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Reviewer's Choice

"All Labor Has Dignity"
Martin Luther King, Jr.
edited with an introduction by Michael K. Honey
Beacon Press
25 Beacon Street, Boston Massachusetts 02108-2892
9780807086001 $26.95

"All Labor Has Dignity" is an anthology of Martin Luther King Jr.'s speeches concerning economic justice. In today's modern era of unemployment, a widening gap between rich and poor, increasingly stark wealth divides along racial lines, and the near-destruction of our financial system due to the machinations of those who put bottom line profits not only above individuals, but also above the economic stability of the entire nation, Dr. King's words are more timely and relevant than ever. "All Labor Has Dignity" includes King's lectures to unions in the 1960s, his addresses during the Poor People's Campaign, and his notable "Mountaintop" speech given on behalf of striking black sanitation workers in Memphis. An introduction, epilogue, and index by editor Michael K. Honey round out this superb addition to social issues shelves, and an accompanying audio CD allows one to listen to two of King's speeches: "The Unresolved Race Question" and "All Labor Has Dignity". Highly recommended.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

A Skeptic's Guide to Writers' Houses
Anne Trubek
University of Pennsylvania Press
3905 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-4112
9780812242928, $24.95,

To follow in the footsteps of another is what many do for inspiration. "A Skeptic's Guide to Writers' Houses" is a unique and humorous guide to the house museums of famous authors throughout the country and presents an unusual array of thoughts and opinions on the writing cultures reverence of these locations. With plenty of humor, "A Skeptic's Guide to Writers' Houses" is a unique blend of memoir, travelogue, and literary work analyzing the subculture of it all.

The Writer's Guide to Psychology
Carolyn Kaufman
Quill Driver Books
2006 S. Mary Street, Fresno, CA 93721-3311
9781884995682, $14.95,

The human mind is one of the most difficult thing to understand, and it's so easy for a writer to get it wrong. "The Writer's Guide to Psychology: How to Write Accurately About Psychological Disorders, Clinical Treatment, and Human Behavior" acts as a resource explaining the finer details of these disorders and what a writer should know before diving into writing such characters. Hoping to dispel commonly used tropes such as raving lunatic serial killers, the truth about schizophrenia, the problem with hypnosis, and much more. Explaining how to make psychopathic characters work, "The Writer's Guide to Psychology" is a highly useful and recommended resource.

Writing Conversations
Cherie K. Miller
Wisdom Creek Press
5814 Sailboat Pointe NW, Acworth, GA 30101
9780981875613, $14.95,

The career of writing can be quite daunting to get in to. "Writing Conversations: Spend 365 Days with Your Favorite Authors, Learning the Craft of Writing" is a writing advisory guide from Cherie K. Miller who seeks to give aspiring writers tips and tricks, as well as wisdom and advice for picking up their craft and sticking with it, and getting your work to the next level through an agent or publisher. "Writing Conversations" is a thoughtful and useful guide for those who want to keep themselves on task.

300 Days of Better Writing
David Bowman
Cereb Press
c/o Precise Edit
1866 Plaza del Sur, 138 Santa Fe, NM 87505
9780982267455, $13.95

No one is going to get better at writing without practice. "300 Days of Better Writing: A Daily Handbook for Improving Your Writing" is a guide for daily exercises to improve one's writing in a gradual manner, encouraging clarity, good grammar, and conveying one's thoughts and opinions effectively. For anyone seeking a daily writing exercise book, "300 Days of Better Writing" is a choice pick.

The Audiobook Shelf

Mr. Toppit
Charles Elton, author
Simon Vance, narrator
Blackstone Audiobooks
PO Box 969, Ashland, OR 97520
9781441759603 $105.00 1-800-729-2665

Mr. Toppit is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of an edge-of-one's-seat suspenseful novel by masterful print and television author Charles Elton. A little-known series of children's books with a mysterious character called "Mr. Toppit" is suddenly and inexplicably a breakout success, yet their author, an unsuccessful screenwriter, does not live long enough to reap good fortune from the windfall. His widow and children are set to inherit his legacy, but other greedy forces crowd around to secure their share, and the family threatens to be destroyed by the dark side of its inheritance. A thoughtful narrative of human limits, powerful forces, and mysterious hidden agendas, Mr. Toppit is a choice pick. 8 CDs, 10 1/2 hours.

On the Nature of Things
Lucretius, author
Ian Johnston, translator
Hugh Ross, narrator
Naxos Audio Books
416 Mary Lindsay Polk Drive, Suite 509, Franklin, TN 37067
9781843794318 $47.98 1-877-629-6723

On the Nature of Things is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of the only surviving work of the Roman philosopher Lucretius, born in 99 BC. In "On the Nature of Things", Lucretius sought to liberate his fellow Romans from their fear of the gods, and their fear of death. Lucretius argued that the gods are not directly involved in life, and therefore there is no need to appease them; he also argued that death is the end of a human being's body and soul, and therefore there is no point in fearing it. An unforgettable amalgamation of insight, now in a new English translation by Ian Johnston and intuitively performed by theater, film, and television actor Hugh Ross, On the Nature of Things deserves the highest recommendation especially for public and college library collections.

She: A History of Adventure
H. Rider Haggard, author
Bill Homewood, narrator
Naxos Audio Books
416 Mary Lindsay Polk Drive, Suite 509, Franklin, TN 37067
9781843794110 $62.00 1-877-629-6723

She: A History of Adventure is a sensual classic of 19th-century literature, now available in a complete and unabridged audiobook format, narrated by popular television actor Bill Homewood. Cambridge academic Ludwig Horace Holly and his adopted son Leo embark on an adventure in search of the legendary queen, She-who-must-be-obeyed, who rules a small, primitive tribe amidst the ruins of a bygone Egyptian civilization. Holly and Leo swiftly encounter depredation and danger, as a shipwreck derails their journey and they are captured by cannibals. An exciting saga of wonder, danger, suspense, and also light erotic passion, She: A History of Adventure is an enthralling rendition of a timeless work of literature, highly recommended. 11 CDs, 13 hours 45 min.

Rupert of Hentzau
Anthony Hope, author
Rufus Wright, narrator
Naxos Audio Books
416 Mary Lindsay Polk Drive, Suite 509, Franklin, TN 37067
9781843794004 $34.98 1-877-629-6723

The sequel to "The Prisoner of Zenda", Rupert of Hentzau is the complete and unabridged audiobook adaptation of an epic novel of diplomacy, intrigue, sword battles, and tested allegiance. When the villainous Rupert of Hentzau intercepts a scandalous love letter written from the Queen of Ruritania to Rudolph Rassendyll, Rassendyll has no choice but to resume his impersonation of King Rudolph. Strife once again threatens to divide Ruritania, in this captivating saga smoothly narrated by professional theater and film actor Rufus Wright. 7 CDs, 8 hours 13 min.

Mary MacKillop Revealed
Lesley O'Brien, author
Jenny Seedsman, narrator
Bolinda Publishing
186 S Long Swamp Rd, Jackson, ME 04921
9781742148427 $83.95

Mary MacKillop Revealed is the only biography of Australia's first saint, Mary MacKillop, to be authorised by the Sisters of St. Joseph. Mary MacKillop Revealed has been updated to refer to her Beatification by Pope John Paul II, and is now presented in an unabridged audiobook production read 1997 TDK Audio Book Award winner Jenny Seedsman, whose credentials include stellar theater, radio, and television performances. The result is the inspirational life story of a truly devout woman, sure to stir the hearts of Christian listeners everywhere. Highly recommended, especially for church library audiobook collections. 7 CDs, 8 hours 30 min., tracks every 3 min. for easy bookmarking.

Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House
Richard Wolffe
Random House Audio Books
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 8th floor, New York, NY 10019
9780307749895 $40.00

Obama biographer Richard Wolffe has been honored with exceptional access to the West Wing, and reveals his inside knowledge in Revival: The Struggle for Survival Inside the Obama White House, a chronicle of the President and his staff, now available in an unabridged audiobook adaptation read by the author. Opening one year after Obama's inauguration, Revival follows his administration's efforts to deal with challenges including health care reform, a suffering economy, two wars, and the menace of terrorism. Revival especially focuses upon the two groups who compete fiercely to influence the president's agenda. One is the Revivalists, who want to champion the high-minded and sweeping promises of Obama's campaign; the other is the Survivalists, who believe that the practical necessities of government require less commitment to far-reaching ideals, and more willingness to compromise. And what of Obama himself? Why is he driven to risk his presidency on health care, and what frustrations does he feel when beset by conflicting political forces on all sides? Revival is a story of struggling to get things done in an intractable political climate, adapt, learn from one's mistakes, and outwit one's opponents, and highly recommended beginning to end. 7 CDs, 9 hours.

The Emperor's Tomb
Steve Berry, author
Scott Brick, narrator
Random House Audio Books
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 8th floor, New York, NY 10019
9780739329221 $50.00

Read aloud by film, television, stage and radio performer Scott Brick, The Emperor's Tomb is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of Steve Berry's thrilling novel about the mysterious tomb of China's first Emperor. Sealed for more than 2,000 years, and protected by an army of terra-cotta warriors, the tombs remain closed by command of the Chinese government - why? Justice Department operative Cotton Malone must probe the mystery when a note leads him to an internet site where he sees Cassiopeia Vitt, a woman who has saved his life before, being tortured. The perpetrator demands that Malone "bring the artifact she's asked you to keep safe," but what item could this possibly refer to? To save her and stop a psychopath, Malone must embark on a whirlwind adventure that leads him from nation to nation - Denmark, Belgium, Vietnam, and China - and put him at odds with a merciless ancient brotherhood. A fast-paced adventure, especially recommended to help keep the listener awake and alert during long driving trips. 12 CDs, 14 hours.

Straight Talk, No Chaser
Steve Harvey
Harper Audio
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062006967 $29.99 1-800-242-7737

Comedian, philanthropist, celebrity and happily married husband Steve Harvey presents Straight Talk, No Chaser, a no-nonsense relationship guide written especially for women. Straight Talk, No Chaser includes how to get an honest answer out of a man, dating tips decade-by-decade, how to promote harmony at home, and much more. A candid, perceptive, insightful, and ultimately down-to-earth advice guide, Straight Talk, No Chaser is now in a highly accessible audiobook format, read aloud by the author. Highly recommended especially for any woman searching for Mr. Right. 6 CDs, 7 hours.

Distant Hours
Kate Morton, author
Caroline Lee, narrator
Bolinda Publishing
186 S Long Swamp Rd, Jackson, ME 04921
9781742149332 $123.95

Distant Hours is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of Kate Morton's about past mysteries coming to light, which in turn prompt soul-searching in the present day. When a long-lost letter arrives in the mail, Edie Burchill takes a journey to Milderhurst Castle, a structure whose better days are long since passed. Edie's mother was billeted there fifty years ago; the twin Blythe spinsters live there now, and devote most of their time to taking care of their youngest sister, who hasn't been quite right since her fiance abandoned her in 1941. Edie's journey teaches her more about her mother's life, and the truth of what her mother lived through in "the distant past", then she ever could have anticipated, in this thoughtful and evocative character drama. Highly recommended, especially for public library audiobook collections. 18 CDs, 22 hours 44 min.

