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Reviewer's Choice

Silent Voices
Robert L. Okin, MD
Golden Pine Press
38 Miller Avenue, #121
Mill Valley, CA 94941
9780996077705 $19.95

Practicing psychiatrist, professor, and former commissioner of mental health Robert L. Okin, MD presents Silent Voices: People with Mental Disorders on the Street, a sobering portrait of homeless mentally ill individuals. Photographic portraits (mostly in color, some black-and-white) are paired with text passages about each profiled individual - sometimes their first-person testimony, sometimes their response to interview questions, and Okin's candid accounts of his encounters with them. One homeless man candidly observes, "If the city really wanted to do something to help them, it's gotta do something other than put 'em back on the street, give 'em a welfare check, and expect them to use it to pay for a shitty, overpriced, depressing little room. People would rather live on the streets, smoke crack, and take their chances on getting arrested again. You gotta give 'em something they view as too valuable to lose if they get caught again, like real housing." The closing chapter is Okin's straightforward assessment of how deinstitutionalization led to an epidemic of homeless mentally ill, and how criminalization of the homeless has exacerbated the problem. Silent Voices shines a spotlight on a serious, ongoing social problem in America, and is worthy of the highest recommendation.

Judy Garland on Judy Garland
Randy L. Schmidt, editor
Chicago Review Press
814 North Franklin Street, Chicago, IL 60610
9781613749456 $28.95

Judy Garland on Judy Garland: Interviews and Encounters is an anthology of interviews with the legendary singer and actress (especially well-known for her pivotal role in "The Wizard of Oz"), as well as the firsthand testimonies of people who encountered her between 1935 and 1969. Judy Garland's own words are a vibrant part of the collection, in a number of essays written for various publications. A handful of inset black-and-white photographs illustrate this compendium, which is as close to completing her unfinished autobiography as any book can come. A "must-read" for Garland fans!

The Science Shelf

Fakes!? Hoaxes, Counterfeits and Deception in Early Modern Science
Marco Beretta & Maria Conforti, editors
Science History Press
PO Box 1240, Sagamore Beach, MA 02562-1240
9780881354959, $47.96,

Collaboratively compiled and co-edited by Marco Beretta (History of Science, University of Bologna) and Maria Conforti (History of Medicine, Sapienza-Rome University), "Fakes!? Hoaxes, Counterfeits and Deception in Early Modern Science" is a 296 page compendium comprised of ten major articles, each one devoted to a specific fraudulent incident or activity in the early decades of the adoption of the scientific method of inquiry. The articles begin with Owen Gingerich's Is Doctoring Data Always Misconduct?: Case Studies - Ptolemy, Copernicus, Lansbergen" and conclude with Stefano Gattei's "An Original Fake: Closing the Debate on Flammarion's Engraving". A seminal body of original scholarship that is very highly recommended for both academic and community library collections, "Fakes!? Hoaxes, Counterfeits and Deception in Early Modern Science" is an inherently fascinating read and will prove to be of immense interest to academia as well as the non-specialist general reader with an interest in the history of science.

The American History Shelf

The First Lady of Radio
Stephen Drury Smith, editor
The New Press
38 Green Street, 4th floor
New York, NY 10013
9781620970423 $25.95

The First Lady of Radio: Eleanor Roosevelt's Historic Broadcasts is a primary source consisting almost entirely of Eleanor Roosevelt's historic radio broadcasts. President FDR was not the only major political figure of his era to engage the American public in "fireside chats"; during his presidential term, first lady Eleanor became the first wife of an American president to cultivate a media relationship with the American public. Eleanor Roosevelt was FDR's political partner as well as his spouse. She held a series of prime time radio programs in which she candidly shared details of White House life, supported her husband's vision for a brighter future - and sometimes even publicly disagreed with him, offering her own thoughts and alternatives on the air. Her transcribed radio speeches include "A Mother's Responsibility as a Citizen", "Life in a Tenement", "Shall We Arm Merchant Ships?", "Pearl Harbor Attack", and many more. Her words are as relevant today as they were during the darkest hours of the Great Depression and World War II. The First Lady of Radio is worthy of the highest recommendation for public and college library American History shelves.

Imaging Hoover Dam
Anthony F. Arrigo
University of Nevada Press
Mail Stop 0166
Reno, NV, 89557-0166
9780874179538 $39.95

Imaging Hoover Dam: The Making of a Cultural Icon is the story of the single most ambitious civil engineering project of the Great Depression. Built in the Mojave Desert to hold back the largest man-made lake in America, the Hoover Dam became a visible symbol of American ingenuity and construction, even amid dark times of widespread poverty, unemployment, and hunger. Imaging Hoover Dam draws upon a vast selection of primary sources and archival materials to tell the story of the Hoover Dam's construction, documentation, and use in commercial promotions, fine art photography, and paintings. As much a glimpse into American Culture as it is a landmark history, Imaging Hoover Dam is especially recommended for public and college library American History collections.

