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Reviewer's Choice

Books That Cook
Jennifer Cognard-Black and Melissa A. Goldthwaite
New York University Press
838 Broadway, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10003
9781479830213 $30.00 hc / $14.49 Kindle

Books That Cook: The Making of a Literary Meal is an anthology of poems and excerpts from literary classics, penned by a diversity of authors; each selection is connected to the timeless treasure that is preparing and sharing food, complete with a thematic recipe. Chronologically progressing from an influential American cookbook of the late 1700s to contemporary classics such as "The Joy of Cooking" and "Mastering the Art of French Cooking", Books That Cook is a new way to savor great literature... complete with kitchen-ready dishes! Highly recommended, especially as a giftbook for literary-minded gourmets.

The Military Shelf

Project 9
Dennis R. Okerstrom
University of Missouri Press
2910 LeMone Boulevard
Columbia, MO 65201
9780826220271 $29.95

Project 9: The Birth of the Air Commandos in World War II is a historical chronicle of how the Allies in World War II worked together to invade Burma by air. From the selection of the American airmen, to joint training with British troops, to the undertaking of the dangerous, night-time assault behind Japanese lines, Project 9 vividly re-creates a daring, deadly, and ultimately successful military adventure. Project 9 would ultimately become a precursor to modern special operations teams, such as the renowned Delta Force and Seal Team Six. Project 9 is a "must-have" for public and college library Military Shelves, highly recommended.

Send The Alabamians
Nimrod T. Frazer
The University of Alabama Press
PO Box 870380, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0380
9780817318383, $34.95,

Popularly referred to as the 'Rainbow Division' by its men, the 42nd Infantry Division of the United States Army National Guard has served in World War I, World War II and the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). The division is currently headquartered at the Glenmore Armory in Troy, New York with the New York National Guard. The division presently includes Army National Guard units from fourteen different states, including Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Vermont. As of 2007, 67 percent of Rainbow Division soldiers are located in New York and New Jersey. "Send the Alabamians: World War I Fighters in the Rainbow Division" by Nimrod T. Frazer (who became interest in the subject through his father's war stories) is a 368 page history of an remarkable body of men who fought in some of the bloodiest battles of World War I. The title of this exceptionally well written military history is from a quip by American General Edward H. Plummer who commanded the young men during the inauspicious early days of their service. Impressed with their ferocity and esprit de corps but exasperated by their rambunctiousness, Plummer reportedly exclaimed: "In time of war, send me all the Alabamians you can get, but in time of peace, for Lord's sake, send them to somebody else!" A meticulous work that is extraordinarily well organized and presented, "Send the Alabamians: World War I Fighters in the Rainbow Division" is a seminal contribution that is very highly recommended for personal reading lists and academic library American Military History collections.

Listening In
Dave Forster & Chris Gibson
Specialty Press
99 Spring Street, 3rd floor, New York, NY 10012
9781902109381, $49.95,

Electronic signals intelligence (ELINT) refers to intelligence-gathering by use of electronic sensors. Its primary focus lies on non-communications signals intelligence. The Joint Chiefs of Staff define it as "Technical and geolocation intelligence derived from foreign noncommunications electromagnetic radiations emanating from other than nuclear detonations or radioactive sources". Signal identification is performed by analyzing the collected parameters of a specific signal, and either matching it to known criteria, or recording it as a possible new emitter. ELINT data are usually highly classified, and are protected as such. The data gathered are typically pertinent to the electronics of an opponent's defense network, especially the electronic parts such as radars, surface-to-air missile systems, aircraft, etc. ELINT can be used to detect ships and aircraft by their radar and other electromagnetic radiation; commanders have to make choices between not using radar (EMCON), intermittently using it, or using it and expecting to avoid defenses. ELINT can be collected from ground stations near the opponent's territory, ships off their coast, aircraft near or in their airspace, or by satellite. "Listening In: Electronic Intelligence Gathering Since 1945" by the team of military and intelligence aircraft experts Dave Forster and Chris Gibson tells the full story of the evolution of the secretive ELINT aircraft, their equipment and operations, both actual and proposed. Their informed and informative 176 page compendium is enhanced with the inclusion of more than 180 photographs. Augmented with a Glossary of Terms, a Selected Bibliography, and an Index, "Listening In: Electronic Intelligence Gathering Since 1945" is very highly recommended for academic library Military Aviation and Electronic Intelligence Resources reference collections and supplemental reading lists.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

Dan Poynter's Transplant Handbook For Patients
Para Publishing LLC
PO Box 8206, Santa Barbara, CA 93118-8206
9781568601649, $14.95,

Stem cells are undifferentiated biological cells that can differentiate into specialized cells and can divide (through mitosis) to produce more stem cells. Stem cell therapy is the use of stem cells to treat or prevent a disease or condition. Bone marrow transplant is a form of stem cell therapy that has been used for many years. Diagnosed with Chromosome 19 Trisomy (a form of bone marrow disorder) and underwent a transplant procedure as part of his medical treatment. He relates his experience and what he discovered about the research and utilization of stem cell transplant technology in terms accessible for non-specialist general readers who have an interest in cell transplant medical approaches to their particular illness. Those illnesses could range from Alzheimers and Cancer, to Parkinson's and spinal cord injury, to Huntington's Disease and Leukemia -- and so many more. Readers will discover their what their medical choices can be; the selection and procedures involved, the testing of patients and donors, preparing for an extended hospital stay, day-to-day hospital events, post-transplant care, the paperwork involved, and the role of a caretaker. Of special note is the practical information about expenses and insurance. Exceptionally well written and presented, "Dan Poynter's Transplant Handbook For Patients" is extraordinary and highly recommended, not just for patients facing the issues of bone marrow transplants, but for community library Health/Medicine collections as well. It should be noted that "Dan Poynter's Transplant Handbook For Patients" is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.97).

The Skin And Its Diseases
Anthony E. Oro & Fiona M. Watt, editors
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
500 Sunnyside Boulevard, Woodbury NY 11797-2924
9781621820239, $135.00,

The collaboratively compiled and co-edited by Anthony E. Oro (Professor of Dermatology, Stanford University School of Medicine) and Fiona M. Watt (Director of the Centre for Stem Cells and Regnerative Medicine, King's College, London), "The Skin And Its Diseases" is a 490 page compendium comprise of 28 seminal articles by leading researchers and medical professionals in the field of skin diseases. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and its purposes are to protect, insulate, prevent dehydration, and sense the environment. It is susceptible to damage from irritants, infections, genetic mutations, and cancers. An impressive body of original scholarship, the articles range from Gina M. DeStafano and Angela M. Christiano's 'The Genetics of Human Skin Disease'; to Ken Natsuga's 'Epidermal Barriers'; to Makoto Takeo, Wendy Lee, and Mayumi Ito's 'Wound Healing and Skin Regeneration'; Paola Di Meglio, Federica Villanova, and Frank O. Neslte's 'Psoriasis'; to Emily Gorell, Ngon Nguyen, Alfred Lane, and Zurab Siprashvili's 'Gene Therapy for Skin Diseases'. "The Skin And Its Diseases" is an exceptional body of work and very strongly recommended for medical school and academic library Health & Medicine reference collections.

