friendly" accommodations in all 50 states and the provinces of Canada regardless of dog breed or size. Enhanced with easy-to-use "Highway Guides" for major highways and interstates, as well as a "Coastal Beach Guide" citing hundreds of dog-friendly beaches, and more than 40 "City Guides" with dog-friendly attractions, parks, outdoor restaurants, and more,'s Unites States And Canada Dog Travel Guide is the complete reference for lodging, attractions, dining, parks and beaches to enjoy with your canine companion. This newly updated and expanded second edition is wonderfully portable and would serve as the only necessary planning guide to take along your dog no matter where you need or want to travel throughout North America.

The Self-Help Shelf

Teen Quest
Randy Beck
Goblin Fern Press
3809 Mineral Point Road, Madison, WI 53705
1591965357 $12.95 1-888-670-2665

Teen Quest: A Journey In The Pursuit Of Personal Excellence For Teens And Young Adults by Randy Beck (President and founder of the "Cross the Line" Personal Development Corporation" is a 91-page compendium of self-help advice and self-improvement exercises specifically designed to educate young readers on some universal truths and basic realties of developing and maintaining successful relationships and life choices. Strongly recommended to the attention of teen counselors, teachers, and parents, the "do-it-yourself" format is equally appropriate for individual teen readers as a personal study course, as it is a useful text for a small group counseling program.

Life 2.0
Rich Karlgaard
Crown Business
1745 Broadway, #B1, NY, NY 10019
1400046076 $24.95 1-800-726-0600

Where is happiness located in life? In Life 2.0: How People Across America Are Transforming Their Lives By Finding The Where Of Their Happiness, author Rich Karlgaard used his own personal and professional midlife crisis as a foundation for considering the roots of the American dream of continuous upward mobility - and how it is present in modern times. Karlgaard fell in love with flying at age 45: he combined his newfound flying skills with a mission to fly around the country gaining insights into American happiness. Life 2.0 is filled with case histories with some surprising insights.

Shambhala Publications, Inc.
300 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115-4544

Despite our best efforts it's easy to remain unhappy and to feel unfulfilled: if only we could identify those elements which can't be changed in life, and accept them! That's the message of David Richo's Five Things We Cannot Change And The Happiness We Find By Embracing Them (1590302095, $18.95), which identifies five 'givens' of life and relationships, showing how to acknowledge and accept these 'givens' and move on. While most apply to relationships, the larger view applies these same givens to other life circumstances. Add a healthy dose of religious insights on many levels and you have a fine self-help guide to peace of mind. Michael Carroll's Awake At Work: 35 Practical Buddhist Principles For Discovering Clarity And Balance In The Midst Of Work's Chaos (1570629838, $21.95) blends Eastern philosophy, work issues and Buddhist principles in a wide-ranging guide using common workplace hassles and issues to explore conflict resolution. From cultivating stillness to pacifying and equating cynicism with personal courage and honesty, Awake At Work holds a myriad of spiritual insights paired to everyday work scenarios.

The Gardening Shelf

The Essential Garden Design Workbook
Rosemary Alexander
Timber Press
133 S.W. Second Avenue, Suite 450, Portland OR 97204-3527
0881926647 $34.95 1-800-327-5680

The Essential Garden Design Workbook is a highly detailed design workbook especially intended for serious home gardeners, students of design, and professionals. Expertly written by Rosemary Alexander (the founder and principal of The English Gardening School), The Essential Garden Design Workbook is illustrated cover-to-cover with simple diagrams and sections of full color photographs. Individual chapters deftly cover necessary research and preparations, how to develop the initial design, what to take into account when finalizing the garden layout plan, creating a planting plan, visualizing and constructing the design, and a host of minor details. The Essential Garden Design Workbook is highly recommended as a detailed instructional for learning to blend individually creative instincts with practical necessities to create truly memorable gardens.

Perennial Gardener's Design Primer
Stephanie Cohen & Nancy Ondra
Storey Books
210 Mass MoCa Way, N. Adams, MA 02147
1580175430 $24.95

Perennials may be put in their place using an organized design pattern and Stephanie Cohen's teaching background blends with nursery owner Nancy Ondra's experience with rare plants to make for an excellent set of design tips in Perennial Gardener's Design Primer. Here are 20 plans for different kinds of gardens, along with designer tips, checklists, and a list of recommended reliable perennials. Color photos and plenty of diagrams and charts pack life into a recommended gardener's planning guide.

Seeds Of Wealth
Henry Hobhouse
Shoemaker & Hoard Publishers
c/o Avalon Publishing Group
245 West 17th Street, 11th floor, New York, NY 10011-5300
1593760442 $25.00 1-800-788-3123

Gardening history and trivia enthusiasts will welcome Henry Hobhouse's gorgeous Seeds Of Wealth: Four Plants That Made Men Rich, presenting four essays examining the social consequences of exploiting timber, tobacco, rubber and the wine grape. These are cash crops central to world interests for centuries: all have had a major impact on the world - and all have been largely ignored. Each essay provides an exciting history which surveys the plant's evolution in human affairs. Hobhouse has long been a reporter and Seeds Of Wealth is scholarly yet accessible and highly recommended for the non-specialist general reader with an interest in agriculture and its role in creating prosperity.

The Secret Teachings Of Plants
Stephen Harrod Buhner
Bear & Company
c/o Inner Traditions International
One Park Street, Rochester, VT 05767
1591430356 $18.00 1-800-246-8648

World-wide traditions largely recognize the importance of plant medicines and the direct perception of nature through the 'intelligence of the heart' - and modern science is proving that over half the heart is comprised of neural cells. In The Secret Teachings Of Plants: The Intelligence Of The Heart In The Direct Perception Of Nature, Stephen Buhner explores the idea of a heart-centered mode of perception, relating this to learning the medicinal uses of plants from the plants themselves. Science and spirituality blend in an intriguing ecological assessment of what the plant world can teach us.

Creating And Planting Alpine Gardens
Rex Murfitt
B.B. Mackey Books
PO Box 475, Wayne, PA 19087
1893443078 $22.50

Award-winning rock gardener Rex Murfitt presents Creating And Planting Alpine Gardens: How To Build Small Rock Gardens And Work With Alpine Plants, a guide to the challenges and rewards of raising Alpine plants, especially in lowland climates. Alpine plants evolved on high, windy sites and do not adapt well to hot summers or moist soil - to survive, they need top-quality drainage, good light, protected rock crevices, and gritty soil. Able to thrive in limited growing space, can be raised in rock gardens, raised beds, containers, or other variations; Creating And Planting Alpine Garens walks the reader through the details of what preparations to make, and what pitfalls to watch out for. Black-and-white photographs with some sections of inset color photographs illustrate this hands-on, easy-to-use guide for gardeners at all levels of experience.

Color Your Garden
Jill Billington
770 Broadway, New York, NY 10003
0823007596 $29.95 1-800-451-1741

Every gardener wishes for a colorful garden, but many controversies surround building one. Author Jill Billington was an artist before she became a garden designer, so she comes from a different perspective than most gardening books provide, matching an eye for color with planting design details. Her love of plants blends well with an artist's eye and provides a beautifully-done guide in Color Your Garden that is very highly recommended for gardeners and landscapers from novice beginners to seasoned professionals.

Garden Insects Of North America
Whitney Cranshaw
Princeton University Press
41 William Street, Princeton, NJ 08540
0691095612 $29.95 1-800-777-4726

If it's only one book on garden pests you seek for your collection, make it Whitney Cranshaw's Garden Insects Of North America: The Ultimate Guide To Backyard Bugs. Color photos packed throughout make for a weighty paperback which is the most comprehensive, yet the most user-friendly, big bible going. Over 1,420 bugs from fruit flies to borers, aphids to bees, are covered, organizing them not by bug but by plant area affected for quick reference, and by taxa within that. The latest pest management tips for each are here, too, along with all key stages of insect life. Cranshow is a professor and specialist at Colorado State University: his guide should be a standard not just for public library reference collections, but any avid home gardner's bookshelf.

Botany For Gardeners
Brian Capon
Timber Press
133 S.W. Second Avenue, Suite 450, Portland OR 97204-3527
0881926558 $19.95 1-800-327-5680

Now in a newly revised edition, Botany For Gardeners is an instructional, scientific text written specifically in everyday language for gardeners, horticulturalists, and lay people. Author Brian Capon, a former professor of botany with thirty years' experience, explains how plants are structured, how they adapt to their environment, how water is transported from soil to leaves, why minerals, air, and light are important for healthy plant growth, how plants reproduce, and much more. Black-and-white diagrams and color photographs illustrate this superb self-teaching tool for the truly dedicated gardening enthusiast.

The Architecture Shelf

Andres Lepik
900 Broadway, #603, NY, NY 10003
3791331558 $35.00 1-888-463-6110

Andres Lepik's Skyscrapers is an oversized presentation fitting to its subject of skyscrapers, providing tall full-page photos of technological monuments to accompany discussions of major world skyscraper icons and their backgrounds. An exciting survey of the past, present and future, Lepik's Skyscrapers earns a place in any serious architectural library.

The American History Shelf

Scenes Of Visionary Enchantment
Dayton Duncan
University of Nebraska Press
233 N. 8th St., Lincoln, NE 68588-0255
0803217242 $22.00 1-800-755-1105

There have been a great many fine books published in the last year on Lewis and Clark. One of the very best of those books is Dayton Duncan's Scenes Of Visionary Enchantment: Reflections On Lewis And Clark and richly deserves ongoing recommendation beyond the famous expedition's anniversary date. Presenting Duncan's retracing of the Corps of Discovery's route from St. Louis to the Pacific and back - four different times in the past twenty years, his travelogue commentary provides keen insights on people and places seen along the way, emphasizing why Lewis and Clark's discoveries remain so important today.

Lewis & Clark Revisited
Reg MacGregor
University of Washington Press
PO Box 50096, Seattle, WA 981455096
0295983434 $29.95 1-206-543-4050

Another classic guide to Lewis and Clark which stands out from the crowd, Lewis And Clark Revisited: A Photographer's Trail follows the famed explorer's route and packs in a wealth of black and white photos of the Lewis and Clark experience. Almost ten years ago photographer Reg MacGregor began his journey following the Lewis and Clark route, photographing the country along the way. Highly recommended for both simple browing and serious study, Lewis And Clark Revisited provides a fine - often thought-provoking - set of images reflecting a much-changed land since the original expeditions.

The Fate Of Corps
Larry E. Morris
Yale University Press
Box 209040, New Haven, CT 06520-9040
0300102658 $30.00 1-800-987-7323

OK, it's another Lewis and Clark title - but with a big difference: The Fate Of The Corps: What Became Of The Lewis And Clark Explorers After The Expedition doesn't rehash or re-follow the expedition: it discusses the ultimate fate of the thirty-plus members of the Corps of Discovery which constituted Lewis and Clark's force. Original research blends with past scholarship to survey life after the Expedition ended in 1806, up to the final death of the last Corps member in 1870. Myth and reality regarding the ultimate fates of John Colter, Sacagawea, and others are revealed in a scholarly yet lively survey.

Exploring With Lewis And Clark
James J. Holmberg, editor
University of Oklahoma Press
4100 28th Avenue, NW, Norman, OK 73069
080613674X $45.00 1-800-627-7377

Strongly recommended for academic library collections as an American History primary resource, Exploring With Lewis And Clark: The 1804 Journal Of Charles Floyd presents a journal of expeditionary writings by Sergeant Charles Floyd, one of the first three men enlisted in Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery. Born in 1782, Floyd kept a precise diary of the expedition, yet he sadly succumbed to a ruptured appendix and became the only member to die during this epic journey of discovery, losing his life near present-day Sioux City. Exploring with Lewis and Clark photographically reproduces the pages Floyd wrote in his own handwriting, a typeface transcript for easy reading, extensive historical and context notes, and a thoughtfully informative introduction. Skillfully edited by James Holmberg and illustrated with a handful of photographs and artwork, Exploring With Lewis And Clark is a superbly presented primary source of American history, and an impressive contribution to the study of the Lewis & Clark expedition that is not to be missed.

Art Deco New York
David Garrard Lowe
770 Broadway, New York NY 10003
0823002845 $40.00 1-800-451-1741

Art Deco New York is more than just another presentation of samples: it's a rich history which focuses on the major hallmarks of the design evident throughout New York City, and also considers the underlying social and political movements which helped create and foster them. Art Deco New York holds the ability to appeal to two audiences: art deco students, and New Yorkers who would understand some of the foundation works of their city. Color and black and white photos throughout lends to a rich presentation.

Building The Loom City
S. Ardis Abbott
Dorrance Publishing
701 Smithfield Street, 3rd Floor, Pittsburgh, Pa 15222-3906
0805961356 $15.00 1-800-788-7654

The Industrial Revolution is one of the turning points of American history, and the period just prior to the 19th century saw mechanized inventions advance by leaps - as seen in Rockville, Connecticut, a former leading woolen textile manufacturing center. Immigrant and mill worker history contributes to this survey of how a small village changed to turn itself into such a producer. An intriguing story of how change was achieved, Building The Loom City: Rockville, Connecticut, 1821-1908 is a welcome and highly recommended addition to American History reference collections.

Small Town
Granville Hicks
Fordham University Press
2546 Belmont Avenue, University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458-5172
0823223574 $26.00

Granville Hicks (1901-1982) wrote reviews, essays, novels, and works of literary history and criticism for more than fifty years. In 1946 Hicks wrote Small Town in which he gave his readers a fascinating and timeless portrait of life in the rural crossroads of Grafton, New York. This was a small community to which had had moved after being fired for his left-wing political views from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In Small Town, Hicks combined hand-crafted ethnography research with his personal reflections on the qualities of small town life as they were being threatened by post-war encroachments by spreading cities and expanding suburbs. Hicks eloquently defined the essential qualities of small town community life and linked to hem to the best features of American popular and political culture. Long out of print and highly recommended reading for students of twentieth century American culture and history, this new edition of Small Town is enhanced for a new generation of readers with an informed and informative introduction by Warren F. Broderick and a preface by Ron Powers.

Jefferson And Madison On Separation Of Church And State
Lenni Brenner, editor
Barricade Books
185 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 308-A, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
1569802734 !6.95

Jefferson And Madison On Separation Of Church And State: Writings On Religion And Secularism is painstakingly compiled and professionally edited by historian, journalist, lecturer and freethinker Lenni Brenner. In today's political climate of red states and blue states, neo-cons and the religious right, "family values" and federally funded "faith-based" initiative, prayer in public schools and moves to constitutionally deny gay marriage, a renewed look at the thoughts and comments by two of our most influential founding fathers on the subject of religion and the state is both timely and needed. The selections comprising this highly recommended reference for politicians, clergy, and non-specialist general readers with a stake in the separation of church and state, draw from correspondence between Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and other notable figures of early American history including George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Law, John Jay, Tom Paine, William Bradford, and the Marquis de Lafayette. Of special note are two appendices in which the timelines of Jefferson and Madison's lives are presented, and a "Scholar's Afterword" which traces the history of religion in American politics from the Civil War to the present day. Urgently recommended reading!

The Judaic Studies Shelf

The Yellow Star
Gerhard Schoenberner
Fordham University Press
2546 Belmont Avenue, Bronx, NY 10458
0823223906 $35.00 1-800-247-6553

Revised, updated, and expanded since its initial publication in 1960, and back in print in the United States after 30 years, The Yellow Star: The Persecution Of The Jews In Europe, 1933-1945 is the first photographic account of the Holocaust. The black-and-white images clearly illustrate the horror of Hitler's final solution: starvation, mass theft, mass murder. A disturbing and shocking account to page through, The Yellow Star supplements its images with plain text explaining the extent and methodology of genocide perpetrated by the Nazi regime. A sober and vital reminder of the atrocities humanity is capable of, and the need to prevent the Holocaust from happening again.