The World History Shelf

A History Of South Africa
Fransjohan Pretorius, editor
Protea Boekhuis
c/o International Publishers Marketing
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166
9781869199081, $29.00,

The Republic of South Africa, is a country located at the southern tip of Africa. It has 2,798 kilometers of coastline that stretches along the South Atlantic and Indian oceans. To the north lie the neighboring countries of Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe; to the east are Mozambique and Swaziland; and within it lies Lesotho, an enclave surrounded by South African territory. South Africa is the 25th-largest country in the world by land area, and with close to 53 million people, is the world's 25th-most populous nation. South Africa is a multiethnic society encompassing a wide variety of cultures, languages, and religions. Its pluralistic makeup is reflected in the constitution's recognition of 11 official languages, which is among the highest number of any country in the world. Two of these languages are of European origin: English and Afrikaans, the latter originating from Dutch and serving as the first language of most white and colored South Africans. Though English is commonly used in public and commercial life, it is only the fourth most-spoken first language. Compiled and edited by Fransjohan Pretorius (Professor of History, University of Pretoria), "A History of South Africa: From the Distant Past to the Present Day" is a 706 page compendium presenting a comprehensive overview of the history of South Africa presented in twenty-nine informative articles beginning with South Africa's primeval past, to the Dutch era, to the coming of the British, to the struggle against apartheid, to the current era of developing trade unions, and the establishment of a democracy. Of special note is Elize S. van Eeden's article 'An environmental history of South Africa'. Enhanced with the inclusion of maps, a bibliography, and a comprehensive index, "A History of South Africa: From the Distant Past to the Present Day" is a remarkable work that should be a part of every academic library's World History collection in general, and the supplemental studies reading lists for students of South African history in particular.

Operatives, Spies, And Saboteurs
Patrick K. O'Donnell
The Free Press
c/o Simon & Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
978074323574, $17.00,

A 384 page history of World War II espionage and covert operations activities, presented from the perspective of OSS agents, recounts numerous secret missions that contributed to the war's outcome, "Operatives, Spies, And Saboteurs" by Patrick K. O'Donnell is a riveting and informative read from beginning to end. This is one of those cases where true stories are as suspenseful as any fictional thriller ever penned. Enhanced with the inclusion of sixteen pages of Notes, an eight page Glossary, an eight page Bibliography, and a comprehensive Index, "Operatives, Spies, And Saboteurs" is highly recommended for academic and community library collection in general, and commended to the attention of non-specialist general readers with an interest in World War II era espionage in particular. It should be noted that "Operatives, Spies, And Saboteurs" is also available in a Kindle edition ($11.02).

Glimpses of Ireland's Past
Angelique Day
Royal Irish Academy
c/o International Specialized Book Services
920 Northeast 58th Avenue, Suite 300
Portland, OR, 97213
9781908996459 $50.00

Glimpses of Ireland's Past - The Ordnance Survey Memoir Drawings: Topography and Technique collects black-and-white sketches that were made of Irish landscapes, ancient sites, monuments, historic objects, etc. created as visual documentation of Ulster, during the decade before the Great Famine of the mid-nineteenth century. Paired with the preserved illustrations are descriptive and informative text vignettes. Glimpses of Ireland's Past lives up to its title as a preserved treasury; its drawings were not commercial, but rather created specifically to preserve, record, and remember. Highly recommended, especially for college library world history shelves.

The Yanks Are Coming!
H.W. Crocker III
Regnery Publishing, Inc.
One Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
9781621572626 $29.99

Military historian H.W. Crocker III presents The Yanks Are Coming! A Military History of the United States in World War I, an in-depth focus on America's contribution to The Great War. The Yanks Are Coming! does not shy from political judgment and evaluation, painting President Woodrow Wilson as a pacifist who was reluctantly forced into an inevitable war, exploring how the ashes of WW I birthed Communism and Fascism, and how the war was a crucial turning point in America's rising influence, from frontier power to global superpower. "The question the Unknown Soldier might ask us is whether we have adequately paid our debt to the generation of Americans who fought the Great War, who forged the American Century, who defined for the world what it meant to be an American." Notes, a bibliography, and an index round out complex, detailed, and far-reaching account of not only the war itself, but also its long-term politics and consequences.

The Memoir Shelf

The Memoirs of Ardeshir Zahedi: Volume II
Ahmad Ahrar, recorder
Farhang Jahanpour, translator
IBEX Publishers
PO Box 30087, Bethesda, MD 20824
9781588140999, $40.00,

Ardeshir Zahedi (born 16 October 1928) was an important Iranian diplomat during the 1960s and 1970s, serving as the country's foreign minister and its ambassador to the United States and the United Kingdom. "The Memoirs of Ardeshir Zahedi, Love, Marriage, Ambassadorship in The United Sates and the United Kingdom (1955-1966)" is the second volume of Ardeshir Zahedi's memoirs as he dictated them to Ahmad Ahrar. In this volume of his memoirs, he covers the death of his father; courtship and marriage to the Shah's daughter, Shahnaz; his appointment as ambassador to the United Kingdom and learning the interactions of British civil and court politics; his appointment as ambassador to the United States where he becomes acquainted, among others, with President Eisenhower, Vice President Nixon and the Kennedy brothers; and his first hand experiences with the student opposition to the Shah in the United States. He also describes his and Princess Shahnaz's involvement in the process of selecting a suitable wife for the Shah, who had recently separated from Queen Soraya, and who wanted to remarry and produce a male heir. As informed and informative as it is candid and straightforward, "The Memoirs of Ardeshir Zahedi: Volume II" is very highly recommended reading and a valued addition to academic library biography and international studies collections. Also strongly recommended is the first volume, "The Memoirs of Ardeshir Zahedi Volume I" (9781588140739, $25.00, 514pp).

