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Reviewer's Choice

Nothing in Reserve
Jack Lewis
1218 NE 184th St.
Shoreline, WA 98155
9781935878025, $15.00,

Hero is an empty term. "Nothing in Reserve" is a true-life memoir from weary veteran Jack Lewis who writes of his experiences as a twenty first century soldier. He writes his stories, affirming they aren't war stories, but stories of a life that happens to be at war, with himself, and with everything around him. Insightful and from the heart, "Nothing in Reserve" is a driven and much recommended look into the mind and conflict of the next generation of war veterans.

Cat Mulan's Mindful Musings
Margie Yee Webb
Laughing Cat Press
PO Box 5141, El Dorado Hills, CA 95762
9781936595099 $14.95

Cat Mulan's Mindful Musings: Insight and Inspiration for a Wonderful Life blends words of wisdom for living well with the illustrative photographs of an intelligent silver tabby cat from kittenhood to adulthood. For example, one page has the suggestion "Indulge in some old time rock and roll to soothe your soul", underneath a picture of Mulan as a kitten playing with a rolling carpet toy; a later page has "When the intensity of a situation takes you to the edge, step back and reevaluate" and a photograph of the adult Mulan looking behind herself while sitting on a roof. The practical, positive-minded advice combined beautiful photographs any cat lover will enjoy make Cat Mulan's Mindful Musings a wonderful giftbook. Highly recommended.

Hallie Fryd
Zest Books
35 Stillman Street, Suite 121
San Francisco, CA
9780982732205, $13.99,

There are events in our recent history that have shaped popular culture. "Scandalous: 50 Shocking Events You Should Know About (so You Can Impress Your Friends) is a guide to 50 of the biggest scandals of the past century and the big names that were involved. From the well known Clinton sex scandal of the late 90s to evidence of Presidential infidelity being nothing new to the figures who threatened the status quo. A grab bag of major events that seeks to explain all of them well, "Scandalous" is an excellent and much recommended pick for any collection dedicated to popular culture.

Violated Online
Steven Wyer
Dunham Books
63 Music Square East
Nashville, TN 37203
9780983745600, $19.99,

Internet security has grown more important than ever in recent years. "Violated Online: How Online Slander Can Destroy Your Life & What You Must Do to Protect Yourself" is a guide to online reputation, and what it can do to credibility. Steven Wyer shares his story of how he lost his hard earned career by online slander, and shares stories of others who have faced it and struggled to make their mark on society. "Violated Online" is an important read on the power of the internet and cyber-reputation in today's tech driven world, very much recommended.

My Life on Craigslist
Alexandra Ares
Smart Media New York
61 Irving Place, Suite 3A-3B
New York, NY 10003
9781460985823, $13.95,

The search for love can go anywhere, including sites known for being sleazy. "My Life on Craigslist" follows the unique crusade for love from Emily Thompson, who has chosen Craigslist as her dating site of choice. With little left to lose, she wades through the curious pile of listings, finds she lives with an escort, and finds she may be doing itself. "My Life on Craigslist" is a quirky novel of romance and life, a read very much worth considering.

A Good Goodbye
Gail Rubin
Light Tree Press
PO Box 36987
Albuquerque, NM 87176-6987
9780984596201, $21.95,

Dying is the furthest thing on the minds of the living. "A Good Goodbye: Funeral Planning for Those Who Don't Plan to Die" is a guide to planning for one's death and how to face death when you're pretty sure it's not going to happen for a few decades. From planning one's estate to making one's last wishes known, Gail Rubin advises readers to talk about death, and step off it being a taboo topic. "A Good Goodbye" has plenty of wise wisdom, and is well worth not overlooking for those who don't want to live in fear of the reaper.

The American History Shelf

The Kennedys
Darwin Porter & Danforth Prince
Blood Moon Productions
75 Saint Marks Place
Staten Island, NY 10301
9781936003174, $25.95,

American royalty, the Kennedys have gained more attention than even they could want. "The Kennedys: All the Gossip Unfit to Print" is a tabloid-style take on the century on the past history of the Kennedys, as Darwin Porter & Danforth Price present their no holds barred talk, embracing the modern tabloid approach to the Kennedy dynasty, and the lines that may have been said that they should hope history forgets. "The Kennedys" is a choice pick for followers of tabloids who want a taste of the gold mine of the twentieth century.

The World History Shelf

The Course of Irish History, new edition
T. W. Moody & F. X. Martin
Mercier Press
9781856357555, $18.95,

Ireland has always had a tumultuous history, and it seems hard to imagine it ever settling down. "The Course of Irish History" is a study of Ireland's history, an updated edition of the 1967 book. Adding the important events since with an investigative and intellectual mind that tries to understand the connections and the effects it will have on the future, the power of the Church, and much more, "The Course of Irish History" is a strong addition to any European History collection.

The Health/Medicine Shelf

The All-Weather Friend's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease
Mary M. Cail
True Wind Press
4495 Old Fields Road
Free Union, VA 22940
9780982575109, $14.95,

Alzheimer's disease is frightening, but one isn't helpless to fight it. "The All-Weather Friend's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease" is a guide for friends who want to stay helpful even when the worst happens. Stating what to expect from an afflicted friend during trying time, how to be helpful and react to symptoms of the disorder, "The All-Weather Friend's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease" is a must read for the would be good friend, highly recommended.

The Case of the Unwanted Pounds
Fred A. Stutman
Medical Manor Books
3501 Newberry Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19154
9780934232265, $19.95,

Getting fit and healthy is often a complete mystery to those who want to do it. "The Case of the Unwanted Pounds" is a guide to greater health from Fred A. Stutman, who provides his health guide in murder mystery format, as he helps readers hunt Mr. Fat and his slow murder of the reader. With plenty of tips on exercise, diet, and much more, "The Case of the Unwanted Pounds" is a read that shouldn't be overlooked for health collections with its creative format in advice.

The Lovin' Ain't Over for Women with Cancer
Ralph and Barbara Alterowitz
Ciact, Inc. Publishing
10624 Democracy Lane
Potomac, MD 20854-4006
9781929163243, $18.95,

Sex is the last thing on your mind when you hear the diagnosis, but life isn't over. "The Lovin' Ain't Over for Women with Cancer" discusses a topic not often discussed, sexuality and cancer. Stating that one shouldn't abandon intimacy, they provide practical wisdom for dealing with it while offering benefits of love in conquering the disease. "The Lovin' Ain't Over for Women with Cancer" is a choice pick for health and sexuality collections, recommended.

The Christian Studies Shelf

A Simpler Faith
Ed Galisewski
Samizdat Creative
9780983328025, $14.99,

Faith can at time seem so confusing. "A Simpler Faith" is a to the point discussion of faith from an everyday 'Joe Palooka' in his words, as he seeks to inspire faith in those who may have been turned away from their faith in recent times. Encouraging faith in Christ, instead of the demonationalism and other things that get in the way of the message, he hopes to help those who are at the end of their rope, and advises them on how they can change it for the better. "A Simpler Faith" is a strong pick for those who are strongly contemplating abandoning the church.

What Do You Think of Me? Why Do I Care?
Edward T. Welch
New Growth Press
2007 Yanceyville Street, Suite 3600
Greensboro, NC 27405
9781935273868, $12.99,

We see ourselves in others opinions. "What Do You Think of Me? Why Do I Care?: Answers to the Big Questions in Life" discusses the natural search for approval that will all face in our life, and why rejection hurts us so much. Offering a thoughtful discussion in the Christian context, Edward T. Welch offers much thought on sociology and how to understand ourselves and our relationships. "What Do You Think of Me? Why Do I Care?" is a choice pick for Christian self-help collections, recommended.

Hope Underground
Carlos Parra Diaz
Imago Dei Books
1030 Hunt Valley Circle
New Kensington, PA 15068
9780986979958, $14.99,

Through hope and determination through all involved, crisis was averted. "Hope Underground: The 34 Chilean Miners: A Story of Faith and Miracles" discusses the struggles of the Chilean miners, whose rescue seemed hopeless. Attributing much to faith, Carlos Parra Diaz shares their story and how tragedy turned to triumph, and the will of God to place his hand where it is needed. "Hope Underground: The 34 Chilean Miners" is a devoted story of the power of faith, highly recommended.

The Fantasy/SciFi Shelf

Me and Bobby McGee
Chad Coenson, author
E. Cobb Holzer, illustrator
Inkwater Press
c/o The Barrett Company Communications (publicity)
9781592994885 $20.95

Winner of an Independent Publisher Book Award, Me and Bobby McGee is a dark comedy thriller with a shocking sci-fi twist, about the voracious, endless hunger of corporate greed and how human beings are increasingly becoming commoditized in today's money-driven, overpopulated world. The protagonist is a drunken, ex-government killer, whose stumbling path through life enmeshes him in a white baby slavery racket that kidnaps from orphanages and hires prostitutes to deliver and surrender their newborns. The U.S. government further complicates matters, as do extreme right-wing religious groups who support the selling of babies as an alternative to abortion,. and then things start to get weird! Intrigue, murder, and mystery pepper this grim yet wryly sardonic story of human trafficking, set in the very near future.

A Greater Monster
David David Katzman
Bedhead Books
3631 N. Halsted Street, Unit 210
Chicago, IL 60613
9780983864400, $17.95,

We see something unusual, we rarely expect it to only be the tip of the iceberg. "A Greater Monster" is a novel from David David Katzman, who brings readers into a unique alternate reality that has many twists and turns of what we consider the unknown and what we view as false, such as the undead, witches, old gods, and much more. With a unique humor and plenty to think about, "A Greater Monster" is a fine and much recommended choice.

The Man in the Black Top Hat
Ju Ephraime
Envision Business & Computer School Publishing
23 Kimberly Avenue
West Haven, CT 06516
9780972878999, $9.99,

One hat changed her world. "The Man in the Black Top Hat" follows Syria Warrington as she find an old top hat. But the hat houses more than an outlet for her fondness of the old time style. Her sanity begins to be questioned, as spirits may have came with the piece of headgear. "The Man in the Black Top Hat" is a choice pick for those looking for supernatural romance.

Evie and the Golem
Roni Keller & John Fasano
Undie Press
c/o Thoughts in the Margin
7532 Amigo Avenue
Reseda, CA 91355
9780976346098, $15.00,

Through magic and machine, the golem is a legend not entirely understood. "Evie and the Golem" is a blend of historical and horror novels, telling of Evie and Rachel, two women of Prague, split by four centuries. With war raging all around them, they find themselves desperate, as those close to them face death. But the legend of the Golem may give them the power they need to save their own lives. "Evie and the Golem" is an exciting pick of fiction, much recommended.

Magical Alienation
Kris Neri
Red Coyote Press
PO Box 60582
Phoenix, AZ 85082
9780976673316, $15.95,

With few modern followers, a goddess has to find new work. "Magical Alienation" is a blend of modern fantasy and mystery as a sham of a psychic in Samantha Brennan finds alliance with Celtic goddess turned government agent as they investigate an unusual happening surrounding Roswell. As one would expect, aliens may be involved and they may not have the best of intents for the world. With old protectors of the planet rising to the challenge, Kris Neri creates a fun adventure with plenty of twists. "Magical Alienation" is worth considering for fans of the modern fantasy genre, recommended.