Building Jewish In The Roman East
Peter Richardson
Baylor University Press
One Bear Place, #97363, Waco, TX 76798-7363
1932792015 $39.95 1-800-710-3217

Building Jewish In The Roman East is a scholarly study of ancient Jewish archaeology in the Mediterranean, particularly in small rural villages in Galileein the early Roman period, the development of synagogues as "Jewish associations", and the rush of construction under Herod the Great in the first century BCE. Extensively researched chapters scrutinize tombs, the historical significancd of Biblical events such as Jesus' protest in the Temple Precincts, architectural transitions from synagogues and house churches to purpose-built churches, and much more. An inset selection of color plates rounds out this fascinating, unique, and in-depth examination of historic Jewish architectural designs and motives.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Deathstalker Coda
Simon R. Green
ROC Books
375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014
0451460111 $23.95 1-800-847-5515

Fans of Simon R. Green's "Deathstalker" series will find the latest a 'must have' conclusion to the series: here Owen Deathstalker has survived his confrontation with the Terror - only to discover its real, shocking identity. To stop his former love, he must prevent her transformation even as political forces vie for power. Deathstalker Coda is a highly recommended pick and essential reading for any prior Deathstalker fan.

Baen Books
PO Box 1403, Riverdale, NY 10471

Each month Baen produces a host of moving science fiction stories: most based around political or alternative history plots, all with high adventure and good characterization. Leo Frankowski and Dave Grossman's The War With Earth (0743498771, $6.99) tells of a rich planet lacking the basics for life: colonists moved from Earth against their will and live underground, mining the largess but not enjoying its richness. Add a war fought in virtual reality and you have a different kind of adventure. James P. Hogan's The Anguished Dawn (0743498763, $7.99) tells of a near-dead Earth where the poles have shifted and few survivors remain - except for a Saturn colony determined to preserve Earth's culture. A bid for freedom and the return of civilization involves a return to earth with the hopes of a new beginning. Fred Saberhagen's Rogue Berserker (0743498739, $22.00) tells of a quest for revenge and one Harry Silver, who faces economic ruin until a wealthy human offers him a new ship in return for a new Berserker encounter. Revenge is sweet, Silver finds as kidnapping of his family by a Berserker once more involves him in conflict. C.J. Cherryh, Mercedes Lackey, Nancy Asire and Leslie Fish's Sword Of Knowledge (0743498755, $24.00) tells of an empire overwhelmed by the army and hostile wizards of its oppressors - unless a small group of philosopher-scientists can convince the rulers of Sabis to build the deadly new weapon, the cannon. In hardcover under one cover for the first time is a fantasy which is gripping and fast-paced. David Drake, Eric Flint and Jim Baen: three powerhouse writers working together in The World Turned Upside Down (0743498747, $24.00), a strong gathering of stories presented by editors who found them influential in their own careers. Stories come from a range of sources, from Analog in the 1930s to major works over the decades. David Weber and Keith Laumer work together on Bolo! (0743498720, $25.00) the story of 'humanity's warriors' who have proved immortal fighting machines and lethal artificialintelligences. Bolos never quit - and Bolo! Proves some intriguing stories of Bolo/human symbiosis.

895 B St. #423, Hayward, CA 94541

The Encyclopedia Cthulhiana By Daniel Harms (1568821190, $17.95) came out some time ago and is now in its second revised edition, but deserves ongoing recommendation as a 'staple' for any Lovecraft fan or serious collection. The new second edition has been extensively revised and adds over a hundred fifty new pages and numerous new entries. The entire arrangement is designed to provide a handy A-Z reference of Lovecraftian horror themes, personalities, settings, and history. Sandy Petersen,'s Shadows Of Yog-Sothoth (1568821743, $23.95) offers a seven-part campaign revealing details of the Silver Twilight, an international organization devoted to releasing the dread Cthulhu of Lovecraft fame. Game players who enjoyed Call Of Cthulhu will relish this detailed roleplaying extension, which adds to the Call Of Cthulhu line. Nine modern variations of Cthulhu stories are packed into The Stars Are Right! (1568821778, $23.95), a gathering of new voices who contribute nine disturbing tales and roleplaying settings for gamers. Richard Watts and other contributors provide strong settings and black and white drawings throughout lend atmosphere and spooky intrigue to the results. Highly recommended picks for the avid Lovecraft horror fan, all.

DAW Books Inc.
375 Hudson St., New York NY 10014

Two new arrivals provide series contributions to fans who harbor an affection for detailed science fiction scenarios and complex plots. Jude Fisher's The Rose Of The World (0756401879, $23.95) contributes Book 3 to her 'Fool's Gold' series, presenting a world influenced by powerful magic disrupted by the greed of a great sorcerer. Loosed into the world, the Rosa Eldi is regaining lost memories, while her male counterpart awakens to life. Her dangerous powers are made the more questionable by her ignorance of how to use them, injecting an uncertainty into the world's survival. C.J. Cherryh's Destroyer (0756402530, $24.95) contributes the third book to her "Foreigner" series: set two years since a starship's mission, the Phoenix is almost home with a peaceful first contact with aliens to its credit - only to find 'home' has been changed by a dangerous civil war. Is there no rest for the weary? A solid addition to a successful series.

The Psychology Shelf

On Human Nature
Edward O. Wilson
Harvard University Press
79 Garden St., Cambridge, MA 02138
0674016386 $18.95 1-800-448-2242

If Edward O. Wilson's On Human Nature sounds familiar, it's because this printing represents the 25th anniversary of the original classic that gave birth to the field of evolutionary psychology. Adding a new preface to this edition, Wilson reflects on how he came to write the book which would led to a political, religious and scientific uproar. A seminal, groundbreaking, informative, thought-provoking, enduringly valuable, and highly recommended read.

The Antidepressant Solution
Joseph Glenmullen, MD
The Free Press
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
0743269721 24.00 1-800-223-2336

Early last year the FDA issued warnings about the dangers of antidepressant use in both adults and teens: Harvard psychiatrist Joseph Glenmullen has studied the use of antidepressants for much of his career, has prescribed them for patients, and in his The Antidepressant Solution: A Step-by-Step Guide To Safely Overcoming Antidepressant Withdrawal, Dependence, And "Addiction" reveals further dangers of such drugs. So how can patients decrease dependency and danger? From changing doses to tapering off completely, chapters provide a logical program, not just a caution, making it a practical guide for any interested in getting away from antidepressant use.

Cogwheels Of The Mind
A.W.F. Edwards
Johns Hopkins University Press
2715 N. Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21218
0801874343 $25.00 1-800-537-5487

Few may known about the Venn diagram -- a basic concept of three overlapping circles that intersect to create eight distinct areas, used for business strategy, medicine, computer science and physics alike. Cogwheels Of The Mind: The Story Of Venn Diagrams is expertly written by statistician and geneticist A.W.F. Edwards who covers the history of the Venn diagram, its use, and its presence in a range of disciplines.

Ethics In Plain English
Thomas F. Nagy
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242
1591472016 $39.95 1-800-368-5777

Now in an updated second edition wholly rewritten to be made consistent with updated standards of the newly revised APA Ethics Code (2002), Ethics In Plain English: An Illustrative Casebook For Psychologists is a resource especially intended for psychologists. Describing how to apply the principles of the Ethics Code of the American Psychological Association to ethical dilemmas commonly encountered. From issues of privacy and confidentiality, to regulations concerning advertising and public statements, to standards for education, training, research and publication, and much more, Ethics In Plain English breaks down the required expectations in to practical and easily understandible terms. Gray boxes highlight points that go straight to the heart of the matters discussed, such as "Never pay, give gifts to, or compensate a newspaper reporter, radio or TV reporter, Internet journalist, or any other journalist in the print or electronic media in return for an interview endorsing or promoting your work in a news story", "If you review or screen the work of others, resist the temptation to use the newly submitted information for any purpose whatsoever", and "Enough is enough! Do not provide endless therapy if the patient does not need it, is not being helped in some way, or, even worse, is being harmed by continuing to see you (e.g. financially, by fostering overdependence, or some other way)". An absolute must-read for practicing and aspiring psychologists.

Transitions In Dying & Bereavement
Moira Cairns, et al.
Health Professions Press
Box 10624, Baltimore, MD 21285-0624
1878812920 $44.95

Co-written by professional counseling staff members Moira Cairns, Marney Thompson, Wendy Wainwright and sanctioned by the Victoria Hospice Society, Transitions In Dying & Bereavement: A Psychosocial Guide For Hospice And Palliative Care walks the reader through the stages that chronically ill and dying individuals and their families must progress through, from diagnosis to death to bereavement. The most effective interventions for easing stress and confusion are clearly explained, along with sample dialogues that reveal the issues and challenges at each step. Chapters include notes on multicultural and interdenominational perspectives on death and dying, perspectives on body image, intimacy, and sexuality in the dying, ways to help alleviate feelings of anxiety, fear, burnout, denial, and powerlessness, ways to help in planning for death, and much more. A must-read for aspiring or practicing hospice counselors.

The Islamic Studies Shelf

The Receding Shadow Of The Prophet
Ray Takeyh & Nikolas K. Gvosdev
Praeger Publishers
88 Post Road, Westport, CT 06881
0275976297 $24.95

September 11th increased fears of a powerful Islamic tide rising to destabilize Muslim countries; yet past experience proved such concerns unfounded, and while Islam has become an ideology of wrath, it's failed to unique Islamic nations with any major reforms or campaigns. The Receding Shadow Of The Prophet: The Rise And Fall Of Radical Political Islam surveys radical political Islam's successes and failures in the modern world, offering penetrating views of how they've failed, and how their emphasis on violence frightens potential allies. Ray Takeyh is a professor, Gvosdev and editor: their book provides penetrating examples.

The Wolves Of Islam
Paul Murphy
Brasseys Inc./Potomac Books
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166-2019
1574888307 $27.95 1-800-775-2518

In 2004 schoolchildren were massacred in a horrifying murder scene in Russia which shook the world and was led by one Shamil Basayev, leader of the terrorist Wolves. Paul Murphy's The Wolves Of Islam: Russia And The Faces Of Chechen Terror deftly examines the disaster and the terrorist group connected to it and other terrorist actions in the region, providing the author's counterterrorist insider's viewpoint in analyzing the faces of Chechen terrorism and Islamic insurgent forces at work in the region. The result is an impressively involving, frightening, informative, and thought provoking survey of immense importance.

The Military Shelf

Hugh Lauter Levin Association
9 Burr Rd., Westport, CT 06880

Two weighty, outstanding new military titles are simply not to be missed: not for the casual reader, they are gorgeous in-depth and oversized histories packed with detail. Take Tom Beard's The Coast Guard (0883631164, $75.00), for example: the Foundation for Coast Guard History worked with Beard to produce a magnificent survey from a team of historians and scholars, active and retired officers, and writers. Over 350 pages of text pair with lovely color photos packing in a handsome history which even includes a medallion-inlaid display cover. Even weightier and more impressive is Colonel Raymond K. Bluhm Jr.'s U.S. Army: A Complete History (088363113X, $75.00), presented by an Army officer who served in senior positions, active duty, and various positions for thirty years. Nearly 1,000 pages of history provides about the only history the Army will ever need, serving as both a reference and a military history cornerstone. Official Army chronologies provide year-by-year and daily summations of significant Army encounters and battles from the early Colonies to modern times, packing key historical entries with expanded sidebar commentary and articles by leading historians. U.S. Army: A Complete History is much more than an encyclopedia of summaries: the detail is quite packed with analysis and history and the illustrations are, again, magnificent. Both are powerful coverages, highly recommended.

Wastrels Of Defense
Winslow T. Wheeler
Naval Institute Press
291 Wood Rd., Annapolis, MD 21402
159114938X $28.95 1-800-233-8764

How does Congress sabotage U.S. security? Wastrels of Defense: How Congress Sabotages U.S. Security is no sensationalist title: it's written by a veteran National Security Advisor to four senators and backed by years of political insider interactions. His is a damning expose arguing that since 9/11, Congress has endangered the nation's security by diverting money from war-fighting accounts to pay for state interests. Meticulous documentation of such actions makes this a winning title not limited to one party or philosophy, but to an overall analysis of Congressional failures.

Reich Of The Black Sun
Joseph P. Farrell
Adventures Unlimited Press
PO Box 74, Kempton, IL 60946
1931882398 $16.95 1-815-253-6390

In Reich Of The Black Sun: Nazi Secret Weapons & The Cold War Allied Legend, author and iconoclast Joseph Farrell provides intriguing answers to a series of hitherto unasked questions: Why were the Allies worried about an atom bomb attack by the Germans in 1944? Why did the Soviets threaten to use poison gas against the Germans? Why did Hitler insist in 1945 that holding Prague could win the war for the Nazis? Why did General George Patton's Third Army race to control the Skoda Works at Pilsen in Czechoslovakia instead of heading for Berlin? Why did the American army not test the uranium bomb it dropped on Hiroshima? Why did the Luftwaffe fly a non-stop round trip mission to within twenty miles of New York City in 1944?. Reich Of The Black Sun is a simply fascinating and thoughtfully engaging historical treatise that reveals the Nazis fascination with the occult, alternative physics, as well as new energy sources and weaponry. Inherently thought provoking reading, Reich Of The Black Sun draws upon a wealth of documentation and an "alternative history" discourse that is as thoughtful as it is thought provoking. Very highly recommended reading and a seminal addition to personal and academic World War II historical studies collections.

The Tank Killers
Harry Yeide
2114 Darby Road, Havertown, PA 19083
1932033262 $32.95 1-610-853-9131

The Tank Killers: A History of America's World War II Tank Destroyer Force is an exciting history of the American Tank Destroyer Force (TD) in North Africa, Italy, and the European Theater during World War II, and the men who served in those battalions. Drawing heavily upon internal records and interviews with survivors, author and international affairs analyst Harry Yeide presents the none-too-pretty details of the TD's missions, recounting the saga of the TD from its inception in 1941 until the end of the war in 1945. The invaluable battlefield contribution of the TD gets the in-depth treatment it deserves in this compelling and extensively researched history.

50 Battles: 5,000 Years Of Conflict
Jay Kimmel
CoryStevens Publishing
15350 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97230
0942893050 $25.00

50 Battles: 5,000 Years Of Conflict is a military history atlas that scrutinizes over 50 conflicts that changed the world, from the era of Troy to the Iraqi War of 2003. Illustrated in black-and-white with a confluence of maps, 50 Battles: 5,000 Years Of Conflict traces the progression, deciding factors, costly mistakes, and other historical details of each battle. A fascinating resource to browse for non-specialist general readers and military historians alike.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

The ABC's Of POD
Dehanna Bailee
Blue Leaf Publications
PO Box 20, Huntersville, NC 28070
0975509527 $8.95

POD stands for "publish on demand" and is an industry that sprang up with the advent of desktop publishing to provide a service for authors seeking to publish their own work, but who could not afford the costs involved with traditional publishing practices. There are now dozens of POD companies offering a variety of services to transform a manuscript into a published book, and a variety of charges for these services. The key distinguishing feature of POD publication is the ability to print one book at a time as ordered by the buyers. This eliminates traditional minimum print runs, book storage costs and associated inventory costs overhead. The ABC's Of POD: A Beginners Guide To Fee-Based Print-on-Demand Publishing by POD expert Dehanna Bailee is an ideal introduction hallmarked with straightforward, easy-to-read chapters featuring "think spot" questions by section. There are more than forty additional exploratory inquires, a glossary, supplementary recommended reading selections, and invaluable lists of "Other tips and Ideas" and "Questions to ask present authors". If you are an aspiring author wanting to self-publish, then give a careful reading to Dehanna Bailee's The ABC's Of POD. Then visit Dehanna Bailee's online "POD Database" at

Writing And Publishing Personal Essays
Sheila Bender
Silver Threads
3738 Carmel View Road, San Diego, CA 92130
189306705X $19.95 1-858-794-1597

The essay and the memoir are forms of self-expression and often intended as a kind of literary legacy by their authors. Occasionally an obscure essayist will become widely known and find their writings among the ranks of recognized literature for subsequent generations of readers. Or to put it another way, the personal essay is a serious form of literature, collections of which achieve a lasting presence, and even influence, from one generation of readers to another. In Writing And Publishing Personal Essays, by poet, essayist, author, teacher, and publisher Sheila Bender shares a practical wealth of "tips and techniques" that she has used to help provide her students with the skills and confidence to become published writers. Among the benefits provided aspiring writers is a powerfully encouraging inducement to begin writing down their thoughts and observations using the essay as their vehicle; specifically useful, step-by-step instructions for writing eight different categories of personal essays; workable techniques for receiving and utilizing critical feedback; proven tips for getting essays published; as well as an extensive listing of additional resources for the dedicated essayist. There is even a roster of contributors that have helped Sheila Bender to make Writing And Publishing Personal Essays an invaluable and instructive resource for novice essayists, and offer even more experienced writers an extensive refresher along with a few ideas that might be new to them. Highly recommended reading for all aspiring authors regardless of their chosen formats for literary expression.