The Cookbook Shelf

Easy Everyday Slow Cooker Recipes
Donna-Marie Pye
Robert Rose Inc.
120 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M4P 1E2
9780778804833 $24.95

Easy Everyday Slow Cooker Recipes lives up to its title as a repository of over 200 slow-cooker recipes for cooks of all skill and experience levels. From Pesto Meatball Stew to Jamaican Chicken Casserole, Mediterranean Minestrone, Turkey Breast with Sweet Cranberry Soy Gravy, Braised Apricots with Vanilla Mascarpone, and much more, Easy Everyday Slow Cooker Recipes is a treasury of recipes that make maximum use of the slow-cooker's ability to instill rich flavors while conserving the chef's precious time. More than 80 color photographs, an index, and a wealth of tip, tricks, and techniques enhance this superb collection.

The Girl Who Ate Everything
Christy Denney
Front Table Books
c/o Cedar Fort, Inc.
2373 West 700 South, Springville, Utah 84663
9781462114047 $19.99

The Girl Who Ate Everything: Easy Family Recipes from a Girl Who Has Tried Them All is a resource of taste-tested recipes for every meal of the day, from the popular blog of author and mother of five Christy Denney. Every delight is illustrated with a full-color photograph, and preparation instructions are in plain terms accessible to cooks of all skill and experience levels. The mouth-watering creations include Bloomin' Cheddar Bacon Ranch Bread, Egg Sonora, Pesto Chicken Pasta, Tortellini Salad, Strawberry Shortbread Pizza, Double Cake Batter Cookies, and much more. A family and crowd-pleasing cookbook with something for everyone, The Girl Who Ate Everything is enthusiastically recommended!

Heather Crosby
BenBella Books
10300 N. Central Expressway, Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75204
9781940363240, $19.95,

The demand for gluten-free cuisine continues to increase, along with the popularity of vegan and vegetarian lifestyles. Compiled and presented by culinary expert Heather Crosby, "YumUniverse" is a 300 page compendium showcase an impressive variety of recipes for dishes that contain no meat, no dairy, no gluten, no soy. Nicely illustrated throughout with color photography, the recipes range from Creamy Quinoa & Kale Salad; Mushroom Sausage Farinata; Chickpea Flatbread; and Mini Chesapeake Veggie Cakes; to Roasted Red Pepper & Tomato Bisque; Mung Bean & Eggplant Curry; Sliceable Cashew Cheese; and Granny Smith Apple Cobblers. While offering a cornucopia of outstanding recipes, "YumUniverse" offers a great deal more with an informed and informative commentary on why and how to live a plant-based dietary lifestyle. Exceptional and 'kitchen cook friendly', "YumUniverse" is very highly recommended for personal, family, and community library cookbook collections. It should be noted that "YumUniverse" is also available in a Kindle edition ($11.49).

Feeding Baby
Clancy Cash Harrison
Cedar Fort, Inc.
2373 West 700 South, Springville, Utah 84663
9781462114665, $19.99,

The importance for a nutritional diet for a young and growing child simply cannot be overestimated. Written and compiled by pediatric nutrition expert Clancy Cash Harrsion, MS, RD, LDN, "Feeding Baby: Simple Approaches to Raising a Healthy Baby and Creating a Lifetime of Nutritious Eating" is a beautifully illustrated, 224 page compendium combining more than eighty recipes for nutritious and delicious baby foods, with helpful tips for picky eaters, nutritional information on which foods are best for baby, and practical advice on how to establish healthy eating habits in infancy that will endure for a lifetime of sound food choices. Informed, informative, and thoroughly 'user friendly' from beginning to end, the recipes range from White Peaches with Sardines & Bananas; to a Pumpkin Crusted Chicken Pot Pie; to Mema's Cornbread Dressing Cakes; to Very Gouda Mac & Cheese. Of special note is the nutritional advice and tips for 4-6 month olds (page 80) and the instructions for making a Bone Broth (a staple for many recipes) on page 81. Very highly recommended, especially for new parents and community library Parenting instructional reference collections, it should be noted that "Feeding Baby: Simple Approaches to Raising a Healthy Baby and Creating a Lifetime of Nutritious Eating" is also available in a Kindle edition ($7.99).

The Environmental Studies Shelf

The Real Cost of Fracking
Michelle Bamberger and Robert Oswald
Beacon Press
25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-2892
9780807084939 $26.95

Fracking - the process of extracting energy from shale through hydraulic shattering and the administration of chemicals - has provided America with an abundance of energy even as oil becomes increasingly expensive. But what of the heavy toll that fracking takes upon on the environment? The Real Cost of Fracking: How America's Shale Gas Boom Is Threatening Our Families, Pets, And Food scrutinizes the air, water, and soil pollution generated through fracking, and the resulting poisonous ills visited upon nearby animals and vulnerable children. Chapters describe not only the harrowing personal tales of families and farmers unfortunate enough to live too close to fracking sites, but also the contentious battle for environmental justice. How great a threat to our health and our food supply can America afford to tolerate, in its relentless search for cheap energy? The Real Cost of Fracking is an important wake-up call for environmentalists and economists alike, highly recommended.

Climate Change in the Midwest
Edited by Julie A. Winkler, et. al.
Island Press
2000 M St NW Suite 650
Washington, DC 20036
9781610914291 $39.99

Created by the Midwest Technical Input Team, coordinated by the Great Lakes Integrated Sciences and Assessments (GLISA) Center and the USDA Agricultural Research Service (USDA-ARS), Climate Change in the Midwest: A Synthesis Report for the National Climate Association is a methodical, data-driven report examining the risks climate change poses to the U.S. Midwest, particularly with regard to vital economic activities. Problematic issues discussed include potential changes in Great Lakes water levels, ecosystem sensitivity, how alterations in precipitation during growing seasons would affect Midwestern crop yields and meat/milk/egg production, the threat of increased flooding or river levee failure, and much more. A scholarly, scientific work grounded heavily in research from experts in academia, private industry, state and local governments, NGOs, professional societies, and more, Climate Change in the Midwest is especially recommended for public and college library Environmental Studies shelves.