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

Writing Local History Today
Thomas A. Mason & J. Kent Calder
AltaMira Press
c/o Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706
9780759119024, $70.00,

The collaborative work of Thomas A. Mason and J. Kent Calder, "Writing Local History Today: A Guide to Researching, Publishing, and Marketing Your Book" is a 148 page instruction manual specifically designed to assist the novice writer seeking to produce saleable work in the field of writing local community histories. Deftly organized into four chapters (The Consumer: Who Is Your Audience?; Evidence: Where Do You Find It? How Do You Use It?; Communication: How Do You Shape a Specialized Subject for a Nonspecialist Audience?; Economics, Design, and Production: How Do You Produce and Market A Book That People Will Pay For?). Succinctly comprehensive, immanently practical, thoroughly 'user friendly', and enhanced with the inclusion of eight appendices ranging from 'Sample Author's Guideline' to 'Why Books Cost: A quick Lesson in Finance for Publishers', a four page Bibliography, and a comprehensive index, "Writing Local History Today: A Guide to Researching, Publishing, and Marketing Your Book" will prove to be an invaluable addition to any aspiring writer's reference shelf in general, and a "must" for anyone wanting to enter the specialized field of local history writing in particular. It should be noted that "Writing Local History Today: A Guide to Researching, Publishing, and Marketing Your Book" is also available in a paperback edition (9780759123953, $27.95) and a Kindle edition ($23.44).

The Cookbook Shelf

Veganish: The Omnivore's Guide to Plant-Based Cooking
Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose
Publicity Department
Viva Editions
2246 Sixth Street, Berkeley, CA 94710-2219
9781936740840, $16.95,

We humans are omnivores can derive our energy and nutrients from a diet consisting of a variety of food sources that may include plants, animals, algae, fungi and bacteria, and all manner of animals. We omnivores are often are opportunistic and consume both animal protein and vegetation -- unlike herbivores that can only consume plants or carnivores that can only survive by eating other animals. As modern humans we have refined out culinary habits to dine on dishes that both please our palates and satisfy our appetites. "Veganish: The Omnivore's Guide to Plant-Based Cooking" is a 224 page compendium of wonderful recipes compiled by Mielle Chenier-Cowan Rose that range from a Honey Mustard Vinaigrette; Parsley-Almond Pesto; Spicy Roasted Cauliflower; and Homegrown Sprouts; to Home-Cooked Black Beans; Scattered Sushi Salad; White Bean Soup with Kale; and Pineapple Rum Upside-Down Cake. Of special note is the opening sections about plant and animal based nutrition and foods, organics, the value of quality ingredients, salt, cooking oils, and cooking materials. Followed by basic advice offering cooking tips, essential cooking techniques, special techniques, and menu planning. Enhanced with the inclusion of a glossary, and index of recipes, and culinary conversions, "Veganish: The Omnivore's Guide to Plant-Based Cooking" will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to personal, family, and community library cookbook collections. It should be noted that "Veganish: The Omnivore's Guide to Plant-Based Cooking" is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.99).

Goodbye Gluten
Kim Stanford & Bill Backchaus
University of North Texas Press
PO Box 311336, Denton, TX 76203-1336
9781574415780, $21.95,

About one out of every three people in this country suffer from some degree of gluten intolerance and/or suffer from celiac disease which necessitates them having a gluten free diet. But the absence of gluten doesn't mean a reduction of the quality or variety of wonderfully palate please and appetite satisfying dishes that would grace any dining occasion. Not when they have the Kim Standord and Bill Cackhaus "Goodbye Gluten: Happy Healthy Delicious Eating with a Texas Twist" cookbook! These fully gluten free recipes range from Toasted Pecan, Pear, and Blue Cheese Salad; Weaver Family Chicken-and-Rice Soup; Mexican Quiche with Poblano-Chedda Plenta Crust; and Texas Chicken-Fried Steak with Poblano Gravy; to Herb-Crusted Parmesan Chicken; Tortilla-Chip-Crusted Tacos de Pescado with Chile-Mayo Cabbage Slaw; Roasted Tomato and Goat Cheese Risotto Cakes; and Mr. Fluffy Pepper jack and Aged Cheddar Biscuits. There's even a 'Booze and Your Bar Guide' for creating a well-stocked and gluten-free bar! Wonderfully 'kitchen cook friendly' in content and presentation, "Goodbye Gluten: Happy Healthy Delicious Eating with a Texas Twist" is very highly recommended for personal, family, and community library cookbook collections. It should be noted that "Goodbye Gluten: Happy Healthy Delicious Eating with a Texas Twist" is also available in a Kindle edition ($10.14).

The Girl Who Ate Everything
Christy Denney
Cedar Fort, Inc.
2373 West 700 South, Springville, Utah 84663
9781462114047, $19.99,

There is a particular charm associated with cookbooks that are comprised of family recipes. Such is the case with Christy Denney's "The Girl Who Ate Everything" a beautifully illustrated, 213 page cornucopia of wonderfully kitchen cook friendly recipes for dishes that would please any palate, satisfy any appetite, and serve any dining occasion from simple family meals to elegant dining occasions. The recipes range from Roast Beef Sliders; Bloomin' Cheddar Bacon Ranch Bread; Snickerdoodle Muffins; and Parmesan Dijon Crusted Chicken Tenders; to Mom's White Chicken Chili; Loaded Potato Slices; Pear and Quinoa Salad; and Strawberry Shortbread Pizza. Enhanced with two pages of Measurement Equivalents and a comprehensive Index, "The Girl Who Ate Everything" is an enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, family, and community library cookbook collections. It should be noted that "The Girl Who Ate Everything" is also available in a Kindle edition ($7.99).