Precisely Terminated
Amanda L. Davis
Living Ink Books
6815 Shallowford Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37421
9780899578965, $12.99,

It'll take a one in a million person with a one in a million chance to break humanity free from its carefully crafted tyranny. "Precisely Terminated" is set in a dystopic future where a vast majority of humanity is controlled from birth by nobility who have mastered technology's control over the people. Monica somehow avoided this fate, and is in theory free, but finds herself enslaved anyway in order to blend in and let her independence be known. As she finds a chance to free not only herself but her people, "Precisely Terminated" is the first entry into the Cantral Chronicles and is well worth considering for science fiction and fantasy readers.

The Impossible Madness
William Holt
American Book Publishing
PO Box 65524
Salt Lake City, UT 84165
9781589828476, $22.00,

As the very nature of the world changes, how will humanity cope? "The Impossible Madness" is a unique work of science fiction from William Holt, as the Earth's poles reverse. Following five individuals as they try to understand the bizarre shifts in the world where reality is not where it seems. With plenty of twists and turns, "The Impossible Madness" is an original and recommended read, not to be overlooked.

The Rafters
A. C. Montgomery
IntraSomnium Publishing
17467 Archer Circle, Omaha, NE 68135
9780982922347, $19.95,

Lost, Rhyus only has a short time to find his way. "The Rafters" is the first book of the Somnambulist Saga, following Rhyus Delmar, who has little idea of who he is or what his purpose is. With darkness behind him, he feels he must figure those facts out fast, or none of it will matter with his death. A riveting fantasy with plenty of twists, "The Rafters" is not to be overlooked for science fiction and fantasy collections.

Flying Saucer Stories
David B. Riley
Timescape Books
PO Box 8191, Avon CO 81620
9781466448100, $8.95,

From the deep space beyond, we are only left with wonder of what is beyond. "Flying Saucer Stories" is a collection of short stories from David B. Riley exploring the avenues of visitors from other worlds. Hoping to spin the mysterious flying grey discs into new tales, "Flying Saucer Stories" is an excellent pick for those seeking classic science fiction with an original twist on top of it all.

Poor Richard's Lament
Tom Fitzgerald
Hobblebush Books
17A Old Milford Road, Brookline, NH 03033
9780984592135, $30.00,

After two hundred years, what has become of America? "Poor Richard's Lament" is a novel following a Ben Franklin who gets a second chance to view the country he created centuries later. Seeing modern crisis, he sees a problem that threatens his creation that only he may be able to respond to. A fine blend of historical fiction and social commentary, "Poor Richard's Lament" is an original and enticing read that will keep readers going with its unique ideas, highly recommended.

The Wild Girls
Ursula K. Le Guin
PM Press
PO Box 23912, Oakland, CA 94623
9781604864038, $12.00,

Through fantasy and science fiction, we create a new way of understanding our own world. "The Wild Girls" is a compilation of renown science fiction author Ursula K. LeGuin's The Wild Girls, offering a thoughtful and unique delve into LeGuin's fiction, known for speaking to readers with allusions to our modern world. Also included are essays and poems, proving to be an excellent place to start for those unfamiliar with LeGuin's work. "The Wild Girls" is an excellent pick for any fan of science fiction that may very well be literature as well. Also from PM Press fiction is "Send my Love and a Molotov Cocktail!" (9781604860962, $19.95), a compilation of mystery and noir inspired stories from a wide range of upcoming and established authors.

Eleven Eleven the Illumination
K. Scott Bell
NineBall Publishing
8335 Fairmount Dr., Unit 9-106
Denver, CO 80247
9780984676804, $15.00,

The human brain may soon be outdated technology. "Eleven Eleven the Illumination" is a science fiction thriller from K. Scott Bell, who tells of a world where technology has begun to surpass the human brain, and people have begun to seek ways to enhance the human brain to deal with the growingly complex problems that are causing the world problems. As entrepreneurs push the technology forward, Jale Shepherd, one of those investors, may find that humanity has a higher purpose still than pushing technology. "Eleven Eleven the Illumination" is an excellent addition to any science fiction collection, and has plenty of original ideas, much recommended.

The God's Wife
Lynn Voedisch
Fiction Studio Books
PO Box 4613
Stamford, CT 06907
9781936558148, $16.95,

Although centuries apart, they have more in common than they could have ever hoped. "The God's Wife" is a novel telling of the connection between ages of an Egyptian queen, wife of a God with everything should could ever want, and a modern woman who falls too entranced with her role in a play, and she finds her trances are more than just intense day dreams, speaking to one another through the ages. "The God's Wife" is a riveting spin of modern fiction and the power of woman through the long history.

Blood Society
Jeffrey Thomas
Necro Publications
5139 Maxon Terr.
Sanford, FL 32771
9781466220256, $19.95,

The crimes of Al Capone are tame when faced with the underworld. "Blood Society" is a story of mafiosos blended with immortality and undeath. Following one particular undying mafioso from the golden era of the 1920s to the 1990s, spreading his vampirism. An intriguing blend of crime fiction and horror, "Blood Society" is a fine and much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Bradamant's Quest
Ruth Berman
FTL Publications
PO Box 1363, Minnetonka, MN 55345-0363
9781936881024, $15.95,

Consorting with demons and such makes anything more intriguing. "Bradamant's Quest" is a youthful fantasy from Ruth Berman who presents a story of Bradamant, who is charged in recovering her family's magical talismans after Charlemagne's wars are over. But faced with the forces of magic and devils, Bradamant's task is anything but easily done. "Bradamant's Quest" is an excellent pick that shouldn't be overlooked.

Tales of the Fallen
Nescher Psycher
Argus Books
9001 Ridge Hill Street
Kernersville, NC 27285
9780615523873, $18.99,

Arrogance is a quick way to lose everything you clawed towards to get. "Tales of the Fallen" is a tale of Solly Mont, a man who clawed his way up to having anything and everything he could want out of life, gaining lordship over the world. But his hubris of being at the top of the world led him plummeting to the bottom and failing to the bottom, and it seems as if it'll be worse before it gets better. "Tales of the Fallen" is a riveting fantasy, not to be overlooked. Also from Argus Books is "Gutting the Monkey: (Searching for Enlightenment the Hard Way)" (9780615550329, $18.99) which presents a twisted look at life in the military and our search for peace of mind in all the wrong places.

The Fiction Shelf

2012: A New Maya Nation Emerges
Edward Curry
Merlin & Associates
963 Quail Run Quay
Virginia Beach, VA 23452
9780981468433 $18.95

The Mayans were once expert astronomers, and erected a thriving civilization without domesticated beasts of burden, iron, or the wheel; yet their otherwise extraordinarily accurate calendar comes to an abrupt end on December 21, 2012. Could the world-changing events predicted in the ancient, sacred Mayan book, the Popol Vuh, actually come to pass? The third Maya-inspired novel by author Edward Curry, 2012: A New Maya Nation Emerges draws the reader into a modern-day world populated by ordinary people struggling to cope with a profound worldwide transformation, influenced by the ancient Mayan's ruthless sense of justice. Tautly written, 2012: A New Maya Nation Emerges is an edge-of-the-seat engrossing adventure from cover to cover.

A Conspiracy of Spirits
Bill Douglas
Illustration Corporation Publishing
10100 Roe Ave.
Overland Park, KS 66207
9781466461154 $21.88

A Conspiracy of Spirits: Wall Street vs. the 99% is an novel woven of metaphysical elements blended into the fierce struggle between those few who have hoarded extremely concentrated amounts of wealth, and everybody else. The world's fate lies in the balance, as different individuals across the globe have apocalyptic visions of the future. A riveting mix of the supernatural and the all-too-real, A Conspiracy of Spirits is refreshingly original from cover to cover, and will keep the reader guessing until the very end.

A Cheater's Promise
Maurice Derrick Geter
Black Line Publishing
26 Railroad Ave #112
Babylon, NY 11702
9780983217329, $14.95,

Lust can prove difficult for some to conquer. "A Cheater's Promise" is a novel of a serial adulterer in Damien White, whose lust for love and everything around it was insatiable. But someone pays a price in our pursuits of extramarital love, and it's not just the ones betrayed, it can be ourselves as well. "A Cheater's Promise" is a choice pick for those seeking a novel with a unique perspective on infidelity and romance.

The Clara Ann Burns Story
Heidi Ann Smith
Monkey Puzzle Press
PO Box 20804
Boulder, Colorado 80308
The Barrett Company Communications (publicity)
12021 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA 90025
9780982664674 $15.00

The Clara Ann Burns Story is an original story about child abuse and neglect. Forgoing the standard novel structure to spin its tale through brief prose reflections, poems, ultra-short plays, and even a handful of color photographs, The Clara Ann Burns Story speaks to the difficult, bitter, and long-term reality of surviving abuse while growing up, as well as efforts to heal and strengthen one's life well into adulthood. Highly recommended. "The last time / Clara spoke to her mother / was during a phone conversation / in June of 2001. // Clara: Mom, why didn't you try to protect me? // Mother: Why can't you remember any of the good things that happened?"

Stephen Harrison
Aftermath Press
6614 Clayton Rd. #369
Richmond Heights, MO 63117
9780615513058, $14.50,

Who knew a cappella could get so treacherous? "AcaPolitics" is a novel following young Ben Jensen as he enters University and finds his entry into the Harmoniums will be anything but easy. Distracted by the girl of his dreams who is seemingly already taken and finds himself in the target of whims of the group's president, romance makes it difficult to concentrate e, and other vocal ensembles struggling for sponsorship from the school backstabbing them doesn't make it any easier. "AcaPolitics" is a unique and humorous way to look at the politics that all so often happens in real world universities.

I Will Stand with my Father
Irene Uttendorfsky
Spruce Gulch Press
PO Box 4347
Rome, NY 13442
9780984125913, $11.95,

The decision to rebel was not a universal one. "I Will Stand with My Father" is a novel of the American revolution, and the family divide that many faced in that era. Telling the story of a family split by the American and British factions that clashed over the potential independence, A story of family in a historical context, "I Will Stand with My Father" is very much worth considering, highly recommended.

Don Carina
Ron Russell
Bettie Youngs Books
15608 South New Century Drive
Gardena, CA 90248
9780984308194, $15.95,

The shady side of business is too tempting for people to pass up. "Don Carina" is a novel set in the Southern Italy of the 1930s. Carina finds responsibility heaved on her at the age of seventeen, and finds her family enraptured by the Camorra - the Mafia. Becoming a black widow, she finds some prosperity, but the rise of Mussolini and ties to Nazi Germany will quickly put the family back on the ropes. As Carina claws to the top of the organization through sheer determination and cleverness, "Don Carina" proves to be a riveting and much recommended read, not to be missed by fans of crime thrillers.

In Search of Sushi Tora
Emily Kemme
Arrowhead Publishing
5740 Arrowhead Drive
Greeley, CO 80634
9780983740100, $24.95,

When it comes to the future of the family, too many people going in too many directions may quickly prove not a family at all. "In Search of Sushi Tora" is a novel following the breakdown of such a family. Lucy Linfield, wife and mother, struggles as she grows distant from her husband and his demands of her. As the family seems to slowly breaks apart, author Emily Kemme creates a world with riveting characters with problems that may seem all too real to many readers. "In Search of Sushi Tora" is a choice and much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

Drive Down Ruby Road
Swarts and Swarts
Prairie Muse Publishing
2840 S. 70th St. Suite 7 #316
Lincoln, NE 68506
9781937216221, $10.00,

Tradition sometimes is worth going against. "Drive Down Ruby Road" is a novel set in the small town of Ruby, where as a rite of passage, red paint is thrown at the porch of one of the residents of town, which has earned him the name of "Bloody Bill" Hawkins. But when Dallas O'Donnel is caught red handed, he finds himself working for the town's legend, and realizes that the man who has been tormented by teenagers for years for a decades old incident is not worthy of such cruelty. "Drive Down Ruby Road" is a fine coming of age tale, much recommended.