The Agents Directory
Rachel Vater
Emmis Books
1700 Madison Road, 2nd floor, Cincinnati, OH 45206
1578601444 $19.99

In The Agents Directory: Everything You Need To Know To Sell Your Book Or Script by editor-turned-agent Rachel Vater is a veritable compendium of insider information on what a literary agent does, instructions on how to tell a good agent from a bad one, and practical advice on how to approach an agent by mail or at a writer's conference. Avoiding agencies that won't accept new writers or who will charge novice writers money up-front just to read their manuscript, The Agents Directory focuses upon identifying the best literary and script agents who are looking for new author clients. Each individual listing is complete with detailed, up-to-date information about what type of work that particular agent accepts, other authors represented, recent sales, contract information, and submission guidelines. With detailed instructions for writing query letters (complete with examples), a bonus directory of American and Canadian writing conferences, an an extensive list of writer's organizations, The Agents Directory is the the ideal guidebook and instructional reference for aspiring writers wanting to get their work published as profitably as possible.

The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds
Peter Bowerman
Fanove Publishing
3713 Stonewall Circle, Atlanta, GA 30339
0967059852 $19.95

Peter Bowerman's first book on professional writing, The Well-Fed Writer was published in 2000 and established him as an expert in the field. Now he has published The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds. With 95% new content, this is no mere revision, but an original and "user friendly" step-by-step blueprint for selling what you write. The emphasis is upon marketing, promoting, cold-calling, and building up a freelance writing business. Aspiring freelancers will learn how to build up a writing clientele in smaller markets; how to start-up an effective and profitable part-time business as a freelance writer; learn to remove anxiety and fear from doing sales and marketing for what they write; learn the techniques of innovative marketing campaigns using direct mail, e-mail, and faxes; develop a mindset that will endure and thrive in economic good times and bad times; develop potent strategies for networking success; discover how to write profitable for unusual and niche markets; even how to team up with fellow writers for co-authored projects. The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds is enhanced further with specific sections on "Being a More Effective and Creative Writers"; self-publishing; answers to frequently asked questions about writing for profit; and writing/marketing resources for the successful freelancer. If you are serious about wanting to earn from what you write, then give a complete and careful reading to Peter Bowerman's The Well-Fed Writer: Back For Seconds.

Bookstore Tourism
Larry Portzline
Bookshop Junkie Press
PO Box 6067, Harrisburg, PA 17112-6067
0975893408 $10.00 1-717-541-0710

Bookstore Tourism: The Book Addict's Guide To Planning & Promoting Bookstore Road Trips For Bibliophiles & Other Bookshop Junkies by author and bibliophile Larry Portzlne is a combination tour guide, planner, and celebration of the independent bookstore. The result of the author's campaign of innovative grassroot efforts to promote and support independent bookstores through identifying them as a tourist destination and crating a new travel niche specifically designed for booklovers, Bookstore Tourism is as much fun as it is informational and is a superbly conceived and executed tool for the promotion of reading, literacy, travel, tourism, independent bookstores, and a shared love of books. There is also a very special serendipity with respect to Bookstore Tourism. It is an ideal reference and resource for authors and small press publishers seeking to create their own book tours, establish bookstore events within the community of independent bookstores across the nation. Of special note and value are the appendices providing contact information for national bookseller associations; regional bookseller associations; American literary and book festivals; a listing of books about books, bookstores, and reading groups; and state-by-state resource listings for agencies and bureaus dealing with the arts, economic development, history, libraries, and tourism. One of the most inexpensive and useful book oriented resources, the 104-page Bookstore Tourism is enthusiastically recommended for bibliophiles, authors, publishers, and booklovers everywhere.

Letters Of Credit
Walter Tracy
David R. Godine
PO Box 450, Jaffrey, NH 03452
1567922406 $19.95 1-800-344-4771

Typesetting has evolved from a hands-on metalworking skill to one generated by photos and computers - and the changing methods shows no signs of stability. Walter Tracy's Letters Of Credit: A View Of Type Design traces the movement from hot metal production to computers, arguing the letter forms themselves are always in a state of flux, no matter what their delivery system. Tracy has fifty years of professional experience as head of type design: his analysis criticizes type-design aesthetics and identifies common elements of hype and misinformation in the industry.

Publishing Confidential
Paul B. Brown
1601 Broadway, NY, NY 10019
0814472265 $14.95 1-800-250-5308

Paul B. Brown's Publishing Confidential: The Insider's Guide To What It Really Takes To Land A Nonfiction Book Deal deserves ongoing mention as an exceptional reference on what it takes to get a nonfiction book published and marketed. Brown has written many other successful business books and his background as former reporter for Business Week, Forbes, and other notable industry reference magazines lends to a guided survey of the entire publishing industry and its marketing politics.

The Education Of A Typographer
Steven Heller, editor
Allworth Press
10 E. 23rd St. #510, NY, NY 10010
1581153481 $19.95 1-800-491-2808

It's important to learn the elements of type before embarking on an exploration of graphic design: that's what makes Steven Heller's The Education Of A Typographer so important. Essays, interviews, and course syllabi explore the basics of teaching and learning typography, with writing by top designers and educators providing insights on the finer points of typography. Discussions cover everything from how to choose type among the hundreds of choices available to common elements of sloppy typographical choices, how to identify and eliminate them, and understanding typographic delivery to different audiences.

Forms Folds Sizes
Poppy Evans
Rockport Publishers
33 Commercial St., Gloucaster MA 01930
1592530540 $30.00

Any graphic designer working with forms and folds or the written word will find Poppy Evans' Forms Fold Sizes a 'must' for properly designing everything from brochures and envelopes to laying out the written word. Here are informed and informative discussions of type measures, postal standards, typography - virtually everything needed to graphically translate the written word properly, whether it be to page, envelope, or folder. Forms Folds Sizes is an essential guide and strongly recommended for professional and academic Graphic Arts collections, as well as the publisher reference resource shelf.

A Heavenly Craft
Daniel De Simone, editor
George Braziller
171 Madison Ave., NY, NY 10016
0807615366 $50.00 1-800-233-4830

Author Daniel De Simone is curator of the Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection at the Library of Congress, and his background lends well to an authoritative survey of 19th and 20th century scholarship on early woodcuts in hand-printed books. Other experts join in the production of A Heavenly Craft: The Woodcut In Early Printed Books with articles considering major woodcut book editions, from religious texts to period productions around the world. Add a healthy dose of color reproductions and fine close-ups and you have a seminal contribution to publishing history collections and supplemental reading lists -- as well as a specialty art library 'must'.

Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript
Cynthia Laufenberg
Writer's Digest Books/F&W Pub.
4700 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236
1582972907 $19.99 1-800-289-0963

Create appropriate, notable submissions for publication, from proposals and cover letters to complete manuscripts, using Cynthia Laufenberg's invaluable informational guide. Now in an updated and expanded second edition, Formatting & Submitting Your Manuscript is a 'must' for any writer aspiring to publication. Especially valuable are the tips on common mistakes made in the usual submission process, whether it be the initial query letter or the completed work.

The Education Shelf

Learn Math And Have Fun
Teora USA, LLC
KSB Promotions (publicity)
2 Wisconsin Circle, Suite 870, Chevy Chase, MD 20815
1594960097 $7.95 1-800-431-1579

A superbly organized and presented activity book for preschoolers, Learn Math And Have Fun provides a wealth of clever and varied games, puzzles, and challenges that will keep young children happily occupied for hours with the additional benefit of learning and practicing math concepts while having fun. Enhanced with colored pictures on every page, children four and up are invited to spot the differences, put things together, count, add, subtract, observe, color after breaking the color code, write following a pattern, learn to count to ten, and more. A perfect classroom curriculum supplement, Learn Math And Have Fun would also be appropriate for homebound rainy day fun as well long road trip distractions while traveling. Also very highly recommended from Teora USA is Amazing Games: Activities For Smart Kids Ages 6-10 (1594960070 $7.95).

Adventures Of Charte School Creators
Terrence E. Deal & Guilbert C. Hentschke
Scarecrow Eduction
4501 Forbes Boulevard, Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706
1578861667 $32.95 1-800-462-6420

The collaborative work of academicians Terrence E. Deal (former Irving R. Melbo Scholar, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California) and Guilbert C. Hentschke (Cooper Chair in Education, Rossier School of Education, University of Southern California), Adventures Of Charter School Creators: Leading From The Ground Up is a seminal work in the areas of comparative education, educational reform, and academic leadership. The subjects are individual educational entrepreneurs who created charter school from scratch. Here are stories of failure and success, victories and defeats. Included are "education amateurs" such as an Episcopal priest working in the Pico-Union community of Las Angles; a corporate attorney in Miami; a manpower training specialist in East Saint Louis; the chief financial officer of a major African American church in New York City; and a retired military officer in North Carolina. There are also represented a number of experienced school teachers and school administrators as well. Arising from these stories are examinations of relevant issues the impact of entrepreneurial leadership upon school leadership, the differences between leadership in autonomous start-up charters and relatively dependent traditional schools, and what distinguishes charter school leadership from that more typically associated with traditional school leadership. Adventures Of Charter School Creators: Leading From The Group Up is an impressive work of considered scholarship and a highly recommended contribution to the on-going national dialogue over the advantages and disadvantages of charter schools within private and public education reform movements.

The Culturally Proficient School
Randall B. Lindsey, et al.
Corwin Press, Inc.
2455 Teller Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 1320
0761946829 $30.95 1-800-818-7243

Co-written by expert educators and researchers Randall B. Lindsey, Laraine M. Roberts, and Franklin CampbellJones, The Culturally Proficient School: An Implementation Guide For School Leaders offers practical strategies for improving educational performance in schools through cultivating cultural proficiency among educators - the ability to understand and take into account the multicultural backgrounds of students when striving to give them the best opportunities to learn. The Culturally Proficient School includes reflective activities for individuals and groups, an explanation of how to steer meetings away from combative debates toward something more constructive for building cohesion and solving problems, behaviors associated with culturally proficient leadership particularly as applicable to school leaders, professional development activities, and more. A highly recommended adaptive guide especially for an increasingly mobile and multicultural era.

The American Schoolhouse Reader
45th Parallel Concepts Limited
PO Box 1436, Houlton, ME 04730
0974761508 $39.95 1-506-325-9663

A three volume hardcover set, The American Schoolhouse Reader is a colorized children's reading collection drawn from post-Victorian American sources originally published from 1890 to 1925. Book I offers a unique pictorial alphabet book (with some digraphs) derived from a 1913 primer. The engaging text presents the sounds of the letters through amusing and clever picture associations making it ideal as a curriculum supplement for preschool through first grade beginners. Book II is a collection of charming, child-friendly reading exercises whose beautifully colored illustrations will capture the attention of emerging readers from Kindergarten through second grade. Book III showcases interesting stories about nature and life in the 1910's and 1920's with illustrations for these character building stories specifically intended for young readers second grade through fourth garde. The American Schoolhouse Reader is a very highly recommended three volume series that will be of immense interest for classroom instructors and homeschool teachers wanting to supplement their usual reading instruction curriculum with material that is time tested, illustrated in full color, and imbued with character building values.

Using Data To Assess Your Reading Program
Emily Calhoun
1703 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311-1714
0871209683 $34.95 1-800-933-2723

Using Data To Assess Your Reading Program discusses in detail how schools and district teams can use action research to evaluate elementary students' progress in reading, analyze the quality of instruction in reading and writing skills, and make changes that improve student performance. Written by the director of the Phoenix Alliance, an institution that aids school, district, and state staff in the study of the effects of curriculum and instruction on student learning, Using Data To Assess Your Reading Program covers studying teacher or school-assigned indicators of student performance, results of norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests, assessing dynamic aspects of one's reading curriculum, and more. A CD-ROM with downloadable versions of Microsoft Excel (a leading spreadsheet software) table shells presented throughout the book, which may be freely used as templates or distributed througout one's school, rounds out this expertly created guide to both gathering raw data about student literacy, accurately evaluating it, and determining what most needs to be done.

The Library Science Shelf

100 Ready-To-Use Pathfinders For The Web
A. Paula Wilson
Neal-Schuman Publishers
100 William St., #2004, NY, NY 10038
1555704905 $75.00

An ideal "how to" instructional guide and reference for anyone needing quick, easy-to-navigate tools for getting information from the World Wide Web, 100 Ready-To-Use Pathfinders For The Web: A Guidebook And CD-ROM by Paula Wilson (technology columnist for "Public Libraries") offers authoritative, practical, effective, "user friendly" and customizable pathfinders for a wide range of subjects. These pathfinder techniques are presented in a uniform format listing essential print and electronic materials (encyclopedias, dictionaries, directories, sourcebooks, online databases, periodicals, websites, primary sources, etc.). The electronic templates provide spaces for inserting local information such as library logos, links to the online catalog, programs and events, local agencies and organizations, specific collection in highlights, and so much more. Enhanced with an accompanying CD-ROM reproducing all 100 pathfinders in two separate versions (Cascading Style Sheets for easy conversion and adaptation to any library website and as Word Documents for creating print handouts) 100 Ready-To-Use Pathfinders For The Web will enable school and community librarians to effective serve the needs and interests of their students and patrons.

The Accidental Library Manager
Rachel Singer Gordon
Information Today, Inc.
143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford, NJ 08055
1573872105 $29.50 1-800-300-9868

Whether employed in an academic, corporate, or community library, in order to advance their professional careers, most librarians will encounter supervisory or managerial responsibilities. The Accidental Library Manager by librarian, computer expert and webmaster Rachel Gordon provides support and background designed to be of specific and practical utility for new library managers, aspiring library managers, and those who find themselves thrust into unanticipated library management positions. The Accidental Library Manager provides informative instruction into being more effective in a library supervisory or management positions, as well as how to think about library sectional or specialty work in terms of the goals of the larger institution. A wide range of library staff comments on supervisory successes and failures, strengths, weaknesses, and styles are included. The Accidental Library Manager is an invaluable addition to Library Science collections and "must" reading for any librarian seeking to advance in the practice and profession of library management.

The Poetry Shelf

Cowboy Poetry
Ray Meyers
Tate Publishing, LLC
127 East Trade Center Terrace, Mustang, OK 73064
1933148209 $13.95 1-888-361-9475

Cowboy Poetry: Of Legends In Frozen Time is a showcase compilation of the poetry of Ray Meyers, a man who was born, raised, and lives on the same ranch in Carroll County, Iowa, that his grandfather has settled in 1867. An avid fan of cowboy poetry, Ray Meyers raises shorthorn cattle, and quarter horses making him as authentic a cowboy poet has could ever be asked for. With lyrical verse (some of which are of epic quality) revealing a cowboy's yearning for wide-open spaces, starlit nights, and independence, Cowboy Poetry is populated with memorable characters and a prairie life of memorable beauty and illuminating imagery. There are even a few black-and-white photos and some cowboy recipes! Cowboy Poets: How are cowboy poets made?/They don't suddenly just appear,/Now I can't speak for all the rest;/But this is what happened here.//My teachers name was Isaia,/This old sister really had wit,/Her off-time hobby was yodeling;/She taught me poetry in Sophomore Lit.//Soon I'd chosen a favorite poet,/Now he wrote in the sixteenth century,/His words were an intrigue with thoughtful depth;/As he told us of early gentry.//The robes he wore would seem strange to us,/He was no cowboy so don't fear;/He wrote poems of kingdoms and romance;/His "Nom-de-plum" was William Shakespeare.//Years progressed and I gained experience,/From the laughter and tragedy of life;/"You should write a book with all your stories."/Was the suggestion of my wife.//I consistently read in the Cattle Country News,/The stories by Mad Jack Hanks,/He wrote stories and poems, He did cartoons too./Mad Jack I extend you my thanks.//I was inspired while reading Cowboy Poetry,/That was authored by T. L. Bush./So I put my stories to rhythm and rhyme:/My leap of faith was really a push.//But the poet whom I most respected,/Whose words flowed and never went slack;/And he wrote many stories of cowboy ways:/ He's the poet called Baxter Black.//That pretty well tells the story of how,/A cowboy poet grew midst Iowa corn;/He went from reading to writing in rhythm and rhyme:/And that's how this poet was born. Keep your rope coiled, Cowboy Poet, Ray Meyers.

