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Reviewer's Choice

Letters from Eden
Julie Zikefoose
Houghton Mifflin
222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116
0618573089 $26.00

Author Julie Zikefoose is a frequent commentator on NPR's 'All Things Considered', and has painted nature all her life so her book reflects not only an avid nature writer's appreciation for the wild, but a set of seasonal essays accompanied by black and white and color drawings that provide lovely first-person reflections. It's a truly lovely book highly recommended for either coffee table display at home or a public library acquisition.

Old School Choppers
Alan Mayes
Krause Publications
700 East State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001
0896892468 $24.99

These 'chopper' bikes are anything but ordinary: indeed, they're a pick for those serious about biking. OLD SCHOOL CHOPPERS: NO-FRILLS BIKES FOR REAL BIKERS offers up old versions of Harley-Davidsons, Indians and others. Many were dreams that builders brought to life, customizing originals until they were nearly unrecognizable. Numerous color photos depicting all angles of the bikes are accompanied by technical specs in a book highly recommended for any library collection with motorcycle fans as patrons.

The Library Science Shelf

Developing Strategic Marketing Plans That Really Work
Terry Kendrick
Neal Schuman Publishers Inc.
100 William Street, Suite 2004, New York, NY 10038-4512
185604548X $89.95

Written by former library worker and current strategic marketing planning consultant Terry Kendrick, Developing Strategic Marketing Plans That Really Work: A Toolkit for Public Libraries is a practical, hands-on integrated guide to librarians to getting libraries back in the focus of the public eye with a more effective method than distributing a handful of leaflets. Chapters discuss how to make sense of the market for public library services, how to make sound priority choices using a basic SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis, attention-seizing marketing communications, and much more. Black-and-white charts, diagrams, and a handful of reproducible figures useful for putting the concepts and plans into practice round out this enthusiastically recommended library marketing guide.

Blogging and RSS
Michael P. Sauers, MLS
Information Today Inc.
143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford, NJ 08055-8750
1573872687 $29.50

Blogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide is a solid introduction to blogging written especially for librarians, by a librarian. Internet trainer, blogger, and part-time reference librarian Michael P. Sauers recommends the best blogs, gathers and shares blogging advice from fellow librarians, and walks the reader step-by-step through creating, publishing, and syndicating a blog with free Web-based services, software, RSS feeds, and aggregators. Librarians of all skill and experience levels in the rapidly changing culture and technology of blogging are sure to find valuable insights, instructions, and tips in this invaluable resource covering a topic often overlooked by classical library science instruction.

The Military Shelf

T-41 Mescalero
Walt Shiel, et al.
Slipdown Mountain Publications
28151 Quarry Lake Road, Lake Linden, MI 49945
0974655333, $39.95 1-866-341-3705

The collaborative effort of avaition experts Walt Shiel, Jan Forsgren, and Mike Little, "T-41 Mescalero: the Military Cessna 172) is the first volume in a planned 'Cessna Warbirds' series from Slipdown Mountain Publications. Enhanced with an informative foreword by aviation historian Robert F. Dorr, "T-41 Mescalero" is a complete history of the quintessential pilot trainer that for some fifty years had served the military aviation forces of 53 countries. Cessna delivered 867 T-41 Mescalero (the military version of the Cessna 172) in four distinct models to the armed forces of the US and a series of other nations that range from Venezuela, Angola and Viet Nam, to Austria and the United Arab Emirates. Now this extensive history, enhanced with personal stories and profusely illustrated with photography, provides a complete record of a military training aircraft that has been produced more than any other aircraft model in the history of aviation. Thoroughly 'reader friendly' "T-41 Mescalero" is a seminal and indispensable addition to personal, academic, and community library Military Aviation reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Weapons and Warfare: Aircraft Carriers
Paul E. Fontenoy
P.O. Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
185109573X $85.00

AIRCRAFT CARRIERS: AN ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THEIR IMPACT is a recommended pick for any specialty military history or aviation collection: it surveys the evolution and operation of the aircraft carrier that changed naval operations and weapons delivery. No casual survey, this probes ship specifications, changing uses of vessels, and covers their evolution from the first carrier deployments in World War II to their role in the Persian Gulf. An excellent survey which will serve as a foundation title and introduction for any serious college-level military library.

Panzers at War
A.J. Barker
Ian Allen
c/o Casemate, Distributors
22883 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166
9781550680485 $13.95

PANZERS AT WAR joins others in the 'Hitler's Forces' collection and is a recommended pick for specialty military collections strong in World War II history. Vintage black and white photos throughout form the foundation of a powerful coverage chronicling the teamwork and application of the panzers, who successfully challenged Allied tank forces in Poland and France. Accounts of battles and surveys of how they challenged American might are detailed in a vivid blend of written history and visual power.

Pen & Sword/Casemate
1016 Warner Road, Suite C, Drexel Hill, PA 19026

Two fine new Pen & Sword titles are top picks for military libraries. David Yates' BOMB ALLEY: FALKLAND ISLANDS 1982 ABOARD HMS ANTRIM AT WAR (1844154173, $39.95) tells of the Falklands War as experienced by a below-decks sailor who participated in the first encounter with the Argentinean forces when south Georgia was retaken from the invaders in Operation Paraquat. His ship lead the first attack into the Falklands and destroyed enemy defenses, and came repeatedly under attack. His story is a vivid re-enactment of the military encounters of his times. David Cooke's BATTLEFIELD YORKSHIRE: FROM THE ROMANS TO THE ENGLISH CIVIL WARS (1844154246, $39.95) follows the bloody history of Yorkshire and is a top pick for both military collections and college-level surveys strong in British history. These audiences will relish the military survey that includes social and political insights, maps, photos, and more. Both are excellent in-depth and detailed picks.

Aircraft Carriers
Norman Polmar
Potomac Books Inc.
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166-2012
1574886630 $49.95

AIRCRAFT CARRIERS: A HISTORY OF CARRIER AVIATION AND ITS INFLUENCE ON WORLD EVENTS V. I, 1909-1945 offers a definitive history of world aircraft carrier development and operations. This is a part of a 2-volume classic set describing not just carrier construction something already done in other books but updating and revising a thorough history of said carriers which describes their political and technological influences on design, operations, and battle capabilities. Chapters analyze the first half of the 20th century and offer much in-depth analysis that is key to any serious military collection's holdings.

The Economic Studies Shelf

Global Remix: The Fight for Competitive Advantage
Richard Scase
Kogan Page
525 South 4th Street #241, Philadelphia, PA 19147
0749448717 $29.99

Communications change are changing not only the nature of the global economy but the very structure of business itself: that's why Global Remix is so important for any corporation or entrepreneur seeking success in such a volatile, changing world market. Both college-level business library holdings and classes debating the issues will want this: it covers a range of issues from developing new future talent and meeting the challenges of an I-pod generation to achieving market success and overcoming consumer distrust of new delivery systems. Perfect for classroom debate and company consideration.