Just Water
Christiana Z. Peppard
Orbis Books
Price Building
Box 302, Maryknoll NY 10545-0302
9781626980563, $28.00,

An interdisciplinary analysis of the value of fresh water that generates timely and principled conclusions at the intersections of hydrology, ecology, ethics, theology, and Catholic social thought, "Just Water: Theology, Ethics, and the Global Water Crisis" by Christiana Z. Peppard (Assistant Professor of Theology, Science, and Ethics, Fordham University, New York) is a 230 page compendium arguing that the Christian responsibility for exercising an informed stewardship of earth's resources is imperative with respect to protecting potable water in an increasingly polluted environment. Informed, informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, "Just Water: Theology, Ethics, and the Global Water Crisis" is fully accessible for the non-specialist general reader and therefore a very highly recommended addition to community as well as academic library Environmental Studies reference collections. It should be noted that "Just Water: Theology, Ethics, and the Global Water Crisis" is also available in a Kindle edition ($13.50).

The Literary Studies Shelf

Out of Character
Omri Moses
Stanford University Press
425 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063
9780804789141 $65.00

Out of Character: Modernism, Vitalism, Psychic Life is an intense analysis about how fictitious characters are used to create literary art. Author Omri Moses (Associate Professor of English, Concordia University) questions why modern society seems to favor unchanging, static characters over dynamic, evolving characters - why do we value consistency so highly? And what of characters that deliberately refute our society's moral codes? (This concept that can be taken well beyond literature to question the popularity of antihero or even villainous characters in modern media.) Out of Character suggests that modernist writers such as Henry James, Gertrude Stein, and T.S. Eliot apply ideas from the concept of vitalism, when they depict people in fiction and poetry. Other notable authors scrutinized include William James, Charles Darwin, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Henri Bergson. How does psychology, viewed through a vitalist perspective, affect ideas of selfhood and created fictional characters? Thought-provoking and erudite, Out of Character is a welcome contribution to college library Literary Studies shelves.

An Infuriating American
Hal Crowther
University of Iowa Press
119 West Park Road, Iowa City, IA 52242-1000
9781609382810, $16.00,

Henry Louis "H. L." Mencken (September 12, 1880 - January 29, 1956) was an American journalist, essayist, magazine editor, satirist, critic of American life and culture, and scholar of American English. Known as the "Sage of Baltimore", he is regarded as one of the most influential American writers and prose stylists of the first half of the twentieth century. Many of his books remain in print and available to new generations of appreciative readers. "An Infuriating American: The Incendiary Arts of H. L. Mencken" by critic and essayist Hal Crowther is a 92 page treatise on one of the most influential writers in American literature. Informed, informative, thoughtful and thought-provoking, "An Infuriating American: The Incendiary Arts of H. L. Mencken" should be considered mandatory reading for students of Mencken's work and a critically important addition to academic library American Literature collections. It should be noted that "An Infuriating American: The Incendiary Arts of H. L. Mencken" is also available in a Kindle edition ($9.99).

In Stereotype
Mrinalini Chakravorty
Columbia University Press
61 West 62nd Street, New York, NY 10023-7015
978\0231165969, $50.00,

A stereotype is a thought that can be adopted about specific types of individuals or certain ways of doing things. These thoughts or beliefs may or may not accurately reflect reality. "In Stereotype: South Asia in the Global Literary Imaginary" by Mrinalini Chakravorty (Associate Professor of English at the University of Virginia) is an original and seminal study 336 page study of how cultural stereotypes shape the 'ethics and reach of global literature' within the context of South Asian themes of diverse and contemporary literary works. "In Stereotype" considers the influential work of Salman Rushdie, Aravind Adiga, Michael Ondaatje, Monica Ali, Mohsin Hamid, and Chetan Bhagat, among others, to illustrate how stereotypes about South Asia provide insight into the material and psychic investments of contemporary imaginative texts: the colonial novel, the transnational film, and the international best-seller. Probing circumstances that range from the independence of the Indian subcontinent to poverty tourism, civil war, migration, domestic labor, and terrorist radicalism, Chakravorty builds an interpretive lens for reading literary representations of cultural and global difference. In the process, Professor Chakravorty also reevaluates the fascination with transnational novels and films that manufacture global differences by staging intersubjective encounters between cultures through stereotypes. "In Stereotype: South Asia in the Global Literary Imaginary" is an original and seminal work of impressive scholarship that is enhanced with the inclusion of fifty-two pages of Notes, a twenty page Bibliography, and a comprehensive Index, making it a valued and recommended addition to academic library Contemporary Literary Studies reference collections in general, and South Asian literary supplemental studies reading lists in particular.

The Architecture Shelf

Louis Kahn: House of the Nation
Grischa Ruschendorf
Oro Editions
31 Commercial Blvd., Suite F, Novato, CA 94949
9781941806357, $40.00,

Louis Isadore Kahn (March 5, 1901 - March 17, 1974) was an American architect, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After working in various capacities for several firms in Philadelphia, he founded his own atelier (an artist's or architect's studio or workroom ) in 1935. While continuing his private practice, he served as a design critic and professor of architecture at Yale School of Architecture from 1947 to 1957. From 1957 until his death, he was a professor of architecture at the School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania. Kahn created a style that was monumental and monolithic; his heavy buildings do not hide their weight, their materials, or the way they are assembled. Louis Kahn's works are considered as monumental beyond modernism. Famous for his meticulously built works, his provocative unbuilt proposals, and his teaching, Kahn was one of the most influential architects of the 20th century. He was awarded the AIA Gold Medal and the RIBA Gold Medal. At the time of this death he was considered by some as 'America's foremost living architect'. "Louis Kahn: House of the Nation" is a oversized (12 x 14 inches), 112 page compendium comprised of photographer Grischa Ruschendorf's superbly produced pictorial survey of Kahn's masterpiece of original architecture -- the Parliament building in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A truly extraordinary presentation, "Louis Kahn: House of the Nation" is very highly recommended to architectural students and would be an enduringly valued addition to academic library Architectural Studies reference collections.

