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Reviewer's Choice

The Problem with Survey Research
George Beam
Transaction Publishers
Rutgers University
35 Berrue Circle
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8042
9781412846035, $59.95,

Understanding the data is often key for continuing success in business and in politics, but many methods have flaws, and those flaws must be understood. "The Problem with Survey Research" discusses the troubles within the social sciences and surveys as a method of data collection. Author and professor George Beam writes that polls, interviews, focus groups and the data taken from them cannot be properly considered, going against traditional scientific method of observation and experimentation, as well as relying on unreliable factors. Chapters discuss the many methods of survey research, looking at what they accomplish and the problems that lead to faulty results. Scholarly and insightful, "The Problem with Survey Research" is a strong addition to any community or academic library collection, highly recommended.

Animals and the Human Imagination
Aaron Gross & Anne Vallely, editors
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street
New York, NY 10023-7015
9780231152976, $29.50,

Animals have played a huge part in storytelling since the dawn of mankind. "Animals and the Human Imagination: A Companion to Animal Studies" is an in-depth discussion of human history and psychology and the role of the animals used throughout in mythology and legend, from ancient times to the modern day. An intriguing way of analyzing the imagination and the imagery used in storytelling for any purpose, "Animals and the Human Imagination" is a strong addition to psychology, literary, and wildlife collections, enthusiastically recommended and fascinating reading.

Fun Without Dick and Jane
Christie Mellor
Chronicle Books
680 Second Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
97814522105970, $14.95,

Being a parent is a two decade long endeavor, which feels like a lifetime, that you never consider what comes after. "Fun Without Dick and Jane: Your Guide to a Delightfully Empty Nest" is a parenting guide that focuses on the after, when parents are faced with a house to themselves and the sudden despair of not having anyone to care for. "Fun Without Dick and Jane" is a strong pick for the parent who is overwhelmed with a sudden emptiness in their lives and are desperately trying to fill it once more.

The Political Science Shelf

It's Even Worse Than It Looks
Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein
Basic Books
c/o Perseus Books Group
11 Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142
9780465031337 $26.00 hc
9780465031368 $12.99 Kindle

Congressional scholars Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein, both of whom work for influential think tanks, present their chilling observations of the latest American political developments in It's Even Worse Than It Looks, a scrutiny of precisely why dysfunction in America's government appears to be at its highest since the Civil War era. Their diagnosis is that the nation has become asymetrically polarized along political lines, with the Republican party pulling far more sharply to the right than the Democratic party does to the left. It's Even Worse Than It Looks does not absolve the Democrats of their rightful blame, but stresses that the Republicans have gone to far greater extremes, using loopholes in procedural rules of order to delegitimize and obstruct the Obama administration at every turn - even when doing so is unequivocally harmful to America as a whole. The centerpiece example of this is the Republicans' resistance to raising the debt ceiling, coupled with their refusal of any compromise that would increase taxes, that led to a downgrade of America's AAA credit rating to AA for perceived political dysfunction. America's governmental system allows a single recalcitrant senator to almost indefinitely drag out legislation or appointments, and Republicans especially have been abusing holds and filibusters more than ever before. It's Even Worse Than It Looks makes a strong case for why reform is needed (for example, Senate filibusters should place a burden on the minority party to keep Senators in their chairs to prolong them, rather than require the majority party to keep Senators in their chairs to end it), and also explains why certain touted remedies won't work (term limits won't prevent fresh candidates from being ideologically polarized, corrupt, or incompetent; under our current voting system, a third major political party will only siphon votes away from the less polarized of the two main parties without promoting any real change; and full public campaign financing will not affect the multitude of other benefits that monied special interests dangle before our lawmakers). What can work? The authors explore fundamental long-term changes that are unlikely to be implemented in the near future (mandatory and runoff voting akin to Australia's system; reforms to Senatorial procedure; streamlining voter registration; moving election day from Tuesday to a two-day weekend), as well as smaller, more easily implemented efforts that will nonetheless help the nation. These suggestions include creating a "Shadow Congress" of ex-members that has no political power, but publicly debates divisive issues; calling out and shaming politicians for speaking demonstrable falsehoods or slander (fact-checking websites and blogs are a step in the right direction); and of course, making full use of one's constitutional right and civic duty to vote. It's Even Worse Than It Looks is an absolute must-read for every American citizen, and worthy of the highest recommendation.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

How To Get The Best From Your Doctor
Tom Smith
ISIS Large Print
c/o Ulverscroft Large Print (USA), Inc.
Box 1230, West Seneca, NY 14224-1230
9780753184288, $35.50,

As a general rule, the older we get the more often we need the services of a good physician. In "How To Get The Best From Your Doctor", Dr. Tom Smith (a General Practitioner based in Scotland and a contributor of health columns to a number of newspapers) draws upon his many years of experience and expertise to provide invaluable advice, strategies, tactics, suggestions and ideas of what a patient can do to get the most value out of their visits to their doctors. Beginning with a chapter on how doctors make diagnosis; how the practice of medicine works in the 'real world'; what a doctor's work day is typically like; 'after hours' calls; what to expect after you receive your diagnosis, and so much more. Of special note are the chapters on smoking and drinking; taking medications; and what to do when you don't feel satisfied with your doctor visit. This large print edition, combined with Dr. Smith's superb ability to present information in an easily accessible manner, make "How To Get The Best From Your Doctor" an ideal instruction manual for older readers. Informed and informative, "How To Get The Best From Your Doctor" is very strongly recommended for personal, family, senior citizen center, and community library Health & Medicine reference collections.

The Education Shelf

The Democratic Dilemma of American Education
Arnold Shober
Westview Press
2465 Central Avenue
Boulder CO 80301
9780813345369, $35.00,

The Democratic Dilemma of American Education provides a fine analysis of the politics of U.S. education policy and considers modern controversies over education governance, teachers unions, school funding, choices, and social issues - and considers the impact on democratic education processes as a whole. Chapters will appeal to a college-level audience consisting of education and political science readers as they analyze education's challenges in light of basic democratic principles. Highly recommended!

Gifted Program Evaluation
Kristie Speirs Neumeister & Virginia H. Burney, Ph. Ds
Prufrock Press
PO Box 8813
Waco, TX 76714-8813
9781593639242, $29.95,

For children with excellent talents, those talents need to be nurtured. "Gifted Program Evaluation: A Handbook for Administrators & Coordinators" is a guide to what can be done about advanced placement and gifted & talented programs in their schools amidst the weight of budget cuts and other elements that restrict resources. For administrators and educational managers who want to know what they can do to deliver quality education for these students, the authors within, experts in Gifted education, provide practical advice on what can be done. "Gifted Program Evaluation" is a strong pick for any teaching and teaching administration resource collection.

Small Steps, Big Changes
Chris Confer & Marco Ramirez
Stenhouse Publishers
477 Congress Street, Suite 4B
Portland, ME 04101-3451
9781571108135, $21.00,

Mathematics are the fundamentals for many aspects of higher education. "Small Steps, Big Changes: Eight Essential Practices for Transforming Schools Through Mathematics" discusses the efforts to expand the efforts of education in mathematics at schools across the country. The authors, long time educators of math and related fields, provide their insight on the methods to better teach the subjects at hand. Designed for students in elementary through middle school, "Small Steps, Big Changes" is a strong pick for educators, highly recommended.

Teaching in the Digital Age
Brian Puerling
Redleaf Press
10 Yorkton Court
Saint Paul, MN 55117-1065
9781605541181, $39.95,

Technology is changing everything, and it should be embraced. "Teaching in the Digital Age: Smart Tools for Age 3 to Grade 3" is an advisory guide for teachers of early childhood and primary school education to better understand the ways technology can be used to enhance the educational experiences of young people and facilitate learning the fundamentals of language and mathematics. With links to video clips to enhance the lessons within, "Teaching in the Digital Age" is a must for teacher reference collections focusing on technology.

Effective Early Childhood Professional Development
Carollee Howes, Bridget K. Hamre, & Robert C. Pianta
Paul H. Brookes Publishing Company
PO Box 10624
Baltimore, MD 21285-0624
9781598572377, $36.95,

In the formative years, a good teacher is at their greatest value. "Effective Early Childhood Professional Development: Improving Teacher Practice and Child Outcomes" discusses the professional aspect of early childhood development, as the editors and contributors within advise educators and educational leaders on how to better improve the educational environment for early childhood through improving teacher training, policies, positive attributes, and much more. "Effective Early Childhood Professional Development" is a strong addition to community library education and education administration collections.

AD/HD and the College Student
Patricia O. Quinn
Magination Press
PO Box 92984
Washington, DC 20090-2984
9781433811319, $14.95,

Attention is a wonderful thing when you're able to do with it what you will. "AD/HD And the College Student: The Everything Guide to Your Most Urgent Questions" is a discussion of adult AD/HD and how it can affect those in the endeavor of a college career, wanting to overcome the set backs it may bring and find their own greater successes. With practical advice on dealing with medication, emotional issues, general health, and when it may be time to call it quits, "AD/HD" is a strong addition to general education collections, highly recommended.

Intelligence Quest
Walter McKenzie
International Society for Technology in Education
180 West 8th Avenue, Suite 300
Eugene, OR 97401-2916
9781564843098, $22.95,

Not everyone learns in the same way. "Intelligence Quest: Project-Based Learning and Multiple Intelligences" is a discussion of educational methods as Walter McKenzie advocates a new instructional model in Intelligence Quest, or IQuest. The model encourages self-discovery and self-learning, thinking critically, and allowing students to find where they can personally flourish in their own interests. "Intelligence Quest" is a fascinating read for those intrigued with the evolution of educational methods, for finding the best ways to educate our children.