Flower from Castile
Lilian Gafni
Lifeline Publishing Books
PO Box 7125
LaQuinta, CA 92248
9781463744588, $9.95,

Truth and convenience all too often pit themselves against one another. "The Alhambra Decree" is the first book from Lilian Gafni's Flower from Castile trilogy, discussing the late fifteenth century wars between Islamic and Catholic Spain, as the two faiths form two nations and battle over the Iberian peninsula. Isabella Obrigon, blessed with a noble life, finds that she has the power to turn the conflict if she faces the truth. But doing so, she makes many enemies but few friends. A riveting tale of medieval Spain, "The Alhambra Decree" is an excellent choice for fans of historical fiction.

But This is Different
Mary Walker Baron
Steel Cut Press
PO Box 1497
Glendale, CA 91209
9781936380008, $14.95,

Good will can lead to greater things. "But This is Different" follows a mysterious visitor called Mere to an island in the South Pacific, who proves to be an invaluable individual to the people of the island. As Mother Chief of the island starts to fade from life, Mere does what she can to help, and in the process learns much about herself and the people she has aided. "But This is Different" is a spiritual and dramatic read, not to be missed.

Girl with Oars & Man Dying
J. A. Tyler
Aqueous Books
PO Box 12784, Pensacola, FL 32591
9780982673492, $14.00,

To look at life as a story is unfair to life. "Girl with Oars & Man Dying" is an experimental novel from J.A. Tyler who crafts his anti-story through a series of events that would make up our lives but are lived in a way that it doesn't have a guaranteed beginning, middle, and end, and the lessons learned don't come easily. With a bit of poetic notion blended in, "Girl with Oars & Man Dying" is a grim, yet realistic read that will attract readers with its unique style and message.

Corporate Ties
Ben Woods
Spumoni Press
9780982781906, $15.00,

How much is gainful employee worth? "Corporate Ties: Relocation, Recruitment, and Romance in the Workplace" is a novel following Jason Harris, who believes he's found the perfect job, well paying, laid back, even with a shot at romance. But the powers that be relocate the company, and seek to destroy the brief joy that Jason had found. Faced with a decision of just how much a job is worth to him, "Corporate Ties" is a fine pick with plenty to consider, highly recommended.

The Summer Boy
Ray Rhamey
c/o Flogging the Quill
845 SE Spring
St. Pullman, WA 99163
9780615499062, $14.95,

For the young man, there are so many pitfalls out to make you miserable. "The Summer Boy" is a novel of youth in the Texas 1950s and young kids getting their first brushes with the temptations of adulthood and of the working world. With everything out to kill him in his own words and maybe a bit literally, he tries to find young love and avoid the pain that comes with it. "The Summer Boy" is an excellent and recommended choice for anyone seeking a coming of age tale.

The Queen of Washington
Francis Hamit
Brass Cannon Books
PO Box 5499, Pine Mountain Club
Frazier Park CA 93222-5499
9781595951717, $32.00,

With a bit of influence, you can make a major difference. "The Queen of Washington" is fictionalized story of the infamous Confederate spy who used her recent widow status and assertive sexuality to feed information to the south. Francis Hermit creates an alternative scenario for Rose Greenhow, presenting a tale of intrigue that spans the country, while telling the true half of her tale. "The Queen of Washington" is a strongly recommended pick for any fan of historical fiction.

Dead Artist
Ivan Jenson
Hen House Press
506 Mountainview Avenue
Valley Cottage, NY 10989
9780983460480, $14.00,

After a long time in the hole, it can prove ever so difficult to climb out of it. "Dead Artist" follows the rise and fall of Milo Sonas, who after prominence in the 80s and 90s, is an afterthought in the new millennium. With a second chance at success, Milo takes it, but realizes he has to deal with the massive amount of baggage that he has let build up. With humor that takes a look at what we let build up, "Dead Artist" is a very highly recommended pick, not to be missed.

The Mother Daughter Show
Natlie Wexler
Fuze Publishing
1350 Beverly Road, Suite 115-162
McLean, VA 22101
9780984141296, $19.95,

Losing the connection with your child is one of the most horrifying things many mothers will face. "The Mother Daughter Show" is a novel surrounding a high society prep school where a musical act that is held annually allows three mothers one last chance to form something special with their daughters who have drifted far from them throughout their teenage and young adult years. "The Mother Daughter Show" is a humorous and thoughtful story of family, very much worth considering.

Lifting the Wheel of Karma
Paul H. Magid
Point Dume Press
Smith Publicity
1930 E. Marlton Pike, Suite I-46
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
9780984016068, $15.00,

From high school stardom to absolute misery. "Lifting the Wheel of Karma" follows young Joseph Connell as he faces nightmares that may claim everything that's worth everything to him. The help he needs lies in the remote Himalayas, he must face the challenges of travel, and soon learn that the journey is not an easy one. "Lifting the Wheel of Karma" is an insightful fiction of self-discovery and coming of age, much recommended.

Render Unto the Valley
Rose Senehi
KIM Publishing
PO Box 132, Chimney Rock, NC 28720
9780615499956, $15.95,

Coming out of Appalachia, independence is always a strong trait. "Render Unto the Valley" is a novel of Karen Godwell, a woman returning to her mountain hometown after years of leaving it behind. When her family's farm is in danger, she realizes what she left behind and rushes to defend it, and finds that the obstacle for its continued existence is her own brother. A small town drama that speaks to the mountain life, "Render Unto the Valley" is an excellent and much recommended read, not to be overlooked.

The Unsanctioned
Michael Lamke
Knighttime Publishing
9780984598502, $24.95,

The internet has empowered those who were formerly powerless. "The Unsanctioned" follows a retired soldier on his new career of tracking down anti-American bloggers across the world. But his job is not without reservations, as the actions are not sanctioned by his government, leaving him with a question of ethics and morality. His actions soon leave him and those he loves in a serious situation, and he doesn't foresee away out without losing a part of himself. "The Unsanctioned" is a unique read of espionage thriller, with some intriguing concepts applying to our modern world.

Woodcliff Anthology
D. A. Blankship
Barred Owl Publishing
200 Woodcliff Drive, Oswego, KS 67356
9780982998632, $14.95,

What we truly want out of life is never entirely clear. "Woodcliff Anthology" is a collection of short fiction from D. A. Blankship as he presents snapshots of lives and many people who act with uncertain knowledge of their future, to learn for themselves, and to better understand others. Debates about justice and vengeance and much more, "Woodcliff Anthology" contains many stories to help readers ponder the world.

Songs for the New Depression
Kergan Edwards-Stout
Circumspect Press
4939 E. Lomita Ave.
Orange, CA 92869
9780983983705, $15.99,

As time winds down, it's all too tempting to feast in everything life has to offer. "Songs for the New Depression" follows Gabriel Travers who is convinced his time on this earth is limited. In search of love, he only gets dead ends, and finds he must learn to love himself before anyone else can, with the help of plenty of unusual and original characters. "Songs for the New Depression" is a thoughtful read that should speak to many readers.

The Color of Lies
Donna Meredith
Wild Women Writers
3112 Canmore Place
Tallahassee, FL 32303
9780982901557, $15.00,

Prejudices often come to ahead and are often a shock. "The Color of Lies" discusses the secrets that we hide from each other in the setting of a small town. As a racial slur is slung, Molly Culpepper is surprised at what follows in her town that she once thought was nearly perfect, as words make wounds and mediation seems to salt them further, and truth seems like it'll never be on the menu "The Color of Lies" is an insightful and poignant read of lies and the small town.

A Modern Salem Witch Trial
Marion A. Stahl
Black Elephant Publishing
c/o Corpwell Publishing
1200 G. Street, NW 8013
Washington, DC 20005
9781463772321, $7.00,

If life and justice cannot be protected, what can be? "A Modern Salem Witch Trial" follows a young mother, who through her husband's career as a physician learns that America has serious issues in getting children the care they need. Her crusade brings her through many levels, tackling health care and the cluttered health care system. "A Modern Salem Witch Trial" speaks loudly about the importance of these subjects, and grants many ideas and things to think about within its novel format.

Nathaniel Purple
F. D. Reeve
c/o Brigantine Media
211 North Ave., St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
9780982664452, $13.95,

A grudge can go on for so long, it can be forgotten what birthed it. "Nathaniel Purple" is a story of small town life, its triumphs, its tragedies, and the grudges, alliances, and much more that spill out for decades upon decades within it all. With an excellent blend of poignancy, drama, and humor, "Nathaniel Purple" is a top pick that shouldn't be overlooked for community library general fiction collections.

The Bonus
Georgia Lowe
Lucky Dime Press
879 Rimrock Drive
Bishop, CA 93514
9780615371450, $18.95,

With no job, no money, there is no hope, and with no hope comes anger. "The Bonus" is a novel of the Great Depression, focusing on veterans of the first World War, who campaign for their promised wartime service bonuses which have been deferred to 1945, twenty years after they were originally promised. Thousands of veterans, in the grips of poverty move on the capital in 1932, demanding what they are owed. "The Bonus" is a timely novel of what people on the edge are capable of.

Finding Felicity
Monica Marlowe
Eternal Press
PO Box 3931
Santa Rosa, CA 95402-9998
9781615724482, $19.99,

An act of kindness can lead to much more. "Finding Felicity" is a dramatic novel following Madeline O'Connor who rushes to Italy to be at her dying sisters sides. Staying at a monastery, her time there changes her life, finding love in a place that isn't usually regarded as romantic. She soon learns her visit to Italy will change the course of her life forever. "Finding Felicity" is a fine and entertaining pick, not to be overlooked.

Rachel's War
Robert L. Hecker
World Audience
303 Park Avenue South, Suite 1440
New York, NY 10010-3657
9781935444633, $20.00,

Just following orders can only push one so far. "Rachel's War" is a unique spin of romance, following the conflicts of SS Lt. Karl Stryker, who crosses his moral event horizon, trying to shove down the demands of his superior to crash a wedding of Polish Jews. But romance may finally help him cross the line, and leave them both in terrible danger. "Rachel's War" is a fine pick for historical fiction collections, recommended.

The Taste of Snow
Stephen V. Masse
Good Harbor Press
80 Walsh Street
Medford, MA 02155
9780979963810, $20.00,

Christmas's magic starts with he coming of winter. "The Taste of Snow" is a young adult novel from Stephen V. Masse, following 11-year old Nicole Kinders as she yearns for snow and the joys of winter. Granted a magic candy cane, she experiences extraordinary events, not all good, leaving her life changed forever. Inspiring and fun, "The Taste of Snow" is a choice and much recommended pick, a fine addition to community library young adult fiction collections.