The Maverick Room
Thomas Sayers Ellis
Graywolf Press
2402 University Avenue, Suite 203, Saint Paul, MN 53114
1555974147 $14.00

The debut collection of poetry by Thomas Sayers Ellis (co-founder of The Dark Room Collective, a gathering place for young African American poets), The Maverick Room showcases a new and original voice in American poetry, one marked by inner-city youth culture energy that is part lyrical narrative, part "Parliament Funkadelic", a blind of chaos and control through the sheer and simple power of words. The Roll Call: Any half-decent rapper/Can conjure the dead,//Can reach into graves/And accuse God//Of Indian-giving./The trick is ancestral,//No more magic than memory's/Hidden strings & chains.//Trust me,/We haven't forgotten a name.//Say them. Raise your hands./Holler at me!

The Cookbook Shelf

Log Cabin Cooking
Barbara Swell
Native Ground Music
109 Bell Road, Asheville, NC 28805
1883206251 $5.95 1-800-752-2656

A slender 65-page compendium of pioneer era recipes, Log Cabin Cooking by Barbara Swell also offers tips on hearth cooking, food insults, pioneer dining etiquette, kitchen provers, cake superstitions, jump rope rhymes, and "Biscuit Sayings". Readers will learn how to make a "squashaphone" and "Make-Do Cooking". Enhanced with period photography, the recipes in this little gem of a cookbook range from Sour Dough Bread, to Dandelion Salad, to Poor Man's Pudding, to Dried Sweet Apple Schnitz. Also very highly recommended are two other old-time cookbooks by Barbara Swell: Take Two & Butter 'em While They're Hot!: Heirloom Recipes & Kitchen Wisdom (1883206324, $5.95) and Secrets Of The Great Old-timey Cookbooks: Historic Recipes, Lore & Wisdom (1883206375, $5.95).

The Gourmet Burger
Paul Gayler, author
Gus Filgate, photographer
Gibbs Smith, Publisher
PO Box 667, Layton UT 84041
1586854623 $24.95 1-800-748-5439

Written and compiled by Paul Gayler (the executive chef of the prestigious Lanesborough hotel of London's Hyde Park), The Gourmet Burger is a cookbook that elevates the simple burger to an edible art form. Full-color photographs by Gus Filgate, and Gayler's methodical instructions teach the reader to create mouth-watering meals, from Bengali Chicken Burger with Cucumber and Tomato Achar, and Asian guacamole, to Pumpkin Couscous Burger in Pitas, to the Big Apple Deli Burger with Swiss Cheese and Barbecue Coleslaw, and so many more. The creations in Gourmet Burger use taste-tested applications of flavor, texture, spices, breads, vegetables and much more to maximum effect, in this recommended high-class kitchen resource for gourmets in general and burger lovers in particular.

Asian Tapas
Christophe Megel & Anton Kilayko
Tuttle Publishing
c/o Periplus Editions
364 Innovation Drive, North Clarendon, VT 05759-9436
0794603149 $24.95

Co-written by an executive chef, Asian Tapas: Small Bites, Big Flavors is a beautiful recipe book that blurs cultural lines in its presentation of exciting flavors from Bali, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, China, and more. From Flaky Cashew Nut Puff Pastry Squares, to Summer Green Tea Noodles with Mussels, to Spicy Crab Salad Sandwiches and more, the preparations within combine traditional ingredients to create inventive and mouth-watering, succulent dishes. Each recipe is accompanied by a full-page color photograph that captures the dish with the precision of a skilled artist. A beautiful, captivating compendium recommended for kitchen cooks of all skill and experience levels who want to try preparing something a little different.

Cocktail Art/Liquid Kitchen
Kyle Branche
Privately Published
22630 Claredon Street, Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Two unusual "how to" books by bartending expert Kyle Branche on the fine art of mixing drinks are now out on CD. Enhanced with a bonus chapter on "The Ritual of Absinthe Today", Liquid Masters (072254000228, $19.95) is a veritable information log and reference guide designed to serve the professional bartender, the commercial beverage manager, and the dedicated home entertainer. Defining more than 700 terms within the Categorical Drink Code, Liquid Masters also covers organics and infusions, Liqueur/Schnaps specific gravity tables, foods to pair with spirits, and a series "reader friendly" chapters of discussion topics along with more than 120 industry-related websites. The Hotel Of Naughty Cocktails (072254000-327, $29.95) has an interior designed as if it were the floors of an hotel instead of chapters. There are "Rooms" instead of drink categories, and Scene numbers to go along with each cocktail. From "Martini for your Thoughts", to "Naughty Cars and Liquid Guitars", to "What is that Purple Thing?", to "Aphrodisacs", there is a beverage among the almost 5000 drink entries for every taste and occasion. If you aspire to a professional level of bartending skills, then these are two highly recommended as the best "how to" bartending books available in a CD format.

From A Baker's Kitchen
Gail Sher
Marlowe & Company
c/o Avalon Publishing Group
245 West 17th Street, 11th floor, New York, NY 10011-5300
1569243867 $15.95 1-800-788-3123

Now in a special twentieth anniversary edition, Gail Sher's From A Baker's Kitchen is a classic essential "how to" reference and recipe collection for home bakers interested in learning to make professional-quality bread. Individual chapters address all of the basic methods and principles involved in bread making (including molding, slitting, glazing, baking, and storage), steps for the Sponge Method, recipes for breads of various grains, "quick breads" such as corn breads, biscuits, gingerbreads, and muffins, and more. Careful attention to instructional detail distinguishes this time-tested, "must-have" instructional cookbook for breadmakers of all skill and experience levels.

A Swedish Kitchen
Judith Pierce Rosenberg
Hippocrene Books
171 Madison Ave., NY, NY 10016
0781810590 $24.95 1-212-685-4371

Judith Pierce Rosenberg's A Swedish Kitchen: Recipes And Reminiscences is no ordinary recipe collection, but a collection of stories of Swedish culinary and cultural heritage, supplemented with recipes from Rosenberg's Swedish roots. What's the difference between this and a cookbook? Reminiscences of life in Sweden revolve around food, with such succulent descriptions as have not been seen since the late food writer James Beard's works. The first hundred pages are devoted to these descriptions but if you wish recipes alone, it's easy to go to the second part of the book, with its lightly color-coded page edges. Don't skip the first part, though - you'd be skipping the heart of a wonderful collection in A Swedish Kitchen.

New Cook Book: Bridal Edition
Better Homes and Gardens
Meredith Books
1716 Locust St., Des Moines, IA 50336
0696222116 $29.95 1-800-678-8091

Featuring more than 1,200 recipes and enhanced with some 700 photos, the New Cook Book: Bridal Edition from Better Homes and Gardens offers a culinary wealth of menu ideas for romantic dinners, holiday meals, and parties with friends -- as well as palate pleasing, appetite satisfying family meals at home. There is a guide to wines, cheeses, and contemporary cocktails, as well as tips and techniques that will provide even the most novice of kitchen cooks with a feeling of accomplished expertise. Of special note is the practical advice for putting on a big holiday dinner. From Pomegranate Martinis; White Bean Dip; Chocolate Caramel Bars; and Chicken Fried Steak; to One-Pot Spaghetti; Taco Salad; Meatball Soup; and Broccoli-Carrot Stir-Fry, the New Cook Book: Bridal Edition has "kitchen cook friendly" recipes and ideas for virtually every dining occasion!

In Praise Of Tomatoes
Ronni Lundy
Lark Books/Sterling Publishing Co.
387 Park Avenue South, NY, NY 10016
1579904211 $19.95 1-800-805-5489

Take recipes presented by cookbook author Ronni Lundy with Early Girl Eatery expert John Stehling, add garden tips and folklore, and give the package a lovely dose of color photos and you have In Praise Of Tomatoes: Tasty Recipes, Garden Secrets, Legends & Lore, a vivid celebration of the tomato in food and drink. The gardener-grower/cook will be especially pleased by a lovely mix of garden lore and recipes.

Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy
Wolfgang Puck
Rutledge Hill Press
PO Box 14100, Nashville, TN 37214
1401601804 $34.99 1-800-251-4000

Wolfgang Puck's name is synonymous with 'outstanding' here on the West Coast, with his Spago signature restaurants now enjoying a number of locations; so Wolfgang Puck Makes It Easy comes backed with a professional chef's kitchen savvy and culinary insights and is packed with tips and recipes honed by restaurant experience. The focus here is refreshing: it's on ingredients the ordinary cook finds readily in the kitchen, and quality equipment which can streamline the process. Add color photos throughout, and you have a real winner.

King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion
King Arthur Flour
Countryman Press
PO Box 748, Woodstock, VT 05091
0881506591 $29.95 1-800-245-4151

If it's only one cookie 'bible' cookbook needed, The King Arthur Flour Cookie Companion: The Essential Cookie Cookbook surely rates high in the competition: like the "Fannie Farmer" and "Joy of Cooking", it packs in lots of recipes tested by professionals who know how to bake - over 400 cookie recipes. Variations are offered on nine basic cookie types, from brownies and oatmeal to shortbread, biscotti and decorated cookies. Recipes are prefaced with commentary and notes by the King Arthur kitchen staff and while some come with color photos, most don't need them. A 'must' for cookie fans seeking tested, no-fail recipes in abundance!

Fantastic Food With Splenda
Marlene Koch
M. Evans & Company, Inc.
216 East 49th St., New York, NY 10017
1590770218 $21.95 1-800-462-6420

Splenda is that neo-sugar substitute which is derived from sugar but without the 'bad stuff' diabetics must avoid, making it a fine substitute in cooking. The few cookbooks on the market devoted to Splenda, however, usually focus on its applicability to desserts: finally there's a title which covers a wider range of uses, from Chai Tea to French Toast and Bourbon Chicken, in Fantastic Food With Splenda: 160 Great Recipes For Meals Low In Sugar, Carbohydrates, Fat, And Calories. Each recipe concludes with a diabetic exchange note plus a list of carbs, fat and other results. There's a wide range of dishes, from chutneys and main courses to jams and sweet sauces. It's the variety of dishes which makes Marlene Koch's cookbook exceptional.

Harvard Common Press
535 Albany Street, Boston, MA 02118

If you typically associate slow cooker cookbooks with stews and pot roasts and little else, it's time to take another look at the 350 recipes packed into Beth Hensperger and Julie Kaufmann's Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook (1558322-450, $16.95), a treasure trove exploring all the potential available in a slow cooker pot. From choosing fresh ingredients over packaged to using the cooker for breakfast, lunch and dinner alike, Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbook features hundreds of dishes from corned beef and cabbage to chilis, soups, and even original inventions not to be found elsewhere. Maybe it's vegetarian main dishes you seek from the slower cooker's repertoire: if so, Robin Robinson's Fresh From The Vegetarian Slow Cooker (1558322566, $14.95) is the choice for you. From bean dishes to vegetarian chilis, vindaloo and more, even to miso dishes and 'pot roast', the hearty dishes in Vegetarian Slow Cooker emphasize main courses. Author James Villas' Biscuit Bliss (155832223X, $14.95) shares the best of his personal recipe favorites and investigations of biscuit recipes across the country. Biscuit fans will relish a collection of many regional recipes hard to find elsewhere, from Spiced Pumpkin to Olive-Pimiento and many more.

Cooking For Kings
Ian Kelly
Walker & Company
104 - 5th Avenue, New York NY 10011
0802714366 $26.00 1-800-289-2553

For an excellent blend of biography and cookbook, choose Cooking For Kings: The Life Of Antonin Careme, The First Celebrity Chef, a survey of the life of the first known celebrity chef Antonin Careme and his recipes. The cook's own memoirs are used to trace his rise from an abandoned child to becoming one of the greatest cooks in Paris. Careme was more than a chef: he invited chef's tools, he cooked for kings and noblemen, and he even made Napoleon's wedding cake. His marriage of food with glamour made him a notable figure - as well as the first chef to become rich by publishing cookbooks. This is a lively history recommended for food fans.

Dining Car To The Pacific
William A. McKenzie
University of Minnesota Press
111 Third Ave. S. #290, Minneapolis, MN 55401-2520
0816645620 $24.95

Travelers on the Northern Pacific Railway got much more than a ticket to travel when they chose to ride: they often received gourmet dining in the dining car, as William A. McKenzie illustrates in his Dining Car to the Pacific: The "Famously Good" Food of the Northern Pacific Railway. The Northern's service was widely regarded as the best in the industry - and source materials from railroad records of the 1860s blends with memoirs of meals to recreate the experience - complete with over 150 recipes used on the line, many developed for or by Northern Pacific. McKenzie's nearly thirty years as a PR manager and corporate historian for the railroad lends expertise to his review and organization of the company's archival records for this lovely survey, while his wife Violet tested and modified the dishes for use at home.

The Library CD Music Shelf

Warsaw Village Band
World Village
c/o Rock, Papter, Scissors
Box 1788, Bloomington, IN 47402-1788
468036 $TBA

Founded in Poland in 1997, The Warsaw Village Band is composed of young musicians who play a kind of hard-core folk music that employs fiddles, hurdy-gurdies, trumpets, drums, zithers, jew's harps, as well as lively female vocals. With a total running time of 43:14, the sixteen pieces comprising this energetic fusion based on traditional Polish musical elements and the modern sounds of turntable specialists was expertly recorded on April 21, 2004 and May 14-17, 2004. Uprooting is especially commended to personal and community library multinational/multicultural CD music collections.

Canyon Records
3131 W. Clarendon, Phoenix, AZ 85017

Canyon Records, a premier producer and publisher of Native American music, has just released to impressive pow-wow recordings an an invaluable ceremonial peyote recording to the large and continuingly expansive Native American music catalog. Hallmarked by a a flawless recording technology at on-site performances, these outstanding presentations include Pow-Wow Songs Recorded Live In Browning (CR-6379, running time 75:30) by the group Young Grey Horse; Back In The Day (CR-6373, running time 59:52) by Blackstone who were recorded live at the Twenty-Nine Palms; and A Tradition Continues: Harmonized Peyote Songs (CR-6377, running time 57:59) by Yankton Dakota tribal member Gerald Wayne Primeaux, drawing upon his family's five generation of Peyote singers and songmakers. With the twenty-four peyote songs and the two healing songs comprising this unique recording, listeners will enjoy harmonized singing with gourd and drum showcasing songs of prayer, honor and blessings, blended with gentle sounds of nature. All three of these enthusiastically recommended recordings are ideal for personal and community library CD Music collections, and especial additions to academic Native American Studies reference resource materials collections as well.

Young & Rollins
Bolero Records
18653 Ventura Blvd., Suite 314, Tarzana, CA 91356
BOL7114 $16.98 1-818-888-1059

The music and performances of Dan Young & Lawson Rollins combines their passion for the guitar with the precision of European classical music and the enthusiasm of experimentation to capture in a musical language the seduction of the ballad and the romance of exotic locales. Flawlessly performed and recorded, the eleven pieces of diverse musical rhythms and emotional intensities of this highly recommended CD recording include Firedancer (4:16); Spanish Nights (4:55); Twanee (2:31); Sandstorm (4:28); Ritual (5:53); Play On (3:48); Nowhere To be Found (3:33); Mirage (5:59); Cottonwood Canyon (4:42); the title piece Esperanza (3:47) and concludes with a 1:07 reprise of Esperanza.