Sleeping Murder: A Miss Marple Mystery
Agatha Christie, author
Rosemary Leach, narrator
BBC Audiobooks America
42 Whitecap Drive, North Kingstown, RI 02852-7445
9780792769583 $64.95

Sleeping Murder: A Miss Marple Mystery is the complete and unabridged audiobook adaptation of one of beloved mystery writer Agatha Christie's classics, featuring the unflappable Miss Marple. When Newlywed Gwenda Reed is plagued by visions of a dead woman's body in her supposedly haunted house, Miss Marple dedicates herself to uncovering the truth. Rosemary Leach's narration brings this suspenseful saga to vivid life, with emotion, atmosphere, and heart. Sleeping Murder is highly recommended especially for public library audiobook collections, and also for fans of classic mysteries everywhere. 6 CDs, 7 hours 15 min.

The Humor Shelf

You're Making That Face Again
Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman
Andrews & McMeel
1130 Walnut Street, Kansas City, MO 64106-2109
9780740797347 $12.99

You're Making That Face Again is the thirteenth collection of "Zits" newspaper comic strips, mostly in black-and-white but with color for the Sunday strips. The jokes center on coping with life as a teenager with overbearing parents - or as parents with an overbearing teenaged son; both sides of the dilemma are thoroughly explored! The manner in which modern technology (especially texting and camera phones) continues to shape human interaction further enhances the fodder for side-splitting gags. "'Okay, I forgot your birthday. What's the big deal?' 'I'm your mother, Jeremy! Show me a little respect!' 'Okay. Welcome to the top 100 on my speed dial list.' 'Show me a little more.'" You're Making That Face Again is a breath of fresh laughter, an excellent giftbook, and enthusiastically recommended for anyone who needs a bit of humor to help cope with changing times.

Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 2011 Edition
Charles Brooks, editor
Pelican Publishing Company
1000 Burmaster Street, Gretna, LA 70053-2246
9781589809017 $14.95 1-800-843-1724

Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 2011 Edition continues its tradition of presenting the best of the best political cartoons from all sides of the political spectrum. Topics covered range from the Obama administration's struggle to reduce unemployment, to the rise of the Tea Party, to the foibles of sports stars like Tiger Woods, to grim reminders of ongoing crises including the Afghan war, and the drug cartel-fueled violence plaguing Mexico. "'It says here that America's faith in practically every economic and political institution is at an all time low.' 'Yeah, but you can't believe what you read in the paper.'" Brief summaries of notable events of the past year help the reader to keep the cartoons in context, and a special farewell to two-time Pulitzer winning cartoonist Paul Conrad enhance this sharp-edged compendium. Highly recommended.

The American History Shelf

Summers with Lincoln
James A. Percoco
Fordham University Press
2546 Belmont Avenue, University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458-5172
9780823228966 $18.00

Award-winning high school history teacher James A. Percoco presents Summers with Lincoln: Looking for the Man in the Monuments, a thoughtful chronicle of how seven sculpted monuments honoring President Lincoln came to be. Blending scholarship with masterful flair, Percoco smoothly weaves historical stories into his research; the result is a thoroughly accessible account sure to fascinate as well as enlighten readers of all backgrounds. A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrates this highly recommended contribution to American history and public library shelves.

Always for the Underdog
Keagan LeJeune
University of North Texas Press
PO Box 311336, Denton, TX 76203-1336
9781574412888 $29.95

Keagan LeJeune (professor of English and Folklore, McNeese State University) presents Always for the Underdog: Leather Britches Smith and the Grabow War blends history and biography to relate the true story of Louisiana's Neutral Strip, particularly during the early 1900s. As a fallout from the Louisiana Purchase, the United States and Spain clashed over the precise boundary line; both sides withdrew militias in order to avoid intensifying conflict or prompting a war. This forced the residents to band in tight communities and defend themselves. Shortly after the turn of the century, the timber boom drew mill towns, land speculators, timber works, unionists and more to the Neutral Strip. Into this volatile mix entered Leather Britches Smith, a notorious character whose exploits practically became the stuff of legends. His deeds ranged from robbery to generosity to a rumored involvement in a local union strike, known as the Grabow War. A handful of vintage black-and-white photographs illustrate this fascinating, aptly researched and vividly presented history, enthusiastically recommended especially for public and college library collections.

Montana Moments: History On the Go
Ellen Baumler
Montana Historical Society Press
225 North Roberts Street, PO Box 201201, Helena, MT 59620-1201
9780975919682 $14.95

Montana Historical Society interpretive historian Ellen Baumler presents Montana Moments: History On the Go, an anthology of brief, funny, unusual, and sometimes outright shocking true stories from Montana's colorful history. Truth is more amazing than fiction in these vignettes (each only a page long or less), which cover everything from the gold rush to missions and churches to horse racing and even public executions. Due to the episodic nature of its true tales, Montana Moments is indeed ideal reading "On the Go", or for any situation where one might have a little free time, but not necessarily a lot!

All Around the Town, second edition
Patrick Bunyan
Empire State Editions
c/o Fordham University Press
2546 Belmont Avenue, University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458-5172
9780823231744 $24.95

Now in a newly updated second edition, All Around the Town: Amazing Manhattan Facts and Curiosities is an extraordinary catalogue of historic sites in New York City, illustrated with a handful of black-and-white photographs. Literally listing notable locations street by street, each with a paragraph describing its relevance, All Around the Town is an excellent choice for history-minded tourists and armchair travelers alike. For example, one entry reads "Gramercy Park West: This town house was once the home of Dr. Valentine Mott, a famous surgeon during the Civil War, who helped to regulate Bellevue Hospital." Highly recommended.

Border War
Stanley Harrold
University of North Carolina Press
116 South Boundary Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808
9780807834312 $30.00 1-800-848-6224

Stanley Harrold (professor of history, South Carolina State University) presents Border War: Fighting Over Slavery Before the Civil War, a close study of the violence and tension surrounding the thorny issue of slavery in America in the 1840s and 1850s, leading up to the outbreak of the Civil War. Cross-border clashes included mass slave escapes, lethal battles between antislavery and pro-slavery vigilantes, the kidnapping of free African-Americans and violent resistance to it, conflict between fugitive slaves and those seeking to return them to bondage, and more. Harrold shows evidence that the Kansas-Missouri warfare of the 1850s and John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry, Virginia were only elements of a larger, more widely entrenched border conflict that ultimately led most of the Border South to side with the Union. Chapters cover "Southern Aggression in the Lower North", "Interstate Diplomacy", "Fighting Over the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850", and much more. A sobering, meticulously researched and astutely presented historical analysis, highly recommended especially for college library collections.

Conflict in the Ozarks
David Benac
Truman State University Press
100 East Normal Street, Kirksville, MO 63501-4221
9781935503125 $32.00

Conflict in the Ozarks: Hill Folk, Industrialists, and Government in Missouri's Courtois Hills is a studious and heavily researched history of the Scotch-Irish Ozark culture and conflicts with governmental policy concerning environmental stewardship, particularly during the first half of the twentieth century. Author David Benac applies research and detective work skills in reconstructing cultural attitudes, both among the area's impoverished rural residents and the more landed and wealthy who had the potential to benefit from turning land into enclosed pasture. Chapters include "The Missouri Lumber and Mining Company and the Timber Industry", "The Means of Control and Resistance", "Resistance to Governmental Involvement in the Ozarks, 1905 to 1931", "A Governmental Foothold, 1931 to 1946", and more. Conflict in the Ozarks is a superb addition to Missouri state history shelves, highly recommended especially for college library collections.

When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green?
Staff of the New-York Historical Society Library
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023-7015
9780231147439 $14.95

When Did the Statue of Liberty Turn Green? & 101 Other Questions About New York City lives up to its title as an engaging history and trivia book, offering answers to many of the most commonly asked questions about New York City. For example, "'Is it true that Winston Churchill was hit by a car in New York City?' 'It is, and he assumed all blame for the accident.'" Each question-and-answer entry is a few paragraphs long and has individual sources listed; a handful of black-and-white photographs further enhance this engaging collection, highly recommended to anyone curious to learn more about New York City's legacy, traditions, and amazing true stories.

The Sports Shelf

Jacobs Beach: The Mob, The Fights, The Fifties
Kevin Mitchell
Pegasus Books
80 Broad Street,5th Floor, New York, NY 10004
9781605981239 $26.95

Award-winning sports writer Kevin Mitchell presents Jacobs Beach: The Mob, The Fights, The Fifties, an eye-opening tour of the sport of professional boxing in 1950s New York. This was a time and place when the mob ruthlessly controlled matches in order to profit off of gambling. Jacobs Beach, a strip of pavement across the road from Madison Square Garden, was the infamous place where shady deals to control or ruin the lives of prizefighters were plotted, and the man in control of Jacobs Beach was a charismatic yet utterly murderous Italian mobster known as Frankie Carbo. It was under Carbo's watch, and the control he exercised over the "International Boxing Club", that the mob became so entrenched in fighting. The rise and fall of mob influence in New York boxing, and the stories of major players in the real-life drama, make for an utterly compelling true story. Jacobs Beach is an absolute "must-have" especially for boxing fans with a keen interest in learning about the darkest moments of the sport's history.

Striper Hot Spots
Frank Daignault
Burford Books
101 East State St., #301, Ithaca, NY 14850
9781580801638, $18.95,

The concepts may be the same, but every spot has tricks to make the most of the spot. "Striper Hot Spots: Top Surfcasting Locations from Connecticut to Maine" is a guide for fishermen who want to get an edge on fishing throughout New England to catch the most fish in these cooler waters and up to coast. With tips and tricks on everything from tackle to seasons and more, "Striper Hot Spots" is an invaluable tool for any traveling fisherman. Also recommended is the mid-Atlantic addition of this series, "Striper Hot Spots: Mid-Atlantic: Top Surfcasting Locations from North Carolina to Connecticut" (9781580801645, $18.95).

The Library DVD Shelf

Fun Ideas for Cardmaking and Scrapbooking
Memory Lane Videos
PO Box 41767, Eugene, OR 97404
9780970139368 $19.95

Fun Ideas for Cardmaking and Scrapbooking lives up to its title with a dazzling array of suggestions, insights, tools, techniques, and instructions for creating memorable handmade cards and scrapbooks. A guide that encourages the reader to experiment and take joy in the process of discovery, Fun Ideas for Cardmaking and Scrapbooking is a superb gift for anyone with a creative mind. Highly recommended. 53 min.

Anatomy for Artists: Man in Motion, second edition
On Air Video Inc.
8203 Westminster Rd., Elkins Park, PA 19027

Anatomy for Artists: Man in Motion is a DVD for aspiring and practicing artists focusing on how to realistically portray human activities such as running, jumping, lifting, carrying, kicking, throwing, pulling, and more. With live models and a variety of camera angles, Anatomy for Artists deconstructs frame by frame how the human body, bones, and muscles work, as well as the relationship between balance and movement. An excellent, user-friendly guide, worthy of the highest recommendation for classroom use or self-study. 62 min.