The International Studies Shelf

The Wake of War
Anne Nivat
Beacon Press
25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-2892
0807002399 $16.00

The Wake of War: Encounters with the People of Iraq and Afghanistan tells of journalist author Anne Nivat's six-month journey through the results of the American occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq. Her survey of the lives of ordinary people, who here speak in their own words, captures like no political report what motivates and fills their daily lives, examining their changed conditions and concerns. It should be required reading for any survey of American issues in the Middle East and should be supplemental reading for any high school to college-level course on international politics.

Prisoners: A Muslim & A Jew Across the Middle East Divide
Jeffrey Goldberg
Alfred A. Knopf
0375412344 $25.00

An American Jew who served as a guard in the largest prison in Israel and his prisoner Rafiq, a leader in the PLO, met in 1990 during the first Palestinian uprising, and were to embark on a conversation which was to evolve into a unique friendship despite seemingly insurmountable differences. Prisoners: A Muslim & a Jew Across the Middle East traces the evolution of this friendship, recounting life on both sides, different viewpoints, and a deepening friendship between two loyal patriots who saw their way fit to continue a dialogue. Herein are perhaps the rudiments for peaceful understanding. Recommended for any collection strong in Israeli or Palestinian issues.

The Library DVD Shelf

Developing Minds
Dr. Mel Levine
c/o SSA Public Relations
16027 Ventura Blvd., Suite 206, Encino, CA 91436
WG41039 $349.95 1-800-949-8670

With a total running time of 900 minutes spread over 24 DVDs, "Developing Minds" is a DVD boxed set that presents a superbly produced and presented course of informed and informative instruction by Dr. Mel Levine (co-founder of All Kinds of Minds, a non-profit institute that offers a broad range of resources that enable parents, educators, and clinicians to help children and adolescents with differences in learning to achieve academic success) that addresses a broad range of learning skills and challenges that range from learning to read and solve math problems, to paying attention and getting organized. This is a comprehensive, multi-media series designed to help parents and teachers understand learning differences and managing each child's unique learning profile. The DVD format features separate introductory and strategy programs designed specifically for parents and teachers; a step-by-step overview of how one child discovers his own learning strengths and weaknesses; sixteen individual programs addressing specific learning areas including reading, writing, math, communication, organization, motivation, social skills, attention spans, language, neuromotor function, memory, social cognition, tempoeral-sequential ordering, spatial ordering, and higher order cognition. Enhanced with eighteen guidebooks that can be downloaded from the discs, "Developing Minds" is a complete course that is a thoroughly 'user friendly' and invaluable addition to personal, professional, academic, and community library Parenting and Education collections.

The Cookbook Shelf

One-Pot Wonders
James Barber
Harbour Publishing
PO Box 219, Madeira Park, BC, Canada, V0N 2H0
1550173782, $24.95 1-604-883-2730

James Barber is perhaps Canada's most popular television chef and the author of more than fourteen superbly produced cookbooks. In "One-Pot Wonders: James Barber's Recipes For Land And Sea" he draws upon his decades of experience and expertise whipping up meals while cruising on seiners, yachts, and dinghies to present a compilation of savory recipes that can be accomplished in tiny (and even non-existent) ship galleys. Quick and easy in preparation, utilizing readily available ingredients, and requiring only a few essential kitchen tools, now anyone having to be 'ship's cook' on anything from a rowboat to a cruise ship can accomplish culinary wonders regardless of their circumstances. In addition to a culinary wealth of delicious recipes, Barber also provides tips on stocking a galley, as well as suggestions for recipe substitutions and variations often necessitated by diminishing supplies (a common occurrence at the end of a long voyage). From Hot Bacon Salad; 25-minute Chicken with Tomatoes and Ginger; and Sesame Salmon Stir Fry; to Barbecued Flank Steak; Pasta with Baby Clams; and Asian Almost Risotto, "One-Pot Wonders" is one cookbook that truly lives up to its title.

The Audiobook Shelf

The Draco Tavern
Larry Niven
Blackstone Audiobooks
PO Box 969 , Ashland, OR 97520
0786159472, $45.00 1-800-729-2665

"The Draco Tavern" is a compilation of twenty-seven thrilling science fiction tales by award-winning author Larry Niven. This complete and unabridged audiobook production (6 hours on 5 compact discs) is superbly narrated by Tom Weiner and flawlessly recorded by Blackstone Audiobooks. The setting is the Draco Tavern, a dive found on the fringe of the Siberian spaceport and the haven of humans and aliens who spend a few moments downing assorted beverages and pondering life and their manifold adventures. A 'must' for the legions of Larry Niven fans, "The Draco Tavern" is very highly recommended listening for both the entertainment values of the individual stories, as well as the deft use of a science fiction format to address some of the universal questions of life in our universe.

Random House Audio
1745 Broadway, New York NY 10019

Dean Koontz's BROTHER ODD (0739332902, $44.95) receives an excellent unabridged presentation pairing a vivid narrative style by David Aaron Baker with the gripping quasi-supernatural style of Koontz, whose titles have enjoyed bestseller status for years. Here Odd Thomas finds himself leaving his beloved desert town for the isolated monastery high in the mountains and finds himself confronting a killer who is stalking fellow monks. A tense thriller evolves. Douglas Adams' MOSTLY HARMLESS (0739332139, $29.95) receives an outstanding reading by Martin Freeman, who has narrated other Adams titles before and who lends consistency and an excellent form to this story of one Arthur, who may be the only one to save Earth from obliteration. A hilarious, zany tale evolves. Both are top recommendations for any leisure lending audio collection.

Highbridge Audio Books
201 Sixth Street SE, Suite 220, Minneapolis, MN 55414 1-800-755-8532

Garrison Keillor's WOBEGON BOY (1598870505, $26.95) comes from the host and announcer of the radio hit PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION, now heard on public radio stations across the country, and follows a young man who lands in upstate New York to manage a public radio station at a college, achieving much success but still feeling his life is empty. His search for such meaning will lead him not back to Lake Wobegon but to the big New York City, where he'll find roots he never imagined possible. WLT: A RADIO ROMANCE (1598870750, $26.95) also receives Keillor's warm and familiar voice as it tells of brothers who found a radio station to rescue their failing business and become the Sandwich King of south Minneapolis. Fiction and fact blend in a satisfying story of radio life and its special meaning for both audience and creators. Paula Poundstone's THERE'S NOTHING IN THIS BOOK THAT I MEANT TO SAY (1598870718, $29.95) comes from a renowned humorist and provides a blend of memoir and comedy as it discusses biographies of legendary historical figures woven with her own tale. A funny, absorbing comedy is created. All are top picks promising repeated lending interest from any public library holding strong in audio lending.