Spirit Of Love
Maya & Sage
Spirit Singer Productions
c/o The Creative Service Company
4360 Emerald Drive, Colorado Spring, CO 80918
SSP-0285-2 $15.98

Very highly recommended listening and an ideal addition to New Age CD music collections. Spirit Of Love is a diverse and impressive compilation of New Age music that blends chant with world, pop, and dance. Maya's mantras and lyrics, along with her guitar and piano keyboard work are wonderfully embellished with the unique harmonies of Sage's use of percussion, didgeridoo, Celtic harp, Native American flute, electric guitar, harmonica, and keyboards. Enhanced with special guest musicians Silvia Nakkach, Geoffrey Gordon, Craig Owens, and Gary Reginia, Spirit Of Love offers 64 minutes of music showcasing spiritually refreshing, mind healing, emotionally rewarding listening in eleven distinctive pieces that range from Heaven's Rain; Utopia; and Wild Companions; to Ancestor's Breath; Lakshmi Ma; and Celebration.

The Audiobook Shelf

Cary Grant: A Biography
Marc Eliot
Books On Tape, Inc.
Box 25122, Santa Ana, CA 92799-5122
1415917256 $TBA 1-800-541-5525

Cary Grant: A Biography is an unabridged audiobook biography of legendary Hollywood leading man and hearthrob, Cary Grant. His story is a fascinating one, marked by his own desire to keep his private life to himself, separate from the "Cary Grant" persona touted by directors and movie studios. A thorough examination of all aspects Grant's life, from early life, personal foibles, and ambiguous sexuality to the unique combination of charisma, talent and luck that earned him more than thirty-five years of stardom, Cary Grant: A Biography is the definitive biography for fans and serious scholars alike. 10 cassettes, 15 hours 30 min.

The Life Of Mozart
Edward Holmes
Tantor Media
114 East Mill Rock Road, Old Saybrook, CT 06475
1400100984 $39.99

Edward Holmes (a schoolfellow and contemporary of John Keats) wrote and published the first complete account of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, basing his biography upon Mozart's own letters and personally written memoirs. The Life Of Mozart was written long before the significance of Mozart's work and impact upon European classical music was fully realized. As a biographer, Edward Holmes managed to nonetheless reveal that unique composer and performer's character and genius, his personal and professional struggles, his influence on music beginning as a child prodigy and continuing through his accomplishments as a young and often troubled man whose life was to prove all too brief. Expertly narrated by David Case and strongly recommended for academic and community library audiobook collections, this Tantor Media audiobook edition is complete and unabridged on 10 CDs offering a total running time of 11 hours, 45 minutes.

Girl Underground
Morris Gleitzman, author
Mary-Anne Fahey, narrator
Bolinda Publishing, Inc.
PO Box 307, Shelton, CT 06484
1740935268 $28.00 1-888-235-2019

Girl Underground is an unabridged audiobook on CD, written by one of Australia's most beloved authors, about a girl who just wants a peaceful life and to keep her parents out of prison. But a boy makes her an offer she "cannot" refuse, the two of them must team up and form a desperate plan to rescue two kids from a desert detention centre. The stakes are high; if they fail then at the very least they might wind up in the same centre indefinitely - or worse! Skillfully narrated by Mary-Anne Fahey, Girl Underground is an engaging story for all ages about meeting seemingly impossible challenges and helping friends in dire need. 3 CDs, 3 hours 30 minutes.

Homegrown Democrat
Garrison Keillor
HighBridge Audio
33 Sixth St., Menneapolis, MN 55402
1565119282 $22.95

Popular writer, essayist, and host of "A Prairie Home Companion", Garrison Keillor combines his quiet humor with keen observations of American life and politics in Homegrown Democrat: A Few Plain Thoughts From The Heart Of America. With his usual flair for narrative storytelling, Keillor's latest release combines personal reminiscence with political commentary spiced with a humorous meditation. Flawlessly recorded, completely unabridged, and with a running total of 4 hours, 30 minutes, this four disk audiobook CD is a "must" for the legions of Keillor fans who will enjoy and value his descriptions of the democratic values so characteristic of the hard-working, God-fearing people of Lake Wobegon where all the men are strong, the women are good looking, and the children are above average.

The Bible As The Root Of Western Literature
Professor Adam Potkay
Recorded Books, LLC
270 Skip Jack Road, Prince Frederick, MD 20678
1402539118 $TBA 1-800-638-1304

The latest in The Modern Scholar series, The Bible As The Root Of Western Literature: Stories, Poems And Parables is a college-level instructional resource on audio CD, designed to give listeners a literary and historical overview of the Bible, from Genesis to the Book of Revelation, along with a basic understanding as to how the Bible has influenced literary traditions of the West. Questions discussed include "What, in literary terms does a given Biblical story mean?" and "How has a given story been interpreted by literary critics from centuries past to the modern day?" Award-winning English professor Adam Potkay spells out the interweaving between the Biblical text and roots of literature in this unique tool ideal for self-study and review, and also useful for students of the Bible seeking to reinforce their basic understanding of the texts. 7 CDs, 14 hours.

Sammy's Hill: A Novel
Kristin Gore
Books On Tape, Inc.
Box 25122, Santa Ana, CA 92799-5122
1415913056 $TBA 1-800-541-5525

Sammy's Hill: A Novel is the library edition audiobook of the debut novel of Kristin Gore, a veru skilled comedy writer and the daughter of former vice-president Al Gore. A lively and sometimes satirical saga set on Capitol Hill as seen through the eyes of Samantha Joyce, a twenty-six year old health care analyst to Ohio Junior Senator Robert Gary. A hard-working heroine, Sammy has next to no time for friends, let alone a relationship, but between lobbying and late-night dinners she meets a bachelor who proclaims his love for her. How can love fit into seventy-plus hour workweeks, let alone family demands and fending off the advances of her best friend's slimy boyfriend? A delightful tongue-in-cheek story that blends love, politics and hard choices into a fulfilling whole. 9 cassettes, 13 hours.

Brilliance Corporation
Box 887, Grand Haven, MI 49417

Brilliance's leisure listens are always best bets for commuters or audio fans. Barbara Delinsky's Twilight Whispers (1596002-972, $26.95) appears on cd and enjoys Kathy Garver's excellent and vivid voice as it tells of the complex story of three powerful families joined by marriage - and murder. CD listeners will also appreciate John and Diana Hagee's What Every Man Wants In A Woman/What Every Woman Wants In A Man (1596003707, $26.95), enjoys a dual narration by veterans J. Charles and Sandra Burr who each read the respective sexes' perspectives of how to grow deeper in love through acknowledging common goals of romance. Science fiction buffs will welcome another Anne McCaffrey's 'dragonriders'-based novel by different author Todd McCaffrey in Dragonsblood (1596008903, $26.95): veteran Dick Hill narrates the story of two women who become allies in their race against a mysterious fatal illness striking dragons. The son of the dragon fantasies proves he's as adept as his mother in creating a gripping adventure. Terry Goodkind's Chainfire (1590863119, $29.95) will appeal to listeners already familiar with the prior 8 books in the 'Sword of Truth' series: 6 cassettes provide the story of a victim's struggle to survive and his confrontation with the very forces of evil. Narrator Jim Bond's been reading for almost twenty-five years, whether it's Midwest talk shows or audio narrations: his voice lends drama to the ongoing saga.

Random House Audio
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019

Four excellent new audio packages for leisure listeners combine professional, lively readers with excellent, tested writers. Richard North Patterson's new Conviction (0739301349, $26.95) receives Patricia Kalember's evocative, dramatic reading - perhaps enhanced by her extensive film, TV and theater background - as it tells of one Rennell Price, who has 59 days to live until he's executed for a murder he didn't commit. It's up to attorney Terri Paget to save him and she probes a dangerous world in her efforts to prove him innocent. Dean Koontz and Kevin J. Anderson's Frankenstein Book 1: Prodigal Son (0739317113, $29.95) receives John Bedford Lloyd's bold and brisk style as it tells of a dangerous killer who stalks the streets, lacks humanity, and involves a cynical female detective determined to track him down. Add conspiracy and a near-immortal race of killers to the mix and you have a tense plot brought to life by veteran actor/narrator John Bedford Lloyd. John Grisham's new novel The Broker is out (0739316443, $27.95), and when paired with Dennis Boutsikaris' award-winning performing voice, it's going to prove one of his most gripping thrillers ever. An outgoing President grants a last-minute pardon to a notorious Washington power broker in response to CIA pressure - and a game of intrigue, espionage, and smuggling evolves which involves various world political factions in a struggle. Packed with intrigue and exciting back-and-forth drama. Lisa Gardner's Alone (0739313061, $27.50) receives Holter Graham's involving reading as it tells of a hostage standoff and a moment of violence which connects three very different lives. A tense thriller comes to life under reader Graham's treatment.

The Fiction Shelf

The River Love
Margaret Hay Van Damm
Mayhaven Publishing
PO Box 557, Mahomet, IL 61853
1878044788 $24.95 1-866-586-4493

Prize-winning author Margaret Hay Van Damm presents The River Love, a saga set in the provincial dwelling of Middleborough, Mississippi. The River Love is a novel about two sisters whose lives are about to change in dramatic ways. One refuses to admit her broken heart; the other yearns for an Irish Setter more than another man in her life. Yet the eccentric pair will soon come to realize that love itself courses as a stream around their existences, and flows toward a future neither one of them dared to fear or hope for. A relaxing story that perfectly captures the quiet splendor of daily life and powerful interpersonal bonds.

The Hunting/Fishing Shelf

Building Classic Salmon Flies
Ron Alcott, author
Arleigh D. Richardson III, editor
Frank Amato Publications
PO Box 82112, Portland, OR 97282
1571883398 $29.95

Written by leading salmon fly tyer and designer Ron Alcott, who has contributed to such reknowned journals as "American Angler and Fly Tyler", "Atlantic Salmon Journal" and "The Flyfisher", Building Classic Salmon Flies is a guide for featherwing salmon fly tyers of all experience levels. Full color photographs and detailed instructions showcase a wide variety of lures so skillfully done as to approach the realm of art. An extensive primer to fly tying describes the meaning of basic terminology, ideal proportions, materials most often used, and more. A superb addition to salmon fly-fishing reference libraries, and spiral bound for easy practical use in the field.

Net Results
Bob Riepenhoff
University of Wisconsin Press
1930 Monroe Street, Madison, WI 53711
0299198448 $19.95 1-800-621-2736

Bob Riepenhoff is an expert angler , the outdoor editor for the "Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and author of the column called "Riepenhoff on Local Lakes. Net Results: Great Fishing Spots In Southern Wisconsin is a compilation of forty-three of his columns covering fifty-four lakes in southern Wisconsin. Enhanced with contour maps for each of the lakes (maps which also feature the locations of boat landings and the fish species present in each lake), the reader is taken on a kind of tour with Riepenhoff artfully describing his fishing experiences and methods, descriptive information on fish species, fish stocking, lake and fishery management, special regulations, and public access. Drawing upon the expertise of the most skilled anglers in Wisconsin who have guided Riepenhoff through his angling adventures on local lakes, Net Results will enhance any fisherman's experience from the most novice beginning to the most seasoned veteran angler seeking to fish the waters of southern Wisconsin's local lakes. Enthusiastically recommended reading!

The Art Shelf

Persian Painting
Sheila R. Canby
Interlink Publishing Group
46 Crosby St, Northampton, MA 01060
1566565731 $19.95

Persian Painting is a concise and fully illustrated account of Persian painting from 1300 to 1900. 40 black-and-white and 50 color photographs of brilliant and historical works of art spring off the page, offering a dazzling glimpse into six centuries of Iranian history. Starting wieht a discussion of the materials and tools used by Persian artists, Persian Painting explores the context, stylistic development, and historical background behind the draughtsmanship and cultural themes of Persian miniature painting, in terms accessible to the lay reader or beginning art student. A welcome contribution to art history shelves.

Devotion Splendor
Christina M. Nielsen
The Art Institute of Chicago
111 South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60603-6110
0295984589 $16.95 1-312-443-3600

Devotion Splendor: Medieval Art At The Art Institute Of Chicago catalogues over fifty medieval objects from the Art Institute of Chicago, including works from the early Christian era to the later Middle Ages. Black-and-white and some color photographs of priceless historical artworks draw the reader into a rich collection of vivid and beautiful works. An introduction offers and overview of medieval art for each century, and each photograph of an art object has an accompanying text segment describing its history, original use, artistic themes, and other significant features. Showcased items include a Siculo-Arabic Casket that once served as a reliquary, a double-sided manuscript leaf of sixth-century pope Saint Gregory, an embroidered retable and altar frontal, and much more. A captivating collection of artistic treasures.

Matisse: His Art and His Textiles
Ann Dumas, et al.
Harry N. Abrams, Inc.
100 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10011
1903973465 $65.00 1-800-759-0190

The collaborative publishing project of art historians and expeters Ann Dumas, Jack Flam, Remi Labrusse, and Hilary Spurling, Matisse: His Art And His Textiles is a stunning, full-color artbook showcasing how Henri Matisse, an artist descended from weavers, was influenced by his personal collection of vivid textiles - Persian carpets, Arab embroideries, African wall hangings, cushions, curtains, patterned screens, backcloths and more. Over 100 of Matisse's artworks along with numerous colorful fabrics, displayed as the catalogue of an exhibition at the Musee Matisse, the Royal Academy of Arts in London, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The text explores the connection that Matisse had to beautiful textile works, though the latter half of Matisse: His Art And His Textiles is devoted entirely to breathtaking paintings, sketches, and art objects. An enthusiastically recommended addition to library collections and art shelves.

Claude Raguet Hirst
Martha M. Evans
Columbus Museum of Art
c/o Hudson Hills Press
PO Box 205, 74-2 Union Street, Manchester, VT 05254
0918881544 $45.00

Claude Raguet Hirst: Transforming The American Still Life is an artbook focusing on the hyper-realistic still life works of Claude Raguet Hirst (1855-1942), a female artist who created works to appeal to men and women, as opposed to her professional collegues who often painted primarily for a male audience. Written by a guest curator and expert of Hirst's work, Claude Raguet Hirst: Transforming The American Still Life describes Hirst's life and the themes behind her works in detail, illustrated with the paintings themselves in glorious full color, as well as some black-and-white images. Pictures of cherished books left half-open, reading glasses resting on the pages as a makeshift bookmark, come across with such a vivid impression that it appears as though the reader will be coming back any minute. A beautiful and recommended contribution to library collections and personal artbook shelves.

Olbinski: Posters for Performing Arts
Richard Wilde, introduction
Nahan Editions/Patinae, Inc.
c/o National Book Network
4270 Boston Way, Lanham, MD 20706
1878768042 $50.00 1-800-462-6420

Olbinski: Posters For Performing Arts is a splendid, full-color gallery Rafal Olbinski's artworks, originally created from to draw attention to performing arts, from bullfighting to jazz to circus performances and more. The allegorial images, some of which play upon classic artworks or themes, and span the latter third of the twentieth century to the modern day. A brief introduction offers a few pages of insight into Olbinski, but the rest of Olbinski: Posters For Performing Arts is entirely given over to the brilliant works themselves. Highly recommended for library and personal artbook collections.

21st Century Ceramics
Bill Hunt
The American Ceramic Society
735 Ceramic Place, Westerville OH 43081
1574982230 $49.95

21st Century Ceramics In The United States & Canada is a contemporary artbook featuring sculptures, vases, plates, and more artistic ceramic creations. Introductions by various artists and full-color photographs showcase the stunning array of brilliant pieces, from historical-style to unique original and modern works. A welcome addition to modern art books and art treasury shelves, whether for personal collections or public libraries.