Discovering Hamlet
c/o Acorn Media Group
8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620, Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
9781598285321 $39.99

As seen on PBS, Discovering Hamlet is a documentary following two great actors, Emmy-winner Derek Jacobi and four-time Oscar nominee Kenneth Branagh, as they test the depths of their performance mettle through study and presentation of Shakespeare's classic tragedy, Hamlet. Patrick Stewart narrates this overview of the four-week rehearsal process, from first read-throughs to opening night. Interviews with principal actors, the set designer, costume supervisor, text advisor, and more round out this immersive behind-the-scenes look of at high theater. Bonus features include an exclusive interview with Derek Jacobi, a bonus disc with copious additional footage and extended interviews, a twelve-page viewer's guide, and more. An absolute "must-have" for classic theater buffs, "Discovering Hamlet" lives up to its title and is highly recommended. 2 DVDs, 53 min. plus 3 1/4 hours of bonus footage, SDH subtitles (bonus features may not be subtitled).

Human Terrain: War Becomes Academic
Bullfrog Films, Inc.
PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547
1594589720 $295.00

Intended for high school and adult viewers, Human Terrain: War Becomes Academic is a vivid, harrowing documentary about the controversial 'Human Terrain System' program that the U.S. Military has initiated in response to the complexities of the long wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The program seeks to embed social scientists within combat troops. Supporters of the program see it as a way to temper military action with greater understanding of the human conflicts driving sectarian violence, while detractors criticize it as an unethical way to gather intelligence and target enemies. "Human Terrain: War Becomes Academic" examines the fallout of blurring the line between academia and combat, giving the viewer access to wargames in the Mojave Desert and training exercises at Quantico and Fort Leavenworth. "Human Terrain" also tells the tragic story of a brilliant young scholar named Michael Bhatia, who worked as a humanitarian activist in the Western Sahara, Balkans, and East Timor, and who was recruited by the Human Terrain program; he was killed by a roadside bomb while en route to mediate an intertribal dispute. Human Terrain: War Becomes Academic is an extraordinary examination of the costs, ethics, and effectiveness of this program, and an absolutely invaluable addition to military, social science, public and college library DVD shelves. An 84 min. and 57 min. version is available on the DVD. SDH captioned.

No Fears, No Tears & No Fears, No Tears - 13 Years Later
Leora Kuttner, PhD
Crown House Publishing
6 Trowbridge Drive Suite 5, Bethel, CT 06801
9781935810025 $99.95 1-877-925-1213

No Fears, No Tears & No Fears, No Tears - 13 Years Later is a two-DVD set about a pain management project for children undergoing painful medical procedures, primarily developed by Dr. Leora Kuttner. Kuttner studies how to take maximum advantage of non-pharmaceutical techniques including self-hypnosis, imaginary involvement, and distraction to aid children, parents, and medical professionals. The first DVD "No Fears, No Tears" (27 min.), follows eight children with cancer, ages 3 to 12, and reveal how the natural power of the mind can be harnessed to combat pain. The second DVD, "No Fears, No Tears" (46 min.) revisits seven of the original children and examines the long-term value of learning how to constructively deal with fear and pain. The people who used Kuttner's principles describe what helped them most and least, and how they learned to deal with subsequent pain. Both films have won awards and are a firsthand testimony to how children can improve their own welfare despite the most challenging medical treatment. "No Fears, No Tears" and "No Fears, No Tears - 13 Years Later" have become standard for teaching hospital staff how to help young patients through long, painful tests and treatments, as well as how to integrate parents into the medical process, and are worthy of the highest possible recommendation especially for medical school DVD libraries.

Tribal Energy Cardio
Suzanne Forbes-Vierling, Ph.D.
411 Video Information
PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Tribal Energy Cardio is an energetic fitness DVD. Host Suzanne Forbes-Vierling presents an exercise routine adapted from Western African dance movements, accessible to fitness enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. Featuring pounding drum rhythms and the exhilaration of total body movement, Tribal Energy Cardio turns a solid workout into pure fun. Tribal Energy Cardio is divided into a warmup, three workouts, and a grand finale; it's the perfect addition to spice up any DVD fitness library. 60 min.

Tranquility Films
NTS Images (distribution)
PO Box 116, Colwich, KS 67030
411 Video Information (publicity)
PO Box 1223, Pebble Beach, CA 93953
$19.95 each

Two Tranquility Films DVDs offer relaxing images of the natural world, set to gently soothing music. "Tranquility Films Volume 1: Coral Reef Odys-Sea" (80 min.) takes the viewer on a wondrous, watery tour, through a realm inhabited by easily spooked octopi, colorful fish, exquisite coral reefs, even sea turtles. "Tranquility Films Volume 2: Wings 'n Other Wild Things" (66 min.) shows the viewer animal antics ranging from a leisurely iguana to the play of a jaguar cub to the fluttering of colorful butterflies. Extreme care was taken not to harm any animals during these beautiful, calming productions, available in DVD or Blu-ray format. Both are superb gifts for nature lovers everywhere, ideal for unwinding after a long, hard day.

Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table?
Learning ZoneXPress
PO Box 1022, Owatonna, MN 55060
$79.95 1-888-455-7003

Intended for viewers in grade 6 and up, Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table? is an educational DVD about sustainable farming, and the value of eating locally grown foods that do not use chemical pesticides or artificial hormones. Following three trained chefs who leave the big city to grow fresh ingredients for their gourmet dishes, Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table? includes a comparison of sustainable and organic farming, a brief history of American farms, and an overview of how fresh food is transported from farms to one's dining table. Printable teaching materials meant to be used in conjunction with Fresh Food are freely available online at Learning ZoneXPress' website. In today's era of increasing overpopulation and ecological threat, sustainable local farming is more important than ever; Fresh Food: What is Farm to Table? is highly recommended especially for middle and highschool homeroom viewing. 20 min.

The Library Science Shelf

An Overview of the Changing Role of the Systems Librarian
Edward Iglesias, editor
Chandros Publishing
c/o Neal Schuman
100 William Street, Suite 2004, New York, NY 10038
9781843345985, $99.95,

No library deals with paper alone any longer. "An Overview of the Changing Role of the Systems Librarian: Systemic Shifts" analyzes the role of the Systems Librarian, something that didn't even exist thirty to forty years ago. Discussing the role of the systems librarian and how their job is rapidly changing with the endless shift of technology, and dealing with patrons of vastly differing technological competency. Sampling ideas from today's libraries and what lies ahead for this position, Edward Igelsias and Chandros Publishing work together in providing a highly insightful and very useful resource on the shifting role of the systems librarian. Enhanced with plenty of useful appendixes and a complete bibliography, "An Overview of the Changing Role of the Systems Librarian" is a strong and very highly recommended addition to any library science shelf.

The Libraries We Love
Karen Christensen & David Levinson, editor
Berkshire Publishing Group
314 Main Street, Great Barrington, MA 01230
0977015920, $49.95,

A library can be a community center. "Heart of the Community: The Libraries We Love" looks t three hundred libraries throughout the United States and Canada to the quaintest and most charming libraries throughout the country. These libraries have earned their places as community centers due to their historic and stoic nature that have withstood the test of time. Telling the stories of many of these libraries accompanied by a fine collection of full color photos, "Heart of the Community" is a choice pick for anyone who loves libraries and the atmosphere they can bring to a community.

ALA Guide to Sociology & Psychology Reference
American Library Association
50 E. Hurton St., Chicago, IL 60611
9780838910252, $65.00,

A solid reference collection is always a cornerstone of every library. "ALA Guide to Sociology & Psychology Reference" is a guide for librarians who want to have a complete and comprehensive reference collection for the topic of psychology and sociology but are willing to admit that this is not their field and could use help in making the connections they need to create a worthy reference collection. Naming key books in particular, the ALA outlines the fundamentals, theories of how your library should be aligned, and major books on each genre and subgenre that should be considered for your library. Packed with plenty of resources, appendixes, and plenty of useful information, "ALA Guide to Sociology & Psychology Reference" is a compendium that should not be missed for the librarian who isn't also a psychologist themselves.

Camp Summer Read
C. Kay Gooch & Charlotte Massey
Libraries Unlimited
130 Cremona Drive
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9781598844474, $30.00,

The summer is a lapsed period in education, but a good book can help keep those minds sharp. "Camp Summer Read: How to Create Your Own Summer Reading Camp" is a guide for making a summer camp that encourages reading. A how to guide that covers everything surrounding the process form accounting, regulation, and much more, C. Kay Gooch & Charlotte Massey provide much expert advice. These methods can encourage kids to read during the summer and prove great fun not only for the children, but the people in charge as well. "Camp Summer Read" is a strong resource for anyone who wants to promote the importance and value of reading during the Summer months.

Sears List of Subject Headings, 20th edition
Joseph Miller, editor
Susan McCarthy, associate editor
H.W. Wilson
950 University Avenue, Bronx, NY 10452
9780824211059 $150.00 1-800-367-6770

Now in its twentieth updated edition, Sears List of Subject Headings continues to serve as an invaluable resource for subject cataloguing in small and medium-sized libraries. More than 8,000 subject terms and recommendations for establishing further terms as needed pack this volume; its latest update includes new headings in the rapidly growing body of literature concerning ecology and the environment. Suggested subject headings are listed in alphabetic order for quick and easy reference; an exhaustive preface section entitled "Principles of the Sears List" guides librarians and data workers of all skill and experience levels in the effective use of this resource. A "must-have" for anyone tasked with processing and cataloguing a large quantity of library materials.

Blogging And RSS, second edition
Michael P. Sauers
Information Today, Inc.
143 Old Marlton Pike, Medford, NJ 08055
9781573873994, $35.00,

It's not just about filing musty books anymore. "Blogging and RSS: A Librarian's Guide" discusses the value of blogging and RSS feeds and what they can do for libraries. This second edition of the book originally published in 2006 is updated with the times to take advantage of the new shifts in social media such as Facebook and twitter. Discussing in in depth what a librarian is suppose to do to make the most out of Web 2.0 and social media, complete with appendixes and plenty of informative graphics, "Blogging and RSS" is something to be at hand for any web-savvy librarian.

The Biography Shelf

A French Aristocrat in the American West
Carl J. Ekberg
University of Missouri Press
2910 LeMone Boulevard, Columbia, MO 65201
9780826218964 $44.95

A French Aristocrat in the American West: The Shattered Dreams of De Lassus de Luzieres is the biography of Pierre-Charles de Lassus de Luzieres, who left Revolutionary France with his family to buy land in America. He was swindled by the notorious Scioto Land Company, yet he chose to remain in North America and move to the Mississippi River Valley. He dreamed of creating a commercial empire; though he never precisely realized his most grandiose aspirations, he was pivotal in founding the city of New Bourbon and encouraging American settlers to move westward across the Mississippi River. His most notable legacy is his extensive writings about life on the Mississippi frontier during the last years of the colonial era. A French Aristocrat in the American West is divided into two parts - a thoughtful biography of de Luzieres, and a meticulous collection of source documents. The result is an invaluable account that simultaneously serves as a primary and tertiary source of American colonial history, as well as of the life and times of a truly extraordinary American. Highly recommended, especially for college library collections.