ZBS Foundation
174 North River Road, Fort Edward, NJ 12828 1-800-662-3345

The ZBS Foundation produces an original series of science fiction and fantasy productions that feature flawless production values, a full cast, original music and superb special effects. The cumulative result is a true 'theatre of the mind' experience for listeners of all ages. Five examples of their theatrical audio productions continue to demonstrate the ZBS attention to quality and entertainment. "The Wee Weever: A Little Frieda Mystery" (WEE, 1 CD, $15.00, ) finds Little Frieda, with the assistance of her friend Mojo Sam, attempting to unravel the mystery of an illusive, mischievous, and possibly dangerous imp lurking within the McIlroy mansion. In "Somewhere Next Door To Reality" (TNJ2CD, 2CD, $18.00, 2 hours), Jack Flanders and Mojo Sam believe the reason why people are disappearing in Montreal is that they are being drawn into an ephemeral 'Other City' that may only exist somewhere next door to their own reality. It's up to them to set things right while a blind street musician's accordion plays a music that echoes down that narrow streets of that strange place."The Eye Of Van Gogh" (TNJ4CD, 2CD, $18.00, 2 hours) finds Jack and Mojo Sam trying to locate the source of invisible balls of energy that are causing hallucinations among the residents of Old Quebec city. These 'eyes' causing such havoc around town might have something to do with a little girl in pigtails who smokes cigars. "Do That In Real Life" (TNJ3CD, 3CD, $18.00, 2 hours) finds Jack Flanders dreaming about being chased by a zombie when mojo Sam telephones waking Jack from his nightmare and inviting him to New Orleans. Strolling through the French Quarter Jack spies Claudine from Montreal but maybe it's a voodoo priestess who can shapeshift into the woman of Jack's dreams. And just who is that zombie that keeps following him around? "One of the 'Ruby the Galactic Gumshoe' titles, "Far Flung Farouk: Ruby 6.5 " (R6.%CD, 1 CD, $15.00, 2 hours) finds Ruby, Teur, and Rodant Kapoor returning to the desert planet of Illuboo Rai at the invitation of Prince how Hee Bob to open the forbidden tombs of the ancient Phar-Oops. Of course the Black Curse of the Phar-Opps will tend to complicate matters for our intrepid intergalactic adventurers! ZBS audio adventures are enthusiastically recommended for science fiction buffs and fantasy adventure fans. Ideal for community library audiobook collections, librarians and SciFi enthusiasts should visit the ZBS website or send for their free catalog for a complete list of all their superbly crafted audio theatre productions.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

The Dog Behavior Answer Book
Arden Moore; Lisa H. Hiley, Editor
Storey Publishing
210 Mass MoCa Way, North Adams, MA 02147
1580176445 $14.95

If your new pet is exhibiting puzzling behaviors, it's time to get a copy of The Dog Behavior Answer Book - which should also be in the holdings of any serious public lending library. It offers a question/answer format for quick lookup and covers everything from destructive behaviors to funny quirks of habit, providing dog owners with plenty of psychological insights into dog habits, needs, and reactions. It's much more than just one-paragraph insights: pages of explanation explore the psyche of the dog and how it relates to its world.

The Native American Shelf

Aleut Art, 2nd Edition
Lydia T. Black
Donning Company, Publishers
184 Business Park Drive #206, Virginia Beach, VA 23462
15786452140 $49.95

The second revised and expanded edition of a classic guide is out and is a top pick any serious collection on Native American art or Alaskan culture must have, especially for college-level holdings. It's one of the dew works to analyze and illustrate Aleut art and artifacts, weaving a cultural history with fresh insights on Aleutian heritage and adding new rare photos and analysis of contemporary Aleut artists and prehistory. It's an essential pick no serious holding should be without.

The Music Shelf

PC Music: The Easy Guide, 3rd Edition
Robin Vincent
PC Publishing
c/o O'Reilly Media
1005 Gravenstein Highway North, Sebastopol, CA 95472
1870775201 $17.95

From how to connect a keyboard and record music onto a PC to plugging a guitar directly into a PC, this is no weighty tech pro's guide to PC music but a unique, satisfying musicians's tool requiring little computer knowledge to prove useful. Chapters survey all kinds of hardware and software options in a completely updated new edition which adds new sections on MP3 and the recording capabilities of a PC, making for an outstanding guide.

Tommy Dorsey
Peter Levinson
Da Capo Press
c/o Perseus Books Group
Eleven Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
0306815028 $18.95

TOMMY DORSEY: LIVING IN A GREAT BIG WAY A BIOGRAPHY provides a survey of the personal life of a definitive Big Band era musician who was driven by a passion for women and drink as well as music. New research and interviews with his contemporaries round out an excellent biographical survey of Dorsey and his impact on an era, making it a pick for any collection strong in Big Band history.

Ross Halfin
Omnibus Press
c/o Music Sales Corporation
257 Park Avenue South, New York, NY 10010
#V010197, $29.95 1-800-431-7187

Metallica is one of the most popular bands to go on to win world-wide recognition and acclaim for their approach to rock music. "Metallica" by Ross Halfin is a photographic history of their remarkable story, showcasing key performances and the members who combined to make their unique contribution to rock music history. Each spectacular image is captioned, but Metallica's history is presented in images rather than text. Clearly, "Metallica" is a 'must' for their dedicated fans, but it is also a highly recommended addition to academic library 20th Century Music history collections as well.

Exile on Main Street
Robert Greenfield
Da Capo Press
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
0306814331 $24.00

EXILE ON MAIN STREET: A SEASON IN HELL WITH THE ROLLING STONES uses one of the rock group's most famous albums as its foundation to probe the evolution of a band which created its own exile milieu, spending its days drinking and taking drugs and its nights sequestered in a home recording studio. The Stones' villa attracted some of the biggest names in recording history and the season in which all names met and joined is that which produced EXILE ON MAIN STREET. Avid Rolling Stones fans will be thrilled to find such a close, dedicated examination of the power and times of one of their most notable albums.

Mel Bay Publications Inc.
#4 Industrial Drive, Pacific, MO 63069

John Thomakos' THE DRUMSET STYLES ENCYCLOPEDIA (0786666013, $22.95) will make an outstanding reference for any aspiring drummer: it provides a basic introduction to various modern drumming styles, includes a CD to reinforce the written word, and uses simple demonstrations of melodies, blends of snare and bass, and tips on what to listen to in the music world which supports the descriptions of different styles. The result's an invigorating, educational set of modern drum styles traversing ethnic boundaries: a pick for any learning the drums, and a 'must' for the in-depth music lending library. Brad Davis teaches FLATPICKING THE BLUES (0786675136, $39.95) using a blend of DVD, audio cd and book to impart the basics of how to flatpick the blues. Learners are only required to like the blues and want to learn guitar to enjoy demonstrations of techniques using variations on the twelve-bar blues progression. Brad Davis is a very versatile player, so he doesn't offer up a singular approach: his tips offer up different methods of achieving the same goal, so guitar players receive the most variety for their educational experience.