The Geography Shelf

The Atlantic Coast Of Ireland
John Grenham & Jonathan Hession
Francis Lincoln Limited Publishers
c/o Quarto Publishing Group USA
400 First Avenue North, Suite 400, Minneapolis, MN 55401-1722
Lisa Trudeau (marketing)
9780711235793, $40.00, 176pp,

The collaborative work of Irish historian John Grenham and photographer Jonathan Hession, "The Atlantic Coast Of Ireland" is a 176 page compendium that is gorgeously illustrated throughout by 200 original color photographs complementing an informed and informative commentary on vistas along the Atlantic coast of Ireland. Ideal for the armchair traveler, "The Atlantic Coast Of Ireland" showcases the diversity along the entire length of Ireland's west coast, from the lush, quasi-tropical mountains of the south-west through the barren limestone of West Clare to the stunning scale of sea- and mountain-scape in Donegal. Very highly recommended for personal and community library collections, "The Atlantic Coast of Ireland" aptly records the geography in beautiful detail and 'tells the stories it echoes with'.

The Language Studies Shelf

Cicero: Pro Archia Poeta Oratio, third edition
Steven M. Cerutti
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers
1570 Baskin Road, Mundelein, IL 60060
9780865168053, $29.00, 192pp,

Marcus Tullius Cicero (3 January 106 BC - 7 December 43 BC) was a Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator, political theorist, consul and constitutionalist. He came from a wealthy municipal family of the Roman equestrian order, and is widely considered one of Rome's greatest orators and prose stylists. Now in a revised and expanded third edition, "Cicero: Pro Archia Poeta Oratio" is Cicero's defense of A. Licinius Archias, a Greek poet whose eligibility for Roman citizenship was challenged in 62 BCE. Cicero's emphasis in the speech reflects a humanizing value that is as relevant today as it was in antiquity. In his presentation and notations, Steven M. Cerutti (Associate Professor of Classics, East Carolina University) provides a comprehensive treatment of grammatical issues with an informed and informative analysis of Cicero's rhetorical devices in his oration. This new edition features the full Latin text; grammatical, literary, and historical notes; a running vocabulary, a glossary of proper names and places; a glossary of terms; and eight selections from Quintilian with notes and vocabulary. The newest addition to the outstanding 'Annotated Latin Collection' published by Bolchazy-Carducci, "Cicero: Pro Archia Poeta Oratio" is enthusiastically recommended for Latin Language academic curriculums and Latin Studies supplemental reading lists.

The Graphic Novel Shelf

Maddy Kettle: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch
Eric Orchard
Top Shelf Productions
PO Box 5885, Astoria, NY 11105-5885
9781603090728 $14.95

Readers of all ages will enjoy Maddy Kettle: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch, a full-color fantasy graphic novel about a young girl on a quest to rescue her parents. Maddy Kettle enjoyed an ordinary life as the daughter of booksellers until spider-goblins ransacked her home, and the mysterious Thimblewitch transformed her parents into talking rats! When the spider-goblins return and kidnap Maddy's parents, she sets out to rescue them any way she can - fortunately, she befriends a skyfaring bear and raccoon, who help her pursue her rescue mission into the Thimblewitch's cloudscape. Set in wondrous, mystical world of talking animals and pseudo-steampunk tech, where nothing is completely as it seems, Maddy Kettle: The Adventure of the Thimblewitch is a delight to read, highly recommended for personal and public library graphic novel collections.

The Audiobook Shelf

Malice: A Mystery
Keigo Higashino, author
Jeff Woodman, narrator
Macmillan Audio
175 Fifth Avenue, Suite 315, New York, NY 10010
9781427244314 $29.99

Edgar Award finalist Keigo Higashino presents Malice: A Mystery, a detective story set in modern Japan, now available as an unabridged audiobook. Bestselling novelist Kunihiko Hidaka is discovered dead - in a locked room, within his locked house. The ones who found his body, his wife and his best friend, seem to have ironclad alibies. Or do they? Police detective Kyochiro Kaga recognizes Hidaka's best friend, Osamu Nonoguchi, from their days at public school. Nonoguchi was never anywhere remotely as successful as Hidaka... could jealousy be a motive for murder? Kaga must sift through motives and search for evidence to prove not only how, but also why the murder was committed... or else a ruthless killer will never face justice for his crime! Intense and layered, Malice: A Mystery is suspenseful to the very end, and a welcome addition to mystery connoisseur and public library audiobook collections. 6 CDs, 7.5 hours.

The Library CD Shelf

Ayelet Rose Gottlieb
Privately Published
c/o Rock Paper Scissors (publicity)
511 West 4th Street, Suite 2
Bloomington, IN 47404

Roadsides is an astoundingly beautiful, poetic music CD by Jerusalem-born composer and vocalist Ayelet Rose Gottlieb. Although Roadsides based on the Hebrew poetry that Gottlieb has experienced since her childhood, she has also made an effort to include Palestinian poetry in translation, as she composed her soul-stirring songs. A touch of jazz infuses the unforgettable melodies of her uniquely uplifting creation. The tracks are "Bridge" (4:03), "Love Song with a Ceiling-Fan" (5:54), "Slowly, Distance" (7:49), "Clarity" (5:02), "The World in Translation" (5:06), "At the Supermarket" (2:29), "A Woman's Song" (3:03), "A Second Bird" (4:03), "Letter" (6:25), "An Hour of Grace" (2:39), "An Old Shed of Tools" (5:17), and "From One Sky to Another, Dreamers Pass" (6:12).

Naam Radiance
Megan Chaskey
Heartways Music
c/o The Creative Service Company
4360 Emerald Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Naam Radiance is vocalist, composer, flutist, and Naam Yoga Therapies teacher Megan Chaskey's fourth album, in which she chants and sings traditional Sanskrit lyrics to melodies she composed with assistance from award-winning musicians. The songs reflect the life-affirming benefits of the practice of Naam Yoga, and support one's inner will to mend both physical and spiritual wounds. Beautiful, enlightening, and enriching, Naam Radiance is highly recommended. The tracks are "Invocation" (2:02), "Aardas Bahee" (12:34), "Cello Interlude" (2:09), "aapa Sahaee Hoa" (12:09), "Haray Guray" (5:36), "Ajai Alai" (10:51), "Har(a)" (4:54), "White Guru" (6:13), "Haray Guray (5:38), and "Sat Nam" (3:44).

Sanasar Records
Rock Paper Scissors
511 West 4th Street, Suite 2
Bloomington, IN 47404

Dalava is the eponymous debut album of the band Dalava, who bring the Moravian folk songs trasncribed by ethnomusicologist Dr. Vladimir Ulehla to vivid life. Vocalist Julia Ulehla (Vladimir's great granddaughter) and guitarist Aram Bajakian have created a musical expanse that pushes the boundaries of the imagination, applying guitar alternates for a curiously eerie touch. The subtle beauty of the Czech language is brought to a fine luster in this captivating album, especially recommended for international folk music collections. The tracks are "Ach, boze muj", "Ej, lasko lasko", "A ty moja najmilejsi", "Aj, Jurenko", "Mamicky", "Nech je pan lebo kral", "Hory huca", "Litala", "Mila ma", "Vysla devcina", and "Hajicku zeleny".