The English Opium-Eater
Robert Morrison
Pegasus Books
80 Broad Street, Fifth Floor, New York, NY 10004
9781605981321, $35.00,

The truly great writers are far from perfect people. "The English Opium-Eater: A Biography of Thomas De Quincey" follows the literary career of one of England's most famous writers and tries to understand his life and how it affected his writing. It also discusses his serious opium addiction which warped his writing even more, as he battled an addiction he was simply fascinated by. A fascinating read that will prove very hard to put down, "The English Opium-Eater" is a read that shouldn't be overlooked for literary biography collections focusing on nineteenth century England.

Dan Donnelly
Patrick Myler
DuFour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781843511588, $21.95,

Violence doesn't solve everything, but it doesn't mean it can't lead to something greater. "Dan Donnelly, 1788-1820: Pugilist, Publican, Playboy" tells the story of this early nineteenth century bareknuckle fighting Irishmen and how he inspired the Irish people during a tumultuous time by simply dominating his British opponents in the ring. A fascinating and entertaining biography of this unique unsung hero of history, "Dan Donelly" is a choice pick for any biography collection, especially those with an Irish focus.

Flyover Country
Christopher Harper
Hamilton Books
c/o Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
4501 Forbes Blvd., Suite 200, Lanham, MD 20706
9780761853329 $25.00

Flyover Country: Baby Boomers and Their Stories collects true stories from the lives of a group of baby boomers who graduated from high school in 1969 in the Midwest. Chapters follow them through the Vietnam War (and protests against it), the search for jobs and families, and their contributions as doctors, business owners, ministers, politicians, and teachers. Flyover Country also offers true stories of coping with harsh trials - divorce, being a victim of criminal activity, the life-destroying effects of alcohol and drugs, even the loss of a spouse or a child. A candid, collective portrait of the highs and lows of daily life, Flyover Country seeks to impart invaluable lessons to future generations, and is highly recommended especially for public library collections.

David Petraeus: A Biography
Bradley T. Gericke
Greenwood Press
PO Box 1911, Santa Barbara, CA 93116-1911
9780313383779 $35.00

David Petraeus: A Biography is the life story of the American general who turned the course of the ongoing war in Iraq around with his implemented plan for a "surge". Written by military historian and army strategist Bradley T. Gericke, David Petraeus: A Biography traces Petraeus' life from growing up in New York to his service in the 101st Airborne Division to his controversy with the MoveOn website, to his efforts to counter sectarian violence not only through military but also through social and legal means. A handful of black-and-white photographs illustrate this exceptional account of a leader who successful approached complex warfare on multiple fronts - military, diplomatic, economic, and informational. David Petraeus: A Biography is worthy of the highest recommendation for military biography, public, and college library shelves.

Unstoppable in Stilettos
Lauren Ruotolo
Health Communications, Inc.
3201 S. W. 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
9780757315145, $14.95,

Walking in stilettos is an accomplishment all its own. Walking in them when you're not even suppose to be walking is another. "Unstoppable in Stilettos: A Girl's Guide to Living Tall in a Small World" is an inspirational memoir from Lauren Ruotolo, predicted to be wheelchair bound her entire life due to a rare disease called McCune-Albright syndrome. Instead of accepting the diagnosis, she spat in its face and has lived a successful and driven life that would make any 'normal' person seem lame. "Unstoppable in Stilettos" is uplifting and very highly recommended motivational reading.

My Life in Japanese Art and Gardens
Adachi Zenko
Stone Bridge Press
PO Box 8208, Berkeley, CA 94707
9781933330860, $29.95,

From nothing, he became a baron of class and culture. "My Life in Japanese Art and Gardens: From Entrepreneur to Connoisseur" is a biography of Adachi Zenko, a man who grew up from nothing and carved his own place in the world. From his early days in a Japan rising to power, to being a man of many businesses through the war and dealing with prison, betrayal, and more, his life's work is still felt in Japan over two decades after his death. "My Life in Japanese Art and Gardens" is a fascinating autobiography of international business, highly recommended.

The Inventor's Fortune
Suzanne G. Beyer & John S. Pfarr
Book Publishers
PO Box 2256, Bothell, WA 98041
9781935359531, $16.95,

The simplest of things can become the most valuable of things. "The Inventor's Fortune Up for Grabs: The Legacy of the Expansion Bracelet" follows the estate of the expansion bracelet, a simple invention that is worth millions that has fallen out of the familial line of Art Hadley. A legal drama with plenty of amusing twists for a true life story, "The Inventor's Fortune Up for Grabs" is an enticing read of the legacy of one of the most useful things most never know about.

My Week at the Blue Angel
Matthew O'Brien
Huntington Press
3665 Procyon Street, Las Vegas, NV 89103
1935396412, $14.95,

A sleazy cheap motel is often the headquarters of life's adventures. "My Week at the Blue Angel: And Other Stories From the Storm Drains, Strip Clubs, and Trailer Parks of Las Vegas" is a collection of memoirs from Matthew O'Brien about his own unique adventures in Vegas, a town with no shortage of notoriety. His exploration however, isn't the theme park, but the city that hides behind it that is living and breathing much like any city in America. With plenty of black and white photos, "My Week at the Blue Angel" is a fun and intriguing read that will prove very hard to put down.

Becoming Odyssa
Jennifer Pharr Davis
Beaufort Books
27 West 20th Street, Suite 1102, New York, NY 10011
9780825306495, $24.95,

Going up the east coast on foot is quite the challenge, and going through the wilderness doesn't make it any easier. "Becoming Odyssa: Epic Adventures on the Appalachian Trail" is a memoir from Jennifer Pharr Davis and how in her melancholy of her life, seeking time to think about what she wanted to do with it, she sought to hike the Appalachian trail, a path of nearly three thousand miles stretching from Georgia to Maine. For four months she walked this path and learned much about herself and the world, "Becoming Odyssa" is a thoughtful and intriguing memoir, very highly recommended.

Dreams & Schemes
Steve Lopez
Camino Books
PO Box 59026, Philadelphia, PA 19102
9781933822310, $17.95,

California has become a magnet to many intriguing characters. "Dreams & Schemes: My Decade of Fun in the Sun" is a collection essays and memoirs from Steve Lopez on his time in Southern California. Meeting with philosophers, millionaires, Hollywood stars, and more, he provides a fascinating dissection of life in the region and an intriguing piece of Americana. Deftly compiled and entertaining as well as intriguing reading, "Dreams & Schemes" is a solid addition to any journalistic memoir collection.

It Was Out of Love
James S. Marr
Wine Press Publishing
PO Box 428, Enumclaw, WWA 98022
9781606150238, $19.99,

Not every secret is spiteful. "It Was Out of Love: A True Love Story of Deception, Grace, and Forgiveness" is a memoir from James S. Marr about the secrets of life that his wife kept from him over the years and how he learned about them, and their love remained strong. A memoir of love and faith, Marr's read is a reminder that love can be unconditional, even through revelations and that couples should remember that. "It Was Out of Love" is quite the read with a powerful message.

The Library CD Music Shelf

Om Namo Narayanaya: Soul Call
Chandrika Krishnamurthy Tandon
Soul Chants Music
c/o Rock Paper Scissors
511 West 4th Street, Suite 2, Bloomington, IN 47404

Nominated for a Grammy in the Best Contemporary World Music Album category, Om: Namo Narayanaya: Soul Call consists of eight songs composed around the core of an eight-syllable chant that is over six thousand years old. Each song has been created in accordance with a different East Indian raga; arrangements using over 30 acoustic Indian classical, folk, and Western instruments from vibraphone to acoustic guitar enrich the presentation. The eight syllables of the central chant (Om Na Mo Na Ra Ya Na Ya) are from a Vedic tradition, and believed to create a protective and healing armor about the body. Soul Call is a moving creation of audible excellence, honoring ancient traditions while promoting a new way to experience them. The result is an exceptional addition to world music shelves, highly recommended. The tracks are "Bhoopali" (7:45), "Bageshri" (7:40), "Shuddha Sarang" (9:06), "Manj Khamaj Medley" (9:28), "Bhatiyar" (6:28), "Malkauns" (6:12), "Basanth" (5:10), "Basanth Mukhari" (9:53), and "Basanth Mukhari - Radio Edit" (3:20).

The Civil War Shelf

Failure in the Saddle
David A. Powell
Savas Beatie
PO Box 4527, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
9781932714876 $34.95

Failure in the Saddle: Nathan Bedford Forrest, Joseph Wheeler, and the Confederate Cavalry in the Chickamauga Campaign is an in-depth military and historical analysis of the role of the Confederate cavalry in the loss of Chattanooga and the problems that further undercut the South's effectiveness up to and beyond the battle of Chickamauga. Author David A. Powell reveals that Braxton Bragg's Army of Tennessee often received misleading information from its cavalry generals - they neglected to fully examine critical passes and river crossings, often let petty politics influence their decision-making, and sometimes even disobeyed specific and repeated orders. An extraordinary account of how incidents of incompetence or insubordination can undercut victory as well as accelerate defeat, Failure in the Saddle is a welcome addition to Civil War military history shelves, and highly recommended especially for college library collections.

Soldiers North and South
Paul A. Cimbala
Fordham University Press
University Box L, 2546 Belmont Ave, Bronx, NY 10458
9780823233922, $25.00,

At war with your countryman, day to day life was something much different. "Soldiers North and South: The Everyday Experiences of the Men Who Fought America's Civil War" looks into the daily challenge that these men faced in their camp life, not knowing when they will be marched off to the next battle. Covering their story from the early war to the time after the end of the war, Paul Cimbala invites readers to get into the heads of these individuals and understand what it was like in their situation. "Soldiers North and South" is an excellent addition to any American Civil War history collection, enthusiastically recommended.

The Poetry Shelf

Driving to Heaven
Tracy S. Youngblom
Parallel Press
372 Memorial Library, 728 State Street, Madison, WI 53575
9781934795163 $10.00 1-800-636-0071

Driving to Heaven is a free-verse poetry chapbook by English teacher Tracy S. Youngblom. Some of the poems have previously appeared in a variety of different publications; their collected gestalt revolved around family ties, the relentless march of time and age, and the importance of taking time to reflect upon the highs and lows of life. A quiet intensity pervades this emotional and memorable collection. "Desire": peony petals drop, // whole hanks of them / mound on the counter, // pliant and graceful as ballerinas / settling in their skirts, // and the remaining flowers lean // down toward them / dripping over the vase's lip

Saint Erasure
Donna de la Perriere
Talisman House
PO Box 896, Greenfield, MA 01302
9781584980766, $13.95

Something minor can quickly become something so much more. "Saint Erasure" is a collection of poetry from Donna de la Perriere as she presents an exploration of the small victories and miracles of life that make our world turn. Thoughtful and thought provoking, "Saint Erasure" is not a read to be missed. "From the Root Word Meaning 'To Go'": The body carried on for years/at that point we were alive/the moment, when driving/into the city, when crossing/the bridge, when reaching/the apex, we saw the horizon/entire-- the scope, the sweep of/motion, of the visible, rising. Also from Talisman House poetry, "Rosestrikes & Coffee Grinds"(9781584980735, $14.95) from Turkish poet Seyhan Erozecelik, expertly translated by Murat Nemet-Nejat.