Making Good Teaching Great
Annette Breaux & Todd Whitaker
Eye On Education
6 Depot Way West
Larchmont, NY 10538
9781596672123, $29.95,

Good teachers are needed more than ever in today's society. "Making Good Teaching Great: Everyday Strategies for Teaching with Impact" discusses how to more greatly empower teachers and help them get teachers the education they need. With simple strategies that can used in regards to classroom management, wise planning, knowing when to forget, and forging meaningful bonds with students and parenting. "Making Good Teaching Great" is a strong and much recommended reference for any teacher, highly recommended.

The Biography Shelf

The Mary Lincoln Enigma
Frank J. Williams and Michael Burkhimer, editors
Southern Illinois University Press
1915 University Press Drive
SIUC Mail Code 6806
Carbondale, IL 62901
9780809331246 $32.95

The Mary Lincoln Enigma: Historians on America's Most Controversial First Lady is an anthology of essays by learned authors examining Mary Lincoln, the troubled wife of President Abraham Lincoln. Mary Lincoln is well known for her mental health problems, but was she a political partner with the President? What were her views on race and slavery? Individual essays discuss these and many more topics including her portrayal in the media of her day, her love of travel, her fashion tastes, and the extraordinary differences in interpretations of her up to the present day. The Mary Lincoln Enigma is an enthusiastically welcome to public and college library biography collections, highly recommended.

"If You Were Only White"
Donald Spivey
University of Missouri Press
2910 LeMone Boulevard
Columbia, MO 65201
9780826219787 $29.95

"If You Were Only White": The Life of Leroy "Satchel" Paige is a comprehensive biography of the legendary African-American baseball player Leroy Paige (1906-1982), from his childhood in the early 1900's; to his incredible sports career; his involvement in the struggle for civil rights, his talents for public speaking, singing, and even cooking; and much more. Biographer Donald Spivey draws upon interviews with Paige's former teammates (assembled over the course of twelve years) as well as exclusive interviews with Paige's son Robert, daughter Pamela, Ted "Double Duty" Radcliffe, and John "Buck" O'Neil. An extraordinary chronicle of one man's contributions to not only sports, but also breaking the color line, "If You Were Only White" is a "must-have" for fans of baseball history and biographies of truly great players.

Carl Jung
Claire Dunne
Watkins Publishing
c/o Sterling Publishing Company
387 Park Avenue South
New York, NY 10016-8810
9781780281148, $24.95,

Psychology has made many major steps forward in the past hundred years. "Carl Jung: Wounded Healer of the Soul" is a biography of psychology icon Carl Jung, as Claire Dunne chronicles his life's journey and his studies, which are known for linking Western and Eastern spirituality in his efforts to gain a more complete understanding of the human mind. Dunne analyzes the relationship between Jung and fellow psychology icon Sigmund Freud, among his other contemporaries and their impact on his work. "Carl Jung" is a must addition to biography collections, especially those looking to focus on mental health.

Stephen Hawking
Kitty Ferguson
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010
9780230340602, $27.00,

One of the most brilliant men of our time, Stephen Hawking has been an inspiration on top of his contributions to science. "Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind" is a biography telling the story of the man through the pen of award winning author and scientist herself Kitty Ferguson. Covering his childhood leading up to his diagnosis to his successes in academics and becoming possibly the most famous physicist of the modern era. For anyone who wishes to learn more about the man's life, or for community and college biography collections, "Stephen Hawking: An Unfettered Mind" is an absolute must.

Pauline Hopkins
Alisha R. Knight
The University of Tennessee Press
293 Communications Building
Knoxville, TN 37996-0325
9781572338524, $45.00,

Black America has had a long road, and Pauline Hopkins more than did her part to help them along. "Pauline Hopkins and the American Dream: An African American Writer's (Re)Visionary Gospel of Success" discusses the contributions of this women who not only made a difference in the public's ideas of African Americans, but also joined the fight for women's rights, giving self-made Black American men and women the credit they deserved. Alisha R. Knight covers her life story well, making "Pauline Hopkins and the American Dream" a strong addition to African-American biography collections.

The Amazing Harry Kellar
Gail Jarrow
Calkins Creek
c/o Boyd Mills
815 Church Street, Honesdale, PA 18431
9781590788653, $17.95,

Challenging people's ideas of what is and isn't possible, magicians and illusionists trick viewers and they are paid to do it. "The Amazing Harry Kellar: Great American Magician" analyzes the work of great American illusionist Harry Kellar through the loving compositions of Gail Jarrow, who puts a spot light on the nineteenth century magician's many great illusions, presented with full color reproductions of artwork as well as promotional artwork for his shows, as well as a biography of a man behind the magic, who served as an inspiration to the next generation which included Houdini. "The Amazing Harry Kellar" is a must for any biography collection, especially those with a focus on American magicians and illusionists.

Forgotten Aviator
Dan Heaton
Branden Books
PO Box 812094
Wellesley, MA 02482
9780828324526 $18.95

Aviation historian Dan Heaton presents Forgotten Aviator: The Byron Q. Jones Story, a biography of one of the most influential aviators overlooked by history. Stunt pilot Byron Q. Jones was expelled from West Point, but that didn't stop him from becoming the first American pilot to enter combat, the first to successfully perform a loop-the-loop, and the first pilot to intentionally stall an aircraft and survive. Jones helped to found one of America's first training sites for military airmen, and one of the first military flying schools; over twenty years later, Jones contributed to the Second World War by devising a utilitarian military vehicle - the iconic Jeep, which remains useful and widely popular to this day. A handful of vintage black-and-white photographs illustrate this excellent biography of an extraordinary and resourceful man. Forgotten Aviator is also available as an ebook (9780828324533).

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Dead Beautiful
Melanie Dugan
Upstart Press
16 Cowdy Street
Kingston, ON Canada K7K 3V7
9780978377472, $19.95,

Being the God of the Dead doesn't mean you have to be dead. "Dead Beautiful" is a romance of the gods, as future goddess and daughter of Zeus Persephone is lured into the surprisingly suave nature of Hades, god of the dead. Disapproved by her superiors, she is faced with rebellion for love, or simply bowing to the wishes of her parents. Twisting ancient Greek mythology with modern conflict, "Dead Beautiful" is a humorous and much recommended pick, not to be missed.

The Frenzy War
Gregory Lamberson
Medallion Press, Inc.
100 South River Street
Aurora, IL 60506
9781605424538, $14.95,

A war between werewolves and their hunters isn't really the best thing for New York City. "The Frenzy War" is the second book in Gregory Lamberson's Frenzy Cycle series, as Captain Tony Mace finds himself demoted to the K9 unit for his vigilante actions that couldn't be believed. But Mace finds he's needed once more, as the werewolves of New York and those who seek their extinction explode into a conflict. "The Frenzy War" is a must for fans of urban fantasy and collections looking to compile them.

The Fiction Shelf

A Short Time To Stay Here
Terry Roberts
Ingalls Publishing Group, Inc.
PO Box 2500
Banner Elk, NC 28604
9781932158991 $17.95

A Short Time To Stay Here is a historical romance novel, set in the summer of 1917. When the U.S. enters WW I, Stephen Robbins' Mountain Peak Hotel is transformed into an internment camp for over 2,000 German nationals. Further complicating Robbins' situation is the beautiful and strong-willed Anna Ulmann, a would-be documentary photographer seeking to make her mark in a male-dominated world. Emotional and vivid, A Short Time To Stay Here brings an American historical controversy to life with realistic characters who must choose between difficult options. Highly recommended, especially for historical romance connoisseurs.

In & Oz
Steve Tomasula
University of Chicago Press
1427 East 60th Street
Chicago, IL 60637
9780226807447, $16.00,

Driving for greater creations often leaves of dreaming of things that cannot be. "In & Oz" is a novel from Steve Tomasula, circling the ideals of five dreamers and their pursuits of their dreams, stuck between the harsh realities of their world and what they pursue. A look into the duality of art, creation, and the here and now, "In & Oz" is a very artistic focused novel, very much worth considering, highly recommended.

Bared to You
Sylvia Day
Berkley Trade
c/o Penguin Group (USA)
375 Hudson Street, 4th floor
New York, NY 10014
9780425263907, $15.00,

We share our greatest weaknesses with one another in romance. "Bared to You" is a romance from Sylvia Day, focusing on a woman and the baring of the soul to others in love, letting our greatest weaknesses be known. An intriguing twist and turns on the ideas of love and romance and the bonds that are formed, "Bared to You" is a must for fans of romance with a bit of psychology rolled into it.

The Art of Forgetting
Camille Noe Pagan
c/o Penguin Group USA
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
9780452297890, $16.00,

Ignorance can sometimes be a wonderful thing. "The Art of Forgetting" is a novel following Marissa Rogers, whose dear friend and personal leader Julia Ferrar gets hit with a memory affecting accident. Forced to take up a leadership role she never wanted, as her friend recovers her memories and brings up events that would have better off been forgotten. "The Art of Forgetting" is a novel of romance and friendship, very much recommended reading.

The American History Shelf

The Last Buffalo Hunt & Other Stories
J. I. Merritt
South River Press
51 N. Main St., Pennington, NJ 08534
c/o Farcountry Press
PO Box 5630, Helena, MT 59604
9781591521051 $17.95

Author and former contributing editor of "Field & Stream" J. I. Merritt presents The Last Buffalo Hunt & Other Stories: Adventures in the Great American Outdoors, an anthology of historical surveys of great American naturalists, explorers, mountain men, photographers, etc. and their relationship to the environment. Written in a down-to-earth style thoroughly accessible to readers of all backgrounds, The Last Buffalo Hunt tells the true stories ranging from the last buffalo hunt of the Sioux, to George Drouillard's involvement in the Lewis & Clark expedition, to the work of geologist Clarence King, to Theodore Roosevelt's undying passion for America's wild lands, and much more. The Last Buffalo Hunt & Other Stories is an engaging and welcome addition to American natural and environmental history shelves, highly recommended.

Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America 1792
Freeman M. Tovell, Robin Inglis, and Iris H. W. Engstrand
The Arthur H. Clark Company
c/o University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive
Norman, OK 73069
9780870624087, $34.95,

The sheer expansiveness of North America quite overwhelmed the ambitious Europeans. "Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America 1792" chronicles the travels of Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra and his journey into the Pacific Northwest and to Vancouver Island. Charged with handing over Spanish territory to the English, this volume translates Bodega's journal of his journey, providing a historical look at the region at the time and the negotiations of the period between the English, Spanish, and Native American peoples. A strong pick for history collections, especially those focusing on North America, "Voyage to the Northwest Coast of America 1792" shouldn't be overlooked.

Lincoln and Race
Richard Striner
Southern Illinois University Press
1915 University Press Drive
SIUC Mail Code 6806
Carbondale, IL 62901
9780809330775, $19.95,

Heralded as the great emancipator, Abraham Lincoln is thought by some not to be the forward thinker that he is often painted as. "Lincoln and Race" discusses Abraham Lincoln and his personal beliefs on race. Richard Striner interprets the man's words and other evidence to try to discover Lincoln's beliefs on race, presenting an optimistic view of a man with an evolving viewpoint, to a more cold view of a man simply choosing what was politically expedient. "Lincoln and Race" is an intriguing delve into history and one man's views on the background of Civil War.

The World History Shelf

Civilizing The Wilderness
A. A. Den Otter
University of Alberta Press
Ring House 2
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T6G 2E1
9780888645463, $49.95,

A collection of nine informed and informative essays by A. A. Den Otter (Professor Emeritus of History, Memorial University, Newfoundland, Canada), "Civilizing the Wilderness: Culture and Nature in Pre-Confederation Canada and Rupert's Land" is an 520-page compendium focusing on the concepts 'civilizing' and 'wilderness' within the historical context of Euro-British North America in the 1850s. Professor den Otter persuasively maintains that these two fundamental concepts meant something quite different today than they did some 150 years ago. Of special note is the offering of a new perspective on the relationship between European settlers and Native aboriginal peoples. Historians and non-specialists with an interest in western Canadian native, settler, and environmental-economic history will be deeply rewarded by reading Civilizing the Wilderness. Enhanced with the inclusion of an extensive bibliography, footnotes, and a comprehensive index, "Civilizing The Wilderness" is an erudite and impressive work of seminal scholarship making it very highly recommended for academic library Canadian History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Discovering Central Asia
University of Montana Press
c/o Farcountry Press
PO Box 5630, Helena, MT 59604
9780981576060, $35.00,

The vast plains and steppes of Central Asia have linked the ancient worlds of Europe and Asia for thousands of years. "Discovering Central Asia: An Introduction to its History, Culture, Geography, and Politics" discusses this long standing region that spreads from traditional Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq and Iran to the Pacific with Mongolia and China. Within, the history of the Silk Road is discussion, its environment and climate, the culture that unites them and much more. Presented with full color photographs, maps, and graphs, "Discovering Central Asia" is a strong addition to world history and cultures collections.

The Last Kings of Norse America
Robert G. Johnson & Janey Westin
Beaver's Pond Press
7108 Ohms Lane
Edina, MN 55439
9781592984190, $29.95,

The story of Viking contact with North America are known, but the extent of this contact is not entirely understood. "The Last Kings of Norse America: Runestone Keys to a Lost Empire" centers around an epic poem transcribed on a poem surrounding a tablet found off the coast of Maine, dated 1362, found in 1971. Robert G. Johnson & Janey Westin dig deeper into this discovery, trying to uncover the lost history of Norsemen establishing a Kingdom on the North American continent, what happened, and an expansive look into pre-Columbus America. "The Last Kings of Norse America" is a strong pick for world history collections, especially those focused on North America and Scandinavia.

A Labyrinth of Kingdoms
Steve Kemper
W. W. Norton & Company
500 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10110
9780393079661, $28.95,

There are many figures of history who have faded into legend. "A Labyrinth of Kingdoms: 10,000 Miles Through Islamic Africa" discusses the journals of Heinrich Barth, an explorer who traveled through North and Central Africa's Islamic regions n 1850. His long journey was his capturing of a European view of the region before the conflicts that forever changed it. Lost to history due to challenging per-conceived notions about Africa, "A Labyrinth of Kingdoms" is an enticing read of history and anthropology, very much recommended reading.

Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II and Her Court
Robert Hardman
Pegasus Books
80 Broad Street,5th Floor
New York, NY 10004
9781605983615, $27.95,

The British Nobility no longer holds the absolute power it once had, but it is still a notion of pride for many of the United Kingdom. "Her Majesty: Queen Elizabeth II and Her Court" discusses the modern purpose of the British Monarchy, focusing on the Queen, Elizabeth II who has held a major role in international politics across her approaching seven decades on the throne, proving to be quite the reformer and allowing many advancements for the political systems of the United Kingdom. "Her Majesty" is an insightful and intellectual discussion of the monarchy and its place in today's world, highly recommended.

Brothers in Arms
Chris Schoeman
Zebra Books
c/o Kensington Publishing Corp.
119 West 40th Street, Floor 21
New York, NY 10018-2522
978177022340, $28.95,

To fight a war that is not your own is quite the decision. "Brothers in Arms: Hollanders in the Anglo-Boer War" discusses the Dutch and Holland expatriates who traveled to Africa to join the Boers in common ancestry and join the battle against the British during this territorial conflict. Touching on the individuals who joined the fight, their personal stories in the conflict, in addition to general biographies. A look at the soldier in turn of the century warfare, "Brothers in Arms" is a strong pick for history and biography collections, enthusiastically recommended.

A Bride for the Tsar
Russell E. Martin
Northern Illinois University Press
2280 Bethany Road
DeKalb, IL 60115
9780875804484, $48.00,

To be chosen as a wife of the tsar was to be elevated to luxury and power. "A Bride for the Tsar: Bride-Shows and Marriage Politics in Early Modern Russia" discusses the marriage methods of Tsarist Russia, founded on the ritual of the bride-show. Women from across Russia were gathered to Moscow and presented to potentially be chosen. The women were from all ranks of the aristocracy, and the bride show impacted the power balances of the country - and the Tsardom was not as absolute as some once thought. "A Bride for the Tsar" is a strong pick for world history collections, and especially those with a focus on Russian history.

The Literary Studies Shelf

Agee At 100
Michael A. Lofaro, editor
The University of Tennessee Press
293 Communications Building
Knoxville, TN 37996-0325
9781572338531, $49.00,

James Agee is widely considered to be one of 20th Century America's most underrated literary figures whose contributions are only being recognized for their true worth in the past couple of decades. Knowledgeably compiled and deftly edited by Michael A. Lofaro (Lindsay Young Professor of American Literature and American and Cultural Studies at the University of Tennessee), "Agee at 100: Centennial Essays on the Works of James Agee" is a 304-page compendium comprised of thirteen seminal and scholarly essays on Agee and his literary works (most of which were presented at the Centennial Anniversary Symposium on James Agee held at the University of Tennessee in the Fall of 2009). From Dwight Garner's 'Why Agee Matters', to Paul Ashdown's 'Agee on Books', to David Madden's 'Seeing Agee in Lincoln: A Short Story', "Agee at 100: Centennial Essays on the Works of James Age" is an impressive and highly recommended contribution to academic library 20th Century American Literary Studies reference collections in general, and James Agee Studies reading lists in particular.

Beyond the Wall
James Lowder, editor
R. A. Salvatore, foreword
Smart Pop
c/o BenBella Books
10300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75231
9781936661749, $14.95,

"Beyond the Wall: Exploring George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire" is a collection of reflective essays on the fabulously successful "A Song of Ice and Fire" series of fantasy novels, recently interpreted in the epic television series, "A Game of Thrones." While anxious fans and readers await the sixth volume of the series, "The Winds of Winter," a stunning array of talented creators and critics have been gathered into this scintillating essay collection of analysis/reactions to the world created by George R. R. Martin in "A Song of Ice and Fire," and "Game of Thrones." Contributing authors include Caroline Spector ("Power and Feminism in Westeros"), Alyssa Rosenberg (Men and Monsters"), Susan Vaught ("The Brutal Cost of Redemption in Westeros"), and Daniel Abraham ("Same Song in a Different Key"). Of central interest is "The Palace of Love, the Palace of Sorrow," by Linda Antonsson and Elio M. Garcia, Jr. founders of, the author-approved A Song of Ice and Fire fansite and co-authors with Martin of a forthcoming publication, the guidebook, "The World of Ice and Fire." Additional outlooks and further insights abound in "A Sword Without a Hilt," by Jesse Scoble (of RPG fame), and "Of Direwolves and Gods," by Andrew Zimmerman Jones. Further speculation about how the volumes of series span the transfer of paper publication to e-publications are presented in "Collecting Ice and Fire in the Age of Nook and Kindle," by John Jos. Miller. In short, "Beyond the Wall" is a critical essay collection of huge impact about the stunning, multi-media work that has arisen from a very talented epic fantasy author, the great George R. R. Martin. Copies will fly off the shelves, virtual or actual. "A Song of Ice and Fire" is comparable to the adult version of the Harry Potter juvenile series in its popularity, excellence, and appeal.

Of Noble Origins
Sahar Khalifeh
American University in Cairo Press
420 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10018-2729
9789774165429, $17.95,

What was once so dear to us drifts away. "Of Noble Origins" is an entry into the American University in Cairo Press's Modern Arabic Literature collection, from Palestinian author Sahar Khalifeh. Telling the story of the Qahtan family, who holds a belief they are descended from the Prophet Muhammad, and has used that status to flourish in society. Set in the aftermath of World War I, where British Mandate is fundamentally transforming Palestinian society with the rise of Zionism. "Of Noble Origins" is a must for world literature collections, highly recommended.

The Poetry Shelf

Quick, Said the Bird
Richard Swigg
University of Iowa Press
100 Kuhl House
119 West Park Road
Iowa City, IA 52242-1000
9781609380783, $39.95,

An evolution of language comes when its masters warp it to be. "Quick, Said the Bird: Williams, Eliot, Moore and the Spoken Word" is a discussion of twentieth century literary poets, as Richard Swigg presents an insightful exploration of their work and their contributions to literature, including the way we speak, the way animals are represented in popular culture, and much more. "Quick, Said the Bird" is a strong addition to any collection focusing on poetic history or literary criticism in general, highly recommended.