The Beatles and Philosophy
Michael Baur and Steven Baur, Editors
Open Court Publishing Company
140 S. Dearborn, Suite 1450, Chicago, IL 60603
0812696069 $17.95

The Beatles made their musical impact partially because they quickly moved from teen love songs to reflecting the questioning and philosophy of their generation: thus The Beatles and Philosophy is an especially significant, important recommendation for both music history collections and high school to college-level philosophy libraries. It uses the insights of some twenty professional philosophers to analyze the ideas and implications of Beatles lyrics, connections these ideas to both traditional and modern forms of philosophical thought, and thus provides students with far more involving insights than the usual dry philosophy tome.

Star-Up At The New Met
Paul Jackson
Amadeus Press
c/o Hal Leonard Corporation
512 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Pompton Plains, NJ 07444
1574671472, $49.95 1-800-637-2852

"Star-Up" At The New Met: The Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts, 1966-1976" compiled and organized with commentary by Paul Jackson (Dean Emeritus of the College of Fine Arts, and Professor Emeritus of Music, Drake University) is the definitive, 656-page history of the Metropolitan Opera radio broadcasts in what was their new home at the Lincoln Center in New York City. Illustrated throughout with some one hundred black/white photographs, "Star-Up At The New Met" covers all 140 performances that took place from the debut performance of Samuel Barber's 'Antony and Cleopatra' on September 16, 1966, through the final season of 1976. The personalities and performances are superbly presented, accompanied by knowledgeable commentary offering an informed and informative insight into the performers and their productions. "Star-Up At The New Met" is a seminal work of accomplished scholarship and an enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, academic, and community library 20th Century American Music and/or American Popular Culture reference collections.

Santorella Publications, Ltd.
13 Pleasant Avenue, Danvers, MA 01923 1-877-600-0049

Santorella is a premier publisher of inexpensive but superbly produced and presented sheet music collections suitable for both amateur and professional musicians. Their four collections devoted to wedding music are especially recommended for both novice and experienced musicians. "Elegant Wedding Classics" (JT51, $12.95) for piano solo and vocal performances offers a time-honored selection of traditional favorites that includes Air (from 'Water Music Suite'); Ave Maria (from the 'First Prelude of Johann Sebastian Bach'); Ave Maria (Schubert); Bridal Chorus (from 'Lohengrin'); Canon in D; Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring; Liebestraum No. 3; Triumphal March (from 'Aida'); Morning Has Broken; Ode to Joy; Processional (from 'Water Music Suite'); Romeo & Juliet Theme; Trumpet Tune; Trumpet Voluntary; and Wedding March (from 'Midsummer Night's Dream'). The three other (and larger) collections which also feature an accompany CD include "The Best of Wedding: Organ Edition (TS273, $19.95) which is arranged, edited and performed by Craig Stevens; "Promises: Wedding Classics for Piano" (TS58, $17.95), arranged by Jonathon Robbins; and "The Best of Wedding: Piano Vocal Edition" (TS274, $19.95) arranged by Craig Stevens. Ideal references for planning wedding music, as well as providing excellent sheet music for learning to perform wedding music, all four of these outstanding titles are enthusiastically recommended for personal, professional, and music school collections.

The Poetry Shelf

Janet Holmes
University of Notre Dame Press
310 Flanner Hall, Notre Dame, IN 46556
0268030766 $20.00 1-800-621-2736

Award-winning poet Janet Holmes presents F2F, a collection of free-verse poetry that speaks volumes with the briefest and scarcest of phrases. Drawing heavily from the compact linguistic style of modern text messaging, F2F (shorthand for "face to face", that is, meeting someone in real life rather than in cyberspace) draws both upon modern experience and upon classic dichotomies of myth as it represents the technological communications of love. Two styles of typeface add to the distinct "voices" of the poems in this one-of-a-kind anthology for the twenty-first century. "Next time she looked": E had learned / the new tool's / language- // bent it to his / scheming / like his best old bow // the invisible target // aches // to be seen // How E had / sped up the process / with his ethereal connections! // Darling boy- // I fall farther for you / farther daily- // hours he plays at it

Indian Love Poetry
A. L. Dallapiccola, editor & translator
Interlink Publishing Group
46 Crosby Street, Northampton, MA 01060-1804
1566566568, $17.l95

Love poetry has been a staple of literature on the subcontinent of India since the beginning of recorded time. Down the centuries there have been some truly enduring examples of poetry celebrating the joys and sorrows of love in all its forms and fashions. Expertly translated and deftly edited, "Indian Love Poetry" compiled and organized by A. L. Dallapiccola (Honorary Professor, University of Edinburgh, and the author of "Hindu Visions of the Sacred", "Hindu Myths", and "A Dictionary of Hindu Lore and Legend") showcases some of the very best of Indian poetry superbly illustrated and adorned with superbly reproduced color illustrations drawn from Indian artworks. "Indian Love Poetry" is a literary treasury that is very strongly recommended for personal, academic, and community library poetry collections and reading lists. 'Girl Playing with a Peacock': He left me saying he would return tomorrow./I covered the floor of my home/Writing repeatedly 'tomorrow'./When dawn returned, they all enquired:/Tell us, friend,/When will your tomorrow come?/tomorrow, tomorrow, I lost all hopes./My beloved never returned./Says Vidyapati: Listen, beautiful one,/Other women lured him away. Vidyapapti

Collected Poems
Lynda Hull
Graywolf Press
2402 University Avenue, Suite 203, Saint Paul, MN 55114
1555974570, $15.00 1-651-641-0077

Graywolf Press has an established and respected reputation for publishing consistently impressive poets. Their latest title showcases the collected verse of Lynda Hull (author of 'Ghost Money', 'Star Ledger', 'The Only World', and who was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award in Poetry). This definitive collection of the poetry of Lynda Hull is part of the 'Graywolf Poetry Re/View Series' and serves to introduce a whole new generation of readers to the indelible and memorable verse of Lynda Hull (1954-1994) and constitutes a fitting memorial to a truly gifted poet. 'At Thirty': Whole years I knew only nights: Automats/& damp streets, the Lower East Side steep//with narrow rooms where sleepers turn beneath/alien skies. I ran when doorways spoke//rife with smoke & zippers. But it was only the heart's/racketing flywheel stuttering I want, I want//until exhaustion, until I was a guest in the yoke/of my body by the last margin of land where the river//mingles with the sea & far off daylight whitens,/a rending & yielding I must kneel before, as//barges loose glittering mineral freight/& behind me facades gleam with pigeons//folding iridescent wings. Their voices echo/in my voice naming what is lost, what remains.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