Elk River
Gregory C. Randall
Windsor Hill Publishing
119 Poppy Court, Walnut Creek, CA 94596
9780982837672, $15.99,

Growing up seems to happen much too suddenly. "Elk River" is the debut novel from Gregory C. Randall, as he writes of a young man facing reality in northern Michigan in 1956. Seeing the world for what it is, he learns the world isn't perfect and learns much to find the truth that lies behind it all and how to best understand it. Poignant, "Elk River" is a fine coming of age novel, not to be overlooked.

Sweet Hope
Mary Bucci Bush
Guernica Editions Inc.
2250 Military Road
Tonawanda, NY 14150-6000
9781550713428, $25.00,

Slavery lives on in America, just under the radar. "Sweet Hope" is a novel of the cruelty endured by Italian immigrants as they came to America at the turn of the twentieth century. Opportunity gone sour, she tells a story of people enslaved while living next to the very people who were in their place merely decades ago. "Sweet Hope" is an insightful read with plenty to ponder, very much recommended reading.

Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure
Craig Lancaster
Missouri Breaks Press
2915 2nd Ave. South
No. 102, Billings, MT 59101
9780982782255, $14.00,

Many people have many stories which make up our world. "Quantum Physics and the Art of Departure" is a collection of short fiction from Craig Lancaster as he paints pictures of life and the many cast members in the play. From prisoners learning the cruel lessons of prison, to those running from the pressures of life, to those simply passing through. "Quantum Physics" is an excellent pick for any short fiction collection.

Sliding Beneath the Surface
Doug Dillon
Old St. Augustine Publications
681 Little Wekiva Road
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714
9780983368410, $9.99,

There are worse things than death. "Sliding Beneath the Surface" is the first book of Doug Dillon's St. Augustine Trilogy, following Jeff Golden as he education ends up taking him a much different way than he ever thought to be. As he crosses paths with the spiritual, he ends up forced to ask questions about the nature of the world, endanger his sanity, and find that he may be responsible for something bigger than him. "Sliding Beneath the Surface" is an excellent pick with much to consider, highly recommended.

Johnny's War
Jim Braly
Cascadia Press
3727 SW Vacuna Street
Portland, OR 97219
9780983774716, $15.00,

The tragedy many soldiers face is all too often underscored. "Johnny's War" follows an Oregonian youth who joins the army and loses two of his limbs in Iraq for his trouble. Bitter, and angry, he struggles to make sense of it all, and tries to understand why life is worth living. Hoping to look at the grisly side of war that is rarely mentioned, "Johnny's War" is a tragic, riveting, and sadly all too realistic investigation of war's impact on the life of the individual, a top pick for novel collections.

The Pets/Wildlife Shelf

David Salomon
Brown Books Publishing Group
16200 N. Dallas Parkway
Suite 170, Dallas, TX 75248
9781612540153, $29.95,

Penguins have captivated us ever since we learned of these arctic and cold-defying birds. "Penguin-Pedia: Photographs and Facts from One Man's Search for the Penguins of the World" is a full color, complete and comprehensive exploration of penguins and their habitats all throughout Antarctica. Exploring more than the commonly depicted Emperor penguin, David Salomon offers information on many other breeds of the bird and provides plenty for the penguin lover to enjoy. For those looking for a penguin-themed coffee table book, "Penguin-Pedia" is an excellent and much recommended pick.

You Will Always Be a Part of Me
Timothy J. O'Brien
3023 Shannon Lakes N., #102
Tallahassee, FL 32309
9780984546121, $20.00,

A pet can quickly become part of a family. "You Will Always Be a Part of Me" is a grief guide for those who have lost their close animal companions and are trying to overcome their loss, and moving on. Often a grief only other pet owners can understand, Timothy O'Brien advises relaxation techniques as well as sleep for coping and healing. A strong pick for anyone expecting such loss or coping with such a loss themselves, "You Will Always Be a Part of Me" is an excellent pick, much recommended.

The Comix/Graphic Novel Shelf

Von Allan
Von Allan Studio
PO Box 20520
390 Rideeau Street
Ottawa,ON Canada K1N 1A3
9780978123741, $14.95,

Dedicated to finding the answers, Elora may risk her own well being. "Stargazer" is the second volume of graphic novels from Von Allan, following Elora and her two best friends Sophie and Marni as they journey to a tower, making friends with robots and other creatures who at first don't seem so friendly. Through friendship and their own creativity, they will have to see themselves back home for adventure and much more. A fine pick for younger readers who often have daydreams of their own, "Stargazer" is an excellent and much recommended pick, not to be overlooked.

The Poetry Shelf

Mathematics of Love
John Edwin Cowen
Anaphora Literary Press
163 Lucas Rd., Apt. I-2
Cochran, GA 31014
9781937536015, $15.00,

With multiple awards to his name, John Edwin Cowen brings readers his first dedicated volume of poetry with "Mathematics of Love". Drawing on his heavy experience and presenting a combination of his published best and plenty of new work, "Mathematics of Love" is a choice pick for those who want a sample of a rising new voice in poetry, highly recommended. "POW WOW": red willow --/bear berry, and//yerba Buena spearmint--//moving in/ancestral rhythms/of smoke rings // as wind--/clouds and/wild ponies gather:/--in native wisdom.

Check Points
Michael Casey
Adastra Press
16 Reservation Road, Easthampton, MA 01027
9780983823810, $18.00,

Poetry is more than words, it is trying to catch the unspeakable emotions of life. "Check Points" is a collection of poetry from Michael Casey is another entry into his series of poetry as he presents situations both standard and off the beaten path. "Check Points" is a fine pick for lovers of poetry, recommended. "Skypig": hey, company at Chu Lai/has a chopper now/it is military police helicopter/Dutch promptly dubs the thing/skypig/and the name took/it flew all over the division.

We Are Rivers
Richard Lewis, author, Kathy Cruetzburg, illustrator
Touchstone Center Publications
141 East 88th Street, New York, NY 10128
1929299117, $12.00,

Our imagination is a powerful muscle that goes too long unexercised. "We Are Rivers" is a unique blend of poetry and art from Richard Lewis and illustrator Kathy Creutzburg, discussing our thoughts, their origins, and how we interpret them. Unique and choice reading for younger readers, "We Are Rivers" is an excellent pick for community and school library collections.

Out of Refusal
Carter McKenzie
Airlie Press
PO Box 434, Monmouth, OR 97361
9780982106624, $15.00,

Through life's twists and challenges, we try to understand what we missed and what we have. "Out of Refusal" is a collection of poetry from Carter McKenzie as she discusses life through her perspective as a mother and holder of a masters of English literature, providing an insightful and educated assortment of verse. "Out of Refusal" is a choice addition to any modern poetry collection. "Early": You turn, the turn of leaves/heard through an open window./Across a sunlit room/shadows fly, departing birds.

Art Lessons
Ann Iverson
Holy Cow! Press
PO Box 3170, Mount Royal Station
Duluth, MN 55803
9780983325620, $15.95,

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes it's easier to come up with a thousand words. "Art Lessons" is an assortment of poetry from Ann Iverson, who presents a contrast of emotion and the visual and spoken mediums. Through much thought, "Art Lessons" is a choice pick for community library general poetry collections, recommended. "Season": I've been making the sign of the cross/at least three times a day.//In the car, at the store, near my desk:/forehead, heart, left shoulder, right.//I took the black lab's paws/and helped her form her own//cross the bare://forehead, heart, left shoulder, right.

Rain Comes Riding
William Sheldon
Mammoth Publications
1916 Stratford Rd., Lawrence, KS 66044
9780983799504, $12.00,

With his second volume of work, William Sheldon seeks critical acclaim once more with "Rain Comes Riding". Reflecting on his great plains life, and the dedicated life of the worker and how much the world changes, it doesn't change as much as one would think. With a positive viewpoint of life, "Rain Comes Riding" is not to be ignored. "Sword": strokes may topple/thrones but not change/minds; more instructive/still is the way/the placement/of single letter/alters perception;/my credo,/ then, Give me/ words.

The Distance Between
Julie Valin
Six Ft. Swells Press
519 Nursery St., Nevada City, CA 95959
9781463721473, $12.95,

The pressures of motherhood can come down strong. "The Distance Between" is a collection of poetry from Julie Valin who discusses the pressures of being a mother, a woman, a wife, and trying to make all those work in some bizarre way. Blending humor and poignancy, "The Distance Between" is a fine addition to any general poetry collection. "Broken": How/Could you/have dropped/the world/she handed/you?

Marc McKee
Black Lawrence Press
115 Center Ave
Aspinwall, PA 15215
9780982876640, $14.00,

Changes come, in varying levels of power. "Fuse" is a collection of poetry from Marc McKee, writing on the concerns of life and the shifts of life. Touching on the many shifts of life and how we seek to understand it, "Fuse" is a fine assortment of poetry with much to ponder, highly recommended. "Funeral Jaunt": When does a porthole become/ a portal? Impossible shark,/sheltering dark, do you/remember me? It's as sensible//to ask the sea floor like a torn dress/shoveling cars into trees//if we have made her cross.//The cat dreams beside the banjo/while the icicles prepare to drop,//to drop like the petals of aged corsages/if those petals were crystal daggers.//There is so much that may be/a duplicate of this scene//licking its fingers five minutes ago//a thousand miles away. For instance,/canoes turn in the city square./Tears quietly freeze in the streets.

The Eelgrass Meadow
Robin Chapman
Tebot Bach
PO Box 7887
Huntington Beach, CA 92615-7887
9781893670792, $15.00,

With sex books behind her, her dedication to poetry hasn't faded. "The Eelgrass Meadow" is a collection of poetry from Robin Chapman, who blends academia with thought to create a unique flavor of work. Well worth considering for general poetry collections, "The Eelgrass Meadow" shouldn't be overlooked. "Canyonland": How to go into a lunar landscape,/thread of a river the only green;/how to live where there's no food/or clean water, where canyons/are swept by flash floods/and sandstorms scour the rock face/and heat sucks the skin dry;/how to follow our hearts/into a desert place? We who are/so small, and mostly water,/with bones that break -- what/will we learn from the red rock?

The Way We Live
Burt Kimmelman
Dos Madres
PO 294, Loveland, OH 45140
9781933675640, $12.00,

Even with words, you can capture the sound of silence. "The Way We Live" is a collection of poems from Burt Kimmelman who explores the concept of quiet poems, as he reflects on what we all face daily. "The Way We Live" is an insightful and poignant assortment of verse, recommended. "Alhambra Steps": Leaving the palace/we descend the steep/stone stairs in arm --/you pulling me down,/me holding you up.

Hidden Graces
Gretchen Schwenker
Liguori Publications
One Liguori Drive, Liguori, MO 63057-9999
9780764819650, $15.99,

Grief hits us like a sack of bricks. "Hidden Graces" is a collection of spiritual poems from over thirty different American and British authors. The poems speak on weathering the worst events of our lives, coming to terms with their loss, and looking towards the future. "Hidden Graces" is a fine pick for poetry compilations with a focus on the inspirational. "Supplication" by Joseph S. Cotter Jr.: I am so tired and weary,/So tired of the endless fight,/So weary of waiting the dawn/And finding endless night.//That I ask but rest and quiet -- rest for days that are gone,/And quiet for the little space/That I must journey on.