Parrish Blue
Media Artists Inc.
c/o Crystal Productions
PO Box 2159, Glenview, IL 60025-6159
DV2671-W $39.95 1-800-255-8629

Especially renowned for his distinctive use of color, Maxfield Parrish was one of the most popular and influential American artists and illustrators of early twenty-century America. Shortly after his death in 1967, his son, Maxfield Parrish, Jr. and the other most influential American illustrator and artist of the time, Norman Rockwell, presented their understanding of the man who clearly dominated the popular arts of his day and whose work was to be found in a wide range of forums that included library mural paintings, magazine covers, decorative prints, book illustrations, notecards, and even advertisements. Parrish Blue was the film that captured those conversations and insights as viewers are introduced to the life and work of a most remarkable artist. This 27-minute, full color DVD edition is from newly discovered "answer print" and although clearly reflects the age of the master print through scratches and grain, it is nonetheless enthusiastically recommended viewing for anyone with an interest in American art history in general, and the enduringly popular works of Maxfield Parrish in particular!

The Woodworking Shelf

The Art Of Segmented Wood Turning
Malcolm Tibbetts
Linden Publishing Company
2006 South Mary, Fresno, CA 93721
0941936864 $25.95 1-800-345-4447

Expertly written by Malcolm Tibbets (a professional wood turner specializing in segmented turning), The Art of Segmented Wood Turning: A Step-by-Step Guide is a how-to manual meant especially for readers with some woodworking experience. Engineering and mathematical knowledge is not required, but familiarity with woodworking machinery and basic lathe-turning skills are presumed. The Art Of Segmented Wood Turning walks the reader through basic tips, tricks, and techniques, from knowing the properties of wood to stave construction to lamination skills, building portholes, and much more. Full-color illustrations throughout reveal sample projects and more masterpieces possible with skill and practice. The images of creations are beautiful simply to page through, and the instructions are written in a down-to-earth, no-nonsense style that is easy to grasp quickly. Highly recommended for woodworkers seeking to raise the bar of their personal expertise.

The Literary Shelf

Cosmographical Glasses
Constance C. Relihan
Kent State University Press
PO Box 5190, Kent, OH 44242-0001
0873388119 $29.95 1-330-672-8097

Cosmographical Glasses: Geographic Discourse, Gender, And Elizabethan Fiction, by Constance C. Relihan (Hargis Professor of English, Auburn University, Alabama) examines the ways in which sixteenth-century English texts such as traveler's reports, ethnographic studies, and geographic guides, provided the foundation for how fictional prose of the period envisions the locations in which its tales are set. Professor Relihan views this nonfictional discourse as central to how the fictional prose of the period imagined cultural identity, framed fictional purposes, and employed gender identity. A number of prose romances and novella collections are informatively analyzed revealing the selected texts as reflections of social and cultural realities of early modern England. Cosmographical Glasses is inherently fascinating reading and especially recommended to the attention of historians, literary scholarship with respect to the history of the novel, and non-specialist general readers with an interest in 16th and 17th century English literature.

Persea Books
853 Broadway, #604, NY, NY 10003

Who is Laura Riding Jackson? To find out, begin with Elizabeth Friedmann's The Laura Riding Jackson Reader (089-2552638, $21.95): Jackson was an important American poet and thinker, and the The Laura Riding Jackson Reader provides a very well rounded selection of her works, offering key texts from the range of her works; from early writings to major works and including four complete stories and her preface to her 1938 Collected Poems. An excellent literary survey, this segues perfectly into Friedmann's A Mannered Grace: The Life Of Laura Riding Jackson (0892553-006, $37.50): a fine in-depth biography analyzing one of the most enigmatic figures in American and British modern literature. Jackson earned her reputation as a poet, but had renounced poetry more than forty years before she won an award for her achievements. She is popularly known as Robert Graves' muse, but devoted most of her life to Schuyler Jackson, whom she married. From her politics and family life to her literary world, biography Elizabeth Friedmann recreates her influences and ideals.

Tall Stories Omnibus 5
Alan Lloyd-Smith
PO Box 1321, Harrisburg, PA 17105
0826415954 $14.95 1-800-561-7704

College-level literary classes studying various forms of fiction will find Alan Lloyd-Smith's introduction perfect for a review of the gothic literary genre. Chapters analyze the structure and facets of what makes American gothic, considers key texts and major themes, and includes quotes from some of the major works in the field. Many a high school student will find Tall Stories Omnibus 5: American Gothic Fiction: An Introduction to be a welcome and informative study.

The Native American Shelf

Kill The Indian, Save The Man
Ward Churchill
City Lights Publishers
261 Columbus Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94133
0872864340 $15.95

From 1880 to 1980 the families of Native Americans were cruelly disrupted by the United States and Canadian governments who forcibly removed children from their homes and relocated them in residential schools. The stated goal of this intrusive and brutal governmental program was to "kill the Indian to save the man". Half of the children died in this process of cultural remodeling refashioning aboriginal children into the clothing, hairstyles, attitdudes, and langauges of the larger white culture, and those who survived were often left permanently scarred resulting in alcoholism, suicide, and the transmission of trauma to succeeding generations down to the present day. A core contribution to Native American Studies curriculums and academic library reference collections, Ward Churchill (a Keetowah Cherokee and Professor of American Indian Studies, University of Colorado, Boulder) clearly lays out this unhappy chapter in Native American history with considerable detail and expertise in Kill The Indian, Save The Man: The Genocidal Impact Of American Indian Residential Schools.

The World History Shelf

Historical Atlas Of The Celtic World
Angus Konstam
Mercury Books
c/o International Publishers Marketing
22841 Quicksilver Dr, Dulles, VA 20166
1904668011 $25.00

Beautiful, full-color illustrations and photographs on every page enhance the Historical Atlas Of The Celtic World, an in-depth history of the Celtic culture in Europe from its earliest beginnings to its highlights and exquisite artworks to the modern day. Museum professional Angus Konstam applies his knowledge in history and archaeology to seamlessly survey the course of Celtic history and reveal the richness of Celtic heritage and legacy - "Although the last true vestiges of Celtic culture died out in the medieval period, elements of Celtic ways survived into the early modern era." A timeline helps put events in sequence, in this captivating and absorbing study of an ancient civilization.

Landscape Design In Eighteenth-Century Ireland
Finola O'Kane
Cork University Press
c/o Stylus Publishing, Inc.
22883 Quicksilver Drive, Sterling, VA 20166-2012
185918362X $75.00 1-800-232-0223

Landscape Design In Eighteenth-Century Ireland: Mixing Foreign Trees With The Natives is a fascinating, in-depth study of the eighteenth-century landscapes around Dublin and the gardens of the region, as well as the political, monetary, and aesthetic appreciation influences that led their owners to create them. Chapters focus especially upon Robert Molesworth's lanscape of Breckdenston, the landscape of Castletown House, Carton Demesne's work which introduced foreign trees, and the school at Frescati. Part environmental history, part narrative of the lives and decisions of wealthy individuals, part studious assessment of the ambitious large-scale projects that changed the nature of the countryside, Landscape Design In Eighteenth-Century Ireland is an absorbing and detailed scrutiny. Illustrated throughout with black-and-white as well as color images, paintings, diagrams and photographs, Landscape Design in Eighteenth-Century Ireland is virtually unique in its theme of discussion yet delves into its subject matter with such depth as to eclipse rival attempts.

Cartographica Extraordinaire
David Rumsey and Edith M. Punt
ESRI Press
380 New York Street, Redlands, CA 92373-8100
1589480449 $79.95

David Rumsey's historical map collection is strong on North and South American images of the 18th and 19th centuries, and holds over 150,000 items, from maps and atlases to supporting documents. Parts of the Rumsey Collection is available on the web - and now available in Cartographica Extraordinaire: The Historical Map Transformed, an oversized collection of selected maps which tell distinct stories of how areas became civilized and how cartographic science has changed perceptions of land value and land use. The color photos are juxtaposed and displayed perfectly in a lovely survey of the historical map's history and transformation, making Cartographic Extraordinaire simply a 'must' for any college-level collection.

Life, Myth, And Art In Ancient Rome
Tony Allan
Getty Publications
1200 Getty Center Drive, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90049-1682
0892368217 $19.95

Author Tony Allan draws upon his experience and expertise as the editor of Time-Life's "History of the World" and as the author of the twenty-volume series "Myth and Mankind" to provide readers with Life, Myth, And Art In Ancient Rome, a richly illustrated volume that explores the unique dichotomy of Roman culture that creating crowning achievements of Western civilization on the one hand, and their darker, barbaric, bloody politics and pastimes on the other. The Roman culture was one of just government and impartial legal institutions juxtaposed with slavery, conspiracy, superstition, and savagery. Full-color photographs of architectural sites, artifacts, mosaics, paintings, statues, and art objects enhance an informed and informative text, hallmarked with sidebars offering key information on specific sites or topics within each thematically organized chapter. Life, Myth, And Art In Ancient Rome is an especially recommended acquisition for school and community library World History collections.

Ancient Rome
Christopher S. Mackay
Cambridge University Press
40 West 20th Street, NY, NY 10011-4211
0521809185 $35.00 1-800-872-7423

Knowledgeably written by Christopher S. Mackay, an accomplished associate professor of history who has published numerous articles on all periods of Roman history, Ancient Rome: A Military And Political History is a comprehensive political history ancient Rome from the city's origins during the Italian Iron Age to the deposition of its last emperor in A.D. 476. From Rome's growth and conquest to pressures and invasion that eventually destroyed its empire, to how it came to adopt Christianity as its state religion and the lasting influence of that legacy, Ancient Rome is extraordinarily fascinating and compelling reading. Written in terms as engaging to the lay reader as the professional historian, Ancient Rome is a dynasty-by-dynasty account that spreads out what history tells of feuds, assassinations, war, enforced peace, and military transformations in the legendary Roman Empire.

The Money/Finance Shelf

Your Credit Score
Liz Pulliam Weston
Prentice Hall
200 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan NJ 07675
0131486039 $17.95

One of the most critically important aspects of sound financial planning is the establishment and maintenance of a sound credit rating. But sometimes "things happen" that result in damage to a credit rating. In Your Credit Score: How To Fix, Improve, And Protect the 3-Digit Number That Shapes Your Financial Future, personal finance journalist Liz Pulliam Weston provides the reader with a complete and accessible plan for improving a credit score that has been damaged through error, neglect, or debt load. Readers will learn what a FICO score is and why it's so important to their financial well being both short term and long term. Readers will learn how to lighten debt loads, cut credit card rates, review their credit history, improve their credit rating, save money, and employ a credit rating to their best personal and professional advantage. No personal or community library Money/Finance Management reference collection can be considered comprehensive or up-to-date without the inclusion of Liz Weston's Your Credit Score!

Get A Life
Ralph Warner
Nolo Press
950 Parker Street, Berkeley, CA 94710
1413300847 $24.99 1-800-955-4775

Now in an updated fifth edition, Get A Life: You Don't Need A Million To Retire Well is a straightforward guide to enjoying one's retirement. Get A Life especially focuses upon financial considerations, but chapters also address such matters as interests to pursue upon retirement, health and fitness issues, how to cultivate friendships (it is unfortunately common for widows and widowers to quickly lose contact with former friends who are coupled), how to avoid living in a nursing home if at all possible, and much more. Chapters dealing with economic needs address how much retirement savings is enough, where to earn a source of income after 65, how to save enough, an investment guide for "savvy peasants" (including why investing in precious metals such as gold and silver is a bad idea), and more. A strongly recommended guide packed cover-to-cover with useful tips for aging gracefully.

Strategies In Personal Finance
Keith V. Smith & Jane A. Smith
Purdue University Press
1207 South Campus Courts, Bldg. E, West Lafayette, IN 47907
1557533474 $49.95 1-800-933-9637

Written by expert business and financial consultants Keith and Jane Smith, Strategies In Personal Finance: Basic Investment Principles For Today And Tomorrow is a guide especially for ordinary families. Stressing the importance of using careful preparation to ward away financial chaos or retirement disaster, Strategies In Personal Finance presents basic tools and strategies in layman's terms, from how to read a financial statement to basic measures of return and risk to how to construct, revise and protect an optimum investment portfolio for one's needs, to estate planning concers and more. Written in plain terms for the non-specialist general reader, Strategies In Personal Finance spells out its points with charts, tables, and graphs throughout and is especially recommended for families in need of a solid and reliable retirement plan.

The Budget Kit
Judy Lawrence
Dearborn Trade
30 S. Wacker Dr. #2500, Chicago, IL 60606-7841
079318794X $18.95 1-800-245-2665

Plenty of folks know budgeting is an important skill: but just how to go about creating and managing one is often the crux of their financial problems - and Judy Lawrence's The Budget Kit: The Common Cents Money Management Workbook is the "budget maker friendly" solution. Learn how to organize and maintain daily and monthly financial records, plan finances even with irregular funds, and reduce debt through a kit which is in its fourth edition and which includes software to back up the budgeting principles within.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

The Magic Behind The Voices
Tim Lawson & Alisa Persons
University Press of Mississippi
3825 Ridgewood Rd, Jackson, MS 39211
1578066964 $25.00 1-800-737-7788

The biographies, anecdotes, credit listings and photos of actors who served as the voices for popular cartoon characters are packed into The Magic Behind The Voices: A Who's Who Of Cartoon Voice Actors, making it a fine survey of voice actors and their work. Even a decade ago, many in the profession didn't even consider voice actors to be 'real actors': Magic Behind The Voices provides excellent insights from early cartoon voices down to the animation of modern times.

Michael Wiese Productions
11288 Ventura Blvd. #621, Studio City, CA 91604

For exciting titles from Michael Wiese Productions demonstrate the fact that if it's professional-level film guides and industry how-to references which are needed for a collection, this publisher's holdings is the place to go. That's not to say that Michael Wiese produces just for the film pro, but that the titles are top-notch, professional-level coverages. Take Catherine Lorenze's Dream Gear: Cool & Innovative Tools for Film, Video & TV Professionals (094118885X, $29.95): many a consumer will relish an in-depth approach to innovative tools for film, video and TV, even though professional audiences are the target. Chapters assess the pros and cons of camcorders, film systems, dolly kits and more. While many of the items are intended for professional use, consumers will find much to consider in the model-specific insights and assessments, and will learn a great deal about film industry production in the process. Black and white photos on every page feature equipment, usage and stage examples, and more. Christina Hamlett's Could It Be A Movie?: How To Get Your Ideas From Out Of Your Head And Up On The Screen (0941188949, $26.95) is for the aspiring screenwriter who faces a stumbling block in translating ideas into film. From identifying the strength of a plot idea and whether it could translate to a hit movie to locating hot markets for particular styles of film and adapting pre-existing material for feature-length screenplay, Could It Be A Movie? comes packed with ideas. Phil Hall's The Encyclopedia Of Underground Movies: Films From The Fringes Of Cinema (0941188957, $26.95) discusses the little-known world of' underground cinema' - films which rarely find their way to audiences or media attention. Chapters select underground movies to feature, from Rod Serling's 'Children' to underground documentaries, and survey such topics as what makes a film enter the 'digital underground', and what makes for a 'collector film'. Filmmakers who edit films won't want to miss the professional tips of Bruce Mamer with Jason Wllace in Digital Editing With Final Cut Pro 4 (0941188914, $31.95). Final Cut Pro first saw light in 1988 and was immediately applauded as a software that would allow independent filmmakers to produce professional results on slim budgets, and the latest version can handle either film or 24-frame video. Use Bruce Mamer and Jason Wallace's Digital Editing to understand all integrated features of the program, apply it with professional technique, and understand particular segments of its more complex features.

Video Hound's Groovy Movies
Irv Slifkin
Visible Ink
43311 Joy Rd, #414, Canton, MI 48187
1678591554 $24.95

Compiled by Irv Slifin, VideoHound's Groovy Movies: Far-out Films of the Psychedelic Era features over 200 of the most entertaining, extreme works in cinematic history include weird and wacky films of the psychedelic era, from wacky spy films to horror and science fiction. Over a hundred films are considered, with black and white photos throughout detailing the most amusing, unusual productions of 1965-75.

Pitching Hollywood
Jonathan Koch & Robert Kosberg
Quill Driver Books
1831 Industrial Way, #101, Sanger, CA 93657
1884956319 $12.95 1-800-497-4909

In Pitching Hollywood: How to Sell Your TV and Movie Ideas, movie buffs and aspiring film makers will learn what appeals to Hollywood and what doesn't, from locating and developing a marketable idea and avoiding troublesome ones to locating the right folk to pitch to and protecting an idea. These are all basic questions for TV and movie writers. Two successful producers, Jonathan Koch and Robert Kosberg (with the assistance of Tanya Meurer Norman) reveal their insider's knowledge and secrets, creating an essential guide to the industry.