Dean Brettschneider
Jacqui Small LLP
c/o Penguin Group
375 Hudson Street, 4th floor, New York, NY 10014
c/o Dalyn Miller Public Relations
9781909342774 $40.00

Author and global baker Dean Brettschneider presents Bread, the definitive cookbook for handcrafting oven-baked bread as a delicacy. From savory breads and sourdoughs, to grainy and health breads, quick breads and scones, festive breads, sweet breads and more, Bread has a recipe for every taste and occasion. Bread also devotes pages to teaching the reader how to select and use bread-making equipment, with step-by-step instructions and photographs for processes such as molding dough into a round cob or boule loaf. Generally, black-and-white photography demonstrates breadmaking techniques, while color photography showcases the sumptuous breads one can make. Recipes include "Olive & Oven-roasted Tomato Panini", "Muesli Rolls", "Panzanella Bread Salad", "NYC Sticky Pecan Buns", and much more. Bread is a treasury for gourmet bakers, highly recommended!

Sharing Morocco
Ruth Barnes
Greenleaf Book Group Press
PO Box 91869, Austin, TX 78709
9781626340978, $29.95,

Compiled and presented by culinary expert Ruth Barnes, "Sharing Morocco: Exotic Flavors from My Kitchen to Yours" is a 304 page compendium showcasing authentic Moroccan recipes adapted for an American kitchen. Beautifully illustrated throughout the recipes range from Baked Eggplant Salad; Slow Cooker Moroccan Brisket with Apricots and Prunes; Artichokes Stuffed with Lam; and Almond Cookies; to Baklava with Pistachios and Orange Blossom Water; Stuffed Figs with Goat Cheese, Pistachios, and Honey; Duck Tagine with Figs and Port Sauce; and Saffron Rice with Nuts, Raisins, and Onions. Guaranteed to be a popular addition to personal, professional, family, and community library Ethnic Cookbook collections, it should also be noted that "Sharing Morocco: Exotic Flavors from My Kitchen to Yours" is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.99).

New Orleans Classic Creole Recipes From Favorite Restaurants
Kit Wohl
Pelican Publishing Company
1000 Burmaster Street
Gretna, LA 70053-2246
9781455618798 $16.95

Featuring full-color photography on virtually every other page, New Orleans Classic Creole Recipes From Favorite Restaurants lives up to its title with an array of fifty sumptuous recipes of authentic Creole cuisine, provided by popular local restaurants. Dishes include Crabmeat Maison, Shrimp and Ham Jambalaya, Trout Meuniere, Okra Tomato Stew, Sweet Calas, and much more. In addition to step-by-step instructions, many recipes also have sidebars spotlighting a little bit of information about cherished food staples of Creole culture, and the history of their preparation. Anyone interested in trying their hand at Creole cuisine will find New Orleans Classic Creole Recipes indispensable!

The Gardening Shelf

The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual
Roger Marshall
Timber Press
133 S.W. Second Avenue, Suite 450, Portland OR 97204-3527
9781604694147, $24.95,

A greenhouse (also called a glasshouse) is a building or complex in which plants are grown. These structures range in size from small sheds to industrial-sized buildings. A miniature greenhouse is known as a cold frame. Commercial glass greenhouses are often high tech production facilities for vegetables or flowers. The glass greenhouses are filled with equipment like screening installations, heating, cooling, lighting and also may be automatically controlled by a computer to maximize potential growth. A greenhouse is a structural building with different types of covering materials, such as a glass or plastic roof and frequently glass or plastic walls; it heats up because incoming visible sunshine is absorbed inside the structure. Air warmed by the heat from warmed interior surfaces is retained in the building by the roof and wall; the air that is warmed near the ground is prevented from rising indefinitely and flowing away. "The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual" by gardening expert Roger Marshall is a profusely illustrated, 256 page instruction guide that will enable even the most novice of gardeners to successful utilize a greenhouse environment to raise all manner of plants and vegetation. Beginning with chapters on selecting just the right greenhouse and creating a greenhouse environment, "The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual" goes on with chapters on starting seeds and propagation; growing vegetables, herbs, and fruits; growing without soil; growing flowers and foliage plants; growing orchids, bromeliads, cacti and succulents. Of special value are the chapters on controlling greenhouse pests and diseases, and greenhouse maintenance. "The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual" concludes with an invaluable chapter on making a profit from a greenhouse operation. Absolutely 'user friendly' from beginning to end, "The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual" is very highly recommended for personal, professional, and community library Gardening instructional reference collections. It should be noted that "The Greenhouse Gardener's Manual" is also available in a Kindle edition ($3.49).

The Photography Shelf

Teaching Digital Photography
Keith Kyker
Libraries Unlimited
PO Box 1911
Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781610698566 $45.00

Also available as an ebook, Teaching Digital Photography: The Ultimate Guide to 'Tween and Teen Learning lives up to its title as a resource for educators, covering necessary digital photography equipment and software, photography and digital imaging software skills, creative and commercial digital imaging projects, digital imaging layout skills, digital video, and much more. Suggested activities, techniques for monitoring progress and grading, step-by-step procedures, and more ease the process of constructing and carrying out digital photography lesson plans. An accompanying CD-ROM of supplementary materials rounds out this superb resource for educators. Although Teaching Digital Photography is especially meant for teachers with a responsibility to their classroom, individual amateur photographers may also find the lessons invaluable for personal use!