The Light Between
Terry Blackhawk
Wayne State University Press
The Leonard N. Simons Building
4809 Woodward Avenue
Detroit, MI 48201-1309
9780814336144, $15.95,

With a prolific poetry catalog behind him, Terry Blackhawk has made quite a name for herself in contemporary poetry. "The Light Between" is her latest volume of work that explores her thoughts on the nature of the world and how we all come to understand it. With much to ponder with its own beautiful verse, "The Light Between" is a choice and very much recommended pick, not to be overlooked. "The Hawk in Winter": The hawk in winter works these roadside trees,/sits plump and stolid as a hefty fist/until some furry bit it scents, or sees,/then spreads, fall, mounts again to thicken 'midst/the empty branches. Sometimes a squirrel's nest will catch my glance and turn my motoring eyes./It's not the feral bird, though just as still./Yet winter drives may foster true surprise as far northern ranges drifted down/hawks guard assorted posts along our high-/ways fume and flow. What wind is it that's blown them here, to perch, to peer as we pass by?/Like feathered gargoyles from some distant age/wild wonders watch our daily pilgrimage.

Collected Poems
Naomi Replansky
David R. Godine
PO Box 450, Jaffrey, NH 03452
9781574232158, $17.95,

Our work throughout or lives is numerous, and compiling the best can prove quite the challenge. "Collected Poems" is a collection of poetry from Naomi Replansky, a poet of the mid-twentieth century who has gained much reverence as a major voice in American poetry for honest work and speaking with clarity. "Collected Poems" is a strong addition to any collection dedicated to the literary poets of the twentieth century. "The End": How long say how long/Can a lone animal/Devour its young/And its race not vanish.//So long just so long/Can these colors and sounds/Wander and be rich/In the sealed tunnel.

The Photography Shelf

Children of Manzanar
Heather C. Lindquist
Heyday Books
PO Box 9145
Berkeley, CA 94709
9781597141604, $17.95,

Perhaps the darkest mark on America's record in the twentieth century is the Japanese internment camps. "Children of Manzanar" is a collection of photographs focusing on the executive order that led to one hundred thousand Japanese Americans placed inside an internment camp throughout the duration of World War II. Focusing on the history of those who grew up after the camps and what it did to the Japanese American psyche, "Children of Manzanar" is a very much recommended addition to history and photography collections.

The Computer Shelf

The iPhone Book
Scott Kelby & Terry White
Peachpit Press
c/o Pearson Technology Group
801 East 96th Street, #300
Indianapolis, IN 46240-3759
9780321832764, $24.99,

The iPhone is potential and power that fits in the back of your pocket. "The iPhone Book" is an advisory guide designed to help readers get the most out of their iPhone, a complex device that can do more than most people truly understand. With plenty to learn and plenty of tips for getting the absolute most out of one's device, filled with full color photographs all throughout, and much more, "The iPhone Book" is a strong pick for those who want to use their phone for more than simply a phone, highly recommended.

My New iPad, third edition
Wallace Wang
No Starch Press
38 Ringold Street
San Francisco, CO 94103-4403
9781593274290, $24.95,

The iPad is a wonderful tool for the new generation of technology. Now in its third edition, "My New iPad" presents a complete and comprehensive manual from Wallace Wang, who presents the many possibilities that the iPad holds for those who may find themselves overwhelmed by the potential of the device. Wang presents many of the most practical apps to consider that allow use of maps, calendars, using e-mail and the internet, as well as the many entertainment uses of the device. "My New iPad" is a must for those who want to use their new gadget to its fullest, highly recommended.

The Bootstrapper's Guide to the Mobile Web
Deltina Hay
Quill Driver Books
2006 South Mary
Fresno, CA 93721
9781610350525, $24.95,

The internet has left the desktop and is now all over. "The Bootstrapper's Guide to Mobile Web" is a technological advisory guide for setting up one's business using the mobile web, from creating a mobile friendly website, mobile apps, QR codes, advertising, to making money off the whole deal. With plenty of black and white illustrations all throughout, "The Bootstrapper's Guide to Mobile Web" is a must for technology reference collections for business and personal use.

Information Need
Charles Cole
Information Today, Inc.
143 Old Marlton Pike
Medford, NJ 08055-8750
9781573874298, $59.50,

The need for information is a need that must be fed more than ever in the modern world. "Information Need: A Theory Connecting Information Search to Knowledge Formation" discusses the search for information in today's workplaces and how to better understand these searches to improve results and efficiency. Discussing the ins and outs of IR theory, system designs, computer science, and much more, the topics discussed within are a scholarly addition to any information specialist's reference collection. "Information Need" is strongly recommended for community and college IT and computer science collections, a grade A pick.

The Economic Studies Shelf

Who Needs to Open the Capital Account?
Oliver Jeanne, Arvind Subramanian, & John Williamson
Peterson Institute
1750 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20036-1903
9780881325119, $25.95,

As economic crisis strikes, the way the world does things must change. "Who Needs to Open the Capital Account?" is a discussion of the capital accounts throughout the world from the renown Peterson Institute for International Economics. Within, the authors present a scholarly discussion of capital flow, the considerations for prudential capital controls, liberalization, investment, and ideas for a better and more complete future. "Who Needs to Open the Capital Account?" is a must for community and college library collections focusing on international economics, very highly recommended.

No Slack
Michael S. Barr
Brookings Institution Press
1775 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20036-2188
9780815722335, $34.95,

The American Dream draws many to keep working hard, but it often comes without result. "No Slack: The Financial Lives of Low-Income Americans" is a discussion of the struggles that low income families are facing in the wake of the current deep recession, with weary relationships with financial institutions which have had a history of predatory lending. Michael S. Barr writes of the reforms that can be done to help these lower income families survive their finances. "No Slack" is a vital addition to the modern dialogue of economics and the role of the lowest earners in today's society.

So Rich, So Poor
Peter Edelman
The New Press
38 Green Street, 4th floor
New York, NY 10013
9781595587855, $24.95,

The rich get richer, the poor get poorer has been the rule of the land for quite some time. "So Rich, So Poor" evaluates income disparity and its impacts it has on the country as a whole, looking at the growing number of Americans living in poverty and what is causing more and more Americans to join them. Critical reading for those who want to understand the poverty crisis and its root causes and the solutions that may be there, "So Rich, So Poor" is a must for social issues and politics collections, especially those focusing on current events.

Warfare Welfare
Marcus G. Raskin & Gregory D. Squires, editors
Potomac Books
22841 Quicksilver, Dulles, VA 20166
9781597975339, $32.95,

Permanent war carries many problems for America's well being. "Warfare Welfare: The Not-So-Hidden Costs of America's Permanent War Economy" is a discussion of the many problems that stem from America's prolonged conflict and involvement in seemingly decades long endeavors throughout the middle east. The impact, write professors of public policy and sociology Marcus Raskin and Gregory Squires, is felt most strongly by the citizenry at home, and is harming the future of the country's social health. "Warfare Welfare" is a strong addition to international affairs and social issues collections, highly recommended.

The Environmental Studies Shelf

Ecosystem Services
National Academies Press
PO Box 741500, Atlanta, GA 30374-1500
9780309252423, $41.00,

Our environment is important for our future. "Ecosystem Services: Charting a Path to Sustainability" discusses the impact of the ecosystem on humanity, and humanity's pursuit of maintaining its quality of life while allowing the environment to persist for years to come. With much discussion of policy issues and getting knowledge about the environment out so that the lay person may understand more completely, "Ecosystem Services" is a strong reference for environmental studies collections, highly recommended.

Cooler, Smarter
Island Press
1718 Connecticut Avenue, N.W., Suite 300
Washington, DC 20009-1148
9781610911924, $21.95,

Lowering one's impact on the world can make a difference, but there are wiser ways. "Cooler, Smarter: Practical Steps for Low-Carbon Living" is an advisory for those concerned about their own carbon footprint, as the Union of Concerned Scientists compile what can be done to push for a more wise and comprehensive measure of reducing carbon emissions in many ways on a grander scale. Encouraging readers not to panic over every little thing and that making a difference requires the efforts of more than a sole individual, "Cooler, Smarter" is a must for those who want to make a bigger difference in the future of the planet.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

The Church From Age to Age
Concordia Publishing House
3558 South Jefferson Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63118-3968
9780758626462, $36.99,

The Christian religion has come a long way from once being a heretical sect of Judaism. "The Church from Age to Age" traces the long history surrounding the Christian church, stretching its history from the lifetime of Christ to its outlaw period in early Rome until Rome came to embrace it as the faith of the empire. Exploring the facets of the faith, what was expected from its adherents throughout these periods, and the church's place in the modern world, "The Church from Age to Age" is a scholarly and complete and comprehensive addition to religious studies and history collections, enthusiastically recommended for community and college library collections.

Understanding the Historical Books of the Old Testament
Vincent P. Branick
Paulist Press
997 MacArthur Boulevard
Mahwah, NJ 07430
9780809147281, $24.95,

There is history to be found within the Bible, and it is an excellent resource. "Understanding the Historical Books of the Old Testament" is a collection Biblical studies from Vincent P. Branick as he explores the history that lies within the Old Testament, delving into the ancient history that lies within the Bible and its application to modern faith. A strong addition to any Religious studies collection or for those with a fascination in ancient history, "Understanding the Historical Books of the Old Testament" is highly recommended.