Like a Man Gone Mad
Samuel Hazo
Syracuse University Press
621 Skytop Road, Suite 110, Syracuse, NY 13244-5290
9780815609575, $12.95,

Words used lightly and wisely impart much to ponder. "Like a Man Gone Mad" is a collection of poetry from Samuel Hazo, a distinguished professor of English at Duquesne University. His work looks at history and reflects in a way accessible to any reader, not just academia. "Like a Man Gone Mad" Is a fine read, and very highly recommended. "The Merchandiser's Song": Sell only the best for as much as you can/and make it appear like a bargain from God./It takes as much work to sell rubies as toothpicks,/but watch how the difference quintuples your profits/and let that convince you the difference is worth it./I've done this for years so I know what I'm saying.

P. K. Page
The Porcupine's Quill
68 Main St., Erin, Ontario, N0B 1T0
9780889843318, $24.95,

A lifetime's worth of passion and dedication. "Kaleidoscope: Selected Poems" is a collection of poetry from P. K. Page covering her long line of work. Combining some of the best from her previous volumes as well as many new poems, it's a comprehensive taste of Page's style and work. "Kaleidoscope" is a fine addition to any poetry collection, highly recommended. "The World": It is like a treacle, the world./I am caught in its golden threads,/a fly in a honey pot.

Where's Katie?
Elaine Feeney
Salmon Poetry
c/o DuFour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781907056437, $19.95,

Our many roles in life pull us in all directions. "Where's Katie?" is a collection of poetry from Elaine Feeney speaking as a woman of many roles in life and the constant agony and joy that life assaults one with. Thoughtful and insightful, "Where's Katie?" is a choice collection of poetry, not to be overlooked. "Covering Up": Lithe tight muscles,/aching groin,/tantalite dapples/on a day for feasting./Come over, shackle her,/hobbled flesh teasing and/tantalizing frigid froths,/screams, whines, all-merciful whispers;/those divine silence breaksers.

The Buddhist Studies Shelf

Middleway Press
606 Wilshire Boulevard, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Spiritual leader Daisaku Ikeda, president of the Buddhist lay organization Soka Gakkai, presents two volumes of "The Soka Gakkai History of Buddhism" series, offering a carefully researched presentation of what history and testimony have to tell us of the origins and contributions of the Buddhist faith. "The Living Buddha: An Interpretive Biography" (9780977924523, $14.95) is both a straightforward chronicle of the Buddha's life, and also an inspirational testimony meant to aid the reader in freeing oneself from suffering. "The Living Buddha" does not treat the Buddha as a distant legend, but rather as a living, breathing person who rose above the harsh difficulties of his day and age to deliver a universally crucial message, that remains immediately and directly relevant thousands of years later. "Buddhism: The First Millennium" (9780977924530, $14.95) chronicles the rise of a religion that had its origins in an era when few were inclined to keep detailed historical records. It wasn't until the First Council, long after the death of the Buddha, that any major effort to create the Buddhist cannon took place. "Buddhism: The First Millennium" chronicles Buddhism's spread to Southeast Asia, China, Korea, and Japan, as well as the key individuals who helped to spread its message, including the Indian king Ashoka, the Greek philosopher-king Menander, and monks and lay believers such as Vimalakirti, Nagarjuna, and Vasubandhu. Both volumes are thoroughly accessible to reader of all backgrounds, invaluable contributions to Buddhist Studies shelves, and highly recommended.

The Fiction Shelf

The Glory Wind
Valerie Sherrard
Fitzhenry & Whiteside
311 Washington Street, Brighton, MA 02135
9781554551705, $12.95,

What life has led you to believe often conflicts with how it really is. "The Glory Wind" is a novel of facing love and the truth that comes with it. Grace, a small town girl, meets Luke. But when her small town values are threatened, her life may change for the better and for the worse. "The Glory Wind" is a charming read with plenty to ponder, highly recommended.

Mary Troy
University of Missouri-Kansas City, 5101 Rockhill Road, Kansas City, MO 64110
9781886157743, $16.95

With focus, you can find more beauty in the world than you could ever hope for. "Beauties" tells the story of Bev and Shelley, two women running a cafe. Facing their own problems with love, they see world filled with trouble on the surface. But for them and the men they seek, when they look deeper, grace awaits. A novel with a driving and powerful message of devotion, "Beauties" is a novel that would be a sage addition to general fiction collections.

A Grave in the Cotswolds
Rebecca Tope
International Publishers Marketing
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
9780749008062, $29.95,

An undertaker makes his business in death, but death is the last thing this one wants to deal with. "A Grave in the Cotswolds: Death Visits a Sleepy Country Village" tells the story of Drew Slocombe as he brings his undertaking business on the road to the small town of the Cotswolds where he finds himself not just the burier of the dead, but the accused murderer as well. An exciting read with a certain morbid humor, "A Grave in the Cotswolds" will prove very hard to put down.

Journal of an Ordinary Grief
Mahmoud Darwish
Archipelago Books
232 Third Street, #A111 Brooklyn, NY 11215
9780982624647, $16.00

The Palestinian people have spent much of the last century in eternal limbo. "Journal of an Ordinary Grief" is a translation, expertly done from the original Arabic by Ibrahim Muhawi, of Mahmoud Darwish's papers he has written since 1973, granting insight into the minds of the Palestinians who live in Israel and what the whole conflict means for them. Insightful and scholarly reading, "Journal of an Ordinary Grief" is a read that really shouldn't be missed for those intrigued by the conflict of the middle east.

Pearson Publishing Company
Corpus Christi, Texas
Info@PearsonPub.US 361-882-0070

Max Oliver's "Saga of a Comanche Warrior" series consists of five novels chronicling the life journey of a young Comanche Native American in the 1800's. Born the smaller and weaker of twins, he nevertheless must bravely confront one challenge after another on the long road to adulthood. Oliver's writing draws heavily upon his own research and his lifelong interest in the lives of the Americans who called the land home before European newcomers forced them onto reservations. "Saga of a Comanche Warrior" begins with "Little Boy" (9780981848020, $12.95), in which the physically frail young Comanche is protected from death by his mother, No Talks; he grows up to be a skilled and intelligent brave of the Peneteka Comanche band. When kidnapped by Apache, he uses his head as well as his training to escape. In "No More" (9780981848068, $9.95), Little Boy embarks on the long journey home from the Great Mountains, a rugged land where simply obtaining food and shelter to survive can be harsh indeed. The challenges he overcomes transform him into a warrior and earn him the name of No More. In "Tomo Pui" (9780981848082, $9.95) No More marries the love of his life, Tomo Pui (meaning "Sky Eyes" in the Comanche language); living off the land is difficult, but also joyful, until Apache warriors capture her and their infant son. In "Red Nose" (9780984332601, $9.95) No More and his friend Red Fox (a white main that No More trained in Comanche warrior skills, whose wife and daughter were also kidnapped by the Apache) strive to find and rescue their families. They split up during their travels through Comancheria, Mexico, Apache Lands, and the Great Mountains. No More's bravery in opposing the Apache and the Mexicanos earn him the new name of Red Nose. The culmination of the saga is "Chief Red Nose" (9780984332625, $10.95), in which Red Nose is selected to become the new chief of his Peneteka band, after the old chief is killed. With his new responsibility comes the greatest challenge of his life: dealing with the White Eyes who have spread throughout Comancheria. The conflict leads inexorably to war, with terrible consequences on both sides. "Saga of a Comanche Warrior" is true to the sometimes harsh world in while like Red Nose had to live, yet reveals that it is possible to keep honor and dignity even under the most trying and violent of times. All five books are highly recommended, especially for public library collections.

A Bright Soothing Noise
Peter Brown
University of North Texas Press
1155 Union Circle #311336, Denton, TX 76203-5017
9781574412918, $14.95,

What may sooth the soul has also been one of Mankind's destroyers for centuries. "A Bright Soothing Noise" is a collection of short fiction from Peter Brown. Focusing on the desire to connect to our world to the detriment of self, Brown shows thoughtful, flawed, human characters who struggle to relate to their world in the way many of us do. "A Bight Soothing Noise" is a remarkable anthology with plenty to ponder within.

Portraits of a Few of the People I've Made Cry
Christine Sneed
University of Massachusetts Press
671 North Pleasant St., Amherst, MA 01003
9781558498587, $24.95,

It's hard to live life without stepping on a few people along the way. "Portraits of a Few of the People I've Made Cry" is a collection of stories from Christine Sneed telling stories of people living carelessly, where harsh repercussions are very real. From poor decisions in romance, to risks taken in the search for greater success, and more. The human experience and the regret and doubt that come make for a collection of stories that proves very enticing and hard to put down. "Portraits of a Few of the People I've Made Cry" is an all-out excellent read, sure to enlighten as well as entertain.

Sefi Atta
Interlink Books
46 Crosby Street, Northampton, MA 01060
9781566568333, $15.00,

With the weight of the world on one's shoulders, enduring it can be quite the endeavor. "Swallow" tells the story of two Nigerian women facing a world that seems to hate them and treat them as second class citizens. Tolani and Rose provide the protagonists of Sefi Atta's story, as they both face their own unique paths in their life to deal with their bad lot. Engaging and thoughtful, Atta's "Swallow" is sure to receive the same acclaim as her previous novel and short story collection, granting it a very high recommendation.

O Christmas Three
O. Henry, Tolstoy, Dickens
Paraclete Press
PO Box 1568, Orleans, MA 02653
9781557257765, $16.99,

These authors gained fame by writing non-seasonal works, but their Christmas works are still not to be missed. "O Christmas Three: Beloved Christmas Classics" is a collection of three works of Christmas literature from famed authors O. Henry, Leo Tolstoy, and Charles Dickens. A fine collection of these authors work, "O Christmas Three" is an excellent pick for those who want to get in touch with the season and its events.

Davie Zeltserman
Serpents Tail
255 West 108th Street, Suite 901, New York, NY 10025
97818466877327, $14.95,

No one likes being laid off, but some people rebound in more creative ways than others. "Outsourced" tells the story of four software engineers who when faced with being outsourced, plan their profitable vengeance on their former employers, but soon find playing on the other side of the law has far more complications than simply being caught. A riveting thriller all too topical in today's job market, "Outsourced" is a read that shouldn't be overlooked for thriller readers.

The Cookbook Shelf

Penfield Books
215 Brown Street, Iowa City, IA 52245-5801 1-800-728-9998

Two spiral-bound, pocket-sized cookbooks from Penfield Books are excellent, easy-to-use resources for any aspiring chief short on kitchen space! Miriam Canter's "Buffets and Potlucks" (9781932043600, $7.95) is packed with user-friendly recipes for dishes best shared with large groups of people, such as "Zucchini Lasagna", "Spinach-Rice-Cheese Casserole", "Whole-Wheat Cottage Cheese Rolls", or "Ham and Macaroni Salad". Carol Blakely is the compiler of "Fire in the Bowl: Favorite Chili Recipes and More!" (9781932043648, $7.95), which is filled with recipes of chilies made from scratch, vegetarian chilies, ways to enhance canned chilies, even recipes for chili biscuits! The result is a true chili lover's delight, and an excellent giftbook during the cold months of winter, when hot food tastes its best.