Learning Through A Lens
Jane Hewitt, author
Mick Waters, author & editor
Independent Thinking Press
c/o Crown House Publishing Limited
6 Trowbridge Drive Suite 5, Bethel, CT 06801
9781781351147, $32.95,

"Learning Through a Lens: It's All About Photography!" is 224 page, profusely illustrated compendium specifically designed instruct the reader in how to use photography in the classroom across all subjects. "Learning Through A Lens" deftly provides a means for either teamwork or self-discovery, inspiration, wonder, exploring hidden depths in iconic images, and follow-up philosophical questions. Not only does "Learning Through A Lens" allow for creativity but also for structure, freedom and rigor. "Learning Through A Lens" covers camera basics composition, camera functions, basic uploading, editing, printing and presentation; self-portraits self discovery, all about me, secrets, hidden depths, expressions; putting old photos into a scene, then and now; using 'tiny people' to create whole new worlds, scenes and stories providing real scope for creativity and fun; the use of photographic images for philosophical discussion; looking at the local community and how to use images such as street art for project based activities. "Learning Through a Lens: It's All About Photography!" can be used by all teachers, parents, youth workers and anyone wanting to teach using photography. Thoroughly 'user friendly' and enhanced with the inclusion of two pages of Bibliography and a comprehensive Index, "Learning Through a Lens: It's All About Photography!" is very highly recommended for personal, school, and community library Photographic Studies instructional reference collections.

Horse Medicine
Tony Stromberg
New World Library
14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949
9781608683130, $45.00,

The horse has been an intricate part of the human imagination from the primeval past down to the present day. "Horse Medicine" is a 184 page compendium showcasing Tony Stromberg's inspired and inspiring full color photography of the horse that is an almost metaphysically spiritual experience to browse through -- one magnificent page at a time. The imagery is nature photography at its very best, making "Horse Medicine" a wonderful experience that is very highly recommended for horse lovers everywhere. This hardcover coffee-table sized edition would make an enduringly popular addition to personal and community library Photography Studies collections -- especially as a Memorial Fund acquisition selection. Also very highly recommended is Tony Stromberg's earlier photographic collection, "Spirit Horses" (9781608681426, $29.95, 160pp).

The Library Science Shelf

Dragons in the Stacks
Steven A. Torres-Roman and Cason E. Snow
Libraries Unlimited
PO Box 1911
Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781610692618 $45.00

Part of the Libraries Unlimited Professional Guides for Young Adult Librarians Series, intended especially for librarians specializing in collections that serve teens and young adults, Dragons in the Stacks: A Teen Librarian's Guide to Tabletop Role-Playing demystifies pen-and-paper table-top role-playing games. The most famous of these games belong to the genre-defining Dungeons & Dragons system, but there are literally dozens of other role-playing game materials, which can be used to share creative adventures in just about any setting, from futuristic sci-fi to horror or the Old West. Dragons in the Stacks has an easy-to-use glossary of RPG terms, a short history of tabletop RPGs, suggestions for collection development and programming, and more. Most of all, it offers brief (one to three pages) profiles of all sorts of different RPG systems, describing the basic setting, the role that players have, genre tags, an evaluation with a simple scoring system, and so on. An index rounds out this excellent, user-friendly resource, especially recommended for librarians interested in incorporating table-top role-playing into the library's schedule of youth activities!

The Maker Cookbook
Cindy R. Wall & Lynn M. Pawloski
Libraries Unlimited
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781610696616, $45.00,

The collaborative work of two experienced librarians, Cindy R. Wall and Lynn M. Pawloski, "The Maker Cookbook: Recipes for Children's and 'Tween Library Programs" is a 237 page compendium offering easy-to-use, step-by-step guidance for school and community librarians wanting to create engaging K - 8 programs in science and technology, arts and crafts, and home skills that are perfect for the library setting. The menu of ideas is broken into four types of programming. "Appetizers" add a taste of the Maker movement to existing library programs. "Entrees" present full programs for a lengthy one-day event or a short series. "Side Dishes" are programs you can use if you have limited staff, budget, space, or any combination of those. "Desserts" are low-tech programs, suitable for young children. Each "recipe" includes extensions, variations, and curriculum tie-ins that give you even more ways to present the program ideas, whether to a different audience or as part of other related activities. Programs that involve creating a "Balloon Zip Line," a "Zen Garden," or a "Maker Marketplace" will delight library users and generate activity and excitement in your library. Thoroughly 'user friendly' throughout, it should also be noted that ""The Maker Cookbook: Recipes for Children's and 'Tween Library Programs" is also available in a Kindle edition ($35.99).

The Education Shelf

What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know, third edition
Dave F. Brown & Trudy Knowles
PO Box 6926, Portsmouth, NH 03802-6926
9780325057552, $35.00,

Now in a newly updated and expanded third edition, "What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know" is a 288 page compendium focusing upon classroom teaching and teachers at the middle school level for children age 10 to 14. Organized into four major sections (Who Are Middle Level Teachers?; Who Are Your Students?; What Research Tells Us About Effective Middle level Schools; and How Your Classroom Can Best Meet The Needs Of Students), "What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know" is a complete, comprehensive, and practical instruction manual that will prove to be an invaluably informed and informative guide -- especially for novice teachers just beginning their middle school careers as classroom instructors. Of special note are the 'Concluding Reflections at the end of each of the twelve chapters comprising "What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know". Highly recommended for anyone having the responsibility for teaching children at a middle school level, "What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know" should be considered a 'must' for academic library Teacher Education instructional reference collections.