The Library DVD Shelf

A film by John Pilger
Bullfrog Films, Inc.
PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547
1941545084 $325.00

Licensed for public performance, Utopia is a documentary about the dark side of modern-day Australia, focusing on how the nation treats its surviving Aboriginal population. Australia's indigenous people still face disturbingly high poverty rates, Third World living conditions, drastically lowered life expectancy compared to Australia's other citizens, and a disproportionately high rate of deaths in police custody. Award-winning journalist John Pilger applies has created a hard-hitting investigation, balanced with extensive interviews, that calls openly for justice. Bonus features include more than four hours of additional interviews recorded during the filming of Utopia, and a booklet by Anthony Hayward, a biographer of Pilger. A much-needed call to act against racial prejudice and social ills, Utopia is worthy of the highest recommendation for public library DVD collections. 112 min. plus 280 min. extras.

Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery
Starring Nathaniel Parker
Adapted from the book by Louise Penny
Acorn Media
c/o RLJ Entertainment
9781621722939 $29.99

Adapted from an award-winning novel by Louise Penny, Still Life: A Three Pines Mystery is a dark murder mystery set in a peaceful Quebec town. When a widely beloved schoolteacher is found dead, the sleepy village of Three Pines is horrified. Chief inspector Armand Gamache (played by Nathaniel Parker) and Inspector Jean-Guy Beauvoir (Anthony Lemke) work with the victim's closest friend, Clara Morrow (Kate Hewlett) in search of answers. Perhaps life in Three Pines is not quite as idyllic as a first glance would suggest... but can answers be found and justice served before the killer strikes again? Suspenseful to the end, Still Life is especially recommended for murder mystery connoisseurs and public library DVD collections. 88 min. plus bonus, SDH subtitles.

The Trouble with Bread
A film by Maggie Beidelman
Bullfrog Films, Inc.
PO Box 149, Oley, PA 19547
1941545130 $195.00

Enhanced with the inclusion of a Teacher's Guide, The Trouble with Bread looks into the ongoing debate about wheat gluten. Though celiac disease, a harmful immunological reaction to gluten, is a fairly well-known condition, gluten sensitivity is less well-known and could affect 6-7% of America's population. Just how widespread is gluten intolerance, and how harmful is it for those who are sensitive to gluten to consume it? Yet another problem affects the debate - the way in which wheat is processed and fermented today is radically different from years past. Is there a type of bread that gluten-sensitive people can eat without getting sick? Are too many people throwing money at the $10.5 billion "gluten-free" industry without thinking twice about what their personal and nutritional needs truly are? The Trouble with Bread explores all these questions, and offers a cautionary warning about the harmful side effects of increased industrialization of food. Highly recommended, especially for public library DVD shelves. 27 min., SDH captions.

Martin Clunes's Wild Life
c/o Acorn Media Group
8515 Georgia Avenue, Suite 620
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3403
c/o RLJ Entertainment (publicity)
9781621721857 $39.99

Wild Life is an anthology of five animal-themed documentaries featuring Martin Clunes (the star of the popular television series "Doc Martin"). "A Man and His Dogs" is about the relationship between dogs and their wild ancestors, wolves; "Heavy Horsepower" is about working horses all over the world; "Man to Manta" is an up-close and personal tour of the manta ray and their habitat in the Maldives; "The Lemurs of Madagascar" is about human efforts to protect the threatened lemur population on this remote African island; and "A Lion Called Mugie" shows a visit to a Kenyan lion reserve. Bonus materials include a 12-page viewer's guide and photo galleries. Animal lovers everywhere will thoroughly enjoy this enlightening and adventurous collection, highly recommended for gift-giving or for public library DVD shelves. 2 DVDs, 278 min., widescreen, SDH subtitles.

The American History Shelf

More American than Southern
Gary R. Matthews
The University of Tennessee Press
110 Conference Center UT
Knoxville, TN 37996
9781621900573 $60.00

More American than Southern: Kentucky, Slavery, and the War for an American Ideology, 1828-1861 is a scholarly study of Kentucky's position and role during the buildup to the American Civil War. It is notable that Kentucky resisted becoming involved in the Civil War for five months after Fort Sumter was fired upon, reluctantly joining the Union only when Confederate troops forcibly seized the town of Columbus. More American than Southern explores the social forces that drove Kentucky's loyalties - though Kentucky was a slave state that had strong historical and cultural ties with the South, a growing urban middle class in the 1830's swayed its demographics, forming a population base that saw no need for slavery or a "master class" of plantation owners. Extensive notes and a bibliography round out this meticulous, heavily researched, and fascinating analysis of political and social forces. More American than Southern is especially recommended for college library American History shelves.

An Indigenous People's History of the United States
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Beacon Press
25 Beacon Street, Boston, MA 02108-2892
9780807000403 $27.95

When US Army general Thomas S. Jesup said of the Seminole people "The country can be rid of them only by exterminating them" in 1836, he was not being facetious. Historian and activist Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz presents An Indigenous People's History of the United States, which shines a light on one of the darker aspects of American history - the systematic, generational efforts to commit genocide on indigenous peoples. Chapters explore how colonial policies were designed to displace or eliminate native peoples in order to lay claim to their land, and that these ruthless efforts were widely praised in popular culture (even by classic writers such as James Fenimore Cooper and Walt Whitman), governmental offices, and the military. Other policies embraced the concept of "kill the Indian but save the man", separating Native parents from their children and deliberately making every effort to destroy Native languages and cultures. Chapters also address the rise of the Ghost Dance, and what the America's bloodstained past has to say about its future, especially with the disturbing return of legalized torture and ramped-up militarization in the twenty-first century. Notes and an index round out this disturbing yet absolutely vital history - a nation that remains blind to the horrors of its past is doomed to repeat them.

Discovering Texas History
Bruce A. Glasrud, Light Townsend Cummins, and Cary D. Wintz
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780806146195 $24.95

Discovering Texas History is an anthology of essays by learned authors written to aid students, teachers, and researchers in understanding Texas historiography. Individual writings, ordered both by topic and chronology, offer a solid overview of Texas historical themes such as the different peoples who form the state, arts, urban development, and military history. Individual writings include "Texas Women", "Literature, the Visual Arts, and Music in Texas", "Reformers, Populists, and Progressives 1875-1915", "Recent Texas, 1981 to the Present" and much more. An excellent resource, surprisingly accessible in spite of its scholarly research and detail, Discovering Texas History is highly recommended especially for public and college library American History shelves.