Mud Cakes
Jason Schossler
Bona Fide Books
PO Box 550278, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96155
9781936511013, $15.00,

The modern adult was raised on a diet of plenty of pulpy pop culture. "Mud Cakes" is a collection of poetry from Jason Schossler, who shows that the mythology and legend of the modern era tells a tale of life just as well as Zeus and Dickens. With plenty of humor that hide a very profound message, "Mud Cakes" is a choice pick, not to be overlooked. "In-Doors": He liked the kitchen best./Damp mornings after Crazy Cow/and sugared skorpers,/after Great Space Coaster/and Heckle and Jeckle,/he'd fall away into a corner/among the milk jugs and Indian corn,/his mouth still rolling with cereal,/and put the house to use,/playing soldier,/the green plastic men, nameless and faceless,/digging in against each other,/the whole cloth of history/coming down to control/of his mother's deacon's bench./Hours like that, on his own,/the gray noise of rain at the window/at plots rose out of the pine floor planks,/the smallest things.

Tomorrow is Another Song
Scott Wannberg
Perceval Press
1223 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite F
Santa Monica, CA 90403
9780981974774, $20.00,

The lawless times of the old west never really went away. "Tomorrow is Another Song" is a collection of poetry from the late Scott Wannberg, who writes of politics and the absurdity of life, offering a unique view of the world and our search for peace of mind. "Tomorrow is Another Song" is an excellent compilation, very much worth considering. "Earful of Sun": How you get up in the early hours/tells me a lot about your dancing ability./They claim the highway has no best friend./Someone bailed it out of jail, though, last night./We sat and drank beer and watched the meteors fall./I got an earful of sun and had to wash my ears out afterward./Maybe the resurrection will show up as promised and give us/something to sing about./Maybe it won't./I intend to sing anyway./When you finish reciting all the pain, when the dog finally digs up his last bone,/come on over and put the bulletproof vest down./Everybody says they want to be loved./I say it over and over and over./.As soon as they finish hitting me over the head,/I will get up and love them.

Poet's Crossing
Barbara Botch
Mystic Publishers
614 Mosswood Dr.
Henderson, NV 89015
9781934051122, $11.95,

As we travel the world, we meet a bit of everything and see a bit of everything. "Poet's Crossing" is the lyrical verse of Barbara Botch, a woman who professionally travels the world and shares what she has seen in this volume. "Poet's Crossing" is an insightful delve into exploration and poetry, much recommended. "New Gravesite": Cold, wet, lumpy dirt./Sun would make one feel better./I can wait with you.

The Autism Shelf

Step Ahead of Autism
Anne Moore Burnett
Sunrise River Press
39966 Grand Avenue
North Branch, MN 55056
9781934716250, $12.95,

Autistic children have potential like any other. "Step Ahead of Autism: What You Can Do to Ensure the Best Possible Outcome for Your Child" is a guide from Anne Moore Burnett for parents who are struggling with what they can do for their autistic children, a disorder very misunderstood even by parents of children who are afflicted. With plenty of exercises, working with doctors, educators, and much more, "Step Ahead of Autism" is very much worth considering for parents who wonder what they can do to help with the disorder.

The Education Shelf

Risk Teaching
Peter G. Beidler
Coffee Town Press
PO Box 70515, Seattle WA 98127
9781603811064, $13.95,

Teaching is quite the profession, as one chooses to make themselves an inspiration of life. "Risk Teaching: Reflections from Inside and Outside the Classroom" is a memoir from Peter G. Beidler as he blends memoir with teaching advice as he suggests that teachers not fear the risk, as teaching is innately a risky profession. Strongly worth considering for any teacher who often finds themselves overwhelmed by their profession, "Risk Teaching" is a solid and choice pick, not to be overlooked.

The Mystery/Suspense Shelf

10 Minutes
Jeremy Reynalds
Yorkshire Publishing
Post Office Box 472246
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74147
9781936750702, $14.99,

10 minutes is no time at all, but that's all it takes for one's life to change forever. "10 Minutes" is a thriller from Jeremey Reynalds who presents a story of life going sour in a short span, something that can happen all too often in life. With a strong message of faith, and a stance surrounding the problems with modern journalism, and what sends us to homelessness, "10 Minutes" proves to be a thoughtful thriller that shouldn't be overlooked.

Death by Sunshine
Allison Burnett
Writers Tribe Books
1242 Keniston Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90019
9781937746001, $16.95,

When your fiction becomes reality, only you can know how it really ends. "Death by Sunshine" follows a washed up author as he tries to make his comeback with a Hollywood screenplay, only to be thrust onto one of his mysteries come true. With plenty of humor of the absurdity and levels of Hollywood culture, "Death by Sunshine" is a choice mystery that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Price of Guilt
Patrick M. Garry
Kenric Books
1674 Riverton Point
Eagan, MN 55122
9780983370307, $2.94,

The sins of decades ago can still find redemption. "The Price of Guilt" follows Thomas Walsh, a disgraced lawyer who is fighting crisis. He looks back to a teenage accident, and tries to take up the cause of a victim who lost his parents and his sight to the tragedy. Working with the scum of the earth and the criminal underworld, he makes headway to find something that resembles justice, and finds the side effects of guilt. "The Price of Guilt" is a fine novel with much to consider, highly recommended.

Cover Her Body
Eleanor Sullivan
Yesteryear Press
PO Box 21513, St. Louis, MO 63132
9781936214556, $14.99,

Dark secrets were often kept a lid on for the good of the community. "Cover Her Body" is a mystery set in 1830s Ohio, where a teenage mother dies, and other the midwife believes it wasn't murder. Kept silent of her suspicions for years, she tries to find the truth, only to find romance for herself. "Cover Her Body" is an enticing read of small village intrigue in early America.

Edited for Death
Michele Drier
Mainly Murder Press
PO Box 290586
Wethersfield, CT 06129-0586
9780983682318, $15.95,

A journalist searches for the truth, and that job sometimes leaks into a very similar profession. "Edited for Death" follows journalist Amy Hobbes who only wants a break from her hectic career. But as her new job leads her to cover the deaths of a World War II hero and a senator, she finds things don't add up, and finds a plot firmly rooted in history and corruption is under her nose. "Edited for Death" is a riveting and much recommended pick for general fiction and mystery collections.

Hard Facts
Edward R. Brittingham
ASW Press
2956 Hathaway Road, Unit 1109, Richmond, VA 23225
9780972785952, $16.95,

One terrorist is a lone nutjob, but cooperation can make anything deadly. "Hard Facts: Terrorist Camps, the CIA, and the State of Homeland Security" is a riveting modern espionage and military thriller from retired Navy Captain Edward Brittingham, who spins a tale that takes cues from what he knows of a massive plot from the forces of evil lurking to destroy the country through a massively orchestrated attack. "Hard Facts" is a top pick for those who love modern military thrillers.

The Wicked Wives
Gus Pelagatti
Mill City Press
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290
Minneapolis, MN 55401
978936780631, $17.95,

Conspiracy is a good way to have plenty of people end up dead. "The Wicked Wives" spins off a true story of a band of disenchanted wives who through careful planning, start having their husbands turn up dead, claiming insurance money in the process. Under the twisted guidance of Giorgio DiSipio, their plans prove successful, as the law is slow to catch up, but catching up they eventually do. "The Wicked Wives" is a fine mystery, very much recommended.

The Self-Help Shelf

The Hardline Self-Help Handbook
Paula Renaye
Diomo Books
PO Box 21485
Hot Springs, Arkansas 71904
9780967478654, $19.95,

Sometimes playing nice doesn't get it done. "The Hardline Self-Help Handbook" is a guide to being blunt and honest to oneself to get things done. Not pulling any punches, author Paula Renaye presents a strongly recommended read to brutal honesty and what to do about it to improve one's chances of success. "The Hardline Self-Help Handbook" is a choice pick for those who are want to throw it all at what they need to accomplish for self-improvement.

The Four Agreements
Don Miguel Ruiz
Amber Allen Publishing
PO Box 6657, San Rafael, CA 94903
9781878424938, $19.95,

There are four things one must remember when seeking greater personal liberty in life. "The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom" is a wise read from Don Miguel Ruiz, who walks readers through four principles, four agreements as he puts it, to living one's life how they want to. Staying true to one's word, not sweating the world around you, always ask questions, and always assert one's best efforts. Elaborating well, "The Four Agreements" is a sage and much recommended pick for any who want to assert greater control of their life and avoid those annoying problems that go along with it.

365 Daily Affirmations for Happiness
Jan Yager
Hannacroix Creek Books
1127 High Ridge Road
#110, Stamford, CT 06905
9781889262598, $14.95,

Happiness is something we all shove aside for later. "365 Daily Affirmations for Happiness" is an inspirational guide collecting good wisdom and life's success wherever we may find them. Fast paced and rapid fire, Jan Yager does well in offering peace of mind to help us through the day. "365 Daily Affirmations for Happiness" is an excellent and highly recommended pick for any self-help or motivational collection. Also from Jan Yager and Hannacroix Creek Books is "365 Daily Affirmations for Time Management" (9781889262956, $14.95), this time focusing on bits of wisdom for making sure one makes the most of their time to get the best results.

Cheers to Life True to Myself
A. H. Cameron Strother
First Projection
13000 South Tryon Street, Bldg F-132
Charlotte, NC 28278
9780983250418, $12.95,

There are principles in our life that do us favors to remember and practice. "Cheers to Life, True to Myself: Inspirational Passages, Incredible Moments" is an inspirational read from A. H. Cameron Strother, who presents inspiration and thoughts throughout, reminding people that inspiration comes within, it comes from will, it comes from intent, and much more. "Cheers to Life" is an excellent pick for anyone looking for a brighter future for themselves.

Making the Moment Meaningful
Dana LaMon
PO Box 6108
Lancaster, CA 93539-6108
9780965663311, $19.95,

Meaning isn't something you find, it's something you create. "Making the Moment Meaningful: Creating a Path to Purpose and Fulfillment" is an inspirational read from Dana LaMon, as he advises readers to know where to find their purpose within. Drawing on his own challenges as a blind black man who rose above it to become a judge, "Making the Moment Meaningful" is driven with plenty of charm blended into it all.

The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life
Judith A. Belmont & Lora Shor
Premier Publishing & Media
3839 White Avenue, Eau Claire, WI 54702
9780982039892, $19.99,

Holes are all around us and trying to plunge us into them. "The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life" is an inspirational book that takes a humorous slant on the many events of life, as Judith A. Belmont & Lora Shor offer wisdom on navigating life's holes all around them. Happiness is everyone's ultimate goal, and the duo offer advice on how to make it a reality, suggesting not to get stuck in any holes. "The Swiss Cheese Theory of Life" is a choice and much recommended pick, not to be overlooked.

The Memoir Shelf

Uncle Al Capone
Deirdre Marie Capone
Recap Publishing Co.
24600 So. Tamiami Tr.
Suite 212-372
Bontia Springs, FL 34134
9780982845103, $17.99,

When notoriety is in the bloodline, it's often a conflict to embrace or spurn such connections. "Uncle Al Capone" is a memoir from Dierdre Marie Capone, grand niece of famed Chicago gangster Al Capone. Telling her tale of her family's shame and how she hid it for so long and has come to the realization that she is who she is. "Uncle Al Capone" is a unique alternative look at the family of notoriety.

Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak
Mark Saunders
Fuze Publishing
1350 Beverly Road, Suite 115-162
McLean, VA 22101
9780984141289, $14.95,

A dollar can go a lot further in Mexico. "Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak" is a memoir from Mark Saunders, as she reflects on he and his wife's decisions to move to Mexico in their mid life, and finding themselves in too deep in a culture and language they don't understand, and the struggles they face. A fish out of water memoir about realizing when one is in too deep and struggling to survive, "Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak" is a humorous and much recommended read.