The Biography Shelf

John Napier: Life, Logarithms, and Legacy
Julian Havil
Princeton University Press
41 William Street, Princeton, NJ 08540
9780691155708, $35.00,

John Napier of Merchiston (1550 - 4 April 1617) was a Scottish landowner known as a mathematician, physicist, and astronomer. He was the 8th Laird of Merchiston. John Napier is best known as the discoverer of logarithms (an enormous intellectual achievement that would soon lead to the development of their mechanical equivalent in the slide rule). He also invented the so-called "Napier's bones" and made common the use of the decimal point in arithmetic and mathematics. Researched and written by Julian Havil, "John Napier: Life, Logarithms, and Legacy" is a 296 page biography that provides a detailed examination as a Scottish landowner, his reputation as a dabbler in alchemy, his interests in agriculture, even his involvement with a notorious outlaw. Napier was also noted for his staunch anti-Catholic beliefs and his relations with his mathematical and scientific peers Henry Briggs, Johannes Kepler, and Tycho Brahe. All this, in addition to his impressive legacy to the development of mathematics. Work of impressively detailed scholarship, "John Napier: Life, Logarithms, and Legacy" is strongly recommended for academic library Biography collections. It should be noted that "John Napier: Life, Logarithms, and Legacy" is also available in a Kindle edition ($19.250).

Killing Patton
Bill O'Reilly
Henry Holt & Company
175 Fifth Avenue, Suite 400
New York, NY 10010-7725
9780805096682 $30.00

Bill O'Reilly, host of the television show "The O'Reilly Factor", presents Killing Patton, a nonfiction scrutiny of the celebrated World War II general and his mysterious death. Patton's bravery, audacity, and controversy earned him a long list of enemies, and nearly seventy years later, there remains suspicion that he was assassinated. A solid profile of an extraordinary military commander, and a meticulous review of the facts surrounding his death, Killing Patton is as fascinating as it is enlightening from cover to cover. Also highly recommended are the previous books in O'Reilly's series about the deaths of great leaders: "Killing Lincoln", "Killing Kennedy", and "Killing Jesus".

The Music Shelf

Liszt's Legacies
James Deaville & Michael Saffle, editors
Pendragon Press
PO Box 190, Hillsdale, NY 12529
9781576471692, $54.00,

Franz Liszt (October 22, 1811 - July 31, 1886) was a 19th-century Hungarian composer, virtuoso pianist, conductor, teacher and Franciscan tertiary. Liszt gained renown in Europe during the early nineteenth century for his virtuosic skill as a pianist. He was said by his contemporaries to have been the most technically advanced pianist of his age, and in the 1840s he was considered to be the greatest pianist of all time. Liszt was also a well-known and influential composer, piano teacher and conductor. He was a benefactor to other composers, including Richard Wagner, Hector Berlioz, Camille Saint-Saens, Edvard Grieg and Alexander Borodin. As a composer, Liszt was left behind an extensive and diverse body of work in which he influenced his forward-looking contemporaries and anticipated some 20th-century ideas and trends. Some of his most notable contributions were the invention of the symphonic poem, developing the concept of thematic transformation as part of his experiments in musical form and making radical departures in harmony. He also played an important role in popularizing a wide array of music by transcribing it for piano. "Liszt's Legacies" is a 408 page compendium comprised of twenty-one informative, scholarly articles on the musician and his legacy to the world of music. Enhanced with the inclusion of illustrations, plats, tables, and musical examples, "Liszt's Legacies" is very highly recommended for academic library19th Century Music History collections in general, and Franz Liszt studies supplemental reading lists in particular.

The Self-Help Shelf

Don't Give Up, Don't Give In
Louis Zamperini & David Rensin
Dey St.
c/o William Morrow & Company
c/o HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062368331 $22.99

Don't Give Up, Don't Give In: Lessons from an Extraordinary Life is an inspirational book drawn from the life lessons of World War II veteran and survivor Louis Zamperini. During the war, Zamperini served aboard a B-24 that crashed into the Pacific Ocean. Zamperini was among one of the three who survived the crash. They subsisted on rain water and raw albatross... barely. On the 33rd day adrift, one survivor died. Zamperini made a heartfelt plea to God, "I promise to seek you and serve you if you just let me live." On the 47th day adrift, Zamperini was taken prisoner by the Japanese. He suffered two and a half years of torture, particularly at the will of a cruel prison guard known as the "Bird". Post-traumatic stress disorder haunted Zamperini after his return home, prompting him to drink and pick fights. It was renewed religious faith that turned his life around, beginning with the words of a young preacher named Billy Graham. Zamperini learned about the importance of forgiveness - an act that can be at once the most difficult and the most transforming deed of one's life. Zamperini's courageous story has been meticulously detailed in the autobiography and movie "Unbroken"; while Don't Give Up, Don't Give In emphasizes what readers of all faiths and backgrounds can learn from Zamperini's internal and external struggles. "When I get on an airplane, before I even sit down, I look around for the exit doors. When the flight attendant does the safety demonstration, I already know where I'm going. Awareness equals survival." Highly recommended.