Freedom's Delay
Allen Carden
The University of Tennessee Press
110 Conference Center UT, Knoxville, TN 37996
9781621900504 $29.95

Freedom's Delay: America's Struggle for Emancipation 1776-1865 is a scholarly, comprehensive history of how the crusade to end slavery in America was ultimately successful - a process that took generations of sweat and bloodshed, culminating in the Civil War. Freedom's Delay is emphatically about the "big picture" of the anti-slavery movement, rather than the stories of individual states. Applying research to contest some of the most persistent myths about slavery, Freedom's Delay denounces widespread misconceptions such as the idea that slavery ended quickly and easily, that the South seceded to primarily to protect "state's rights" other than slavery, that the North fought the Civil War primarily to end African-American subjugation, or that abolition was a "white man's cause" and blacks were passive benefactors. Notes, a bibliography, and an index round out this welcome contribution to public and college library American History shelves.

Comics and Conflict
Cord A. Scott
Naval Institute Press
291 Wood Road
Annapolis, MD 21402
9781612514772 $49.95

Featuring extensive notes in support of its meticulous research, Comics and Conflict: Patriotism and Propaganda from WW II Through Operation Iraqi Freedom is a studious examination of the roles that military-themed comic books have played in America's military engagements, from comics that were propaganda or military recruitment tools, to comics that were scathing antiwar criticism. Scholarly in tone, yet accessible to readers of all backgrounds, Comics and Conflict is especially recommended for college library American History and Media Studies shelves. "During the early 1960s, some war comic books started to delve into the major social issues of the day, the role of minority troops in particular. As the civil rights movement picked up speed, DC's major titles began to revamp their cast of characters to include minorities. 'Sgt. Rock' added Jackie Johnson (an African American) and Little Sure Shot (a Native American) to his squad, while 'Haunted Tank' introduced minorities in various story lines."

The World History Shelf

The Virtues of Abandon
Charly Coleman
Stanford University Press
425 Broadway, Redwood City, CA 94063
9780804784436 $40.00

The Virtues of Abandon: An Anti-Individualist History of the French Enlightenment cross-examines a crucial period in Western European history from an unconventional perspective. Eighteenth-century France was a tremendous time of change, and questioning. Who truly had the rights to own property, status, or even personhood? Author Charly Coleman (Assistant Professor of History, Columbia University) explores the anti-individualist mentality that saturated theology, philosophy, and politics of the era, culminating in the French Revolution. The Virtues of Abandon champions a seeming paradox - that the French Enlightenment's renewed focus on the rights of the individual had its roots in calls for shared self-sacrifice, and that a movement that ultimately ended the French monarchy and its dependence on God still held religious roots, even when it seemed to embrace atheism. Thoughtful, meticulous, and supporting its points with extensive notes, The Virtues of Abandon is a welcome addition to college library world history shelves.

Israel Since the Six-Day War
Leslie Stein
c/o Blackwell Publishing
350 Main Street, Malden, MA 02148
9780745647265 $29.95

Third in a trilogy of in-depth histories about the modern nation of Israel, Israel Since the Six-Day War: Tears of Joy, Tears of Sorrow is a serious-minded, detailed overview of Israel's military, economic, and political development from 1967 to the modern day. A studious account, yet written to be accessible to readers of all backgrounds, Israel Since the Six-Day War scrutinizes the PLO and the Palestinian Authority, Israeli Arabs, Israeli settlements in the West Bank, radical Jewish movements, the ultra-orthodox Jewish community, how Jewish migrants from Russia and Ethiopia have fared, and much more. Extensive notes, a bibliography, and an index round out this "must-have" addition to public and college library world history shelves. Also highly recommended are the previous two histories in the trilogy, "The Hope Fulfilled: The Rise of Modern Israel" and "The Making of Modern Israel: 1948-1967".

Fishing for a Solution
Donald Barry, Bob Applebaum, and Earl Wiseman
University of Calgary Press
2500 University Drive, N.W.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2N 1N4
9781552387788 $41.95

Fishing for a Solution: Canada's Fisheries Relations with the European Union, 1977-2013 is a scholarly, policy based assessment of the modern history of the relationship between Canada's fisheries and the European Union. Topics covered include the enlargement of Canada's fisheries jurisdiction to 200 miles in 1977, the creation of the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organization (NAFO) in 1979, the proposed new NAFO Convention in 2007 (which is still pending formal approval as of 2014), detailed international negotiations, and much more. Exhaustive notes, as well as tables of EU quotas and catches 1986-1992, a bibliography, and an index, round out this in-depth assessment, especially recommended for college library shelves.

The Fiction Shelf

Your Perfect Life
Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke
Washington Square Press
c/o Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas, 14th fl., New York, NY 10020
c/o Goldberg McDuffie Communications (publicity)
9781476730578 $15.00

Your Perfect Life: A Novel is the story of two female best friends who learn what it's like to walk a mile in each other's shoes. Casey and Rachel each envy one another for their dramatically different lives. Casey is a successful career woman, the host of "Gossip TV", and encounters celebrities regularly, but lives alone; meanwhile, stay-at-home mom Rachel tries to balance caring for a baby, two temperamental teenagers, and a husband of twenty years who seems impossibly distant. When Casey and Rachel get into an argument at their high school reunion, they each drink a shot... and wake up the net morning in one another's bodies! Rachel learns what the demands of a broadcasting career are really like, and Casey learns about the rigors of being part of a family. Neither women knew herself or her best friend as well as she thought! Charming and soulful, Your Perfect Life is a treasure from cover to cover, highly recommended.

Lisette's List
Susan Vreeland
Random House
c/o The Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, 17th floor
New York, NY 10019
9781400068173 $27.00

Set in World War II Europe, Lisette's List: A Novel follows Lisette Roux, who move from Paris to a village in Provence in 1937, to care for her husband's grandfather. Though Lisette misses the sophistication of Paris, and her dream of becoming a gallery apprentice, she soon finds other joys in the simple hilltop town. She and her husband befriend Pascal, who teaches her all about art and life, including a philosophy to "Do the important things first." Lisette begins a list of vows to herself, such as "#4. Learn what makes a painting great," but the ruthless press of world war interrupts her studies. Her husband hides Pascal's paintings to protect them from the Nazis, and leaves to his life on the line in battle. When Paris falls, Lisette takes it upon herself to locate and protect the hidden paintings. A saga of danger, tragedy, shattered love, desperate searching throughout the French countryside, and the whispers of hope, Lisette's List is heart-touching and highly recommended.