The Science And Theology Of Godly Love
Matthew T. Lee & Amos Yong, editors
Northern Illinois University Press
2280 Bethany Road, DeKalb, IL 60115
9780875804491, $35.00,

The editorial collaboration of Matthew T. Lee (Associate Professor and Interim Chair of Sociology, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio) and Amos Yong (J. Rodman Williams Professor of Theology, Regent University School of Divinity, Virginia Beach, Virginia), "The Science and Theology of Godly Love" is a 237-page compendium comprised of ten erudite, insightful, informed and informative essays deftly exploring the interdisciplinary study of 'Godly Love'. Of special note are the articles 'Godly Love: Why We Cannot Endure Without It' by Stephen G. Post and 'Godly Love From The Perspective Of Psychology' by Julie J. Exline. Enhanced with an educative introduction and thoughtful conclusion, along with a list of contributors and their credentials, as well as a comprehensive Index, "The Science And Theology Of Godly Love" is an highly recommended for personal, seminary and academic library Religion & Spirituality collections.

The Cookbook Shelf

350 Best Vegan Recipes
Deb Roussou
Robert Rose Inc.
120 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4P 1E2
9780778802945, $24.95,

If ever there were a 'must have' compendium of vegan recipes for vegetarian and vegan cookbook collections, it is Deb Roussou's "350 Best Vegan Recipes". This 384-page compendium is packed from cover to cover with nutritious, appetite satisfying, palate pleasing vegan dishes. The thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes range from Homemade Vegetable Bouillon; Spicy, Sweet and Tart Roasted Chickpeas; Homemade Flour Tortillas; and Pumpernickel Bread; to Hearts of Palm and Mushroom Salad with Lemon Parsley Vinaigrette; Panko-Crusted Tofu Sandwich with Apple and Celery Remoulade Slaw; Fragrant Rice-Stuffed Peppers; and Sake Martini with Fresh pomegranate and Ginger. For any meal time occasion from daily family fare to elegant dining occasions, "350 Best Vegan Recipes" will prove to be an invaluable repository of recipes for truly memorable dining in the vegan culinary tradition.

Rush-Hour Recipes
JoAnn & Vickie
Gooseberry Patch
2500 Farmers Dr., #110, Columbus, OH 43235
9781612810300, $16.95,

"Rush-Hour Recipes" is another handy Gooseberry Patch collection of handy, favorite easy meals to fix on the go for busy families. "Rush-Hour Recipes" categories include 5-Ingredient Favorites, One-Dish Dinners, Slow Cookers to the Rescue, Soup's On!, Make-A-Meal Sides, and Speedy Potluck & Party Foods. All recipes are collected from reader submissions of mealtime favorites. Ingredients are easily available and recipes are clearly written in paragraph format with color-contrast ink titles and hints on each page. There are tantalizing recipes for chicken chilaquiles, rosemary peppers & fusilli, chicken enchilada bake, shrimp scampi, all-day ratatouille, red, white & green chili, grandma's Armenian rice pilaf, quick squash saute, beefy shellaroni, sausage & rice casserole, and many more. Each recipe has an introductory paragraph by its author with hints about preparation and presentation, and the history of the recipe. "Rush-Hour Recipes" is another Gooseberry Patch classic, sure to be enjoyed and shared among practical family mealmakers everywhere.

Ramses Bravo
The Book Publishing Company
Box 99, Summertown, TN 38483
9781570672699, $19.95,

The growing popularity of a vegan lifestyle is exemplified in the profusion of superb recipes comprising "Bravo!: Health Promoting Meals from the TrueNorth Health Kitchen". A 160-page compendium of health-promoting and thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes from the TrueNorth Health Center in Santa Rosa, California, ably compiled by executive chef Ramses Bravo, the dishes range from Coconut-Vanilla Granola; to Chayote-Apple Slaw; to Toasted Barley and Tomato Stew; to Peach-Blueberry Crisp. Enhanced with informed and informative opening chapters on 'Getting Started' and 'The Basics', "Bravo!" will prove to be an exceptionally popular addition to personal, family, and community library Vegetarian & Vegan cookbook collections.

The Book Of Kale
Sharon Hanna
Harbour Publishing
Box 219, Madeira Park
BC, Canada, V0N 2H0
9781550175769, $26.95,

Kale is an exceptionally easy plant to grow in northern gardens. It is also one of the least appreciated yet highly nutritious vegetables available. Fortunately we now have Sharon Hanna's impressively illustrated and kitchen cook friendly specialty cookbook to remedy that. "The Book Of Kale: The Easy-To-Grow Superfood" is superbly illustrated 192-page culinary compendium showcasing more than 80 creative recipes for kale-based dishes. Beginning with informed and informative information on the history of kale, growing kale, varieties of kale, cooking with kale, and more, the recipes themselves range from Savory Kale Scones with Pumpkin & Cheese; Ligurian Kale, Chard & Potato Forta; and Garlicky Kale with Walnuts; to Kale with Apples, Leeks & Feta; Mushroom & Pancetta Linguine with Wilted Kale; and Coco-nutty Fish 'n' Kale. "The Book Of Kale" is a highly recommended addition to personal, professional, family, and community library specialty cookbook collections.

Cultured Food Life
Donna Schwenk
Balboa Press
1663 Liberty Drive, Bloomington, IN 47403
Bohlsen Group (publicity)
978145253227, $23.95,

In "Cultured Food Life: Learn to Make Probiotic Foods in Your Home", blogger, lecturer, and home schooling mother, Donna Schwenk has compiled and written a 64-page compendium of practical information on the value of probiotic foods, how to grow and prepare them, and offers step-by-step instructions to create more than sixty dishes using her 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes. Palate pleasing and appetite satisfying, they range from Kifir Coconut Cream with Mango Soup; to Lemon Poppy Seed Veggies; to Kombucha Raspberry Dressing and Strawberry Spinach; to Bubbly Fruit Flavored Kombucha. Informed and informative, "Cultured Food Life" is very highly recommended as a unique and invaluable addition to personal, family, and community library cookbook collections, as well as healthy living supplemental reading lists.

Everyday Gluten-Free Slow Cooking
Kimberly Mayone & Kitty Broihier
Sterling Publishing Company
387 Park Avenue South, NY, NY 10016-8810
9781402785535, $22.95,

While there are several 'gluten free' cookbooks available to those whose allergies necessitate a gluten-free diet, the "Everyday Gluten-Free Slow Cooking" combines gluten-free recipes with the ease and practicalities of crock pot based cooking. Cookbook authors and culinary specialists Kimberly Mayone and Kitty Broihier have successfully collaborated in compiling and showcasing more than 140 outstanding gluten-free recipe for busy kitchen cooks in "Everyday Gluten-Free Slow Cooking", a 224-page compendium of wonderfully 'user friendly' recipes complete with ingredient lists, prepatory instructions, and approximate numbers served. Of special note is the opening chapter on 'Living Gluten-Free'. Enhanced with an informative introduction, the recipes range from a Cheesy Cheddar and Ham Bake, to Moroccan Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots, to Old-School Stuffed Peppers, to Asparagus with Brown butter and Shallots. With delicious and nutritious dishes for all dinning occasions, "Everyday Gluten-Free Slow Cooking" will prove to be a prized addition to personal, family, and community library cookbook collections!

101 Soups, Salads & Sandwiches
Vickie and JoAnn
Gooseberry Patch
2500 Farmers Dr., #110, Columbus, OH 43525
9781612810331, $14.95,

"101 Soups Salads & Sandwiches" is a cheerfully presented, spiral bound collection of tested, popular reader -submitted recipes for casual, on-the-go daily meals packed with nutrition and terrific taste. Recipes are presented in four categories: Simmering Soups, Sensational Salads, Satisfying Sandwiches, and Terrific Toppings, a stunning selection of salad accompaniments and accompaniments. Recipes are spread out on color photos of each fabulous dish, with mouthwatering sensory appeal. Some examples from the categories include White Bean & Tomato Salad, Grilled Chicken & Zucchini Wraps, Hungarian Mushroom Soup, and Lemony Sage Mayonnaise. Each recipe includes a little mock post-it note about the history or origin of the recipe, and as usual, the cookbook includes a back page of U.S. to Canadian recipe equivalents, recipe abbreviations, and kitchen measurements for clarity and convenience. "!01 Soups, Salads & Sandwiches" is a genre-crossing delight that presents the best of
readers' many varied favorites for satisfying and hearty meals on the go.

The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook
Jean Lamantia
Robert Rose Inc.
120 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4P 1E2
9780778802983, $24.95,

Cancer can be quite the endeavor to overcome. "The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook: Includes 150 Healthy & Delicious Recipes" is a collection health tips and recipes designed to give the body the best chance it can to overcome the cancer within, with plenty of helpful therapies and high health meals to use. "The Essential Cancer Treatment Nutrition Guide & Cookbook" is a wise pick for those who want to improve their diet in their long fight against cancer and to return to greater health.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

Target: Tinos
Jeffrey Siger
Poisoned Pen Press
6962 E. First Ave., #103
Scottsdale, AZ 85251
9781590589786, $14.95,

When a spat-on minority is murdered, no one seems to care. "Target: Tinos" is a murder mystery set on the Aegean island of Tinos, where Greek Special Crimes Detective Andreas Kaldis takes upon herself a crime that no one seems to care about when two gypsies are brutally murdered and mutilated. In her search for the truth, she finds notes about a secret society, related killings, and more, all while dealing with a turbulent personal life. "Target: Tinos" is a fine novel and very much recommended reading for mystery fans.

Whispers of the Stones
Loretta Jackson & Vickie Britton
Avalon Books
160 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
9780803474741, $23.95,

One murder uncovers a greater mystery. "Whispers of the Stones" is a mystery novel from Loretta Jackson and Vickie Britton, as they follow Sheriff Jeff McQuede as he follows a murder and burglary of the Pedro Mummy. Finding the truth behind the artifact, the suspicion lies with a recently arrived scientist who is a bit too interested in the relic. The mystery even turns stranger as connections a lost and ancient civilization may yet be found. "Whispers of the Stones" is a multi-layered mystery that should prove a strong addition for genre fans.