The Graphic Novel Shelf

Liz Prince
Zest Books
35 Stillman Street, Suite 121
San Francisco, CA, 94107
9781936976553 $15.99

Ignatz Award-winning author and artist Liz Prince presents Tomboy, her memoir in black-and-white graphic novel format, about growing up as a girl with aversion to traditionally "girly" clothing, pastimes, and behaviors. Liz was not a lesbian, and not transgender; she just absolutely could not stand to wear a dress. "'I can't. I can't wear a dress all day. It's unnatural for me and the kids tease me about it.' 'If somebody is teasing you, you need to bring it to the disciplinarian's attention.' 'But that's only part of it! I don't feel good in a dress. Even if nobody teased me, it's still too distracting. I can't focus on school. It's like I'm wearing a costume.'" Tomboy is not only about being teased and bullied at school, though; it's also about the friendships Liz formed, both among kids her own age (some were well-behaved, others were rebellious) and among adults. And it's about grappling with crushes - how could Liz hope to attract a cute guy's romantic interest, when virtually every other girl was more "girly"? Was the true source of her antagonism really girls and womanhood, or the rigid expectations that society places upon both? Is a girl who acts more like a boy rejecting society's sexism, or unconsciously embracing it (i.e., wanting to emulate boys because of the subconscious belief that boys are superior)? Liz's search to find her own path, based on what is best for her rather than anyone else's expectations or demands, is a valuable navigation of gender and identity issues and deserves to be read by young adults and adults alike. Although Liz's life story involves serious philosophical and social issues, Tomboy contains no explicit content aside from rare instances of the f-word. Highly recommended for graphic novel reading lists, book clubs, and public library collections; Tomboy will provoke the reader to keep thinking long after the story is finished.

The Audiobook Shelf

How We Got To Now
Steven Johnson, author
George Newbern, narrator
Penguin Audio
c/o The Penguin Publishing Group
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
9781611763386 $30.00

How We Got To Now is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of Steven Johnson's nonfiction tour of historical innovations across the centuries. Focusing on the development of six critical technologies of modern life (refrigeration, clocks, lenses, water purification, recorded sound, and artificial light), How We Got To Now is fascinating, thought-provoking, and filled with incredible true-life historical anecdotes. The worthy companion to a six-part PBS documentary, How We Got To Now deserves the highest recommendation especially for public library audiobook collections. 5 CDs, 6 hours.

The Great Reformer
Austen Ivereigh, author and narrator
Macmillan Audio
175 Fifth Avenue, Suite 315
New York, NY 10010
9781427244277 $49.99

Read by author and British journalist Austen Ivereigh, The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope is the unabridged audiobook version of a biography about the current Pope of the Catholic Church, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now known as Pope Francis. The Great Reformer traces Francis' life from the lower-middle-class child of Italian immigrants in Buenos Aires to spiritual leader of over a billion Catholics, including how early Jesuit missionaries inspired him, his radical vision of a Church devoted to serving the poor, and the tension that pervaded his life when Argentina was under the control of a military dictatorship in the 1970s. A powerful, true-life saga of courage and idealism, The Great Reformer is highly recommended.

The Library DVD Shelf

A Fragile Trust
A film by Samantha Grant
Bullfrog Films, Inc.
PO Box 149
Oley, PA 19547
1941545157 $295.00

Licensed for public performance, A Fragile Trust: Plagiarism, Power, and Jayson Blair at the New York Times is a documentary about the shocking true story of Jayson Blair, one of the most infamous serial plagiarists of the modern day. Blair's use of purloined quotes, copying, and sometimes outright fabrication in writing for one of most highly reputed newspapers nationwide kicked off a monumental journalism scandal. A Fragile Trust explores not only the story of Blair's deception and its eventual unraveling, but also the deeper issue of ethics in journalism. A Fragile Trust is a "must-have" for Journalism Studies DVD shelves, highly recommended. 75 and 57 versions are both present on one DVD, with SDH captions.

Anita: Speaking Truth to Power
A film by Freida Mock
First Run Features
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 1213
New York, NY 10036

Academy Award-winning filmmaker Freida Mock directs Anita: Speaking Truth to Power, a documentary about Anita Hill, an African-American woman who dared to speak up about sexual harassment in the workplace. When Clarence Thomas was nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court, Anita testified openly and graphically about the sexual harassment that Thomas had perpetrated in the workplace. Anita risked public ridicule and worse to openly speak the truth, and her testimony sparked a national discussion about issues of race, gender, and sexual harassment. DVD extras include "Finding Home", a keynote address by Anita Hill, and "Speaking Truth to Power", an Eve Ensler Curated Performance. Anita: Speaking Truth to Power is a choice pick for public and college library DVD shelves. 77 min. plus 117 min. extras, closed-captioned. Also highly recommended is "Every Three Seconds" (100 min, subtitles), a documentary by award-winning filmmaker Daniel Karslake about ordinary people determined to do their part to make the world a better place.

How to Look at a Painting
Hosted by Justin Paton
c/o RLJ Entertainment
9781621722854 $49.99

Intended for viewers of all walks of life, How to Look at a Painting introduces one to the world of art. Host Justin Paton (head curator of international art at Australia's Art Gallery New South Wales) explores the questions about the fundamental value of paintings, from portraits to abstract art. How to Look at a Painting tours not only international galleries, but also studios where art is being created with wet paint on canvas. Bonus features include the separate 62 min. documentary "What Is Beauty?", about ten factors that make artwork beautiful, a twelve-page viewer's guide, and profiles of selected artists. How to Look at a Painting is a wonderful introduction to the soul-stirring world of fine art, highly recommended especially for public and college library DVD shelves. 12 episodes on 2 DVDs, 288 min. plus bonus, SDH subtitles, widescreen.