The Science Shelf

Frequency Synthesizers: Concept to Product
Alexander Chenakin
Artech House Publishers
685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062
9781596932302 $129.00

Author Alexander Chenakin has led the development of advanced products for a variety of top microwave companies. In Frequency Synthesizers: Concept to Product, Chenakin explicitly walks the reader through modern techniques for designing frequency synthesizers (electronic systems created to generate any of a range of frequencies from a single fixed oscillator). Engineering students and professionals learn all aspects of how to build a synthesizer, from creating a basic diagram to producing the final product. Familiarity with basic engineering core competencies is presumed in this methodical text enhanced with a wealth of block diagrams, design recipes, tips, tricks, and techniques that are otherwise hard to find. Frequency Synthesizers: Concept to Product is an invaluable addition to engineering studies shelves, and a "must-have" filled with invaluable suggestions and guidelines for professionals and aspiring professionals in this specific field. Highly recommended.

The Psychology Shelf

American Mental Health Foundation Inc.
PO Box 3, Riverdale, NY 10471-0003

Four posthumously published titles by psychologist and social theorist Erich Fromm (1900-1980) offer Fromm's psychology grounded in humanism. "Beyond Freud" (9781590561850, $25.00) is now published for the first time; it's subdivided into "Man's Impulse Structure and Its Relation to Culture" plus three lectures: "Psychic Needs and Society", "Dealing with the Unconsciousness", and "The Relevance of Psychoanalysis for the Future". The scientific underpinnings of "Beyond Freud" thoughtfully explore the social unconsciousness of the individual, as well as the unconscious driving forces of social entities. "The Pathology of Normalcy" (9781590561843, $25.00) is also published for the first time; it examines the very definitions of mental health and mental sickness in modern-day society. Sections consisting of lectures about frame of reference when evaluating mental health, the intersection of alienation and mental health issues, and even the interplay between psychological and economic theory, as he deconstructs the weaknesses of Marxist Socialism and explains why it has been largely rejected in modern America. Of particular interest is the self-evident section "Is Man Lazy by Nature?" which strives to understand how humankind can best overcome its own tendencies toward inertia. "The Heart of Man" (9781590561867, $20.00) questions human nature itself, from the forms of violence that plague it to individual and social narcissism to how the positive value of "love of life" can potentially outweigh the destructive "syndrome of decay" caused by the love of death and other harmful tendencies of thought. "The Revolution of Hope" (9781590561836, $20.00) lives up to its title with an uplifting exploration of the definition of hope, what it truly means to be human, and steps that should be taken to promote humanization in an increasingly disconnected and technology-driven society. All four volumes are timely, directly relevant to modern psychological and social issues, and bring absolutely invaluable humanist messages to temper psychology's scientific and healing discipline. Highly recommended, especially for college library collections.

The Social Issues Shelf

63 Alfred Street: Where Capitalism Failed
John Kossik
100 Enterprise Way, Suite A200, Scotts Valley, CA 95066
9781452874951 $14.95

63 Alfred Street: Where Capitalism Failed: The Life and Times of a Venetian Gothic Mansion in Downtown Detroit is more than the tragic history of a grand residence built 130 years ago that has fallen into virtual ruin today, used by crack dealers and the local homeless for the past 40 years. 63 Alfred Street is an extremely critical examination of the urban decay that has plagued Detroit's inner city, and the factors that cause it. Author John Kossik, a former resident of Detroit, compares the inner city's social ills to a Hydra - just like the mythical monster of legend, it has many heads (causes), which must be tackled as a whole and dealt with properly or else they will regrow. Kossik names many culprits in Detroit's degredation, from the demolishing of vibrant neighborhoods to create road systems that encouraged white flight, to a tax burden that drives out young families and keeps them from returning, to a culture of entitlement amid union auto workers that cripples Detroit's auto industry, to Detroit's unhealthy dependence on the auto manufacturing industry in the first place, and more. Kossik doesn't have all the answers, but through his judiciously researched blend of history and sociology, he hopes to spread greater awareness of the problem and aid the search for solutions. A thoughtful and invaluable study of seemingly intractable social problems, 63 Alfred Street is highly recommended.

Miracle on High Street
Thomas A. McCabe
Fordham University Press
2546 Belmont Avenue, University Box L, Bronx, NY 10458-5172
9780823233106 $21.00

Miracle on High Street: The Rise, Fall, and Resurrection of St. Benedict's Prep in Newark, N.J. is the captivating true story of a Catholic prep school that helped turn around a community falling prey to urban blight. In the 1960s, deindustrialization, suburbanization, and racial violence caused an exodus from Newark. Benedictine monks that lived, worked, and prayed on High Street observed its decay into Newark's notorious Skid Row. Enrollment in St. Benedict's Prep School declined, and it closed in 1972. But a few monks drew inspiration from the Benedictine values of stability and adaptability to reopen it one year later, determined to offer young African American and Latino males opportunities for education and a better future. Thirty years later, St. Benedict's is an outstanding success story and an inspirational model; 95 percent of its graduates go on to college. St Benedict's has even been termed the "Miracle on High Street", and its contributions to the community offer invaluable lessons for turning around the difficult problems of inner city decay. Highly recommended.

Militarizing Culture
Robert J. Gonzalez
Left Coast Press
1630 North Main Street, #400, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
9781598745603, $24.95,

Throughout the past decade, America has spent much of its time at war with something. "Militarizing Culture: Essays on the Warfare State" is a collection of essays on the crisis of modern American warfare and what it is doing to the American culture. From justifying torture to spreading American ideas and more, there have been many things happening to American culture without many of them even knowing it. A scholarly and thoughtful collection, "Militarizing Culture" is a vital and very important read and addition for social issues collections.

American Foundations
Helmut K. Anheier & David C. Hammack
Brookings Institution Press
1775 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20036
9780815703396, $64.94,

To push forward a goal or agenda has become quite villainized in today's world. "American Foundations: Roles and Contributions" looks at Foundations in America and what they have done to further America throughout history. From furthering education for hundreds of years to push it further in the world, to health care issues, to social welfare, foreign issues, culture, and more. Foundations have stood for issues on all of these things but today, they are attacked by many sides for their political affiliation and status, often on the front of anti-intellectualism. "American Foundations" is both an intriguing read and scholarly analysis of the debate, making for a vital addition to any community or college library social issues collection.

Designing Resilience
Louise K. Comfort, Arjen Boin, & Chris C. Demchak
University of Pittsburgh Press
3400 Forbes Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15260
9780822960614, $32.50,

To stand up to the threats of nature and man is the challenge of many craftsmen. "Designing Resilience: Preparing for Extreme Events" is a guide to how some disaster management comes before disasters even happen, stating that a good system is one that is already prepared for the worst before it happens, instead of requiring massive intervention after the fact. With plenty of sage advice on encouraging companies and industries to promote competence and excellence even in quiet times, "Designing Resilience" is a thoughtful read that has its place in every disaster management organization's library.

Walk Myself Home
Andrea Routley, editor
Caitlin Press
8100 Alderwood Road, Halfmoon Bay, BC V0N, 1Y1
9781894759519, $22.95,

The best way to stand against violence against women is to empower thyself. "Walk Myself Home: An Anthology to End Violence Against Women" is a collection of work from an assortment of women edited by Andrea Routley. These poems, stories, essays, and more reflect on the problem of domestic violence and other crimes against women that not only plague Canada and the United States, but around the world as well. Thoughtful and empowering, "Walk Myself Home" is a read that shouldn't be overlooked for those who want to fight this violence.

The Crisis This Time
Leo Panitch, Greg Albo, and Vivek Chibber
Merlin Press
c/o Monthly Review Press
146 W 29th St, Suite 6W, New York, NY 10001
9781583672280, $25.00,

The world's financial imbalance is becoming more apparent than ever. "The Crisis This Time" analyzes the world's economic problems as a slew of authors present their thoughts and opinions on the future of the world's workers and business. Authors such as Noam Chomsky, Ben Fine, Susan Newman, among many others offer their expertise on the topic. From the plight of the working class in many key areas, to the failings and exploitation of Wall Street, "The Crisis This Time" is a choice and solidly recommended addition to any social issues or economical studies community or college library collection.

AIDS and Rural Livelihoods
Anke Neihof, Gabriel Rugalema, & Stuart Gillespie
1616 P Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036
Stylus (distribution)
PO Box 605, Herndon, VA 20172-0605
9781849711265, $49.95,

AIDS has devastated many countries in Africa, and it has proven very difficult to recover. "AIDS and Rural Livelihoods: Dynamics and Diversity in Sub-Saharan Africa" is an analysis of HIV and the rural sections of Africa. For three decades, AIDS has proven to be a plague on Africa, having a death toll higher than war throughout the war torn region. Agriculture is still the go to way to make a living, but HIV and AIDS have had untold impact on it all. Analyzing the policies international and locally to face the crisis, "AIDS and Rural Livelihoods" bridges the gap and proves to be a scholarly and thoughtful investigation of these serious issues.

The Philosophy Shelf

The Artist in Crisis
Yaroslav Senyshyn
Platon Promotions Publishing
c/o Simon Fraser University
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada V5A 1S6
9780557560936, $39.99

Art has inspired and channeled philosophy all on its own. "The Artist in Crisis: Kierkegaard's Philosophy of the Aesthetic Stage of Existence and Live Musical Performance" is an academic and scholarly study of the philosophers work from Yaroslav Senyshyn. Discussing Kierkegaard's views on anxiety, the artist in the bigger world, criticisms, gender issues in art, and much more, this scholarly dissection of the work seeks to open minds on the ways of the world and what they mean. "The Artist in Crisis" is quite the text, a must for any community or college philosophy and art collection.

Changing Human Nature
James C. Peterson
Wm. B. Eerdmans
2140 Oak Industrial Drive NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505
9780802865496, $18.00,

For the first time in history, mankind is the keeper of its own genetic destiny. "Changing Human Nature: Ecology, Ethics, Genes, and God" discusses humankind's control over its world and its relationship with God. James C. Peterson comes with an original opinion that God gave us this ability to use the world as our garden and to use it as we see fit, but there are things we should remember in our pursuits. "Changing Human Nature" is an intriguing blend of Christianity and science, highly recommended.

An Enlightened Philosophy
Geoff Crocker
O Books
c/o Warwick Associates
18340 Sonoma Highway, Sonoma, CA 95476
9781846944246, $13.95,

Atheism is the lack of belief, but is such a thing truly possible? "An Enlightened Philosophy: Can an Atheist Believe Anything?" discusses atheism and religious belief, and offers an intriguing and thoughtful spin of philosophy on the subject. With much thought, anyone intrigued by atheism or say to be atheists themselves may find "An Enlightened Philosophy" an endlessly fascinating and enticing read.