The Biography Shelf

Albert Rene, The Father of Modern Seychelles: A Biography
Kevin Shillington
UWA Publishing
c/o International Specialized Book Services
920 Northeast 58th Avenue, Suite 300, Portland, OR, 97213
9781742586120 $45.00

Drawing upon extensive research and interview archives, including interviews with all three of Albert Rene's wives, Albert Rene, The Father of Modern Seychelles: A Biography is the true-life story of the man who transformed the nation of Seychelles. Seychelles consists of 155 islands in the Indian Ocean, 932 miles east of mainland Southeast Africa. Rene's frustration with Seychelles' slow economic development and strict social hierarchy segregated among racial lines prompted him to claim power in a coup detat in 1977. In 1992-93, Rene oversaw the Seychelles' evolution from a one-party socialist state to multi-party rule. His successors inherited a nation no longer strictly regimented by racial hierarchy, and with dramatically improved social and economic living conditions. A saga of political drama, struggle, and ultimately hope, Albert Rene: A Biography is fascinating from cover to cover, and highly recommended especially for public and college library biography collections.

The Education Shelf

Perfect Pairs
Melissa Stewart & Nancy Chesley
Stenhouse Publishers
477 Congress Street, Suite 4B
Portland, ME 04101-3451
9781571109583 $28.00

Award-winning author Melissa Stewart and 26-year elementary classroom teacher Nancy Chesley present Perfect Pairs: Using Fiction & Nonfiction Picture Books to Teach Life Science, K-2, a guide to using books to give young students a glimpse of the wonders of the natural world and life science. Students can't directly travel to the recesses of a rainforest or the depths of the ocean, but they can witness and learn about natural ecosystems far from home through picturebooks. Perfect Pairs is divided into teachable lessons, packed with recommended science-themed picturebooks, and supports the goals of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. A superb, user-friendly, lesson-planning tool especially for professional educators (and children's librarians contemplating which picturebooks to add to their collection!), Perfect Pairs is highly recommended.

Learning for Real
Heidi Mills
PO Box 6926, Portsmouth, NH 03802-6926
9780325046037 $26.88

Written by a professional educator for other professionals, Learning for Real: Teaching Content and Literacy Across the Curriculum is a resource especially for literacy teachers responsible for early and middle-grade children. Chapters address tips, tricks, techniques, "word tools", how to pose an investigate questions to encourage young minds to think, how to balance daily classroom planning with long-term goals, and much more. Of particular interest are suggestions for promoting literacy through cross-discipline educational activities. "...Think of times when children can take and interpret photos or convey their interpretations of things they observe by sketching. A classroom camera, a printer, and blank paper are all you need to get started. Scaffolding is important to success in the classroom; whether you are helping students learn to take photos, interpret photos, or sketch, begin with whole-class activities and provide steps toward independence." Learning for Real is an indispensable asset to any literacy educator's resource library!

Grammar Matters
Lynne Dorfman and Diane Dougherty
Stenhouse Publishers
477 Congress Street, Suite 4B
Portland, ME 04101-3451
9781571109910 $24.00

Grammar Matters: Lessons, Tips, and Conversations Using Mentor Texts, K-6 is a resource especially for teachers of students in grades K-6, focusing on how to educate young people about proper grammar in an exciting, engaging way. Chapters cover proper grammar in Narrative Writing, Informational Writing, Opinion Writing, and Conversations; a wealth of tips, tricks, techniques, assessment ideas, mentor texts, "Your Turn" lessons, suggested exercises and more form an impressive educator's toolkit. A "Treasure Chest of Children's Books" offers a list of superb fiction and nonfiction books ideal for grammar instruction, and all materials are linked to the Common Core State Standards. Highly recommended for professional educators, as well as college library Education reference shelves.

The Judicial Studies Shelf

Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals
Kim C. Priemel and Alexa Stiller
Berghahn Books
20 Jay Street, Suite 512, Brooklyn, NY 11201
9780857455307 $95.00
9781782386674 $34.95 pbk.

Also available as an ebook, Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals: Transitional Justice, Trial Narratives, and Historiography is an anthology of essays by learned authors examining the Nuremberg Military Tribunals, famous for applying justice to perpetrators of World War II war crimes. These writings examine the fallout from war and genocide from a social and cultural perspective, rather than a military point of view. Individual essays include "Victims, Witnesses, and the Ethical Legacy of the Nuremberg Medical Trial", "The Power of Images. Real and Fictional Roles of Atrocity Film Footage", "The Fate of Nuremberg. The Legacy and Impact of the Subsequent Nuremberg Trials in Postwar Germany", and much more. A thoughtful scrutiny of how the Nuremberg Trials shaped future understanding of war crimes, military justice, and international jurisprudence, Reassessing the Nuremberg Military Tribunals is highly recommended.

Criminal Law, third edition
David C. Brody and James R. Acker
Jones & Bartlett Learning
5 Wall Street, Burlington, MA 01803
9781449698447 $134.95

Now in a fully revised and updated third edition with additional coverage of moral and state crimes, expanded material on terrorism, a flow chart visually depicting the criminal justice system, expanded review questions, and information about current court cases (including the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case and the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting), Criminal Law is a solid educational text suitable for college classrooms. Drawing directly from court cases to illuminate core principles of America's criminal justice system, both in ideology and in practical methodology, Criminal Law makes an excellent base for an introductory course, or for self-study. Highly recommended.

The Native American Studies Shelf

Petun to Wyandot
Charles Garrad, author
Jean-Luc Pilon and William Fox, editors
The Canadian Museum of History
c/o University of Ottawa Press
542 King Edward, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, K1N 6N5
9780776621449 $89.95

The Petun were one of the First Nation peoples; prior to European contact, they consisted of an estimated several thousand people in eight to ten villages, to the west of Huron territory in what is now Canada. Devastated by infectious diseases and attacks from the Iroquois, the Petun were dispersed and all but exterminated; the survivors merged with refugee Huron to become the Huron-Petun nation, later called the Wyandot. Petun to Wyandot: The Ontario Petun from the Sixteenth Century explores research, including primary historical sources and archaeological data, to rationally reconstruct how the Petun once lived. Chapters discuss the Petun's culture, politics, trading arrangements, and legends, providing a close study of assorted theories about the Petun. A list of references and an index round out this excellent contribution to Native American Studies shelves, worthy of the highest recommendation especially for public and college library collections.

