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Magazines, Newsletters, Journals, and Newspapers


Book Review Magazines Used by Librarians Magazines, Journals, & Newsletters Online Newspapers  

Book Review Magazines Used by Librarians

Here is a list of online book review magazines used by librarians...

Magazines, Journals, and Newsletters

Just as authors and book publishers have found their way out onto the Internet, so too have magazines, journals, and newsletters of all kinds, types, subjects and categories. From broadbased nationals to narrowly designed niche periodicals, the Internet is home to hundreds of these weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual publications. Here is a selection of some of the best as represented by their Web sites, as well as Web sites simply devoted to the subject of magazines and other periodicals.

Online Newspapers

The newspaper has been replaced by the television set as the chief source of information for most Americans about what is happening in the world -- and why. With the coming of the electronic media, newspapers have seen their circulations drop dramatically, and the numbers of newspapers diminish substantially. As an acknowledgment of the technological advances for the dissemination of information, more and more of the fewer and fewer newspapers left have taken up space on the Internet in a struggle to keep themselves viable. This has worked to the distinct advantage of those of us who read newspapers as well as ply the lanes of the information superhighway that is the World Wide Web. Here are some of the best newspaper-related Web sites I've found in my cyberspace travels.