A Writer's Coach
Jack Hart
c/o Random House
1745 Broadway, 17th floor, New York, NY 10019
0375423273, $24.95 1-800-726-0600

Jack Hart is the managing editor at 'The Oregonian' and a frequent lecturer at Harvard University's prestigious 'Nieman Conference on Narrative Journalism'. In "A Writer's Coach: An Editor's Guide To Words That Work", Jack Hart draws upon his more than 30 years of experience and expertise to demystify the writing process and methodically present every step (and misstep) in the processes involved with putting down thoughts and information into print. Hart's emphasis is that good writing demonstrates energy, conciseness, personality, rhythm, clarity, as well as being 'mechanically correct'. "A Writer's Coach" is very highly recommended reading for all aspiring authors seeking to make writing stronger and more effective be they novice beginners or seasoned experts.

The Dog Walked Down The Street
Sal Glynn
Cypress House
155 Cypress Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
978-1-879384-66-8, $13.95 1-800-773-7782

"The Dog Walked Down The Street: An Outspoken Guide For Writers Who Want To Publish" by Sal Glynn is 96-pages of solid, practical, experienced, 'user friendly' instructional advice for authors in answering a series of fundamental questions about their work such as: When you finish the first draft how do you decide whether its really good or simply too flawed to submit for publication? How do you go about finding a good agent? Sal Glynn draws upon his years of personal and professional experience working as a managing editor for book publishers to demystify the common problems encountered by novice authors and experience writers alike; presents a clear, accessible approach to writing for publication; offers practical 'first aid' for writers, details just how to stay sane and healthy while writing, and provides aspiring writers yearning to break into print with a strong and effective foundation for their present and future work. "The Dog Walked Down The Street" is a welcome, thoroughly useful, and critically essential addition to any dedicated author's reference shelf.

The American History Shelf

Beer: A History of Brewing in Chicago
Bob Skilnik
Barricade Books, Inc.
185 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 308-A, Fort Lee, NJ 07024
1569803129 $24.95 1-800-592-6657

Brewing technology expert and former associate editor for the "American Breweriana Journal" Bob Skilnik presents Beer: A History of Brewing in Chicago, a fascinating look at the rise and fall of Chicago's brewing industry across the decades. From the illegal alcohol trafficking during the Prohibition era, to famous beer riots, the interplay of beer and politics, lists of every Chicago brewery since 1833 with addresses and dates of operation, a guided tour of the local breweries that remain, and much more, Beer: A History of Brewing in Chicago covers everything a Chicago beer lover could hope for with extra surprises in store. Written in a down-to-earth, friendly narrative tone, Beer: A History of Brewing in Chicago blends spot-on accurate research with an inviting prose style. Recommended both for casual readers curious about the history of beer in Chicago and scholars in need of research information on the topic.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Sufism Veil and Quintessence, revised edition
Frithjof Schuon
World Wisdom
1501 East Hillside Drive, Bloomington, IN 47401
1933316284 $19.95

Now in a revised and expanded edition, Sufism Veil and Quintessence: A New Translation with Selected Letters presents a new translation from the original French of the classic theological work by philosopher Frithjof Schuon. Composed of seven articles including "Ellipsis and Hyperbolism in Arab Rhetoric" and "The Quintessential Esoterism of Islam", Sufism Veil and Quintessence presents Schuon's crucial distinction between an "absolute" Islam and a "contingent" Islam, examining differences between the message of Islam itself and the pious Arab expressions of that message, which tend to be veiled beneath rhetorical style. Featuring an extensive appendix with previously unpublished selections from Shuon's letters and private writings, Sufism Veil and Quintessence is an invaluable classic philosophical treatise, recommended for libraries, religious studies shelves and advanced students and theologians seeking to explore the higher aspects of Sufism.

The God Delusion
Richard Dawkins
Houghton Mifflin
222 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116
0618680004 $27.00

Richard Dawkins is a prominent scientist and the world's most prominent atheist and here builds a case for his belief in the irrationality of God and the harm such religious pursuits have inflicted on the world throughout history. THE GOD DELUSION is a hard-hitting attack on religious thinking so you might be surprised to find it reviewed under 'Spirituality': in fact it's a book both atheists and spiritualists should read and consider: it examines concepts of God in all his forms throughout history and considers which aspects of belief are downright dangerous. It's not illogical that such a book would be included in both the general public library or the religious collection.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Soil and Water Conservation Handbook
Paul W. Unger
Haworth Press
10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580
1560223308 $29.95

Soil and Water Conservation Handbook: Policies, Practices, Conditions and Terms is an excellent encyclopedia of such for any college-level holding strong in conservation issues and science. Here are over 700 entries provided in a non-technical format suitable for beginners, covering policies and agendas in agriculture and horticulture. An excellent pick any college-level agricultural or horticultural holding should have.

100 Years Of Change In The Distribution Of Common Indiana Weeds
William Overleas & Edith Overlease
Purdue University Press
1207 South Campus Courts, Bldg. E, West Lafayette, IN 47907
1557534195, 92.95 1-800-933-9637

Profusely illustrated with Indiana maps detailing and illustrating the text, "100 Years Of Change In The Distribution Of Common Indiana Weeds" quite literally covers a century of horticultural and environmental history within the state of Indiana as pertaining to the establishment, distribution, and movement of weeds common to the area. Beginning with an informed and informative introduction to the subject, the co-authors, William and Edith Overlease, provide a 202-page compilation of 'Common Indiana Weeds' and their distribution within the state. A 46-page descriptive presentation of Rare and Uncommon Weeds and their distribution concludes this seminal treatise, along with an extended Index. An impressive work of impeccably methodical scholarship, "100 Years Of Change In The Distribution Of Common Indiana Weeds" is accompanied by a CD allowing for easy reproduction of the various charts and lists. A very highly recommended addition to academic library Environmental Studies reference collections, "100 Years Of Change In The Distribution Of Common Indiana Weeds" could well serve as a template for similar studies in all of the other American states and Canadian provinces.

The Antiques/Collectibles Shelf

Standard Catalog of Lionel Trains 1945-1969
David Doyle
Krause Publications
700 East State Street, Iola, WI 54990-0001
0896893782 $32.99

Now in a newly expanded and updated second edition, David Doylle's "Standard Catalog of Lionel Trains' showcases Lionel toy trains made from 1945 through 1969. Surveyed in an authoritative collector's reference this new edition packs over a thousand color photos with its expanded catalog , which includes variations on Lionel cars and accessories. Many collectors of Lionels will find come to consider this a major 'must have' bible of information, packing in color photos and charts of values for Lionel trains in all conditions.