Duffytown Boy
Creston R. Southard
Bookstand Publishing
305 Vineyard Town Center, Suite 302
Morgan Hill, CA 95037
9781589099760, $15.95,

All stories begin somewhere, no matter how small. "Duffytown Boy" is a memoir of Creston R. Southard as he shares his story of fighting from nothing and disease during the great depression and his fight through life that in the sixty five years since World War II has brought him a unique whirlwind of life. "Duffytown Boy" is a choice pick and much recommended pick for general memoir collections surrounding veterans of World War II.

Heaven, Iron, and I
Ron Zuccaro
Tribute House Publishing
c/o Gold Leaf Press
2229 Alter Road, Detroit, MI 48215
9780615417516, $22.95,

Our journeys through life are often unusual, and take us through it all. "Heaven, Iron, and I: The Ron Martinelli Story" is Ron Zuccaro telling his story of serving in military throughout much of his life, finding his faith, pursuing a career as a professional wrestler with much success even when coming back from a crippling vehicle accident. Sharing his story of his path through life that never seemed boring, "Heaven, Iron, and I" is an excellent and much recommended pick, highly recommended.

Miriam's World -- and Mine
Rosemary Mild
Magic Island Literary Works
Maryglenn McCombs
2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126-274, Nashville, TN 37203 (publicity)
9780983859703, $14.95,

To have a child torn away from you is a crushing experience. "Miriam's World -- and Mine" is the story of a mother's grief losing her daughter in the December 1988 Flight bombing over Scotland. Losing her only child has left her working to carry on her legacy in spite of it all, she shares her plight, offering comfort to others who have had their child suddenly taken away, and the fallout of the attacks. "Miriam's World -- and Mine" is a fine pick for community and library memoir collections.

The Poet's Daughter
Parvaneh Bahar
Larson Publications
4936 NYS Route 414
Burdett, NY 14818
9781936012572, $22.95,

To stand for basic human rights is a given in America, but in Iran, it is heretical. "The Poet's Daughter: Malek o'Shoara Bahar of Iran and the Immortal Song of Freedom" is a memoir from Parvaneh Bahar, who shares her father's story, renown internationally as a poet of Iran and one of the best of the twentieth century. Through his work, he championed democracy, progress, and social justice for Iran, and for his actions, he found himself under fire. Writing from her perspective as a daughter and inheritor of the legacy, "The Poet's Daughter" is an excellent study of why liberty shouldn't be taken for granted.

Upside of the Down Low
Yolanda King Stephen
No Ordinary Rose
2525 Auburn Ave., Suite 155
Columbus, GA 31907
9780983628514, $16.95,

Humanity will show, no matter how much we ignore it. "Upside of the Down Low" is a memoir from Yolanda King Stephen as she chronicles romance and marriage with her husband, a pastor who became a beloved leader in her church. Despite being a role model to many, Yolanda learns that we all have our struggles, and they will ruin our fairy tale ideal of life. But when we face it down, we still have something special. "Upside of the Down Low" is an excellent and much recommended pick for community library memoir, Christian, and relationship collections.

Treasure Hunter
W. C. Jameson
Seven Oaks Publishing
PO Box 989
Llano, TX 78643
9780963082978, $14.95,

Although the map is complete, many secrets still hide in the North American continent. "Treasure Hunter" is a memoir of W. C. Jameson as he shares his story of modern exploration and adventure, as he recounts the search for history, piecing together what is known, daring to go where safety is not guaranteed. With humor and plenty to ponder, "Treasure Hunter" is a must for those who want a clearer picture of the modern day explorer.

Faded Treasures, Vibrant Lives
Pamala Kay Grender
Little Creek Press
5341 Sunny Ridge Road
Mineral Point, Wisconsin 53565
9780982802342, $18.99,

Our ancestors were varied and far. "Faded Treasures, Vibrant Lives" is a family memoir from Pamala Kay Grender who discusses delving into her mother's old photo albums and what she experienced seeing family members she had never known before in her life time. Sharing her journey, she encourages other to follow her lead if they can, to learn of people who came before them and what they faced. "Faded Treasures, Vibrant Lives" is a choice pick for those who believe in the power of family through generations.

If You Ever Need Me, I Won't Be Far Away
Bruce Farrell Rosen
Alma Rose Publishing
2443 Fillmore Street, No. 338
San Francisco, CA 94115
9780615499347, $18.50,

Sometimes all you can do is provide grace with presence. "If You Ever Need Me, I Won't Be Far Away" is a memoir from Bruce Farrell Rosen, as he reflects on his life story, his struggles, and the lessons life likes teaching you brutally. Writing as a husband and a father who has seen a bit of all of it, "If You Ever Need Me, I Won't Be Far Away" is a moving and humble memoir of what we learn and what we can give to others.

The Literary Studies Shelf

Dante for Beginners
Joe Lee
For Beginners LLC
155 Main Street, Suite 201
Danbury, CT 06810
9781934389676, $16.99,

The Divine Comedy can seem anything but comedic to some modern readers. "Dante for Beginners" discusses the famed writer and theologian who created the layers of hell as commentary on history, society, and his faith. Presenting an excellent lesson for novice readers who want to gain a better appreciation for the classics, "Dante for Beginners" is a fine and much recommended addition to any literary studies collection focusing on classical literature.

The Portable Anais Nin
Benjamin Franklin V
Sky Blue Press
8427 Chivalry St.
San Antonio, TX 78254
9780977485185, $19.95,

Too often, fame is achieved when it's too late to appreciate it. "The Portable Anais Nin" is a collection of fiction surrounding the work of Anais Nin, compiled by Benjamin Franklin V, who presents a study of her work in all its forms. From memoir to fiction, to works that would eventually become motion pictures, she is revered by critics as a very important writer of the twentieth century. "The Portable Anais Nin" is a choice pick for students of twentieth century literature who want to understand the role of Nin's work in literary history.

The International Studies Shelf

Troubled Triangle
William B. Quandt, editor
Just World Publishing
PO Box 5484, Charlottesville, VA 22905
9781935982104, $18.00,

As the War on Terror continues, the instability of the middle east is getting more focus than ever. "Troubled Triangle: The United States, Turkey, and Israel in the New Middle East" discusses the international concerns surrounding the Middle East. Using the somewhat stable anchors of America, Turkey, and Israel in an analysis of the troubled countries throughout the region, the relationships between the three, and how they will impact the future of the world in regards to Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other nations of varying roles in the world. "Troubled Triangle" is an enlightened discussion of international politics, much recommended.

The Holocaust Studies Shelf

Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto
Moshe Arens
11 Edison Place, Springfield, NJ 07081
9789652295279, $29.95,

Against the wall and with surrender meaning death, the resilience of any seems like something not to be ignored. "Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto: The Untold Story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising" seeks to grant greater insight into the history of this tale of resistance, as many poor and downtrodden Poles and Jews rose up armed with whatever they could find against the force of Nazi Germany. Offering profiles of those who led the battle Moshe Arens, Ambassador to the United Stats and former Israeli Minister of Defense, offers an educated look at this event. "Flags Over the Warsaw Ghetto" is a strong and much recommended pick for community library history and Judaic studies collections.

The Cookbook Shelf

Ruby's Juke Joint Americana Cookbook
Ruby Dee Philippa
Bando Press
3413 Harpers Ferry Lane
Austin, TX 78745
9780983782407, $21.95,

Ruby Dee Philippa is best known from 'Ruby Dee and the Snakehandlers' band fame. In addition to her talent as a musician and musical performer is her abilities in the kitchen and her establishing and operating three successful restaurants in Seattle, Washington! "Ruby's Juke Joint Americana Cookbook" is a collection of her best recipes offering palate pleasing, appetite satisfying dishes ranging from Spiced Sangria; Cheeseburger Soup; Old-Country Soda Bread; and Maple Ginger Beets; to Baby Back Ribs with Apricot BBQ Sauce; Blackberry Corn Cupcakes with Peach Frosting; Cheese Baked Fish; and Island Chicken. Enhanced with the inclusion of a CD featuring her band's performance of lively American tunes, 'behind-the-scenes' anecdotes of her band, full color photography of finished dishes, and back stories for many of them, "Ruby's Juke Joint Americana Cookbook" will prove to be an enduringly popular addition to personal cookbook collections and a 'must' for the legions of Ruby Dee and the Snakehandler fans!

T. K. Richardson
Chamberton Publishing
PO Box 82432
Bakersfield, CA 93380
9780615488349, $8.99,

Teens don't want gourmet cooking, they want something good and they want it quick. "Simmer: Recipes for the Teen Palate" is a guide to quick and simple cooking that is good cooking that doesn't take hours of preparation time. Recipes touch on everything from meat dishes to spaghetti even much healthier choices. For any teen that wants to improve their cooking skills, "Simmer" is an ideal pick, much recommended.

The Sports Shelf

Everyday Adventures
Terry Tomalin
Seaside Publishing
146 Second St. Suite 305
St. Petersburg, FL 33701
9780976055563, $14.95,

There is still much adventure to be had, if you know where to find it. "Everyday Adventures: A Florida Outdoors Guide" is a guide to those visiting or living in Florida who want to experience the best in outdoor adventure that the state has to offer. From hiking to kayaking to diving, even gator hunting, this highly photo driven guide serves as a starter guide to many of these activities. "Everyday Adventures" is an excellent pick for those who are looking for a new brand of fun and thrills to experience in the Sunshine state.

Weight Training for Women's Golf
Kai Fusser
Price World Publishing
1300 W. Belmont Ave., Suite 20G
Chicago, IL 60657
9781932549751, $16.95,

Contrary to first sight, strength can make a major difference in golf. "Weight Training for Women's Golf: The Ultimate Guide" is a health and training guide for aspiring women golfers. Kai Fusser, a fitness trainer who excels in golf training advocates the position for weight training, stating that it leads to greater drives, allows for better stamina, and more resistance to injuries. "Weight Training fro Women's Golf" is a choice and must pick for any woman golfer who wants to play on a professional level.

Joe Tait
Terry Pluto & Joe Tait
Gray & Company
1588 E. 40th St., #3A
Cleveland, OH 44103
9781598510706, $15.95,

In Cleveland, there is one man's whose voice is universally known for sports, Joe Tait. "Joe Tait: It's Been a Real Ball" is the memoir of the man behind Cleveland sports commentating, a legend in Ohio. A Hall of Famer, his work for nearly forty years is covered in this memoir that will be adored by sports fans who are seeking another look at his work and role in all those years. "Joe Tait" is an excellent read that is very much worth considering for community and library sports and memoir collections.

The Law/Justice Shelf

Contract Law in America
Lawrence M. Friedman
Quid Pro Books
5860 Citrus Blvd., Suite D-101
New Orleans, LO 70123
9781610279796, $25.99,

Contracts can often be confusing with the abundance of fine print. "Contract Law in America" is a guide to the finer details of trade law, explaining the ins and outs that are commonly misunderstood in American contract law. Stating that some contracts aren't ironclad and are open to interpretation, Lawrence M. Friedman guides readers on how to best understand all the details within it all. "Contract Law in America" is a key read for those who may be facing a contract which my spin their head with its complexity.