The Business Shelf

Click Millionaires
Scott Fox
Amacom Books
1601 Broadway
New York, NY 10019
9780814439917, $22.00,

The internet is a whole world of opportunities. "Click Millionaires" is a business guide to the world of e-commerce for those who are seeking to make their fortunes online and claim independence from the grind of work that comes with their jobs, and gaining their fortunes online. Scott Fox describes how to get started and make the most of one's skills online, and brings the stories of others who have reached out and made their lives their own once more. "Click Millionaires" is to be strongly considered for those who want to better understand the opportunities of the internet, highly recommended.

The Conversation Company
Steven Van Belleghem
Kogan Page USA
1518 Walnut Street, Suite 1100
Philadelphia, PA 19102
9780749464738, $26.95,

Social media is revolutionizing not only how we keep in touch, but business as well. "The Conversation Company: Boost Your Business Through Culture, People, & Social Media" discusses how to more effectively use social media to promote one's business. Not just for advertising, Steven Van Belleghem outlines how social media can help promote customer interaction, a more friendly corporate culture, among other benefits. Taking notes from social media success stories, "The Conversation Company" is a core addition to business management collections.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Emerald Illusions
Gary D. Rhodes
Irish Academic Press
920 NE 58th Avenue, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97213-3786
9780716531432, $79.95,

The Irish have had a curious journey to being fully part of modern American society. "Emerald Illusions: The Irish in Early American Cinema" discusses the portrayal of Irish American in early American cinema. Packed cover to cover with many photographs throughout, Gary D. Rhodes breaks down the study genre by genre, providing an intriguing study of film and the major acts that captivated many viewers in the dawn of cinema. "Emerald Illusions" is a strong addition to Irish American history and early film history community library collections, highly recommended.

The Self-Help Shelf

Working Successfully with Screwed-Up People
Elizabeth B. Brown
c/o Baker Publishing Group
PO Box 6287
Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287
9780800720117, $12.99,

No one's perfect, and no one should expect perfection out of their co-workers. "Working Successfully with Screwed-Up People" is a motivational read from Elizabeth B. Brown as she advises readers to better deal with the less than perfect that surround us. With a positive message that one person can change the environment around themselves for the better, "Working Successfully with Screwed-Up People" is a must for those who want to become the emotionally dependable one in their workplace.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

For Love of Dogs
Animal Rescue League of Iowa
Landauer Corporation
3100 NW 101st Street, Suite A
Urbandale, Iowa 50322
9781935726128, $24.95,

Dogs can be a companion for a life time and for years to come. "For Love of Dogs" is a dog ownership guide from the Animal Rescue League of Iowa as they present a complete and comprehensive advisory guide to the ins and outs of dog ownership. The ARL advises readers the understand the weight of taking on care of a dog, selecting the right breed, caring and training, and the joy and heartfelt stories of both man and dog coming together. With a bonus training DVD, "For Love of Dogs" is a strongly recommended pick for pet keeping and care collections.

Dog-Friendly Gardening
Karen Bush
Hubble & Hattie
Parkway Farm Business Park
Middle Farm Way, Poundbury
Dorchester, DT1 3AR, England
9781845844103, $22.95,

With a nose to the ground, your dog is more aware of what you put in your gardens than you think. "Dog-Friendly Gardening" is a collection of practical advice and wisdom for dog owners who also enjoy gardening, and want to keep both of these beloved things happy and healthy. Pointing out the dangers that can come from dogs and some common gardening methods like pesticides. "Dog-Friendly Gardening" is packed cover to cover with full color photos and plenty of information, highly recommended.

Facing Farewell
Julie Reck
Dogwise Publishing
403 South Mission Street
Wenatchee WA 98801
9781617810763, $11.95,

The decision to let your pet go is often quite a difficult one. "Facing Farewell: Making the Decision to Euthanize Your Pet" is an advisory guide from Julie Reck as she advises readers on how to better cope with petting a pet down. Reck focuses on the conditions and the pain that come with it, discussing important issues with one's veterinarian, and how to comfort oneself and the pet during these hard decisions. "Facing Farewell" is a strong pick for pet owners who may dread having to make this decision in the future.

The Gardening Shelf

Sow Simple
Christina Symons & John Gillespie
Harbour Publishing
PO Box 219
Madeira Park, BC, Canada, V0N 2H0
9781550175745, $29.95,

You reap what you sow, so you better sow something good. "Sow Simple: 100+ Green and Easy Projects to Make Your Garden Awesome" is a gardening guide for those who want to make the most out of their gardening projects whether it be for vegetables and especially for that sense of beauty that a garden can create. Practical projects throughout illustrated by full color photography throughout, "Sow Simple" is a strong pick for gardening and landscaping collections, highly recommended.

The Agriculture Shelf

Seed Testing
S. G. Elias & Collaborators
Michigan State University Press
1405 South Harrison Road, Suite 25
East Lansing, MI 48823-5245
978161186039, $74.95,

Good plants need a good starting point. "Seed Testing: Principles & Practices" is a gardening and agriculture guide from a collection of seed scientists from across the country as they provide an insightful and scholarly text on the many pieces of seed science and how to gain a more complete understanding of the science, its applications in agriculture and the future of seedborne diseases and other early issues. Filled cover to cover with well done illustrations and graphs to help teach the lessons within, as well as comprehensive indexes and glossaries, "Seed Testing: Principles & Practices" is an absolute must for agriculturally-driven community and college library collections.

The International Studies Shelf

The Syrian Rebellion
Fouad Ajami
Hoover Institution Press
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305-6010
9780817915049, $19.95,

The violence in Syria has been raging for quite some time. "The Syrian Rebellion" studies the currently raging conflict in Syria, as many of the Syrian people have rebelled against dictators Hafez al-Assad and his son Bashar. The continual struggle is analyzed by Lebanese native Fouad Ajmi, who presents a critique of the events and what it will mean for Syria's future, and the worldwide backlash against oppressive regimes. "The Syrian Rebellion" is a must for international issues and current affairs collections focusing on the middle east, enthusiastically recommended.

The Psychology Shelf

Practical Ethics For Psychologists, second edition
Samuel J. Knapp & Leon D. VandeCreek
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242
9781433811746, $49.95,

Adherence to ethical guidelines in the practice of psychology is of the highest concern and expectation. In "Practical Ethics for Psychologists: A Positive Approach", Samuel J. Knapp (Director of Professional Affairs, Pennsylvania Psychological Association) and Leon D. VandeCreek (Professor, School of Professional Psychology, Wright State University) collaborate in writing a thoroughly 'user friendly' instructional manual that should be required reading for all students and practitioners in the field of psychology. Now in a thoroughly updated and expanded second edition, "Practical Ethics For Psychologists" covers all aspects and issues from ethical decision making, to business issues, to research and scholarship. It is vitally important that a copy of "Practical Ethics For Psychologists" be a core part of all professional and academic library Psychology/Psychiatry reference collections.

Lee H. Coleman
New Harbinger Press
5674 Shattuck Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609
9781608821969, $15.95,

Depression affects many, but being diagnosed makes it seem like so much more than being bummed out. "Depression: A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed" is a guide for those who want to better understand clinical depression and how to face it when one has faced a recent diagnosis. Lee Coleman advises readers on how to help themselves out of the emotional whole through better diet and exercise habits and find their own happiness in their path. "Depression" is strongly recommended for those who want to better cope with the diagnosis or for those who want to better understand it as a whole.

The Sports Shelf

Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair
Daimeon Shanks
Human Kinetics Publishers, Inc.
PO Box 5076
Champaign, IL 61820-5076
9781450407076, $19.95,

A good bike lasts a lot longer with solid care. "Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair" is an expanded bicycle care guide for those who are getting regular use out of their bikes and in the process getting regular problems as well. With tips for tuning up the bike for better riding, dealing with breaks when far from home, flat tires, headsets, and much more, "Essential Bicycle Maintenance & Repair" is a must for general health, fitness, and sport collections.

The Art Shelf

Monet In Giverny
Benedict Leca, editor
Cincinnati Art Museum
c/o National Book Network
4270 Boston Way, Suite 200
Lanham, MD 20706
9781907804038, $15.95,

"Monet in Giverny: Landscapes of Reflection" is a 96-page compendium showcasing the art of Claude Monet (14 November 1840 - 5 December 1926) who is considered to be the founder of French impressionist painting. Compiled with commentary by Benedict Leca (Curator of European Painting, Sculpture, and Drawings, Cincinnati Art Museum), "Monet In Giverny" is comprised of five informed and informed essays on Monet's landscape paintings by experts in their fields of study. Enhanced with the inclusion of copious end note, a bibliography, and a comprehensive index, "Monet In Giverny" is highly recommended reading for students of Monet's life and art, as well as a welcome addition to both academic and community library European Art History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

Jacques Hurtubise
Sarah Fillmore, editor
Goose Lane Editions
500 Beverbrook Court, Suite 330
Fredericton, NB, Canada, E3B 5X4
9780864926623, $60.00,

Abstract art is pure thought and idea, unrefined. "Jacques Hurtubise" is a collection of the man's work and unique approach to the style, collecting much of his work throughout his career and presenting insight into the processes behind its creation and work. His art is presented within in full color with insight and review of his work presented in both English and French language. For those who want to better understand an icon of the style, "Jacques Hurtubise" is a must, and also proves to be a fine coffee table book selection.

The Technology Shelf

Radio Interferometry And Satellite Tracking
Seiichiro Kawase
Artech House
685 Canton Street, Norwood, MA 02062
9781608070961, $129.00,

Orbiting satellite communications have become a fundamental 'building block' feature of our contemporary world. So much so that the ever increasing numbers of geostationary orbiting satellites have creating 'traffic problems' with the overcrowding and conflicting orbit paths. "Radio Interferometry And Satellite Tracking" by Seiichiro Kawase (Professor of Aerospace Engineering, National Defense Academy, Khadakwasla Pune, MH 411023, India), is a 230-page compendium focusing specifically on this issue in terms of the fundamental of radio interferometer hardware, the nature of the satellite target tracking, recent technical developments, orbital monitoring, and safety control issues. A seminal work of impeccable scholarship, "Radio Interferometry And Satellite Tracking" is a core addition to professional and academic library Space Technology and Applications reference collections and as curriculum studies textbook.