ECW Press
2120 Queen St. East #200, Toronto, Ontario Canada M4E 1E2

Watch out for it: here comes the companion book to the show Angel with Nikki Stafford's Once Bitten: An Unofficial Guide To The World Of Angel (1550226-541, $17.95), providing exclusive interviews with the show's cast and crew and packing in a history of the series, its changes, and its cultural impact. The interviews form the meat of this unofficial guide to the Angel world, which is a recommend pick for prior Angel fans. Stafford also works with Robyn Burnett in Uncovering Alias: An Unofficial Guide (1550226533, $17.95), including a centerfold of color photos and an important survey of the show which supplements the drama. From cast member biographies and a map of Rambaldi artifacts to a trivia quiz, cast photos, and a history of each episode, Uncovering Alias is the perfect guide for any Alias TV fan.

Vanity Fair
Mira Nair,
Newmarket Press
18 E. 48th St., New York NY 10017
1557046379 $19.95 1-800-669-3903

No, this isn't Thackery's original classic, but a screenplay of his novel, packed with 140 color photos, original costume designs, and examples from other movies and photos which served as inspiration for the film. As much for film production students as for Thackery scholars, Vanity Fair covers the mechanics of translating a classic novel to the screen.

GGC Publishing
5107 - 13th Street NW, Washington, DC 20011

Three excellent television production guides are top picks to understanding the industry and its successes. Dee LaDuke's Making Great Television: Four Essential Ingredients (1589650182, $24.95) pinpoint the four common successful elements of great television series. What do Mary Tyler Moore Show, Sporanos and others have in common? All narrow down to four basic ingredients, which executive producer and pilot producer LaDuke covers in detail. Gareth Gardner, Ph.D.'s Guide To Multimedia And Animation Studies (1589650204, $49.95) is quite simply an industry directory which shouldn't be missed; especially in this fully updated second updated edition. Listings of multimedia and animation jobs, services, and studios include web sites, phones and fax numbers, areas of specialization, and a brief paragraph with enough description to present the heart of the organization's intentions. Garth Gardner, Ph.D.'s Colleges For Multimedia And Animation (1589650190, $39.95) appears in its fourth updated edition and is a recommended pick for the high school student, college grad or other would-be students who wish to pursue a career in either computer graphics or animation. These are newer fields which are still defining themselves and many colleges have only recently begun to offer degree and advanced programs in this area: listings in Colleges For Multimedia And Animation include admission requirements, financial aid details, an overview of courses and curriculum and more.

The Nautical Shelf

Sheridan House
145 Palisades St., Dobbs Ferry, NY 19522

These excellent techniques oriented guides will reach sailors and boat owners with practical applications. The 5th edition of Boat Data Book by Ian Nicholson (15740-91972, $35.00) is a treasure trove of detail for any interested in refitting, repairing or maintaining powerboats and sailboats. There are more tables in the new fifth edition of Boat Data Book, newly added information on the latest mechanical developments and improvements, and the same attention to measurements and detail as in prior editions. Peter Nielsen's Sailpower: Trim And Techniques For Cruising Sailors (1574091778, $34.95) provides a reference on sail trim for all sailors; not just racers. Chapters discuss the basics of sail construction, maintenance, and trim tips; from the standard details on how to balance a boat and keep moving in light air to heavy weather tactics. Bryon D. Anderson covers The Physics Of Sailing Explained (1574091700, $19.95), for sailors who wish to probe the actual science of sailing in more detail. Cruiser and races alike learn how sails, keels and hulls work together and why different tactics work in different situations. Tony Crowley's The Lo-Tech Navigator (1574091913, $17.95) is for any sailor who wants to be less dependent on modern technology for navigation: instead, find latitude and longitude through the Pole Star, detect sea currents using nothing but a kettle, and make a compass from a tin lid. Most of the tools involve little more than basic equipment and observational skills, and the illustrated projects in Lo-Tech Navigator tell how to make and use simpler traditional navigation devices.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
4880 Lower Valley Road, Atglen, PA 19310

Blue Ridge China was produced by Southern Potteries of Erwin, Tennessee from 1938-1957, so their run time was limited; yet these patterns remain both popular and collectible; and Frances and John Ruffin's Blue Ridge China Treasures (0764321-625, $34.95) is the reference of choice for collectors interested in this maker and patterns. From pattern numbers, matching glassware, and original rubber stamps used at the pottery to suggested prices and color photos packed onto every page for easy identification, Blue Ridge China Treasures is, itself, a treasure. Den Six's Lotus Depression Glass & Far Beyond (0764321633, $29.95) features many diverse works from the Lotus Glass Company of Ohio, which decorated glass blanks from some of the best known glass companies in this country. Over 200 images, mostly from original catalog pages and ads, accompany a history of the company and its techniques. Add current market values and you have an excellent, specific collector's reference. One might think Nancy Schiffer's gorgeous Hawaiian Shirts: Dress Right For Paradise (07643-21439, $39.95) would've been better featured in a fashion or a cultural column: not so: this is a book for designers and collectors alike, going beyond pretty photos to list values and histories. Over 1,000 color photos detail Hawaiian textile designs, discussing manufacturer labels and designs. Artists and textile collectors alike will find it packed with lovely diversity detailing the range of the Hawaiian style. All are highly recommended picks.

Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia
Francis A. Lord
Dover Publications
31 E. 2nd St., Mineola, NY 11501
0486436608 $24.95 1-800-223-3130

Any serious collector of Civil War arms, uniforms and equipment should consider the Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia: Arms, Uniforms And Equipment Of The Union And Confederacy as an indispensable reference and core guide in this specialized are of military antiques and collectibles with noted authority Francis A. Lord covering almost everything to do with Civil War memorabilia, from equipment to uniforms on all sides. Over three hundred photos and drawings - many from Lord's own holdings - accent a guide organized by memorabilia categories for quick browsing. If it sounds familiar, the Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia comes with a history: it's a reprint of an original 1963 work - and has lost none of its importance or relevance over time, as it's packed with history and collectibility insights more than values.

Collector Books
PO Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009

Collector Books has invaluable and subject-specific values guides which simply aren't found elsewhere, packing in color photos which lend to identification along with the latest updated values. James Flanagan's The Big Book Of Cigarette Lighters: Identification & Values (1574324-098, $29.95), for example, presents good- sized and clear photos of all kinds of lighters, from Occupied Japan models to cases and decorative lighters. Dates, values and written description accompany each clear photo. Bill Edwards and Mike Carwile's Standard Encyclopedia Of Opalescent Glass: Identification & Values (1574324-241, $29.95) appears in its fifth updated edition to provide updated values along with excellent-quality color photos of opalescent glass pieces. Aptly written descriptions often include the authors' assessments of how glass pieces were made. Marcia Sparkles Brown's Coro Jewelry: A Collector's Guide--identification & Values (1574324128, $29.95) also excels in larger photos - four to a page, for both books - in full color which make it a snap to identify jewelry pieces with certainty. Accompanying each color picture are values and written descriptions. Wonderful, lasting references, all.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Tending Fire
Stephen J. Pyne
Island Press
1718 Connecticut Ave. #300 NW, Washington, DC 20009
1559635657 $25.00 1-800-828-1302

Each summer wildfires destroy American communities and wreck havoc - yet there are 'good' fires, too: those which restore habitats and strike habitats which rely on them for ecological balance. How to cope? Stephen Pyne is an expert on fire, having spent fifteen seasons fighting fires in the Grand Canyon: he outlines in Tending Fire: Coping With America's Wildland Fires, a new paradigm for viewing American wildland fires, discussing the history of fires and human habitats around the world, and contrasting the pros and cons of current fire politics in the last decade.

The Library Video/DVD Shelf

Jennifer Kries' Pilates Methods
Koch Vision
411 Video Information (publicity)
22 Harbor Park Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050
$14.98 each

The Jennifer Kries' Pilates Methods DVD exercise series blends Pilates, yoga and dance in dancer, choreographer, and physical fitness instructor Jennifer Kries' own unique and nationally popular style. Perfect Mix (1417227753, 59 minutes) is a total body workout combining many different elements for good health and includes core conditioning moves to provide a concentrated abdominal and lower body workout, along with an energizing cardio session aimed at reducing body fat and increasing stamina including a yoga-based rejuvenation workout to release tension and promote flexibility. 3 Dimensional Toning (141722777X, 65 minutes) focuses on lifting and shaping the upper and lower body. Workouts include a Pilates-based routine to create a lean, straight and limber figure, along with Core Conditioning moves to create flat abs, a defined buttocks and sculpted legs and thighs without high impact aerobics. Precision Pilates (1417227796, $50 minutes) concentrates on improving posture and sculpting muscles with workouts that include Pilates movements that shape muscles for stronger, firmer arms and chest, a deep muscle workout for the lower body, and a yoga-based workout that integrates stretching techniques and classical dance. Each DVD allows for music-only segments and individual camera options, affording the viewer additional, more personalized approaches to using the program.

MPI Media Group
16101 S. 108th Av, Orland Park, IL 60467

DVD viewers will find much to like about MPI Media Group's latest batch of new releases: there's something for everyone, here. Leisure viewers who recall the original television cult soap opera shows Dark Shadows will be delighted that MPI is systematically releasing the entire series on DVD. Dark Shadows Collection 16 (0788606174) is the latest package, offering 50 complete episodes plus bonus interviews on a 4-disc package. Here Quentin Collins and servant Beth are trying to rescue vampire Barnabas from a chained coffin. Complexity and intrigue increase as Quentin discovers his ghost is menacing Collinwood in the 20th century, leaving David Collins to at death's door. Fans of Westerns aren't left in the cold with Last Ride Of The Dalton Gang (0788605763): this Western drama tell of Jesse James and the Daltons, who are heading for trouble when they turn from law and order to robbing trains. The Dalton Gang robbed numerous trains and murdered: in their last plot townspeople rose up against them. A fast-paced drama stars Cliff Potts, Randy Quaid and others. Celebrate Black History month with two ready-made DVDs of black history. Voyage Of La Amistad: A Quest For Freedom (0788606336) is narrated by Alfre Woodard, with Charles Durning and Brock Peters adding dramatic flair to the story of a slaver ship of 53 abducted Africans who are to be sold into slavery. Their revolt led to a rebellion and temporary freedom before they were captured and jailed for murder and piracy. A well-done drama evolves - a real-life story of a battle for freedom. Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream (0788605992) presents King's speech plus bonus features on the march to Washington from Newsreel in 1963, and the march in 1983 20 years later. Excellent packages, all.

The Travel Shelf

San Francisco As You Like It
Bonnie Wach
Ulysses Press
PO Box 3440, Berkeley, CA 94703-3440
1569753873 $14.95 1-800-377-2542

Over twenty tailor-made tours of San Francisco are outlined for specialty tourists, from food fans to shopaholics. This isn't your normal tourist's view of the city. At the heart of San Francisco As You Like It: 23 Tailor-Made Tours for Culture Vultures, Shopaholics, Neo-Bohemians, Famished Foodies, Savvy Natives & Everyone Else lies its small neighborhoods and long-lasting shops and restaurants which often are hidden from casual visitors. Add a healthy dose of humor and you'll find a tour to suit all kinds of visitor - and even the San Francisco native.

The Treasures And Pleasures Of Thailand And Myanmar
Ron Krannich & Caryl Krannich
Impact Publications
9104-N Manassas Dr., Manassas Park, VA 20111-5211
1570232032 $21.95 1-703-361-7300

Want to plan a shopping expedition to Thailand and Myanmar? Sure, most travel guides include shopping in their pages - but few offer the narrowed focus of Ron and Caryl Krannich's Impact Guides The Treasures And Pleasures Of Thailand And Myanmar: Best Of The Best In Travel And Shopping, which exclusively promotes the idea of travel-shopping. The neighborhoods of these countries are packed with local craftspeople, factories, shopping centers, studios and more: find out where they all are, learn the key regional tools for shopping in these countries and effectively bargaining, and receive specific tips on how to buy jewelry and services in a strategy-based shopper's dream guide.

Cruising The Anime City
Patrick Macias & Tomohiro Machiyama
Stone Bridge Press
PO Box 8208, Berkeley, CA 94707
1880656884 $16.95 1-800-947-7271

Cruising The Anime City: An Otaku Guide To Neo Tokyo is a guide written especially for hardcore Japanese animation fans, video game players, and the like who want to know what to expect if they visit Tokyo in person - or who just want to armchair travel and imagine shopping! A street-smart guide in plain English, brightly illustrated with full-color photographs throughout, Cruising The Anime City discusses where to get the best deals on Japanese comics, where to find collectible toys, how to avoid cell-phone scams when crusing games from pachinko to porno and everything in between, a guide to finding memorabilia relating to one's favorite idol singer, and much more. Though basic travel information (lodging concerns, roadmaps and the like) is deliberatetly left up to more traditional guides, Cruising The Anime City is a "must-have" for the collector who needs to know "the" hottest shopping spots in Tokyo!

Wilderness Press
1200 - 5th St., Berkeley, CA 94710

Three new arrivals were so important we just had to fit 'em in as quickly as possible: San Francisco Bay Area residents will find them essential. You don't have to be a local resident, however, to find John Vonhof's Fixing Your Feet: Prevention And Treatments For Athletes (089997354X, $17.95) essential: any athlete will find prevention easier than fixing, and Fixing Your Feet covers all the basics of foot care for the outdoors person; from socks and shoes to the causes, prevention and treatment of common problems from blisters to tendon injuries. Learn from athletes' experiences what works and what doesn't. Local residents will find David Weintraub's Afoot & Afield San Francisco Bay Area (0899972918, $16.95) is an outdoors hiker's treasure trove: covering as far north as Calistoga and as far south as San Jose, it packs in over 100 trips from short walks to miles-long treks. Black and white photos throughout, maps, and candid assessments of each trip make for a practical guide. Take a backcountry drive with Tony Hugel's California Coastal Byways (0899973590, $18.95), a pocket-sized book which fits neatly into the car glovebox and provides an overview of the entire state's most scenic drives, from desert to ocean. From maps and written directions to recommended stops along the way, fifty top destinations for scenic drives are suggested.

Bird Man And The Lap Dancer
Eric Hansen
1245 Broadway, New York NY 10019
0375421262 $24.00 1-800-726-0600

If it's an entertainingly bizarre travelogue of encounters you wish, with fun and funny commentary, look no further than Eric Hansen's The Bird Man And The Lap Dancer: Close Encounters With Strangers, a survey of both strange locales and odd personalities. Hansen reveals a fascinating synthesis of the peoples and places experienced over a twenty-five year period of travels around the world: individual chapters provide engaging first-person 'you are there' experiences which armchair travelers will love.

Escape To Nature Without Roughing It
Constance Jones, editor
Fodor's Travel Publications, Inc.
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
1400013712 $19.95

As the baby boomers grow older, their appreciation for nature and the outdoors may not fade, but the appreciation for a king-size bed in the process may take precedence over camping out. Turn to Fodor's Escape To Nature Without Roughing It: 250 Hand-picked Resorts, Inns, And Lodges In Amazing Natural Settings for an excellent get-away guide: it covers the entire USA and Canada, it covers all kinds of 'wilderness' from seashore and mountains to farmlands, and it provides recommendations of lovely lodges, farmhouses, and rural hotels. These are more than just listings: extensive descriptions of both accommodation and environment nearby include prices, amenities, payment options and more.