The Christian Studies Shelf

Whatever Happened to Dinner?
Melodie M. Davis
Herald Press
616 Walnut Avenue, Scottsdale, PA 15683-1999
9780836195491, $12.99,

The dinnertime family gathering seems like a relic of the past in the modern day. "Whatever Happened to Dinner?: Recipes and Reflections for Family Mealtime" is a read for parents who want to understand the loss of supper time and grants ideas on how to bring it back into modern prominence for their own family. Combining recipes with plenty of other family ideas to encourage a dinner table meal, "Whatever Happened to Dinner?" is a thoughtful read for any parent who dreams of supper times past.

The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor
Mark Labberton
IVP Books
PO Box 1400, Downers Grove, IL 60515-1426
9780830838400, $20.00,

It's one thing to say you'll act as Jesus does, it's another to actually do so. "The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor: Seeing Others Through the Eyes of Jesus" is a guide to following the ways of Jesus by seeing the world as he did, not passing judgment on others for being flawed people, but as children of God. Encouraging people to look inside themselves and remember the values of Christ, Mark Labberton says that seeing others as Jesus would leads to one seeing themselves as Jesus would. "The Dangerous Act of Loving Your Neighbor" is a thoughtful read for Christian readers, very highly recommended.

Choosing a Bible
Donald Kraus
Seabury Books
445 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10016
9781596270435, $12.00,

Not all Bibles are the same. "Choosing a Bible: For Worship, Teaching, Study, and Prayer" is an analysis of the countless Bible translations that exist throughout today's world which can be quite overwhelming when seeking a Bible to call one's own. Analyzing the difference between the translations and how they approach the task differently, and their qualities for the many applications of the Holy Bible and using it in daily life, "Choosing a Bible" is a useful resource for any Christian.

The Business Shelf

The Extraordinary Workplace
Danna Beal
Sentient Publications
1113 Spruce Street, Boulder, CO 80302
9781591811053, $16.95,

The power plays of many workplaces are wasted productivity. "The Extraordinary Workplace: Replacing Fear with Trust and Compassion" is a business guide that condemns the rat race mentality that has taken form in many places of work, stating that it leads to more concern with getting ahead than it does getting the job done. Stating that a friendly workplace is one that is a productive one and the paranoia and fear of the rat race cause endless problems, "The Extraordinary Workplace" is a thoughtful read that should be considered by any manager or business leader.

Agency Mania
Bruno Gralpois
Select Books
1 Union Square West, Suite 909, New York, NY 10003
9781590792056, $24.95,

An advertising agency must work well with their client, or neither will get the success they seek. "Agency Mania: Harnessing The Madness of Client/Agency Relationships For High-Impact Results" delves into the relationship of advertising agencies and their clients. Aimed at advertisers, it encourages them to work with their client and use all the newest technologies and social media to the fullest extent, bringing significant thought and ideas to the table. "Agency Mania" is an excellent resource for any advertiser and their agency who wants to build greater success now and in the future.

Invisible Capital
Chris Rabb
c/o Berrett-Koehler Publishers
235 Montgomery Street, Suite 650, San Francisco, CA 94104-2916
9781605093079, $16.95,

If business were a simple science, someone would have figured it out long ago. "Invisible Capital: How Unseen Forces Shape Entrepreneurial Opportunity" discusses the unseen opportunities that await us all in the business world that are not often considered. Chris Rabb explains this diverse idea and how it can be the future of business for many people, because tomorrow's world won't be decided by competence alone. "Invisible Capital" is a vital and very highly recommended read for those who want a better shot at success tomorrow.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

God of Our Understanding
Shais Taub
930 Newark Avenue, Jersity City, NJ 07306
9781602801530, $18.95,

Help from higher places has helped so many in their searches. "God of Our Understanding: Jewish Spirituality and Recovery from Addiction" is a Jewish guide to facing addiction and the role of God in a Jew's own fight with their demons and against addiction. Stating that some Jewish values can help even people of other faiths face these challenges and diseases, "God of Our Understanding" is an insightful read with plenty of intriguing ideas for Jews and the people they are trying to help.

The Holocaust Studies Shelf

On Listening to Holocaust Survivors
Henry Greenspan
Paragon House
1925 Oakcrest Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55113
9781557788771, $19.95,

Every individual story is part of a greater piece of a puzzle. "On Listening to Holocaust Survivors: Beyond Testimony" is the work of Henry Greenspan, looking into the deeper story behind the testimony of many Holocaust survivors and what it has told him about the atrocity and humanity as a whole. Stating that more history is learned through conversation rather than a one sided testimony, "On Listening to Holocaust Survivors" is an insightful and thoughtful addition to any Holocaust studies collection.

The Political Science Shelf

The Essential American
Jackie Gingrich Cushman, editor
1 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001
9781596986435, $21.95,

Several works throughout history have determined America's route through history. "The Essential American: A Patriot's Resource: 25 Documents and Speeches Every American Should Own" delves into history and looks at major works in writing and speech through history and what they mean to America. With a conservative slant, many of these documents will ring true with many readers, regardless of ideology. "The Essential American" comes with a DVD full of useful further reading, making it a choice pick for political and historical readers.

Bureaucratic Nirvana
Hugh Montgomery
Potomac Institute for Policy Studies
901 N Stuart Street, Suite 200, Arlington, VA 22203
9780967859408, $24.95,

The Pentagon is the command center for the arguably most powerful military force in the world. "Bureaucratic Nirvana: Life in the Center of the Box: Gaining Peace, Enlightenment, & Potential Funding in the Pentagon R&D Bureaucracy" is a memoir and expose on how the research and development department of the Pentagon functions as Hugh Montgomery focuses on his four decades of experience to grant insight on the problems that can plague the system as well as where it can help. From budget all the way down, the Pentagon has a complex hierarchy. "Bureaucratic Nirvana" is a fascinating and enlightening read into how the Pentagon is run, highly recommended.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Convert Your Home To Solar Energy
Everrett M. Barber & Joseph R. Provey
Taunton Press
63 South Main Street, PO Box 5506, Newtown, CT 06470-5506
9781600852527, $24.95,

Solar power is the wave of the future, it just requires a bit of adaption to use it to its fullest. "Convert our Home to Solar Energy" is a guide to using solar energy for one's own home. From where the best apply solar energy, to panel installation, understanding the costs and savings including the tax elements and more, Everett M. Barber & Joseph R. Provey do well in giving readers a complete and comprehensive guide to residential solar power. "Convert Our Home to Solar Energy" is an invaluable resource on the topic, not to be overlooked.

Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World
Dominick A. DellaSala
Island Press
1718 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 300, Washington, DC 20009
9781597266765, $40.00,

The forests of the world have do more for it than most people know. "Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World: Ecology and Conservation" discusses these forests and their importance to the surrounding region, with a focus on the ecology and environment of these forests. Wildlife and plants need these environments, as Dominick A. DellaSala, President of the Geos institute explains in greater detail. Also included are plenty of graphs and charts, with a good deal of full color photographs. For any community or college collection focusing on the environment and ecology of forests, "Temperate and Boreal Rainforests of the World" is an absolute must.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Timeless Running Wisdom
Richard Benyo
Human Kinetics
PO Box 5076, Champaign, IL 61825-5076
9780736099349, $16.95,

Speed and endurance are the goals of anyone who wants to push their runs further. "Timeless Running Wisdom" is a guide from many runners and health professionals on what one needs to know to gain a greater grasp of running and everything surrounding it. With tips on diets, training, and how to push yourself further without hurting yourself, "Timeless Running Wisdom" is a guide with much to teach any hardcore runner.

The Herbal Kitchen
Kami McBride
Conari Press
c/o Red Wheel, Weiser, Conari
65 Parker Street, Suite 7, Newburyport, MA 01950
9781573244213, $18.95,

With a hint of herbs worked in, you can ensure a bit of extra health with any meal. "The Herbal Kitchen: 50 Easy-to-Find Herbs and Over 250 Recipes to Bring Lasting Health to You and Your Family" looks into simple herbs, oils, and other simple basics and staples of cooking and how choosing the right types of these ingredients can make a meal considerably healthier. "The Herbal Kitchen" is a thoughtful read with plenty of wise advice for those who cook with health firmly on their mind.

The Education Shelf

The Nature of College
James J. Farrell
101 Washington Avenue South, Suite 300, Minneapolis, MN 55415
9781571313225, $16.00,

Beer, politics, sex... smells like independence. "The Nature of College: How a New Understanding of Campus Life Can Change the World" is James J. Farrell's analysis of the life of the college student and how learning to understand their place in the world and the world around then. Understanding this unique ecology can lead to looking at the future leaders of the world and enhance the educational experience. "The Nature of College" offers very much to ponder about campus life, and makes for an educational and fascinating read.

Engines of Innovation
Holden Thorp & Buck Goldstein
The University of North Carolina Press
116 S. Boundary St., Chapel Hill, NC 27514-3808
9780807834381, $125.00,

Change can be a good thing or a bad thing; it's all in how it's done. "Engines of Innovation: The Entrepreneurial University in The Twenty-First Century" analyzes the power and potential that universities with a certain approach can do for the world in the next century where knowledge is an all powerful resource. Universities have always been historically the places where change in society begins to happen, and authors Holden Thorp and Buck Goldstein, two big thinkers who have called the University of North Carolina their home for years. With entrepreneurial thought and fundamentals, these universities can be juggernauts of change in the coming years. Throughout the chapters, Thorp and Goldstein cover the importance of enterprise, leadership, changing culture, responsibility, and much more. "Engines of Innovation" is a vital entry into any community or college library collection that features scholarly insights into the future of education and societal change.

Guiding Advanced Readers
Tersa Smith Masiello
Great Potential Press
7025 E. 1st Ave Suite 5, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
9781935067016, $19.95,

It's easy for the gifted to pull way ahead of the pack in middle school. "Guiding Advanced Readers: In Middle School" is a guide for language arts and English teachers to challenge these advanced readers in a time where the common curriculum will serve no challenge and likely bore them, which can damage their enthusiasm for their talent. With plenty of ideas for books and an abundance of ideas to encourage study, "Guiding Advanced Readers" is a top pick for Middle School Language arts teachers and for teachers resource collections in general.

Ready for Take-Off
Theresa E. Laurie Maitland & Patricia O. Quinn
Magination Press
c/o American Psychological Association
PO Box 92984, Washington, DC 20090-2984
9781433808913, $19.95,

With college, focus is more important than ever. "Ready for Take-off: Preparing Your Teen with ADHD or LD for College" is a guide for parents who want to prepare their children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and other learning disabilities get the full benefits of their college education, to succeed and get their diploma to be prepared for adult life. "Ready for Take-Off" is a useful resource for parents, strongly recommended.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Gerry Alanguilan
SLG Publishing
588 S. Market Street, San Jose, CA 95113
9781593622046, $12.95,

Sapience can be a cruel mistress. "Elmer" is a graphic novel from Gerry Alanguilan telling the story of Elmer, one of the first chickens to under go the transformation that shifted chickens from livestock to intelligent beings with the capabilities for speech and other humanizing elements. Now considered on par with humans in the eyes of the law, he must fight for the simple rights that other minorities have faced over the years. Written with a winning combination of absurd humor and commentary on racial issues with the vehicle of poultry, "Elmer" is quite the read, and is enthusiastically recommended.