The Business Shelf

Phyllis Campagna & Jerry Campagna
PJ Synergy LLC
1810 Golf View Drive
Bartlett, IL 60103
9780615505909, $15.95,

Time to think is something that should never be overlooked. "Timeout!: A Practical 3-Step Strategy to Advance Your Life, Relationships, & Business" is a guide from Phyllis & Jerry Campagna as they advise those who are stressed out by the decisions in their life to take up the questions asked of them, consider them well, and pursue them more completely. Advising calmness and mindfulness in one's decisions in life to attain greater happiness, "Timeout!" is an excellent and much recommended pick for community and library collections.

42 Rules for a Web Presence that Wins
Philippa Gamse
Superstar Press
20660 Stevens Creek Blvd., Suite 210, Cupertino, CA 95014
9781607730668, $19.95,

Internet presence is more important than ever for many businesses. "42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins" is a guide for businesses who want to create a more adept web presence for their company that gets the word out about their product, maintains good PR, and increases sales. Written by a veteran of internet marketing of over fifteen years, "42 Rules for a Web Presence That Wins" is a choice pick for any marketer charged with making the internet matter for them.

Honor System Marketing
Jeff McPherson
Acres USA
PO Box 91299
Austin, TX 78709
9781601730206, $19.95,

Sometimes virtue still pays off. "Honor System Marketing: Discovering Honesty, Trust, & Profit Amongst the Goodness of People" discusses on how treating one's customers like human beings can actually lead to a profitable business model. Stating that refusing to treat customers like thieves prevents them from acting like such, he shows where applications of honor system and more can lead to better business and a better view of humanity as a whole. "Honor System Marketing" is a unique look at a very creative way to turn a profit in today's hostile business world.

Unique Sales Stories
Mark Satterfield
Mandalay Press
c/o Gentle Rain Marketing Inc.
720 Rio Grande Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30022
0972471529, $12.95,

Stories drive our lives, and can drive our sales. "Unique Sales Stories: How to Get More Referrals, Differentiate Yourself from the Competition and Close More Sales Through the Power of Stories" discusses the power of stories, word of mouth advertising, in business. Stating that presenting a positive experience for the customer can lead to many more customers and more opportunities for the business, "Unique Sales Stories" is an excellent and much recommended pick for anyone who wants to expand their business through the power of good stories.

The LGBT Studies Shelf

Magnificent Journey
F. Jay Deacon
Groundwave Publishing
39 Stage Road
Westhampton, MA 01027-9655
9780983829720, $20.00,

Faith has always had a unique place in the progression of our world. "Magnificent Journey: Religion as Lock on the Past or Engine of Evolution" discusses evolution, faith, the concerns of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues. Pondering the universe as a whole, F. Jay Deacon uses his experiences with fundamentalism to speak on faith and encouraging spirituality in his own unique brand. "Magnificent Journey" is a fine pick and much recommended read.

Jewish Gentle and Other Stories
Daniel M. Jaffe
White Crane Books
c/o Lethe Press
118 Heritage Avenue
Maple Shade, NJ 08052-3018
9781590211878, $15.00,

Homosexuality has become more accepted in recent years, but nonconformity still carries its own punishments. "Jewish Gentle and Other Stories of Gay Jewish Living" is a collection of short stories surrounding the dilemma faced by many Jews over their nonstandard sexuality, which like Christian families, can lead to much conflict. Speaking on Jewish life, the many common aspects of Gay life and how Judaism impacts those who want to remain faithful to their faith, "Jewish Gentle and Other Stories of Gay Jewish Living" is a fine read with plenty to entice readers.

The Theatre/Cinema Shelf

Groucho Marx
Robert S. Bader, editor
Hal Leonard Performing Arts Publishing
33 Plymouth St, Suite 302
Montclair, NJ 07042
9781557837912, $19.99,

Comedy is a delicate art that few truly really understand. "Groucho Marx: and Other Short Stories and Tall Tales" is a compilation of the writings of this comic legend, who throughout the twentieth century revolutionized humor and brought it to the blossoming mediums of television and film. A vaudeville veteran, he and his brother Harpo have attained a status that can't be touched. For those who want to better understand the duo, Groucho in particular and his contributions to theater and comedy, "Groucho Marx" is a compilation not to be overlooked.

The Judaic Studies Shelf

Hanukkah Stories
Nancy Rips
Frederick Fell Publishers
2131 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 305
Hollywood, FL 33020
9780883911976, $16.95,

A celebration of faith and determination for a people who have survived on it alone. "Hanukkah Stories: Thoughts on Family, Celebration, and Joy" is a compilation of stories from those who have endured Hanukkah's joys and the memories that came with it. Stating that these stories, while centered on a Jewish holiday, have appeal about the virtues of perseverance, generosity, and memory, which ring true for any faith. With much thought and charm, "Hanukkah Stories" is a fine read that shouldn't be overlooked.

The Parenting Shelf

Parents' Guide to Creating Wonderful People
Jennifer Berryman
Langmarc Publishing
PO Box 90488, Austin, TX 78709
9781880292433, $15.95,

No one wants to be the parent of a jerk. "Parents' Guide to Creating Wonderful People: How to Help Your Children Live Happy and Meaningful Lives" is a parenting guide to help parents inspire happiness in their children so that they may do the same for others. Jennifer Berryman, drawing on her expertise as a clinical psychologist to advise parents on how to treat behavior, understand the impact of good health, and much more. "Parents' Guide to Creating Wonderful People" is an excellent and much recommended advisory for parenting reference collections.

Easy to Love, but Hard to Raise
Kay Marner & Adrienne Ehlert Bashista
DRT Press
PO Box 427, Pittsboro, NC 27312
9781933084152, $18.95,

There's no college course, no training, you're just dumped into the deep end with only instincts to guide you. "Easy to Love, but Hard to Raise: Real Parents, Challenging Kids, True Stories" is a discussion of parenting and the dread that many parents face as something goes wrong and being clueless on what to do. Parents share their stories with plenty of wisdom on how to overcome the pressures of being a parents, and how every child is different. "Easy to Love, but Hard to Raise" is a fine assortment of wisdom that any parent should embrace.

The Relationship Shelf

Ain't No Sunshine
Kimberley A. Johnson & Ann Werner
ARK Stories
PO Box 492, Windsor, CA 95492
9781461061182, $12.95,

It's not manly to show emotion, but they are still there. "Ain't No Sunshine: Men Reveal the Pain of Heartbreak" is a collection of stories surrounding the heartbreak that men feel when their relationships go sour, and the efforts to keep up the facade of toughness when all they want to do is cry. An intriguing compilation pulled from many sources, "Ain't No Sunshine" may be of any interest to those who really believe men and women are really so different, and for men who have recently lost.

Husbands, Listen to Your Wives
Cedric Harmon
MavLit Publishing
PO Box 1103, Irmo, SC 29063
9781937705022, $11.95,

Talking things over is disarming a bomb before it explodes. "Husbands, Listen to Your Wives" is a call to encourage better communication within a marriage, stating that hearing your spouse out and addressing their concerns is something that seems simple but is all too often ignored. "Husbands, Listen to Your Wives" is a powerful and much recommended pick for those seeking understanding in their relationships.

For Couples
Jeffrey K. Zeig & Tami Kulbatski
Zeig, Tucker, & Theisen
3618 North 24th Street
Phoenix, AZ 85016
9781934442425, $24.95,

Being true to each other is a must for any successful relationship. "For Couples: Ten Commandments For Every Aspect of Your Relationship Journey" is a compilation of wisdom from over seventy experts who share their relationship advice in ten parts, ten individual commandments each, each explaining in their own way why they are important to success. "For Couples" is a strong pick for any looking for solid and sage advice for the future of their relationship.

The Needlecraft Shelf

Quilted Curves & Strips
House of White Birches
DRG Publishing
306 E. Parr Road
Berne, IN 46711
9781592173761, $14.95,

When you make it yourself, you can put that extra dose of love into it. "Quilted Curves & Strips: With the AccuQuilt Go!" is a collection of twelve designs and ideas for the creative needleworker who wants to create a variety of soft, comfortable and stylish fabrics for themselves, although the focus is on the GO! Baby system. With plenty of specifications and full color photography to help designers, "Quilted Curves & Strips" is a strong pick for addition to any needlework collection, recommended.

The Jewelry Shelf

Ornamentally Incorrect, second edition
Joseph Mirsky
Joseph's Jewelry
200 Wanaque Ave.
Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442
9780970007445, $15.95,

No matter our walk of life, we have our own ways of viewing our world. "Ornamentally Incorrect: Bijoux and Beyond" is an updated compilation of newsletters veteran jeweler Joseph Mirsky has been sharing with his customers for years, offering a bit of know how about the jewelry business as well as discussing the world around them. With a good dose of humor, "Ornamentally Incorrect" is a fine pick for those seeking another slice in the great big pie of life.

The Social Issues Shelf

Self-Interest vs. Altruism
Michael Laitman
Laitman Kabbalah Publishers
1057 Steeles Avenue West, Suite 532
Toronto, ON Canada M2R 3X1
9781897448656, $15.00,

Sacrifice can often prove difficult. "Self-Interest vs. Altruism in the Global Era: How Society Can Turn Self-Interests into Mutual Benefit" discusses this conflict that is often present when trying to create incentives for good will. Stating that society's future relies on cooperation of people to work together for society, stating that much of society's degradation in recent decades has been the result of narcissism and greed. "Self-Interest vs. Altruism" is a curious and recommended read for those who believe that optimism in human nature is not entirely lost.

The Metaphysical Studies Shelf

Potentiate Your DNA
Sol Luckman
Crow Rising Transformational Media
PO Box 18472, Asheville, NC 28814
9780982598313, $24.99,

Could our own power of healing be locked within us? "Potentiate Your DNA: A Practical Guide to healing & Transformation with the Regenetics Method" is a metaphysical new age health guide from Sol Luckman, who states that the power of self-healing lies within us to pursue and embrace through speaking to our genes to charge us in our everyday life. Presenting his theory and his logic behind his practice, "Potentiate Your DNA" is worth considering for followers of alternative medicine and the metaphysical science behind it.

The Quotable Scorpio
Mary Valby
Quotable Zodiac Publishing
PO Box 2011, Gig Harbor, WA 98335
9781936998081, $12.95,

A sign gives one insight, and maybe a little nudging. "The Quotable Scorpio" delves into the astrological sign of the Scorpio, as Mary Valby takes quotes from hundreds of Scorpios from many walks of life and how traditional Scorpio traits helped successful people get where they are. "The Quotable Scorpio" discusses the many aspects of the Scorpio sign and offers a little guidance for followers of astrology.

Mystic Secrets Revealed
Edwin Harkness Spina
Higher Dimensions Publishing
2555 Rim Drive
Spring Hill, FL 34609
9780974587172, $14.95,

The power to change ourselves is quite potent. "Mystic Secrets Revealed " is a guide to inner transformation, or as author Edwin Harness Spina states, alchemy of the soul. Stating that through determination and understanding of one's own desires, one can flourish and live well. "Mystic Secrets Revealed" is well worth considering for community library new age spirituality collections.