Pineapple Press
PO Box 3889, Sarasota, FL 34230

Two excellent Florida guidebooks offer advance planners plenty of practical tips. Kevin M. McCarthy's St. Johns River Guidebook (1561643149, $14.95) aptly describes history, surveys major towns and wildlife, and gives a first-person tour down the scenic St. Johns River waterway to involve both armchair readers and boat enthusiasts in a fine adventure. Black and white photos supplement the easy blend of travel and history to make for lovely, inviting, leisure reading. J. Wills Burke's Streets Of Key West (1561643173, $16.95) is a recommended pick for Key West residents, visitors, and fans who love to learn local history through street names and colorful past residents. A 1929 plat map shows block divisions while the rise and fall of Key West over the decades is charted in lively chapters packed with local color and walking tour observations. The result is a colorful piece of Florida history which shouldn't be missed.

Lonely Planet
150 Linden St., Oakland, CA 94607

Lonely Planet's weighty guidebooks are packed chock full of details for take-along totes; but that doesn't mean they're limited to destination-bound travelers getting on the plane. There's plenty to invite the armchair traveler making plans: take David Monagan's Jaywalking With The Irish (1740595971, $14.99), for example: no world traveler himself, Monagan is a middle-aged American father who has long dreamed of relocating from the USA to Ireland, land of his fathers. His funny Jaywalking With The Irish describes his family's encounters in Ireland, the cultural shocks which greeted them, and their many discoveries. A fun leisure read for any with an affection for Ireland and its peoples. Heading to nearby France? Don't forget to pack Nicola Williams,'s France (1740599233, $24.99): almost a thousand pages tells how to find one's way in town or city, how to understand underlying history and culture in regional France, and where to eat and sleep. An affectionate view of both byways and popular places. Brazil by Regis St. Louis, (1741040213, $26.99) pairs tailored itineraries with highlights and practical travel details, offering an expanded Carnaval chapter, plenty of background history and local color, and the usual travel tips for eating and sleeping. Ditto New Zealand by Paul Smitz, (1740597664, $24.99): plenty of maps, articles by specialists, a cultural review and tips on getting around New Zealand make for the perfect take-along tote, with over 700 pages packed with detail.

The Language Studies Shelf

Routledge Dictionary Of Latin Quotations
Jon R. Stone
270 Madison Ave., NY, NY 10016
0415969093 $17.95 1-800-634-7064

Completing a multi-volume set 'Latin for the Illiterati' but standing well on its own too is Jon R. Stone's The Routledge Dictionary Of Latin Quotations: The Illiterati's Guide To Latin Maxims, Mottoes, Proverbs And Sayings, a conclusion to a trilogy which offers a treasure trove of Latin quotes, proverbs and maxims gathered from disciplines ranging from philosophy and rhetoric to politics and science. Professor Stone teaches philosophy and religious studies at CSU Bakersfield: his background lends to a solid reference in affordable paperwork.

The Complete Musical Spanish
Stacey Tipton
Musical Linguist
13205 - 9th Ave, NW, Seattle, WA 98177
0970682921 $49.99 1-866-297-2128

The Complete Musical Spanish: Learn Through Pop Music set (which includes Book, CD-ROM, Cassette, and Audio CD Set) is to be especially commended for its unusual format and approach, which provides over 50 lessons based on 10 songs. Spanish grammar becomes easy when set to activities, quizzes and music: a cd/cd-rom and booklet provide simple lessons designed to help students learn Spanish quickly. Songs are no slouches but are widely recognized, popular tunes like La Bamba. The Complete Musical Spanish is enthusiastically recommended for Spanish Language studies from beginners to advanced.

The Music Studies Shelf

Tosca's Prism
Deborah Burton, et al.
Northeastern University Press
360 Huntington Avenue, 416 CP, Boston, Massachusetts 02115
1555536166 $47.50 1-800-666-2211

Collabortively edited by Deborah Burton, Susan Vandiver Nicassio, and Agostino Ziino (all of whom are professors of music history and experts in their fields of academia), Tosca's Prism: Three Moments Of Western Cultural History is an anthology of scholarly essays by learned authors concerning the opera "La Tosca", a classic tale of love, lust, jealousy, and politics which first premiered in 1900 and draws upon the historical events succeeding the fall of the Roman republic. Contributed essays scrutinize La Tosca's impact and legacy with regard to circa 1800, circa 1900, and circa 2000. Extensive notes and music excerpts highlight the thoughtful discussions concerning La Tosca, ranging from "Who Is Tosca?" to "Tosca Act II and the Secret Identity of F#" to "The Protagonists and the Principal Phases of the Roman Republic of 1798 to 1799". This is an invaluable contribution to opera history, and most especially recommended for performing arts libraries, performers, and individual connoisseurs seeking to better understand La Tosca.

The Art Of Downloading Music
Steve Levine
Sanctuary Publishing
c/o Publishers Group West
1860746187 $9.95

Beginners confused by the terminology yet lured by the promise of downloading now have a simple, user-friendly manual to the entire idea and process: Steve Levine's The Art Of Downloading Music. A small, truly pocket-sized paperback covers all the basics: how does downloading work, what kind of sound quality can be expected from a download, how to transfer downloaded music from computer to cd, and how to use an iPod. A big 'plus' in The Art Of Downloading Music is the illustrations - charts and screen shots - plus the easy question-and-answer format which painlessly reveals answers.

Brother Ray
Ray Charles & David Ritz
Da Capo Press
11 Cambridge Ctr, Cambridge, MA 02142
0306814315 $16.95 1-800-242-7737

Fans of the late Ray Charles will delight in this classic autobiography of the legend, which is reprinted in a new edition including co-author David Ritz's essay on Charles' last days. If it's only one Ray Charles book you're buying, and you want an in-depth set of insights into his life and thoughts, it should be Brother Ray: Ray Charles' Own Story. Competing Ray Charles biographical titles provide photos; but it is this highly recommended memoir which provides his personal story in his own voice and from his own perspective.

All The Stops
Craig R. Whitney
Public Affairs
250 West 57th St. #1321, NY, NY 10107
1586482629 $17.95 1-877-782-1234

For centuries pipe organs were the most complex mechanisms the human race had devised, but only a handful of books have surveyed its history. In All The Stops: The Glorious Pipe Organ And Its American Masters, Craig Whitney, NY Times Journalist and editor, focuses on the history of the American pipe organ and its fans, surveying both master organ builders and players alike. An excellent history is revealed in a specialty item which will appeal beyond the classical crowd.

Escaping the Delta
Elijah Wald
Amistad Books
10 E. 53rd St., NY, NY 10022-5299
0060524278 $14.95

Another book about blues musician Robert Johnson? Yes, and it's worth reading because Escaping The Delta: Robert Johnson And The Invention Of The Blues goes beyond just another biographical sketch of Johnson to probe how blues moved beyond its delta roots. There have been other histories of the blues, but this is the first to link Johnson's legacy to the evolution of the genre as a whole, showing how the music was transformed not just by Johnson but by his white listeners, who changed him from an obscure Mississippi guitarist to a legend. If the title sounds familiar, it's because this is a new paperback edition - but wait, there's more: a bonus cd which includes a rare first take of Johnson's 'Traveling Riverside Blues' - the only sing missing from the famous Sony 'complete recordings' set.

Voices Of Latin Rock
Jim McCarthy & Ron Sansoe
Hal Leonard
151 W. 46th St., 8th Fl, NY NY 10036
063408061X $24.95 1-800-637-2852

Voices Of Latin Rock: The People And Events That Shaped The Sound represents the first time the rise of Latin rock has been charted in its own book, from its early days in San Francisco's neighborhoods to its modern popularity. One could almost call this a history of Carlos Santana and his band members, too: Carlos contributes the foreword, while members of his group play prominent roles throughout; though other bands are also covered from Malo to Azteca. The history of Latin rock music is as much about the rise of Latino culture in America as it is about music: packed with black and white and color photos throughout and backed by interviews, observations and analysis, Voices Of Latin Rock charts both the movement and its key players.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Wow! Wool-on-Wool Folk-Art Quilts
Janet Carija Brandt
Martingale & Company
20205 - 144th Ave. NE, Woodinville, WA 98072-8478
1564775917 $27.95 1-800-426-3126

The revised, expanded edition of the classic quilter's guide to quilting with wool is a real winner: thirteen projects focus on folk-art motifs, designs are made for penny rugs, petal rugs and more, and directions include both hooking and appliqu‚ing, even down to dyeing wool. With all the techniques at your fingertips for using wool material effectively, Wow! Wool-on-Wool Folk-Art Quilts is a lovely winner.

Dyer's Companion
Dagmar Klos
Interweave Press
201 East 4th Street, Loveland, CO 80537
1931499519 $19.95 1-800-645-3675

Any crafter who works with fibers and fabric and is interested in custom dye work will consider this little spiral-bound book an essential reference packing in everything from dyeing recipes to disposal advice and a color section of color-graduated yarn samples. The Dyer's Companion is no mere 'how to tye dye' craft book, but a serious fabric artist's guide to working with color in diverse materials.

The Science Shelf

Many Skies
Arthur Upgren
Rutgers University Press
100 Joyce Kilmer Avenue, Piscataway, NJ 08854-8099
0813535123 $24.95 1-800-446-9323

Emeritus astronomy professor Arthur Upgren presents Many Skies: Alternative Histories Of The Sun, Moon, Planets And Stars, an imaginative discussion of how bodies in the night sky could just as easily have been arranged in very different ways. Exploring scenarios such as if the Earth had multiple moons, or rings like Saturn, or if the Sun were a double-star or triple-star system, Many Skies contemplates how different theologies, astrologies, and methods of tracking time would have evolved. Many Skies also scrutinizes how human interferences such as light pollution is changing the night sky, and warns that increased satellites displaying products will change the appearance of Earth's atmosphere. A vivid and contemplative account, as appealing, understandable, and enjoyable for lay readers as for experts in the field.

Science And Politics In The International Environment
Nekil E. Harrison & Gary Bryner, Eds.
Rowman & Littlefield
4720 Boston Way, Lanham, MD 20706
074252020X $32.95 1-800-462-6420

Compiled and edited by the team of Nekil E. Harrison and Gary Bryner, with a special focus upon the science surrounding environmental issues and controversies, Science And Politics In The International Environment is an original gathering of case studies linking environmental science and political policy-making, drawing on essays from all disciplines in the process of explaining how science and politics interact to create, determine and influence policy structures. The result is an excellent collaboration between scholars from the natural and social sciences and a highly recommended addition to academic Environmental Studies collections and environmental activist reading lists.

The Jobs/Careers Shelf

How To Escape Lifetime Security And Pursue Your Impossible Dream
Kenneth Atchity
Helios Press
10 E. 23rd Street, #510, NY, NY 10010
1581153856 $16.95

Seeking more creative, satisfying work? Then Kenneth Atchity's How To Escape Lifetime Security And Pursue Your Impossible Dream is the book for you. It tells how to make 'impossible dreams' come true in the work world, and how to make healthy career changes. Firsthand anecdotes and practical advice blend in a guide which covers everything from overcoming negative peer pressure and redefining the meaning of 'success' to making the most of income and savings. How To Escape Lifetime Security And Pursue Your Impossible Dream is a dreamer's 'bible'!

Impact Publications
9104 Manassas Dr. #N, Manassas Park VA 20111

Four fine job-hunter's guides from Impact's blossoming job seekers library offers excellent and basic references. Wendy S. Enelow's The $100,000+ Job Interview: How To Nail The Interview And Get The Offer (1570232229, $19.95) is for the management seeker looking to land a $100K+ a year job. One of America's top executive career transition coaches uses sample interviews and question examples to show what kinds of points are raised in a high-level interview situation - and how to assure success for executives on the move. Wilson L. Walker's The NCO-ER Leadership Guide (1570232245, $14.95) uses basic Army principles to equate business with the military. Would-be Army participants receive a lesson on leadership in the force, showing how to use Army values to become a better leader, how to choose a leadership style, and more. An excellent recommendation for military professionals and retirees. Ron and Caryl Krannish, Ph.D.s offer two new titles: I Want To Do Something Else, But I'm Not Sure What It Is (1570232164, $15.95), which examines different self-assessment approaches and identifies major interests which could equate to careers, and 201 Dynamite Job Search Letters (1570232326, $19.95), which appears in its fifth updated edition to include tailor-made job search letters for today's new job market. All three of these "user friendly" books are recommended picks for basic public library holdings.

New World Library
14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949

Christine Arena's Cause For Success: 10 Companies That Put Profit Second And Came In First (1577314573, $14.95) is an outstanding business guide which offers fine insights into a new paradigm for business success in the 21st century. 10 companies that put profits second to come in first through improving world problems are profiled in a set of case histories illustrating business cooperation, fair trade values, and bridging economic gaps. An inspirational link between solving world problems and corporate health and success. Maggie Craddock's The Authentic Career: Following The Path Of Self-discovery To Professional Fulfillment (1577314387, $14.95) stands out among the morass of career guides received daily: it provides a logical process of thinking and action to logical paths of self-discovery and professional and career goals, with chapters pinpointing individual roles and cycles, and the impact of group or business roles and cycles.

Adams Media
57 Littlefield St., Avon, MA 02322

Martin Yate is one of the country's top advocates for working professionals; so if you're a working professional looking for a new position, you can't get any better advice than from his Knock 'em Dead 2005: The Ultimate Job Seekers Guide (1593371063, $14.95), from putting a powerful resume together and handling an interview to actually impressing an interviewer with your answers. Everything from an employer's hidden agenda behind their questions to presenting weaknesses in the best light is imparted with a 'real-world' touch applicable to the most demanding situations. George Ochoa and Melinda Corey's The 100 Best Trends 2005: Emerging Developments You Can't Afford To Ignore! (1593370989, 14.95) is the pick to make if you wish to think about future trends, and it isn't just about business either: trends in the arts, demographics, health and politics are all packed into a guide which charts the trends currently shaping the future. Marketing specialists, suppliers, entrepreneurs: any who would understand future lifestyle choices, health trends and more must have these two career guides for 2005.

1000 Best Job Hunting Secrets
Diane Stafford & Moritza Day
Sourcebooks Inc.
1935 Brookdale Road, #139, Naperville, IL 60563
1402202180 $12.95 1-800-432-7444

All levels of job-seeker will benefit from Diane Stafford and Moritza Day's 1000 Best Job Hunting Secrets, an employment seeking guide which covers everything from keeping information confidential and tailoring a resume to a search to rejoining the workforce after an absence and gaining a second interview. The inclusion of key words to gain impact, discussions of how to discuss past experience for maximum effect, and learning an employer's needs make for important basics.

The Automotive Shelf

Electric Dreams
Caroline Kettlewell
Carroll & Graff
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Berkeley graduate Eric Ryan's journey to North Carolina to an improvised high school where his encounter with Harold Miller would lead to an electric car's design and development would change his life. Electric Dreams: One Unlikely Team Of Kids And The Race To Build The Car Of The Future documents how an unlikely band of kids would build the car of the future in the heart of NASCAR country, beating the odds to win a high school competition. An exciting and true story of determination and true grit - and fast cars.

Electric And Hybrid Cars
Judy Anderson & Curtis D. Anderson
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Electric cars are typically seen as a modern invention: in fact, they were among the first vehicles on the road: in the car's early days a third were electric, and they competed strongly with gas cars. In Electric And Hybrid Cars: A History, Judy and Curtis Anderson collaborate to provide the reader an illustrated history of electric and hybrid cars, surveying not only the history of their construction and promotion, but the political and social controversies which have surrounding their development and use.

The Car And Its Future
Kaitlen Jay Exum
Lynn M. Messina, editors
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The fifth title in a six-book "The Reference Shelf 2004" series, The Car And Its Future is a compilation of informed and informative articles drawn from respected publications, and additional article abstracts, as well as a bibliography of other sources. Enhanced with a bibliography, a listing of websites, "Additional Periodical Articles with Abstracts", and a comprehensive index, The Car And Its Future is accessibly organized into six major sections: Life Behind the Wheel; Marketing and Design; Traffic and Safety; Insurance and Auto Repair; The Auto Industry: A Global Perspective; and Alternative Fuels. The result is a well-rounded, non-biased, and substantively instructive overview that will hold special interest and value for academia and the the interested non-specialist general reader alike.

The only immortality that I know isn't carved in some stone monument. It's the thoughts and memories recorded in the human heart, echoing down from one generation to another. If you want to be remembered, then write down your experiences, your dreams, and the adventure that is your life.

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