Women in Ancient America, second edition
Karen Olsen Bruhns and Karen E. Stothert
University of Oklahoma Press
2800 Venture Drive, Norman, OK 73069
9780806146287 $24.95

Now in an updated second edition, Women in Ancient America is a scholarly study of the archaeological evidence for societal roles of women in prehistoric Native cultures of North, Central, and South America. Tracing early people's transitions from hunter-gather to agricultural societies, Women in Ancient America explores the work that women performed in food production and increasingly specialized industries. The political and religious power that women had in prehistoric societies is also considered, with particular emphasis placed on the status of priestesses and goddesses. Touching upon a multitude of different Native societies, Women in Ancient America seeks to assemble a coherent overview among diverse prehistoric cultures, and is especially recommended for public and college library Native American Studies shelves.

The Writing/Publishing Shelf

Write It Up
Paul J. Silvia, PhD
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002-4242
9781433818141 $19.95

Write It Up: Practical Strategies for Writing and Publishing Journal Articles is a guide especially for academic writers of all skill and experience levels, including novices to the craft. Chapters focus on how to make a research article seize the reader's attention as well as efficiently deliver information, and the core premise of Write It Up is that academics should write to make a difference in people's hearts, minds, and the world at large, not just for the sake of getting published. From practical advice on grammar to tips, tricks, and common pitfalls when co-authoring papers, Write It Up is an absolute "must-have" for any scientific or academic seeking to build their reputation through published journal articles. Highly recommended!

Nuts & Bolts
Lisa M. O'Hearn, editor
American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Difficulties
501 3rd Street NW, Suite 200, Washington DC 20001
9781937604080 $30.00

First in a guidebook series to the art and profession of writing for publication in scholarly journals, Nuts & Bolts: Writing Outstanding Journal Articles lives up to its title with no-nonsense instructions, tips, tricks, and techniques for writing review articles, research articles, and theoretical articles. Topics covered include how to keep one's writing as bias-free as possible, expected mechanics and style (punctuation, quotation, reference citing, etc.), the submission/publication process including peer review, and much more. "Do not refer to people with disabilities as their disabilities. For example, do not use the term 'epileptics;' instead identify these individuals as 'people with epilepsy.'" Nuts & Bolts is an absolute "must-have" for any aspiring contributor to a scholarly journal.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

Frank Sabella's The Art of Handling Show Dogs
Frank Sabella with Shirlee Kalstone
Dogwise Publishing
403 South Mission Street
Wenatchee WA 98801
9781617811517 $24.95

Frank Sabella's The Art of Handling Show Dogs is the reprinted edition of a classic manuscript, first published in 1980. The tips, tricks, and techniques for taking care of, training, and handling show-quality dogs are timeless and invaluable. Chapters cover grooming a dog from puppyhood for show success, how to prepare one's dog for car rides, show procedures, different types of dog shows, recommended patterns of movement, and much more. "Never add vitamins, minerals or fatty acid supplements indiscriminately to your dog's diet. If you are not knowledgeable about the fundamentals of canine nutrition, consult your veterinarian about your basic formula. In excess, certain vitamins can cause serious problems, particularly with bone development." A "must-have" for anyone interested in seriously competing in dog shows!

The Theatre/Cinema/TV Shelf

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
Lee Mendelson with reminiscences by Bill Melendez
Dey Street Books
c/o HarperCollins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
9780062344830 $19.99

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a coffee-table book commemorating and chronicling the history of one of the world's most famous animated television shows, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" featuring characters from the timeless "Peanuts" comic strip. Executive producer Lee Mendelson shares his recollections with "Peanuts" animator Bill Melendez, especially their memories of working with "Peanuts" creator and comic strip artist Charles M. Schulz, a.k.a. "Sparky" to his friends. Vintage black-and-white images as well as full color illustrations add a vivid touch to this extraordinary compendium of everything from the show's original scores and production materials to brief profiles of the voice actors and much more. A "must-have" for any "Peanuts" animation connoisseur, It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is a joy to page through and makes a superb Halloween giftbook!

Michael Mann Cinema and Television: Interviews 1980-2012
Steven Sanders and R. Barton Palmer, editors
Oxford University Press
198 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016-4314
9780748693542 $120.00

Michael Mann Cinema and Television: Interviews 1980-2012 gathers an assortment of interviews with television producer/director and feature filmmaker Michael Mann (b. 1943), well-known for his intense works such as the movies "Manhunter", "Heat", and "Hancock", and his television shows "Starsky and Hutch", "The Jericho Mile", "Miami Vice", and "Drug Wars: The Camarena Story" among others. Crime, criminals, cops, and law enforcement feature prominently in Mann's works, which directly address deadly serious social ills. These interviews offer Mann's own true tales and insider's insights, and is especially recommended for fans, serious scholars of Mann's work, and college library Media Studies shelves.

The Political Science Shelf

Public Policy: Perspectives & Choices, fifth edition
Charles L. Cochran & Eloise F. Malone
Lynne Rienner Publishers
1800 30th Street, Suite 314, Boulder, CO 80301
9781626370753 $35.00

Now in an updated fifth edition that takes into account significant policy changes in the past five years, Public Policy: Perspectives & Choices is a text created especially to help undergraduate college students better understand national public governmental policies. Chapters include basic tools for policy analysis (such as a straightforward explanation of the problem of scarcity), and directly address public policy issues in the United States such as education, criminal justice, health care, housing, the environment, and foreign policy. "...the iron law of prohibition. If all drugs are prohibited, dealers have a greater incentive to traffic in the more profitable and more dangerous drugs. In other words, if the punishment for dealing marijuana is the same as that for dealing cocaine, then logically, dealing cocaine is preferable because it is more profitable. Analysts point to the rising use of expensive 'designer drugs' as an indication of this trend. One public policy direction consistent with this reasoning is drug decriminalization or eliminating drug laws." A serious-minded assessment that does not shy from hot political issues such as rising income inequality in the U.S. Public Policy: Perspectives & Choices is highly recommended not only for undergraduate college courses, but also for self-study for any American citizen seeking to become a better-informed voter.

The Biology Shelf

MYC and the Pathway to Cancer
Chi V. Dang and Robert N. Eisenman, editors
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
500 Sunnyside Boulevard
Woodbury NY 11797-2924
9781621820086 $135.00

Written and edited by professional experts, MYC and the Pathway to Cancer is a scholarly text about the regulator gene MYC. Mutated versions of MYC are quite notorious for their involvement in cancer, since MYC is critical to cell growth, proliferation, and death. MYC and the Pathway to Cancer was originally published in the periodical "Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Medicine"; this compilation brings the articles together into a thorough whole that covers topics such as anti-MYC cancer therapies, the role of MYC in tumor creation and progression, MYC's involvement in specific cancers such as medulloblastoma, neurblastoma, and Burkitt's lymphoma, and much more. A "must-have" for cancer biologists, MYC and the Pathway to Cancer is especially recommended for college library Biology shelves.

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