The Biography Shelf

Off to Save the World
Ann Blackman
Maine Authors Publishing
558 Main Street, Rockland, ME 04841
9781936447541, $14.95,

A presidential dynasty entered, she sought to do the name worthy. "Off to Save the World" tells the story of Julia Taft, who married into the famous family of the early twentieth century president, and traveled the world in hopes of making a major difference in the world, working in war torn regions and encouraging the United Nations towards humanitarian efforts. "Off to Save the World" is an enlightening and unique read of the impact one determined woman can make on the world.

The San Joaquin Siren
William M. Behrns
Amethyst Moon Publishing
PO Box 87885, Tucson, AZ 85754
9781935354611, $18.95,

The American way is when being told you can't do something, to do it anyway. "The San Joaquin Siren: An American Ace in WWII's CBI" is the story of a dedicated young man in William M. Behrns who writes of his endeavors to become a P-38 pilot, and achieves his dream during a critical time. Bill sees the world, and makes a difference while sharing his story. "The San Joaquin Siren" is a fine read of one pilot's tales of war and adventure.

The Religion/Spirituality Shelf

Buddha & Jesus
R. E. Sherman
Author Marketing Experts
PO Box 421156
San Diego, CA 92142
9781461086543, $13.99,

While Hinduism and other eastern faiths are known to the West, only Buddhism has made any significant amount of converts. "Buddha & Jesus: Could Solomon Be the Missing Link?" discusses the potential links that Buddhism shares with the western Abrahamic faiths of Christianity and Judaism. Theorizing that a colony of Jews reached India around the time of the Buddha, the exposure to the education of Solomon lead people of the region to take the teachings to heart even if they did not embrace the faith. Drawing parallels between Christ and the Buddha, the unity between the two, and discussing the meeting of philosophies thousands of years ago, "Buddha & Jesus" is an excellent and recommended pick for community library religious collections.

You Are An Exclamation of Love,.
Dane Starland
United Earth Ecclesia
PO Box 1326, Littleton, CO 80217
97814557581015, $14.95

Competing with one another will ultimately bring us all to ruin. "You Are an Exclamation of Love,.: And the Benefits of Becoming a Member of the United Earth Ecclesia" advocates the United Earth Ecclesia, a movement that calls for a greater cooperation throughout the world to work together to protect human interests. With much optimism, "You Are an Exclamation of Love," discusses what many of us would like out of the world.

The Call of Sedona
Ilchi Lee
Best Life
6560 State Route 179, Ste. 114
Sedona, AZ 86351
9781935127482, $16.95,

Serenity is a rare resource in today's growing urban culture. "The Call of Sedona: Journey of the Heart" is Ilchi Lee's call for spiritual pilgrimage to this region in Arizona. A spiritual travel guide of sorts, Lee explains what he has learned and been inspired by in the town, stating that it helped him find himself and what his heart sought. "The Call of Sedona" is an excellent pick for spirituality and travel collections.

The Crafts Shelf

Smart Lotionmaking
Anne L. Watson
Shepard Publications
PO Box 280
Friday Harbor, WA 98250
9780938497554, $15.00,

A good lotion is not to be underrated. "Smart Lotionmaking" is a comprehensive guide to those who want to make their own lotions for personal of commercial use, as Anne Watson guides readers through the ins and outs of soapmaking, providing many recipes to make, along with inspiration for those who want to craft their own recipes. A strong pick for beginners into this unique hobby, "Smart Lotionmaking" is very much worth considering.

The Human Sexuality Shelf

Best Sex Writing 2012
Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor
Selected and introduced by Susie Bright
Cleis Press
2246 Sixth Street
Berkeley, CA 94710-2219
9781573447591 $15.95

Best Sex Writing 2012: The State of Today's Sexual Culture is an eclectic variety of nonfiction articles on human sexuality, written by a diverse assembly of journalists. Sex columnist Rachel Kramer Bussel and guest judge Susie Bright have worked together to compiled the best of the best news stories and measured opinion pieces. Individual stories include "Sex, Lies, and Hush Money" about sexual political scandals; "Atheists Do It Better" which has an intriguing take on faith versus pleasure; "Criminalizing Circumcision: Self-Hatred as Public Policy" which sharply questions legislative efforts to ban the circumcision of males under the age of 18; and "You Can Have Sex With Them; Just Don't Photograph Them" about the case of a police officer who had a completely legal, consensual sexual relationship with sixteen-year-old girls (the state's age of consent) but was sentenced to over a decade of prison time due to erotic photos of the girls, which they had produced voluntarily, in his possession - mandatory minimum sentencing laws tied the hands of the judge trying his case. Sober, serious, and thought-provoking even when dealing with the most inflammatory of human issues, Best Sex Writing 2012 lives up to its title and is worthy of the highest recommendation.

The Sex EDcyclopedia
Jo Langford
The Nazca Plains Coporation
4640 Paradise Rd, Suite 141
Las Vegas, NV 89109-8000
9781610983037, $19.95,

Sex can be a burden, but its drive will make one seek it regardless. "The Sex EDcyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide to Healthy Sexuality for the Modern Male Teen" is a sex-positive reference for young men who are likely being hit with their urges and all the confusion that comes with it. Explaining the science, encouraging education, contraception, information about STIs, pregnancy, pornography, and much more, "The Sex EDcyclopedia" is a straightforward and thoughtful pick, a fine pick to be given to any young man going into those tumultuous teenage years.

The Gardening Shelf

Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten
Art Wolk
AAB Book Publishing
PO Box 1724
Voorhees, NJ 08043
0972973052, $32.95,

How does one get spring fresh flowers in the dead of winter? "Bulb Forcing for Beginners and the Seriously Smitten" is a guide to the art of bulb forcing, getting plants to bloom even in the most unoptimized of situations. Presented in full color, readers are walked through on how to make these winter blooms work for them and get bit of the glory of flowers all year. "Bulb Forcing" is presented in full color and is an excellent pick for those who want to get year round beauty in their homes.

The Buddhist Studies Shelf

Dokusan with Dogen
Barbara Verkuilen
Firethroat Press
2789 Marledge Street
Madison, WI 53711-5257
9780983097211, $15.95,

Buddhism is very hard to define at the top of one's head. "Dokusan with Dogen: Timeless Lessons in Negotiating the Way" discusses the lessons put forth by Dogen, a Zen Master of thirteenth century Japan who is credited with much of the philosophy of thought surrounding the Zen brand of Buddhism. These ten essays seek to explain the Zen masters work, and how they can be applied to modern Buddhists. "Dokusan with Dogen" is a strongly recommended pick for any Buddhist studies collections.

The DVD Shelf

Willpower & Grace: Mile High
Stacey Lei Krauss
The Willpower Method
3051 W. 21st Street
Denver, CO 80211
c/o 411 Video Information (publicity)
PO Box 1223
Pebble Beach, CA 93953

Willpower & Grace: Mile High is a fitness DVD hosted by Stacey Lei Krauss, who firmly believes "You wouldn't do push ups with your arm in a cast so why would you workout with your foot stuck in a sneaker?" Her barefoot workout brings her high-energy fitness class home to the living room. Mile High brings together the most successful elements of the fitness industry's group exercise programs, capturing the enthusiasm of cardio with the freedom and balance of barefoot training. The program consists of 4 min. of footwork, 7 min. of warm-up, 23 min. of cardio, and 13 min. of flexible strength training, none of which require any expensive equipment. An upbeat, positive-minded fitness program overflowing with joy and positive affirmations as well as a solid fitness core, Willpower & Grace: Mile High is highly recommended.

The Nautical Shelf

Ship Shape
Roy R. Behrens
Bobolink Books
2022 X Avenue
Dysart, IA 52224-9767
9780971324473, $30.00,

Camouflage has far more uses than blending into a forest. "Ship Shape: A Dazzle Camouflage Sourcebook" discusses the creative practice of ship camouflage in World War I, where protecting ships from the infamous German U-boats was key. The solution was not what anyone expected it to be, as the Allied forces painted their ships in unusual designs that were sure to mess up planning for the U-boat Commanders to gain a solid hit on otherwise sitting duck ships. "Ship Shape" is a fascinating study of an unusual, but effective tactic and its impact on warfare.

The Archaeology Shelf

Russell Ferrell
Malloy Incorporated
5411 Jackson Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48106
9780615438146, $19.95,

For science and wonder, one must go against profit. "Acrocanthosaurus: The Bones of Contention" discusses the tale of a found femur by Cephis Hall and how it lead to a long spanning adventure of legend. Finding support in Sid Love, Cephis worked to uncover the dinosaur, and had to work against a massive legal force which wanted to steal his discovery and how in his efforts he made paleontological history. "Acrocanthosaurus" is an excellent and choice pick for science and memoir collections, recommended.

The Humor Shelf

Last Laughs
Everett Mattlin
Two Harbors
212 3rd Avenue North, Suite 290
Minneapolis, MN 55401
9781936401345, $14.95,

Aging can't be avoided, so may as well laugh at it. "Last Laughs: A Pocketful of Wry for the Aging" is a discussion of aging in today's culture which seems to revere youthfulness. Discussing the many aspects of aging in the modern world, trying to keep living when your body and the world seems to be against you, facing health, and the honesty and wisdom that comes from age. "Last Laughs" is a humorous collection of wisdom for the aging and those who are experiencing this never-ending endeavor, highly recommended.

The Art Shelf

Terra Nova
Racine Art Museum
441 Main Street, Racine, WI 53403
9780983183709, $35.00,

A new medium is something to embrace for the truly creative. "Terra Nova: Polymer Art at the Crossroads" discusses the rise of polymer-based art in the past three decades and the people who have used it to enter the modern crafting world. Discussing both the artist and their works with full color high quality photographs throughout, it proves an excellent introductory to the art form and the people who have pushed it further in today's world. "Terra Nova" is a unique and much recommended addition to any community library art collection that has a focus on modern art and its many mediums.

The Music Shelf

Why We Like Music
Silvia Bencivelli
Music Word Media
6 Warren St, Hudson, NY 12534
9781937330019, $23.50,

What role does music play in our evolution as a species? "Why We Like Music: Ear Emotion, Evolution" discusses the unique place that music holds. An artform like no other, music has had unusual effects on our being and our drives, that go under our eyes and affect our soul. Analyzing everything from the most tribal of beats to technically driven heavy metal, and much more, the science behind music proves to be a science behind psychology and neuroscience. "Why We Like Music" is an excellent addition as such to any musical science collection, enthusiastically recommended.

The Money/Finance Shelf

How to Raise $500 to $5000 From Almost Anyone
Andy Robinson
Emerson & Church Publishers
15 Brook Street
Medfield, MA 02052
9781889102467 $24.95

How to Raise $500 to $5000 From Almost Anyone is an accessible guide to fundraising, especially for nonprofit and philanthropic organizations or causes. The primary focus is on soliciting philanthropic in the range of $500 to $5000 donations, which are in the reach of most middle class citizens and don't necessitate an extensive consultation with financial advisors. Chapters address common psychological stumbling blocks, as well as user-friendly techniques for communicating effectively with potential donors. Of particular value is an adaptable step-by-step walkthrough for solicitation visits: 1) Build rapport, 2) State your goals for the meeting, 3) Uncover the person's needs and interests, 4) Present your organization: your goal, programs and financial needs, 5) Ask for the gift, 6) Sit quietly and wait, 7) Deal with any objections, and 8) Close the meeting. How to Raise $500 to $5000 form Almost Anyone lives up to its title as an excellent resource for anyone involved in charitable fundraising. Highly recommended.

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