The Library Science Shelf

Multicultural Storytime Magic
Kathy MacMillan & Christine Kirker
ALA Editions
c/o American Library Association
50 East Huron Street
Chicago, IL 60611
9780838911426, $42.30,

As the world grows smaller, the stories of other cultures grow more enticing. "Multicultural Storytime Magic" is a guide for librarians who are seeing their younger audiences grow more diverse and how to expand one's repertoire to better meet the many cultures that may be gathering for storytime. Librarians Kathy MacMillan & Christine Kirker provide insight on the topic at hand and provide countless activities and tips on dealing with multicultural classes. "Multicultural Storytime Magic" is an absolute must for any librarian's resource and reference collection who has to regularly deal with younger readers and their parents, enthusiastically recommended.

The Graphic Novel Shelf

Legends of Zita the Spacegirl
Ben Hatke
First Second Books
175 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10010
9781596434479 $12.99

The upbeat sequel to "Zita the Spacegirl", Legends of Zita the Spacegirl chronicles the high-spirited adventures of a young woman hailed as a hero (at least, when she's not being hunted down for Grand Theft Spaceship). Acclaimed for saving the world of Scriptorius from certain doom (perhaps her role was slightly exaggerated?), she encounters a doppelganger robot fascinated by her nascent legend, a gypsy whose past is entangled with those of her traveling companions, adoring fans, and implacable space police. All she wants is the opportunity to find her way home, but the voracious "Star Heart" aliens are about to extinguish all life on a helpless world, and only a true hero like Zita the Spacegirl can save the day! Ben Hatke's simple, expressive, full-color artwork brings this fantastic space mini-opera to life. Legends of Zita the Spacegirl is a delight from cover to cover, highly recommended for sci-fi graphic novel fans of all ages.

The Audiobook Shelf

The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Charles Dickens, author
David Timson, narrator
Naxos of America, Inc.
1810 Columbia Avenue, Suite 28
Franklin, TN 37064
9781843795988 $59.98

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is the unabridged audiobook adaptation of Charles Dickens' final novel, read by veteran BBC Radio Drama performer and theater director David Timson. In the fictional cathedral town of Cloisterham, John Jasper becomes unhealthily obsessed with his nephew Edwin Drood and Drood's fiancee Rosa Bud. Then Edwin disappears on Christmas Eve - did Jasper murder him? Or someone else? Or is he truly dead? The listener is left to speculate upon the answers, since Dickens unfortunately passed away before completing his epic mystery. Yet the characters, setting, and portrait of the light and dark sides of the human condition are resoundingly clear in this classic work, evidence that Dickens was a true literary master right to the end of his life. Highly recommended, especially for public library audiobook collections. 9 CDs, 10 hours 32 min.

The Library CD Shelf

El Dorado
Luna Blanca
c/o The Creative Service Company (publicity)
4360 Emerald Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
$13.81 CD / $8.99 MP3 download

El Dorado is the fifth music album by nouveau-flamenco group Luna Blanca, designed to recreate a storied quest through South America in search of riches, confronting native peoples, untrustworthy bandits, obstacles of nature, and breathtaking beauty. The Latin-themed rhythms are extremely infectious, and the lively blend of acoustic guitar, rhythm guitars, keyboards, percussion, and occasional vocalizations make for an unforgetable musical journey. El Dorado hypnotically captures the essence of legend in its notes, and is enthusiastically recommended for any and all listeners interested in Spanish-inspired music with a twist. The tracks are "Los Ojos" (3:46), "El Dorado" (5:38), "Desperado" (5:31), "Medianoche" (4:05), "Guapa" (4:33), "Dos Guitarras" (4:31), "Summer Breeze" (3:50), "Hurry Up" (3:37), "Rio Mamore" (4:58), "Dreaming" (5:17), "Kolibri" (4:50), "Conquistador" (3:00), "Puesta del Sol" (5:52), and "Bonus Track: Desperado (Radio Edit)" (3:48).

The Library DVD Shelf

Recovering: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa
Learning ZoneXPress
PO Box 1022
Owatonna, MN 55060

Recovering: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa is an educational DVD about eating disorders suitable for viewers of all ages and backgrounds, but especially ideal for high school and public library collections. Eating disorders affect people of all ages and races, but young women are the most at risk for these potentially deadly afflictions. Recovering: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa teaches viewers about who is at risk for an eating disorder, what sustains eating disorders, why eating disorders are dangerous (and sometimes lethal), and how eating disorders are treated. An invaluable teaching tool about a serious social problem, Recovering: Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa is worthy of the highest recommendation. 27 min.

Voices of the Andes
First Run Features
630 Ninth Avenue, Suite 1213
New York, NY 10036

Featuring absolutely stunning cinematography throughout, Voices of the Andes is an extraordinary DVD documentary and travelogue of Qhapaq Nan, also known as the Great Inca Road, an ancient pathway stretching over 8,000 miles through the Andes, connecting oceans, deserts, and fabled Machu Picchu. Originally constructed centuries ago during the Inca Empire, Qhapaq Nan exists today within modern Peru and Ecuador. Qhapaq Nan is not only a travel route of incomparable natural beauty, but also a cultural legacy of the Andean native peoples. Voices of the Andes is an utterly striking viewing experience, highly recommended for public libraries and the private collections of armchair travelers everywhere. 78 min., presented in Spanish with optional English subtitles.

Love in a Cold Climate
Adapted by Simon Raven
Acorn Media Group
8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
9781598288018 $59.99

Love in a Cold Climate is the DVD collection of Masterpiece Theatre's eight-part adaptation of author Nancy Mitford's witty novels "The Pursuit of Love" and "Love in a Cold Climate". Grounded in the author's experience of growing up as a child of the British aristocracy between World War I and World War II, Love in a Cold Climate follows Linda Radlett and her quest for love. Hilarity, adventures, dalliances, and more than one marriage ensues, despite the levelheaded influence of her cool-headed friend Polly Hampton. Razor-sharp writing and consummate performances by the leads (including Michael Aldridge of "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy", Oscar winner Judi Dench, and Vivian Pickles) make Love in a Cold Climate a treat for fans of British dramady. 8 episodes on 3 DVDs, 405 min., fullscreen, SDH subtitles.

Midsomer Murders Set 20
Acorn Media Group
8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
9781598288117 $49.99 DVD / $59.99 Blu-ray

Available in both DVD and Blu-ray formats, Midsomer Murders Set 20 collects the final episodes of this popular contemporary British television series starring John Nettles, in the role of DCI Tom Barnaby. Four movie-length mysteries comprise this collection: "Master Class", in which fierce competition for membership in a top-ranked music class has an ugly side; "The Noble Art", in which a champion boxing match re-enactment has fatal consequences; "Not in My Back Yard", in which rising hackles over property development precipitates a spate of murders; and "Fit for Murder", in which the Barnaby's spa weekend is cut short by a horrific incident. Bonus materials include a "Barnaby Through the Years" photo gallery and a "Saying Goodbye to Barnaby" essay. Crafted and acted with the subtle ingenuity that is the hallmark of British mysteries, Midsomer Murders Set 20 is a "must-have" for fans of the genre. 4 DVDs (or 2 Blu-ray discs), 360 min., widescreen, SDH subtitles.

The Kent Chronicles
Starring William Shatner, Kim Cattrall, Don Johnson, et. al.
Acorn Media Group
8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
9781598287950 $59.99

Nominated for two Emmys and a Golden Globe, The Kent Chronicles is an anthology of three miniseries based on the popular novels by author John Jakes. Set in the era of the American Revolution, The Kent Chronicles follows a young Frenchman (played by Andrew Stevens) who immigrates to America. His escapades lead him to encounter historical figures such as Paul Revere (William Shatner), Benjamin Franklin (Tom Bosley), Samuel Adams (William Daniles), and George Washington (Peter Graves). The saga continues the chronicles of the Kent family through their efforts as western pioneers and the fierce War of 1812. Bonus features include the original trailer and a biography of John Jakes. The Kent Chronicles is an enthralling period piece, highly recommended especially for fans of historical drama. 3 DVDs, 568 min., fullscreen, SDH subtitles.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

The Naked Author
Alison Baverstock
Bloomsbury Publishing
80 Maiden Lane, Suite 704
NY, NY 10038
9781408139820, $22.95,

In "The Naked Author: A Guide to Self-Publishing", author Alison Baverstock draws upon her many years of experience and expertise as a Course Leader for MA Publishing at Kingston university to create a 378-page compendium providing aspiring writers with a complete 'do-it-yourself' workshop on how to turn a manuscript into a book while comporting their writing and publishing activities professionally and profitably. Of special note are the chapters focusing on defining the scope of a writing/publishing project; when and why to seek editorial support; commissioning images and illustrations; and self-publishing ebooks. "The Naked Author provides a complete 'how to' guide for marketing (including copywriting) that will prove of exceptional value for the novice. Practical, comprehensive, useful and user friendly, "The Naked Author" will prove to be an exceptional and detailed introduction, as well as having an enduring value as a professional reference for even the more experienced self-published authors.

A Year of Writing Dangerously
Barbara Abercrombie
New World Library
14 Pamaron Way, Novato, CA 94949
9781608680511, $16.95,

Writing is something that must be committed to. "A Year of Writing Dangerously: 365 Days of Inspiration & Encouragement" is a collection of inspirational writings from Barbara Abercrombie who explores the nature of writing and shares her experiences and insights for those who want to embrace their creative side and with insights from writers of all levels, from the novice to the Nobel prize winners. "A Year of Writing Dangerously" is a strong pick for writing inspiration and motivational collections.