Jeeves & Wooster Complete Collection
Starring Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry
Acorn Media
c/o RLJ Entertainment
9781621722601 $59.99

Golden Globe winner and seven-time Emmy nominee Hugh Laurie (also known for his role in "House") plays the hapless aristocrat Bertie Wooster, and BAFTA award nominee Stephen Fry (known for his role in "Gosford Park") plays Wooster's hyper-competent valet Jeeves in this DVD adaptation of the hilarious comedy-novels of P.G. Wodehouse. Jeeves & Wooster Complete Collection. Jeeves & Wooster Complete Collection includes all 23 episodes of the British comedy, plus photo galleries and episode one of P.G. Wodehouse's "Blandings, Series 1" as a bonus. Fast and furious deadpan sniping, dilemma-inducing social snarls, and Jeeves' incessantly brilliant solutions to the most absurd mix-ups are the order of the day! Wooster desperately needs Jeeves' help in evading the endless threat of matrimony, the disapproval of overbearing aunts, and more in this nonstop treasury of wit and wackiness. Jeeves & Wooster Complete Collection makes an excellent holiday gift for any treasured friend or family member with a keen sense of humor! 8 DVDs, 20 hours plus bonus, SDH subtitles.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Collected Papers of Michael E. Soule
Michael E. Soule
Island Press
2000 M St NW Suite 650, Washington, DC 20036
9781610915748, $35.00,

Michael E. Soule is a U.S. biologist, best known for his work in promoting the idea of conservation biology. He earned a Ph.D. in Population Biology at Stanford University under Paul R. Ehrlich. He co-edited with Gary Lease a book of essays titled Reinventing nature?: responses to postmodern deconstruction (1995), which was a response to the arguments presented by environmental historian William Cronon and others in Uncommon ground: toward reinventing nature (1995). He is Research Professor (Emeritus) in Environmental Studies, University of California, Santa Cruz. Soule was a cofounder of the Society for Conservation Biology and currently serves on the board of Round River Conservation Studies and the Wildlands Network. Soule has most recently spoken out against approaches to environmental conservation that discount the value of species diversity. "Collected Papers of Michael E. Soule: Early Years in Modern Conservation Biology" is a 376 page compendium comprised of fourteen major papers that Soule either wrote or co-wrote in the field of conservation biology. Enhanced with the inclusion of a list of Permissions and Original Sources, "Collected Papers of Michael E. Soule: Early Years in Modern Conservation Biology" is a major contribution that should be a part of every academic library's Conservation Biology reference collection and course work supplemental studies list. It should be noted that "Collected Papers of Michael E. Soule: Early Years in Modern Conservation Biology" is also available in a Kindle edition ($19.24).

The Sports Shelf

Concepts Of Athletic Training, seventh edition
Ronald P. Pfeiffer, Brent C. Mangus, Cynthia A. Trowbridge
Jones & Bartlett Learning
5 Wall Street, Burlington, MA 01803
9781284034127, $99.95,

Heavily revised and updated with the latest data from the field, the seventh edition of "Concepts of Athletic Training" focuses on the care and management of sport and activity related injuries while presenting key concepts in a comprehensive, logically sequential manner that will assist future professionals in making the correct decisions when confronted with an activity-related injury or illness in their scope of practice. New to this expanded seventh edition is an extensively revised and rewritten chapter on 'The Law of Sports Injury', which includes new material on the ethics of sports-injury care and the role of the athletic trainer in risk assessment and liability; a chapter on 'Sports-Injury Prevention' providing new material on training benefits of anaerobic fitness; a chapter featuring an 'Emergency Plan and Initial Injury Evaluation' which includes an expanded section on the assessment of the injured athlete's physical exam that urges coaches to collect as much information about the injury, as well as the health history of the athlete. The chapter on 'Injuries to the Thorax and Abdomen' contains new sections on muscle strains and cardiac defects. There are new and revised 'What If?' scenarios encourage students to work on critical decision-making skills, alone or in a group setting with role-playing activities; 'Time Out' boxes providing additional information related to the text, such as NATA Athletic Helmet Removal Guidelines, how to recognize the signs of concussion, and first aid for epilepsy; 'Athletic Trainers Speak Out' boxes featuring a different athletic trainer in every chapter who discusses an element of athlete care and injury prevention; 'Anatomy Reviews' introducing body parts to students unfamiliar with human anatomy and acts as a refresher for those students with some anatomy background. Informed, informative, exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "Concepts Of Athletic Training" is an ideal Sports Curriculum textbook and strongly recommended for professional and academic library collections.

The Business Shelf

The Financial Times Guide to Business Networking, second edition
Heather Townsend
FT Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300, Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9781292003955, $36.99,

Now in a fully updated and newly expanded second edition, "The Financial Times Guide to Business Networking: How to Use the Power of Online and Offline Networking for Business Success" by business communication expert Heather Townsend is basically a 272 page instruction manual on using online networking to advance and achieve corporate goals. The continued technological advances of online communications makes it ever more imperative that corporate executives and staff members be able to fully utilizing those networking-based advantages -- and avoid some of the pitfalls and perils along the way. Thoroughly 'user friendly', exceptionally well written, organized and presented, "The Financial Times Guide to Business Networking" is enhanced with the inclusion of an appendix (Useful Financial Times Articles), a five page Glossary, a six page bibliography (Further Resources), and a comprehensive Index. Very highly recommended for professional, corporate, community, and academic library Contemporary Business Studies reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists, it should be noted that "The Financial Times Guide to Business Networking" is also available in a Kindle edition ($24.79).

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