Doll Values Antique to Modern
Linda Edward
Collector Books
Box 3009, Paducah, KY 42002-3009
1574325132 $14.95

The 9th updated and expanded edition of "Doll Values: Antique To Modern" is a justifiable best-seller because it is a 'must' for any dedicated doll collector. "Doll Values" nicely pairs clear, small color photos with the latest doll values, offers a starting point for building up a reference library, and helps classify different styles and types of dolls. "Doll Values" is a 'must' for any serious collector and many a general-interest library holding will also find it an important and popular addition to their Antiques/Collectibles reference collections.

The Gaming Shelf

Hold'em Wisdom For All Players
Daniel Negreanu
Cardoza Publishing
857 Broadway 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10003
1580422101, $14.95 1-800-577-9467

Daniel 'Kid Poker' Negreanu is one of the most popular professionals on the poker tournament circuit today, and a true 'crowd pleaser' who combines his poker expertise with an approach to playing the game that does not rely upon having a 'poker face'. He is currently a three-time WSOP Champion, and was named the 2004 Player of the Year by his peers. One of the most respected 'high stakes' players in Las Vegas, as well as a seasoned winner at all the established WPT and WSOP tournaments at home and abroad, Daniel now shares fifty powerful tips designed to make aspiring Texas Hold'em players increase their chances of making the final table. Deftly presented, these 'user friendly' strategy nuggets are a as applicable to cash games as they are to tournament play. Daniel covers such diverse but commonly encountered issues the top 10 rookie mistakes, five reasons for losing at poker, bullying bullies, exploiting table image, techniques for equalizing with professional players, and more. Whether your just an armchair observer of Hold'em tournament play, or an aspiring beginner sitting down at kitchen table games, or a tournament player seeking to improve your play, you need to give a careful reading to Daniel Negreanu's "Hold'em Wisdom For All Players"!

The Woodworking Shelf

Carved Gifts For All Occasions
James E. Seitz
Linden Publishing
2006 South Mary, Fresno, CA 93721
0941936953, $17.95 1-800-345-4447

"Carved Gifts For All Occasions: 100 Simple Projects For The Woodcarver" by James E. Seitz (founding president of the Shelby Woodcarvers Guild and author of several previous woodworking books) is an impressive compendium of woodcarving projects that range from walking sticks, bowls, and pencil holders to earrings, bracelets, and brooches. There are woodcarving ideas appropriate for specific holidays and special events, as well as 'anytime' gift giving to family and friends. Each individual project is illustrated with photography and accompanied by detailed, step-by-step, do-it-yourself instructions so complete and methodical that even the most novice carvers can succeed, and which even the more experienced woodworker will find inspiring. "Carved Gifts For All Occasions" is a welcome and enthusiastically recommended addition to personal, professional, and highschool woodworking class reference collections.

The Photography Shelf

Digital Photography
Michael Wright
Hylas Publishing
129 Main Street, Irvington, NY 10533
1592580645, $29.95

A profusely illustrated with more than 1500 full-color photographs, step-by-step 'how to' guide for taking great photographs and then digitally enhancing them using Photoshop, "Digital Photograph" by Michael Wright is very highly recommended both for its comprehensiveness and for being so 'user friendly' in its organization and presentation. Covering Photoshop essentials in general, including Photoshop 7 and Photoshop CS in particular, "Digital Photography" addresses simple and complex retouching techniques, removing 'red eye' from images, cloning, hand tinting, restoring old photographs, photo montages, digital painting, adding text to images, special effects, storing images, creating photo essays, printing, file size, composition, color theory, bracketing, lighting, backgrounding, and so much more. "Digital Photograph" is a single volume instructional guide that is strongly recommended for anyone aspiring to enhance their photography through Photoshop technology.

547 West 27th Street, New York NY 10001

DON'T KISS ME: THE ART OF CLAUDE CAHUN AND MARCEL MOORE by Louise Downie, Editor (1597110256 $45.00) is the first volume about two leading Surrealist artists Cahun and Moore and holds many previously unpublished photographs and drawings from both their works, surveying their 40 years of collaborative contributions in the field. Cahun pioneer gender-bending roles in photography that influenced many other contemporaries and used costumes or masks to explore and tweak these representations. Any college-level art holding must have this. Martin Parr's Mexico (1597110310, $40.00) pairs photos by Parr with an essay by Rogelio Villarreal as it blends social documentary with a photographic survey considering the impact of America's pop culture on Mexican life. Full-page color photos some quite startling capture Mexican pop art from food to faces to graveyards and provide a stunning visual impact perfect for not only college-level art libraries, but any collection strong in Mexican culture.

Eyes to Fly With
Graciela Iturbide
University of Texas Press
Box 7819, Austin, TX 78713-7819
0292714629 $50.00

Graciela Iturbide photographs the Zapotec women of Juchitan and the Mixtee goat butchers of Oaxaca: EYES TO FLY WITH includes a range of black and white images, from previously unpublished works to those she's famous for, and this provides an outstanding monograph of her achievements. Each full-page photo is accompanied by either a quote from her explaining the photo's inspiration or a title line and date, while an article about her and interview with her provide foundations for reference for newcomers. Art library holdings, especially those strong in contemporary photography, will find it a fine pick.

Weeping Mary
O. Rufus Lovett, Photographer
University of Texas Press
Box 7819, Austin, TX 78713-7819
0292709323 $45.00

Weeping Mary isn't an icon but a community in rural East Texas: its name has been attributed to an African American woman called Mary who wept over the loss of her land to a deceitful white man. Photographer O. Rufus Lovett was drawn to the story and the town in 1994: his WEEPING MARY represents 10 years of photographing the small Southern town and its residents, and creates an involving, hard-hitting set of images of particular interest and recommendation to any library strong in Southern history and culture.

Twilight: Photography in the Magic Hour
Martin Barnes & Kate Best
49 West 24th Street, 8th Floor, New York NY 10010
158943531 $59.95

Twilight's surreal visions have long attracted photographers but it's an exceptional challenge for any who seek to capture the subtleties of light at that time, and TWILIGHT: PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE MAGIC HOUR draws together the works of photographers up to the challenge. These are photographers from around the world who have explored the changes of light from day to night in a series of stunning images: this is the first title to explore twilight as an optical phenomenon and a psychological experience alike, taking eye-opening photos and placing them in historical, literary and technical context. It's thus a top pick for not just art holdings, but for any general-interest collection as well as for colleges strong in psychological and scientific exploration.