The Native American Shelf

Settlements, Subsistence, and change Among the Labrador Inuit
Davie C. Natcher, et al.
University of Manitoba Press
301 St. John's College
Winnipeg, MB, Canada, R3T 2M5
9780887557316, $31.95,

The latest addition to the outstanding 'Contemporary Studies of the North' series from the University of Manitoba Press, "Settlement, Subsistence and Change Among the Labrador Inuit: The Nunatsiavummiut Experience" by the editorial team of David C. Natcher (Associate Professor and Director of the Indigenous Land Management Institute at the University of Saskatchewan, Canada), Lawrence Felt (Professor, Department of Sociology, Memorial University, newfoundland, Canada), and academic Andrea Procter is a 264-page compendium comprised of twelve original articles focusing upon the 2005 Labrador Inuit Land Claim Agreement and the establishment of the first Inuit self-government 'Nunatsivaut'. Covering the history of land and resource use by the Labrador Inuit including their way of life, cultural survival, forced relocations, settlement patterns, urban planning, and more. Informed and informative, and a body of impressive seminal scholarship, "Settlements, Subsistence, and change Among the Labrador Inuit" is very highly recommended for academic library Canadian History and Aboriginal History reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Criminology Shelf

The Mafia At Apalachin, 1957
Michael Newton
McFarland & Company
PO Box 611, Jefferson NC 28640
9780786466405, $40.00,

If for no other reason, the exposure of the Mafia capos meeting together at one of their member's rural estates in Apalachin, New York on November 14, 1957, meant that FBI director J. Edgar Hoover could no longer deny the very existence of this dominant and dominating organized criminal body. "The Mafia At Apalachin, 1957" by Michael Newton is a detailed, comprehensive, and methodical historical survey and analysis of the event and how it launched a massive and ultimately successful nation-wide campaign against the Mafia over the next several decades. Informed, informative, superbly written and presented, "The Mafia At Apalachin, 1957" is a 'must read' for students of 20th Century American Criminology in general, and the 'take-down' of the Mafia in particular.

The Military Shelf

George Washington's Military Genius
Dave R. Palmer
Regnery Publishing, Inc.
One Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20001
9781596987913 $27.95

Lieutenant General Dave R. Palmer, former superintendent of West Point, presents George Washington's Military Genius, an examination of George Washington's strategy and military tactics during the American War for Independence. George Washington's Military Genius refutes the commonly held theory that Washington outlasted his British foes through sheer perseverance; his cunning stretched actually far beyond simple military maneuvers. Washington was ahead of his time in that he skillfully raised and held together an army with almost no money, no resources, and (at first) no allies; he seized advantage of European professionals to train his soldiers; he recognized the value of French naval power; and he personified the strong moral leadership that ultimately inspired victory. George Washington's Military Genius is highly recommended especially for public and college library American military history shelves.

The Civil War Shelf

Embattled Shrine
David F. Riggs
White Mane Publishing Company
PO Box 152
Shippenburg, PA 17257
9781572494060 $22.95

David F. Riggs (former curator of the Jamestown museum collection at Colonial National Historical Park) presents Embattled Shrine: Jamestown in the Civil War. Embattled Shrine chronicles the military history of Jamestown, Virginia from its inception in 1607, with especial emphasis on its role during the American Civil War. Jamestown served as a fortress for the Confederates, as well as a place for naval ordinance research and a logistics center, until the Union captured it. Then Jamestown became a key Union army outpost and communications center. Embattled Shrine follows the minute details of Jamestown's role the in war, enhanced with a chronology, numerous appendices, exhaustive notes and bibliography, and vintage black-and-white photographs. Embattled Shrine is an excellent choice for American local history and Civil War reference shelves.

The Interior Design Shelf

The 100 Best Projects with Reclaimed Materials
Beta Plus
c/o National Book Network
4270 Boston Way, Suite 200
Lanham, MD 20706
9789089441133, $55.00,

Recycling can be far more than just separating bottles and cans from the household refuse for the trash man to pick up. Growing in popularity is the reuse of materials ranging from wood, metal, brick, stone, glass, and all manner of fixtures. "The 100 Best Projects with Reclaimed Materials" is a 360-page compendium of interior designs for specific rooms and/or features. Superbly illustrated on every page with full color photography, "The 100 Best Projects with Reclaimed Materials" is a cornucopia of ideas from real-world examples that will inspire homeowners, architects, and interior design specialists as to what can be done with the highest esthetic values from the humblest of repurposed materials. A highly recommended addition to professional and community library Interior Design reference collections, "The 100 Best Projects with Reclaimed Materials" is also commended to the non-specialist general reader for simple browsing through pages of elegant architectural and interior design examples.

The Reference Shelf

Conspiracies And Secret Societies, second edition
Brad Steiger & Sherry Steiger
Visible Ink Press
43311 Joy Road, #414
Canton, MI 48187-2075
9781578593682, $24.95,

From the days of George Washington and the Masonic Order, down through various presidential assassinations (most recently that of John F. Kennedy), to alleged governmental cover-ups such as Roswell UFOs, FEMA post hurricane Katrina responses, the death of public dignitaries such as Princess Diana, to religious controversies like the allegation that Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and had a daughter. Ordinary people must like a good conspiracy theory because there are so many of them! That's why "Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier", a descriptive, 600-page, informed, informative, encyclopedic compendium of them by Brad and Sherry Steiger will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to personal and community library collection. Now in a thoroughly updated and expanded second edition covering more than 240 individuals, organizations, and events is a 'must' for any and all conspiracy study researchers, as well as non-specialist general readers with an interest in conspiracy theories.

The Language Studies Shelf

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
1570 Baskin Road
Mundelein, IL 60060

Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers have long been known for their exemplary publishing lists in the field of Latin and Greek language studies curriculum materials. Of special note for the study of Latin are their four volume 'Reader' series, each of which is authored by academic experts in the language and in their ability to craft curriculum materials that are thoroughly 'student friendly'. Four volumes that should be a part of every personal, professional, and academic library Latin Studies reference collection includes: "A Caesar Reader: Selections from Bellum Gallicum and Bellum Civile, and from Caesar's Letters, Speeches, and Poetry" (9780865166967, $19.00) by W. Jeffrey Tatum, Ronnie Ancona and Laurie Haight Keenan; "A Suetonius Reader: Selections from the Lives of the Caesars and the Life of Horace" (9780865167162, $19.00) by Josiah Osgood; "A Lucan Reader: Selections from Civil War" (9780865166615, $19.00) by Susanna Braund; and "A Roman Verse Satire Reader: Selections from Lucilius, Horace, Persius, and Juvenal" (9780865166851, $19.00) by Catherine Keane. Drawing from classic works of antiquity, each of these four volumes are invaluable, inexpensive, and strongly recommended contributions to the growing body of Latin Language instruction materials suitable as supplemental texts for classroom use, as well as individual studies curriculums.

The Philosophy Shelf

Unmodern Philosophy And Modern Philosophy
John Dewey
Southern Illinois University Press
SIUC Mail Code 6806
1915 University Press Drive, Carbondale, IL 62901
9780809330799, $60.00,

Ably edited by Phillip Deen (Visiting Lecturer, Wellesley College), "Unmodern Philosophy And Modern Philosophy" is a 264-page compendium of philosopher and educator John Dewey (1859-1952) original work which in 1947 had been left behind in a taxi cab only to emerge some 65 years later and found to be as fresh, informative, engaging, thoughtful and thought-provoking as anything this iconic pioneer of American academia and progressive education had ever written. "Unmodern Philosophy And Modern Philosophy" should be considered mandatory reading for students of Dewey's life and work, as well as a high priority addition to all college and university academic library collections.

The Social Issues Shelf

Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class
Owen Jones
20 Jay Street, 10th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201-8346
9781844678648 $19.95

Now available in paperback with a new preface, Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class is a sharply critical view of how class discrimination, stereotyping, and outright hatred are destroying the fabric of society in Great Britain. Britain's denigrating attitude towards its working-class poor can be summarized in a single, hateful slur: the word "chav", which carries heavy connotations of lazy, boorish, feckless, or criminal behavior, and which is repeatedly leveled at Britain's poorest laborers. Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class explores the factors in recent history that have hurt Britain's poor the hardest, including the deindustrialization that kicked off under Margaret Thatcher's time as Prime Minister, the increased reliance on regressive VAT taxes that take a greater percentage of poor people's income, the ghettoization of state-subsidized "council housing", since the state refuses to build additional housing, and means-testing ensures that council housing will be inhabited by the poorest segments of society. So-called "chavs" are accused of being lazy, drug-addicted lowlifes who breed with abandon for welfare benefits, but how much of this is really true? Author Owen Jones uses statistics to deconstruct the myths (for example, it's not that teen pregnancy rates are higher among Britain's poor, but rather that middle class teens are more likely to get an abortion) and exposes frightening trends - especially how education, one of the only ways to lift oneself out of poverty, has become increasingly expensive, further cementing the class divide. Above all, high unemployment and the lack of jobs that pay a decent wage, prompting fierce competition for the few low-paying service sector jobs available, indicate that Britain's systemic poverty will not be eased anytime soon - especially when the middle and upper classes can thoroughly justify it by labeling the poor "chavs", and blaming them exclusively for a post-industrial society and economy that has failed to provide jobs. Although Chavs: The Demonization of the Working Class is specifically about British social issues, its observations and warnings are directly applicable to plight of the working poor of first-world countries everywhere, and worthy of the highest recommendation.

Ethical Chic
Fran Hawthorne
Beacon Press
25 Beacon Street
Boston, MA 02108-2892
9780807000946, $25.95,

Corporate exploitation seems to be everywhere, and ethics seem to be fading away. "Ethical Chic: The Inside Story of the Companies We Think We Love" looks at consumer activism and the companies who seem to have co-opted ethical marketing when doing nothing of the sort. From Starbuck's contribution to Landfills, Apple's use of cheap overseas labor, and American Apparel's sexual harassment suites, "Ethical Chic" provides a unique picture of many supposedly ethical companies and what really makes business ethics in today's corporate world.

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