The World History Shelf

A Chronicle Of Jails
Darrell Figgis
University College of Dublin PRess
c/o DuFour Editions
PO Box 7, Chester Springs, PA 19425
9781906359300, $33.95,

Prisons are tools of politics, both to detain opponents and as something to rally against. "A Chronicle of Jails" was an assortment of essays and memoirs written by Darrell Figgis in 1917. Originating as a piece of propaganda, this work has earned in its place among Irish and British history, and "A Chronicle of Jails" proves to be a vital addition to any community or college library European history collection.

Five Thousand Years of Slavery
Marjorie Gann & Janet Willen
Tundra Books
75 Sherbourne Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5A 2P9
9780887769146, $29.99,

Slavery is one of the most ancient evils that humanity has visited upon itself. "Five Thousand Years of Slavery" looks at this dark element of human history that is sadly still not yet history. Even to this day, the concept of slavery lives on, as children around the world are forcibly enslaved by rebel militaries. Examining the sad history from the deepest of ancient history to the more famous cases of American slavery to the slavery of today, "Five Thousand Years of Slavery" proves to be a fascinating if at sometimes depressing look into humanity's dark companion.

Politics, Culture, and Sociability in the Basque Nationalist Party
Roland Vazquez
University of Nevada Press
Morrill Hall, MS 0166, Reno, NV 89557
9780874178227, $39.95

Spain has proven a fascinating political study in recent years. "Politics, Culture, and Sociability in the Basque Nationalist Party" looks at this development in Spanish politics covering the development of this political philosophy and how it reflects and impacts Spanish culture. Born out of the Basque country in Spain, author Roland Vazquez analyzes Spanish politics as a whole from the perspective of the Basque Nationalist party. For any student of International politics and for international studies collections, "Politics, Culture, and Sociability in the Basque Nationalist Party" is a choice and very highly recommended pick, not to be missed.

Culture and Politics at the Court of Charles II
Matthew Jenkinson
Boydell Press
668 Mt Hope Ave., Rochester, NY 14620
9781843835905, $115.00,

The monarchy of England had returned, and what had returned with it? "Culture and Politics at the Court of Charles II: 1660-1685" looks at England's return to Monarchy and the unusual and chaotic times of court life. History places an eye at a period where although everyone claimed to be honest, moral, and working for the good of the people, they seemed to be working against all of that. A truly fascinating point in history, author Matthew Jenkinson offers chapters on the restoration period of the monarchy, how Catholicism returned to prominence in English politics, the culture of power, and much more. With plenty of appendixes and illustrations throughout, "Culture and Politics at the Court of Charles II" is an excellent addition to any community or college world history collection, enthusiastically recommended.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

The Toolbox
Terry Ryan
Dogwise Publishing
403 S Mission St., Wenatchee, WA 98801
9781929242795, $16.95,

A well trained dog is a good addition to a happy family. "The Toolbox for Building a Great Family Dog" is a guide for those who want to help their dogs be more harmonious with their family with simple training techniques. With tips on understanding the dog and understanding what needs to be done for one's family and more, Terry Ryan creates a very useful compendium of information. "The Toolbox" is not a read to be overlooked and ignored for dog and family lovers.

The Self-Help Shelf

Still Procrastinating?
Joseph R. Ferrari
10475 Crosspoint Boulevard, Indianapolis, IN 46256
9780470611586, $15.95,

Tomorrow is always a good time, except that it isn't. "Still Procrastinating?: The No-Regrets Guide to Getting It Done" is a guide to kill the procrastinator in oneself and get things done swiftly and quickly. Stating that these bad habits seep deeper into our lives and eliminating them can lead to a wonderful transformation of life, "Still Procrastinating?" is a thoughtful and powerful resource which shouldn't be overlooked by readers.

The Money/Finance Shelf

How to Shop for Free
Kathy Spencer
Da Capo
11 Cambridge Center, Cambridge, MA 02142
9780738214566, $14.95,

A penny saved is a penny earned, and Kathy Spencer knows how to save a lot of pennies. "How to Shop for Free: Shopping Secrets for Smart Women Who Love to Get Something for Nothing" is a guide for those who like to economize their shopping and use deals, offers, and more to get the most out of their money on countless items, her wisdom can help readers enjoy their hobby of shopping with a more agreeable price tag of nothing. "How to Shop for Free" is a powerful and useful resource, enthusiastically recommended.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Power to Enlighten Now
Susan Kerr
Blue Dolphin Publishing
PO Box 8, Nevada, City, CA 95959
9781577332220, $13.00,

The pursuit of enlightenment can often be a long one, as many don't even know what their looking for. "The Power to Enlighten Now" is Susan Kerr's own advice on finding enlightenment in one's life. Hoping to help readers define their own enlightenment, pursue it, and keep on the road, she advises readers well to understand it all. "The Power to Enlighten Now" is quite the read, and a very solidly recommended one for spirituality readers.

The Music Shelf

Marianne Letts
Indiana University Press
601 North Morton Street, Bloomington, IN 47403-3797
9780253222725, $15.95,

Radiohead has earned a unique following and fanbase unlike any other in the world. "Radiohead: And the Resistant Concept Album, How to Disappear Completely" looks at the approach from the British band on the their concept animals and their deeper meaning in analysis of their ideas and opinions of alienation and anticapitalism. Stating that the band has departed from the usual path of the concept album, Marianne Tatom Letts provides quite the intriguing analysis of the music and the band. "Radiohead" is a must for fans of the band or students of contemporary alternative rock and its themes.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Klaus Heinemann & Gundi Heinemann
Hay House
PO Box 5100, Carlsbad, CA 92018-5100
9781401928865, $16.95,

Photo anomalies, or something more? "Orbs: Their Mission and Messages of Hope" is the research of Klaus & Gundi Heinemann about how they believe that these mysterious lights that appear often photographs have a deeper meaning than many would understand at first sight. Explaining their theory of the deeper spiritual meaning of these lights, "Orbs" is worth considering for metaphysical readers who have a curiosity in these strange spots of light.

The Language Studies Shelf

The Last Lingua Franca
Nicholas Ostler
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010
9780802717719, $28.00,

People in China learn English. People in Africa learn English. English has become a massive juggernaut of language in today's world. "The Last Lingua Franca: English Until the Return of Babel" analyzes the development of English into the massively powerful and widely spoken around the world. The elite and people in power have gone far in making English the lingua franca of the world, or the language most commonly used between people of different native languages. But could the rising powers in China and other blossoming superpowers change the future of English's dominance? "The Last Lingua Franca" is a fascinating analysis of language past and future.

The Economics Shelf

Nic Compton, Adam Fishwick, & Katie Huston
250 Wireless Bouelvard, Happauge NY, 11788
9780764145650, $10.99,

Twitter has been blamed for being an icon of the short attention span. It doesn't mean you can't learn anything in 140 characters or less. "Tweetonomics: Everything You Need to Know About Economics in 140 Characters or Less" is an economics history and lesson book presenting each of its thoughts and lessons by offering them in short bite sized chunks that can be easily digested and being far from long winded. "Tweetonomics" is entertaining and very educational, highly recommended.

The Gaming Shelf

Defensive Signaling at Bridge
David Bird
Master Point Press
331 Douglas Ave., Toronto, ON Canada, M5M 1H2
9781897106631, $19.95,

Bridge is quite the game of strategy, and knowing this is winning half the battle. "Defensive Signaling at Bridge" is a guide from David Bird on the importance of good defensive signaling as he gives readers a complete and comprehensive break down on making the most out of one's defensive signaling and using the strategy to its fullest success in this card game. "Defensive Signaling at Bridge" is a strong pick for any dedicated Bridge player and for anyone intrigued by card game strategy in general.

The Military Shelf

Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts
Patricia P. Driscoll & Celia Straus
908 Darby Road, Havertown, PA 19083
9781935149408, $18.95

The worst of the war for many soldiers does not come on the battle field, but at home. "Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts: Stories of American Soldiers with Traumatic Brain Injury and PTSD" is an examination of what many soldiers face in today's life of a veteran where the damage isn't immediately obvious by looking at straight physical health. Drawing from the reflections of soldiers as well as much psychological and medical insight, "Hidden Battles on Unseen Fronts" brings attention to the real problem facing our recent war veterans.

Henry Sakaida, Gary Nila, and Koji Takaki
Flight Recorder Publications
c/o Specialty Press
39966 Grand Ave., North Branch, NM 55056
9780955426810, $19.95,

Submarines are sneaky things and during the second World War, Japan used them well. "I-400: Japan's Secret Aircraft-Carrying Strike Submarine, Objective: Panama Canal" tells the story of this massive undersea leviathan that Japan created and its purpose of being used against American cities with the ultimate goal of destroying the Panama canal, crippling America's ease of getting resources between its coasts by water. While this sub never completed its purpose, the weapon has a bit of allure to many modern military enthusiasts. Discussing it at length, "I-400" is a fascinating and intriguing read of pushing the limits of military hardware in the 1940s.

The Women's Studies Shelf

Ladies of the Field
Amanda Adams
Greystone Books
c/o D&M Publishers
2323 Quebec Street, Suite 201, Vancouver, BC Canada, V5T 4S7
9781553654339, $21.95,

Being prim and proper is not for everyone. "Ladies of the Field: Early Women Archeologists and Their Search for Adventure" looks at the figures of Victorian era women who went against their time's conceptions about women and went out for adventure and finding relics of the past. Setting an examples for daring women in centuries to come, Amanda Adams paints them in a light of boldness and bravery far exceeding most women's aspirations in hopes of finding something more. "Ladies of the Field" is an enticing and riveting read, very highly recommended for women's studies and history collections.

The Art Shelf

Joe Jones
Andrew Walker
University of Washington Press
PO Box 50096, Seattle, WA 98145-5096
9780891780946, $60.00,

Art is rarely simply a reproduction of reality, but instead an interpretation. "Joe Jones: Radical Painter of the American Scene" is a collection and study of the life of this man who lived throughout the first half of the twentieth century. Fully embracing the social battle of the time, he embraced social progress as well as communism. With a certain style that exhibited passion and personality from the subjects of the painting, depicted throughout in high quality color reproductions of his work, "Joe Jones" is a coffee table art book that tells the story of a man through his art work, and makes for a solid and vital addition to art collections. Also from the University of Washington Press is "Lee Kelly" (9780295990750, $40.00), a sculptor with over fifty years of activity, focusing on his creations depicted in lush full color in a coffee table art book style.

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

So You Think You're Funny?
The Immediate Gratification Players
Meriwether Publishing
PO Box 7710, Colorado Springs, CO 80933-7710
9781566081733, $17.95,

A quick wit is all you really need for improv. "So You Think You're Funny?: A Student's Guide to Improve Comedy" is a guide to those who want to follow in the path of improvisational comedy, comedy with no planning with quick thinking and creativity. With plenty of tips to hone oneself into an improvisational machine, the Harvard group the Immediate Gratification Players draw on how to draw in your audience, knowing the rules, and working with your fellow actors. "So You Think You're Funny?" is a top pick for anyone who wants to try their hand at improv.

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