The Education Shelf

Play, Projects and Preschool Standards
Gera Jacobs & Kathy Crowley
Corwin Press
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320
1412928028 $25.95

Play, Projects and Preschool Standards: Nurturing Children's Sense of Wonder and Joy in Learning reviews state early learning standards for the very young, linking these standards with existing curricula and surveying projects and play activities which support them. Preschool teachers and daycare centers concerned with early education receive an excellent survey based on expert insights which provides a variety of projects and activities to enhance early learning in all curriculum areas. It's a workbook of ideas pairing benchmark standards to realistic activities and will provide a wealth of easy ideas.

Becoming a 'Wiz' at Brain-Based Teaching
Marilee Sprenger
Corwin Press
2455 Teller Road, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320-2218
141292796X $35.00

Teachers will find this revised and expanded second edition of a best-selling guide is packed with tips on the latest research on learning, memory and the brain and uses these insights to change approaches to classroom teaching. From helping readers translate theory into practice to brain-compatible classroom management strategies and emotional skills development for different grade levels, BECOMING A 'WIZ' AT BRAIN-BASED TEACHING: HOW TO MAKE EVERY YEAR YOUR BEST YEAR is an outstanding resource no teacher's college or reference library should be without.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Sexuality and the U.S. Catholic Church
Lisa Sowle Cathill, John Garvey and T. Frank Kennedy, S.J., Editors
Crossroad Publishing Company
481 8th Avenue, 16 Penn Plaza, New York NY 10001
082452408X $24.95

Sexuality is a major issue in the Catholic Church, which is criticized for any stand on the topic: here's a compendium of leading Catholic theologians, writers and scholars which helps identify major issues in sexuality today which are receiving Church commentary and insights. Collections strong in Catholic literature and issues will find much food for discussion in Sexuality and the U.S. Catholic Church: Crisis and Renewal, which will encourage debate and reflection.

Values in a Time of Upheaval
Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI)
Crossroad Publishing
481 8th Avenue, 16 Penn Plaza, New York NY 10001
0824523733 $19.95

Values in a Time of Upheaval is a title perfect for modern times: a discussion in which the author defends the role traditional Judeo-Christian values in the world. His survey of the Christian faith and its place in a changing modern society of competing values and religions makes for an excellent review of his ideas and solutions on world problems and is a recommended pick for any Christian spiritual library interested in dialogues surrounding contemporary issues.

What Have They Done with Jesus?
Ben Witherington III
10 East 53rd St., New York NY 10022
0061120014 $24.95

There are many strange theories about Jesus, but they don't come from Ben Witherington II, a professor of New Testament at Asbury Theological Seminary and the author of over thirty books on the subject. His title probes what is known and what cannot be known about the Jesus presented in the Bible, dispelling myths, using a 'personality profile' to illustrate basic Christian claims, and drawing important connections between key historical figures and the Jesus image. It's a fine addition to both general-interest Christian libraries and the holdings of more advanced, college-level seminary readers alike.

The Fiction Shelf

Ted Dekker
c/o Thomas Nelson
P.O. Box 141000, Nashville, TN 37214
1595540067 $23.99

Carl has been taken to the Middle East and trained as an assassin through psychological reprogramming and a wiping of his memory. His success at his job depends upon toppling a government: his failure could mean death. With underlying powers beginning to show and programming breaking down, Carl faces the ultimate questions: what is real, what is not, and whose side is he on? SAINT is Christian fiction at its best, and provides a powerhouse of an action story sure to cross over from religious to general public reading circles: any library catering to religious or general leisure audiences will find it a popular lend.

The Dan Brown Companion
Simon Cox
Mainstream/Trafalgar Square, Distributors
N. Pomfret, VT 05053
184596134X $24.95

THE DAN BROWN COMPANION: THE TRUTH BEHIND THE FICTION is for any avid fan of Dan Brown novels as well as for lending libraries who have a strong representation of Brown titles on hand. It offers up a lavish gazetteer/analytical blend of Brown's fiction and features a focus on the places featured within The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons as well as the characters in the books. Any avid Brown fan fascinated by the titles will want this.

The Needlecraft Shelf

The 1776 Quilt
Pam Holland
Breckling Press
283 Michigan Street, Elmhurst, IL 60126
1933308109, $29.95 1-800-951-7836

Pam Holland's '1776' quilt swept the Best in Show at four major US Quilt shows when it was first unveiled to the public. "The 1776 Quilt: Heartache, Heritage, And Happiness" is the profusely illustrated and personal story of how she made this award winning quilt, along with the history of a true masterpiece of needlecraft which was originally made in 1776 by Sorbian soldiers on the battlefield as they awaited invasion, and Pam Holland's dedicated determination to recreate it as a means helping herself to put her own life back together after the untimely death of her daughter. Included are step-by-step directions to make the full quilt (plus six smaller quilts using the design motifs of '1776'. Superbly enhanced with the inclusion of full templates, color photos, and historical notes, "The 1776 Quilt" would grace any personal or community library Needlecraft reference collection.

Module Magic
Ginger Luters
XRX Books
Box 1525, Sioux Falls, SD 57101-1525
1893762165 $19.95

MODULE MAGIC: CREATIVE PROJECTS TO KNIT ONE BLOCK AT A TIME simplifies and explains the entire process of block knitting, which uses squares, triangles and strips to piece together projects. Knitters will want some basic background in reading instructions' abbreviations, but will appreciate the blend of small color photos, diagrams for piecing, and step-by-step pattern directions. An excellent project guide knitting libraries will find attractive for lending and display.

The Psychology Shelf

Psychological Effects of Catastrophic Disasters
Leon A. Schein, EdD, LCSW,, Editors
Haworth Press
10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580
0789018411 $89.95

Plenty of shorter titles survey post traumatic stress syndrome's symptoms and provide an overview of the problem; but no competing title offers the depth to college-level health libraries of Psychological Effects of Catastrophic Disasters: Group Approaches to Treatment. Here an international group of authorities join in an exploration of medical treatment, group intervention plans, and more, pairing case histories with suggestions and examples for treatment. Any college-level mental health collection needs this comprehensive handbook.

Lauren Greenfield
Chronicle Books
85 2nd Street, San Francisco CA 94105
081185633X $35.00

Photographer Lauren Greenfield has produced other projects capturing youth in color, but THIN is one of her most ambitious projects yet, capturing the faces and results of eating disorders in all ages. The Renfrew Center in Florida serves as the source of her inspiration, with chapter profiling four patients at Renfrew ages 15 to 30, and including some fifteen others. Her interviews with these women supplement their own art and journal entries and provide a strong visual testimony to the unhappiness and power of eating disorders. Any health library, especially those with a few standard texts on the subject, must have this unique visual approach.

Internet Guide to Herbal Remedies
David J. Owen, MA, PhD
Haworth Press
10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580
0789022311 $9.95

Find reliable online resources for details on herbs used to treat all kinds of ailments with this consumer guide, which goes far beyond listing sites. Included here are tips on what makes for important, qualified medical information and what is suspect and in an Internet world of bogus medical advice, this is key to successfully searching information. From understanding scientific names of drugs to assessing evidence and studies, Internet Guide to Herbal Remedies is a recommendation for any consumer or health library.

The Skinny
Melissa Clark & Robin Aronson
Meredith Books
1716 Locust Street, DesMoines, IA 50309-3023
0696232421 $22.95

THE SKINNY: HOW TO FIT INTO YOUR LITTLE BLACK DRESS FOREVER seems like every dieter's dream: how to eat what you want and still lose weight or at least, keep the pounds off. No, it's not another diet it comes from authors who love to eat but it does offer a non-diet approach which offers up a different way of eating which helped the authors achieve their goal weights. From over 70 quick, easy recipes to 'dangerous meals' such as brunch and what to skip to skimp on calorie intake, this is packed with tips the diet-challenged reader can live with, and is a 'must' for any public library lending collection.

The AARP Guide to Pills
Maryanne Hochadel, PharmD, BCPS, Editor in Chief
Sterling Publishing
387 Park Avenue South, New York NY 10016-8110
1402744463 $25.95

Over a thousand prescription and nonprescription medications are included in The AARP Guide to Pills, which has been fully updated with the latest new information covering side effects, drug interactions, and generics. It appears in full color to offer photos of pills along with basics on what a health care professional should know and advice a patient before prescribing. It's the over-50 adult dependent on many of these listed drugs who will gain the most here, finding this a far easier, quicker reference than other books on the market. Libraries catering to the over-50 patron will want it, as will health libraries.

The Personal Care Attendant Guide
Katie Rodriguez Banister
Demos Medical Publishing
386 Park Avenue South Suite 301, New York NY 10016
193260328X $16.95

Many Americans with disabilities need a personal attendant to live independently but very few titles address how to find a qualified attendant and how to work with one. Katie Banister is herself disabled and also a speaker and advocate: her title pairs forms and worksheets to organize an attendant search with advice on anecdotes for caregivers and disabled alike, pairing personal stories of special challenges with plenty of insights. It's the perfect, unique choice for any who would understand the special needs and challenges involved in working with a personal attendant.

How to Talk to Your Doctor: Getting the Answers and Care You Need
Patricia A. Agnew
Quill Driver Books
1254 Commerce Avenue, Sanger, CA 93657
1884956548 $12.95

If you've ever felt hurried and dissatisfied in dealing with your too-busy doctor but don't know what else to do, then How to Talk to Your Doctor: Getting the Answers and Care You Need is for you: it tells how to get the information needed from a doctor to make informed medical decisions, from understanding prescriptions and tests to assessing the value and necessity of procedures. From using the Internet to gather information to making special needs known, How to Talk to Your Doctor is the perfect consumer's advocate in book form, and general-interest libraries should find it a popular pick.

Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy, Third Edition
Hope S. Warshaw, MMSC, RD, CDE, BC-ADM
American Diabetes Association
1701 North Beauregard Street, Alexandria, VA 22311
1580402518 $14.95

The third updated edition of a classic book on diabetes meal planning is a 'must' in any home diabetic's cookbook collection, as well as for public lending libraries. The best-seller has been completely revised to accommodate new eating and lifestyle habits, offering both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics and pre-diabetics and the newly diagnosed plenty of nutrition information and tips on healthy eating. From understanding portions and label information to menu planning, it holds everything needed to understand and modify a diet.

The Social Issues Shelf

A History of Women's Seclusion in the Middle East
Ann Chamberlin
Haworth Press
10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580
0789029847 $ 24.95

A History of Women's Seclusion in the Middle East: The Veil in the Looking Glass is a recommended pick for college-level collections strong in both ethnic and women's studies: it offers an interdisciplinary examination of how women throughout the Middle East are and have been secluded, exploring both ideas of oppression and why it may be less oppressive than outsiders think. The historical review of such actions allows readers to consider cultural influences involved in women's isolation.

All Rise
Robert W. Fuller
Berrett-Koehler Publishers
235 Montgomery Street, Suite 650, San Francisco CA 94104-2916
1576753859 $22.95

In the prior SOMEBODIES AND NOBODIES the author identified 'rankism' as a form of workplace abuse: his ALL RISE: SOMEBODIES, NOBODIES AND THE POLITICS OF DIGNITY continues the subject, exploring the personal, professional and social costs of rankism and providing strategies for change. Rankism is a barrier to liberty and justice for all and is as dangerous in society as it is within an organizational structure: ALL RISE argues for a society in which rankism is identified and not tolerated, moving outside the business arena and providing tips both businesses and politicians can appreciate. This becomes, then, a recommended pick for college-level libraries strong in either business or social science.

Please Don't Eat the Animals
Jennifer Horsman & Jaime Flowers
Quill Driver Books
1254 Commerce Way, Sanger, CA 93657
1884956602 $12.95

Please Don't Eat the Animals: All the Reasons You Need to Be a Vegetarian provides an impassioned explanation for the movement toward a planet-based diet in sections addressing issues of health, environment, animal welfare and spirituality alike. Given this four-point argument it's hard to refute the value of a guide which will hold appeal to a wide audience, especially those already following vegetarian path. Public libraries will thus find it a popular lend.

The Color of Empire
Michael L. Krenn
Potomac Books Inc.
22841 Quicksilver Drive, Dulles, VA 20166-2012
157488803X $19.95

THE COLOR OF EMPIRE: RACE AND AMERICAN FOREIGN RELATIONS is a scholarly analysis well suited to college-level collections strong in either ethnic studies or political history: it pinpoints how racism plays a major role in policymaking, using American history as the source for such a contention right up to modern times. Race has served as a justification for US actions abroad and shaped policies, allowing the government to make decisions and take directions which would have been different in other circumstances. THE COLOR OF EMPIRE is an important key to understanding such choices and no college-level holding on either international studies or social studies should be without it.

50+: Igniting a Revolution to Reinvent America
Bill Novell with Boe Workman
Saint Martin's Press
175 5th Avenue, New York NY 10010
0312355246 $24.95

50+ examines the revolution happening among American baby boomers, who are refusing to enter peacefully into retirement but are starting up new careers, super-charging volunteer efforts and directions, and are changing the idea of the aged in this country. Author Bill Novelli is CEO of AARP and in prime position to observe and comment on all this change: 50+: Igniting a Revolution to Reinvent America is a hard-hitting social observation all general-interest lending collections will want.

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